Essay: The NT and Other Religions (Gupta)

Essay: The NT and Other Religions (Gupta) December 30, 2015


Fuller Seminary has an interesting journal called Evangelical Interfaith Dialogue. The fall 2015 is dedicated to the topic of “Scriptural views on Other Religions.” The esteemed Dr. John Goldingay has written the lead essay on the First Testament, and I was asked to write on the New Testament. Several “response” articles follow the lead essays offering various perspectives and insights for interfaith dialogue today.

I hope I don’t need to convince you that now, more an ever, evangelicals need to learn how to have fruitful conversations with adherents of other religions. Too many evangelicals treat the non-Christian other with disgust, suspicion, and even hatred. I have tried to re-think this as we learn how Jesus and the earliest Christians navigated their world with pagan neighbors of many faiths and practices. It was not an easy essay to write, but I think it is a crucial topic that deserves careful study.


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