Did Paul Meet the Earthly Jesus? (Gupta)

Did Paul Meet the Earthly Jesus? (Gupta) December 12, 2015

Cambridge University Press, coming Dec 19, 2015

Most scholars today would not really entertain the notion that Saul of Tarsus met the earthly Jesus before the Resurrection. But Stan Porter has a new  book coming out reconsidering this possibility. It looks like a good read, but unfortunately at Cambridge prices – ask your library to get it!

Sidenote: I love these kinds of books and arguments, because they challenge assumptions that often carry on from one generation of scholarship to the next. Each generation has to re-grapple with Paul, and hopefully shed new light on his life and thought. Even though this is a relatively short book, it could stir up the “Jesus and Paul” conversation (a conversation, by the way, that is pretty stagnant).
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