Simply Good News – Simply N.T. Wright (Gupta)

Simply Good News – Simply N.T. Wright (Gupta) January 22, 2016


A few weeks ago, I was in a bookstore (yes, they still exist!) and I came across a discounted copy of N.T. Wright’s latest book, Simply Good News (HarperOne, 2015). I’ve now read a good bit of it and it is a nice short synthesis of his work on the grand story of Scripture and the meaning of the gospel for Christian life. This is, perhaps, the easiest introduction to Wright’s work for laypeople from Wright himself (hence, Simply N.T. Wright). For those who have read several of Wright’s “big” books, Simply Good News is helpful insofar as one can see how all the little pieces fit together in his mind.

To get a quick sense for how wide-ranging his interests are, here are some selections from the subject index:






-English Rugby World Cup

-Handel, George Frideric


You get the idea.

A nice “treat” in the book is the final chapter on prayer, where he goes back to the subject of the Lord’s Prayer which he discussed in his 1997 book The Lord and His Prayer.


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