Dr. Joel Green’s Commentary Recommendations for Gospels and Acts (Gupta)

Dr. Joel Green’s Commentary Recommendations for Gospels and Acts (Gupta) October 22, 2015

Over at Catalyst Resources, Dr. Joel Green (Fuller) offers his advice on best commentaries on Gospels and Acts.

Matthew: RT France (NICNT), Nolland (NIGTC); Keener (Eerdmans)

Mark: France (NIGTC), Strauss (ZECNT), Donahue/Harrington (SP)

Luke: Carroll (NTL), Green (NICNT), Bovon (Hermeneia)

John: Thompson (NTL, soon-coming!), Ramsey-Michaels (NICNT), Lincoln (BNTC), O’Day (NIB)

Acts: Gaventa (Abingdon), Wall (NIB), Spencer (Journeying through Acts), Peterson (Pillar), Schnabel (ZECNT)

Green is a recognized Gospels expert, so his recommendations are very worthwhile. I echo his choices, esp the works of RT France, and please do check out Marianne Meye Thompson’s new John commentary – it is spectacular! Here are some of my favorites in addition (not that you asked):

Matthew: Hagner (WBC) – phenomenal exegetical work, but also his pastoral and theological insights are profound.

Mark: Morna Hooker’s short work on Mark is one of my favorite (BNTC), and I would also add Larry Hurtado’s brief, but valuable NIBC volume.

Luke: I would add Mikeal Parsons’ Paideia volume, and note that RT France wrote the Teach the Text commentary on Luke (Baker) just before he passed away – it is a goldmine for pastors!

John: Lincoln is my favorite, but it also is worthwhile to mention Moody Smith’s Abingdon volume – lots of insight packed into a short volume.

Acts: Truth be told, I often return to classics like FF Bruce (NICNT) and Richard Longenecker (Expositor’s). But Gaventa is certainly the best for brief exposition and literary-theological insight.

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