Reframing New Testament Theology – Abingdon’s New Series (Gupta)

Reframing New Testament Theology – Abingdon’s New Series (Gupta) September 24, 2014

Why CrossAbingdon Press has launched a new series under the experienced editorial leadership of Joel B. Green (Fuller Theological Seminary) called Reframing New Testament Theology. The series aims to offer “brief, substantive, yet highly accessible introductions to central questions and themes raised by the study of the New Testament.” (This reminds me a little bit of an older, but very useful, series called Word Biblical Themes, based on the Word Biblical Commentary series.)

Abingdon is producing three launch volumes in 2014-2015

Why Salvation? by Joel Green (Feb, 2014)

Why the Cross? by Donald Senior (Nov, 2014)

Why the Church? by Rob Wall (March 2015)

Green’s volume (the only one already in print) is 184 pages, so these are intentionally slim volumes. I could see these volumes being used in Sunday School courses for adults and also as supplemental textbooks in college/seminary courses. Just from the planning of these early volumes, I can see that Joel has carefully selected experts in the respective subject areas. I am particularly excited about Senior’s volume on the cross since this is one of my favorite subjects to study especially in terms of its implications for Christian formation and discipleship.


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