Women Scholars and the Gospels and Acts

Women Scholars and the Gospels and Acts October 27, 2014

This bibliography highlights the scholarship of women biblical interpreters. The focus is on textbooks, commentaries, introductions, and reference works on the Gospels and Acts.

This is intended as a kind of wiki-page: place your recommendation in the comments and I will transfer them into the main text if they are relevant to this topic. Preference is given to confessional/orthodox works (though you will notice several important exceptions), since this list is especially meant to aid seminary students.

General Resources/Background/Introductions

IVP Women’s Bible Commentary (ed. C.C. Kroeger and M.J. Evans; IVP, 2002)

Women’s Bible Commentary (ed. C.A. Newsom, S.H. Ringe, C.E. Lapsley; Westminster John Knox, 2012)

Helen Bond, Caiaphas: Friend of Rome and Judge of Jesus? (Westminster John Knox, 2004).

Lynn Cohick, Women in the World of the Earliest Christians: Illuminating Ancient Ways of Life (Baker, 2009).

Lynn Cohick, ed. The New Testament in Antiquity (with G. Burge and G. Green; Zondervan, 2009).

Morna Hooker, Beginnings: Keys That Open the Gospels (Wipf & Stock, 2010).

Morna Hooker, Endings: Invitations to Discipleship (Baker, 2003).

Louise Lawrence, Sense and Stigma in the Gospels: Depictions of Sensory-Disabled Characters (Oxford, 2013).

Pheme Perkins, Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels (Eerdmans, 2009).

Barbara Reid, Parables for Preachers (multiple volumes; Liturgical Press, 1999-2001)

Barbara Reid, Taking Up the Cross: New Testament Interpretation through Latina and Feminist Eyes (Fortress, 2007).

Beth Sheppard, The Craft of History and the Study of the New Testament (Society of Biblical Literature, 2012).

Marianne Meye Thompson, Introducing the New Testament (with J.B. Green and Paul Achteiemer)


A.J. Levine, A Feminist Companion to Matthew (T & T Clark, 2001).

Lidija Novakovic, Messiah, the Healer of the Sick: A Study of Jesus as the Son of David in the Gospel of Matthew (Mohr Siebeck, 2003).

Barbara Reid, The Gospel According to Matthew (New Collegeville Bible Commentary, 2005).

Mitzi Smith, ed. Teaching All the Nations: Interrogating the Matthean Great Commission (co-editor with J. Lalitha; Fortress, 2014)


Mary Ann Beavis, Mark (Baker, 2011).

Adela Yarbro Collins, Mark (Fortress, 2007).

Sharyn Dowd, Reading Mark (Helwys, 2000).

Mary Healy, The Gospel of Mark (Baker, 2008).

Morna Hooker, The Gospel According to Saint Mark (Baker, 2009).

A.J. Levine, A Feminist Companion to Mark (T & T Clark, 2004).

Elizabeth Struthers Malbon, Hearing Mark: A Listener’s Guide (T & T Clark, 2002)

–, Mark’s Jesus: Characterization as Narrative Christology (Baylor Univ. Press, 2009)

Mitzi Minor, The Spirituality of Mark (Westminster John Knox, 1996).

Pheme Perkins, Mark (New Interpreters Bible; Abingdon, 1995)

Bonnie Thurston, The Spiritual Landscape of Mark (Liturgical Press, 2008).

–, Maverick Mark: The Untamed Gospel (Liturgical Press, 2013).

–, Preaching Mark (Fortress, 2001).


Beverly Gaventa, Acts (Abingdon, 2003)

A.J. Levine, A Feminist Companion to Luke (T & T Clark, 2002); Acts (2005)

Judith Lieu, The Gospel of Luke (Epworth Commentary, 2012)

Sharon Ringe, Luke (Westminster John Knox, 1995).


Jo-ann Brant, John (Baker, 2011).

Ruth B. Edward, Discovering John (SPCK, 2014).

A.J. Levine, A Feminist Companion to John (T & T Clark, 2003).

Gail R. O’Day, John (New Interpreters Bible; Abingdon, 1996)

Sandra Schneiders, Written That You May Believe: Encountering Jesus in the Fourth Gospel (Crossroad, 2003).

–, Jesus Risen in Our Midst: Essays on the Resurrection of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel (Michael Glazier, 2013)

Marianne Meye Thompson, The God of the Gospel of John (Eerdmans, 2001)

Women in the Gospels and Acts

Frances Taylor Gench, Back to the Well: Women’s Encounters with Jesus in the Gospels (Westminster John Knox, 2004).

Barbara Reid, Choosing the Better Part?: Women in the Gospel of Luke (Michael Glazier, 1996).

Forthcoming (as of fall, 2014)

Loveday Alexander on Acts (Blacks)

Jeannine Brown on Matthew (Teach the Text); on Luke (New Covenant)

Christine Joynes on Mark (Blackwell)

AJ Levine on Luke (with Ben Witherington (New Cambridge)

Karoline Lewis, John (Fortress Preaching) ~ coming Dec 2014

Kindalee Pfremmer Delong on Luke (Story of God)

Mary Schertz on Luke (Believers)

Marianne Meye Thompson on John (New Testament Library)

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