Nijay’s 2016 Reading List (New Books)

Nijay’s 2016 Reading List (New Books) April 11, 2016


So, someone on social media asked me for my personal reading list for new books for 2016. Some of these are tentative release dates. If you know of books coming out that you think I would like, leave a comment – always willing to add! (NB: I am esp looking for books on Matthew, Jesus studies, NT Ethics, Philippians, 1-2 Thessalonians, Galatians, Pauline Theology, and earliest Christian history)

Sampley, J.P. Walking in Love: Moral Progress and Spiritual Growth with the Apostle Paul (Fortress)
Thiessen, M. Paul and the Gentile Problem (Oxford) – Anyone know a journal that would want me to review this?
Westfall, C. and B Dyer, The Bible and Social Justice (W&S)
Longenecker, Lost Letter of Pergamum 2.0 (Baker) – blog review coming soon!
Watson, F. The Fourfold Gospel (Baker)
Boccaccini, G. and C.A. Segovia, Paul the Jew: Rereading the Apostle as a Figure of Second Temple Judaism (Fortress)
Blackwell, B. et al, ed. Paul and the Apocalyptic Imagination (Fortress) – highly anticipated.
Longenecker, B. The Crosses of Pompeii (Fortress)  – I’m writing a review of this for Interpretation
Das, A. Paul and the Stories of Israel: Grand Thematic Narratives in Galatians (Fortress) – Anyone know a journal that would want me to review this?
Hays, R.B. Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels (Baylor) – Can’t wait to get my hands on this!
Keener, C.S. The Mind of the Spirit: Paul’s Approach to Transformed Thinking (Baker) – what’s the brain equivalent to mouth-watering? Brain-thirsty?
Bedford, Nancy. Galatians (Belief; WJK)
Porter, S./B. Dyer, The Synoptic Problem: Four Views (Baker)
Johnson, A. 1 and 2 Thessalonians (Eerdmans) – I got a chance to peek at this early – a must-have!
Foster, P. Colossians BNTC (TTC)
Thompson, J. and B. Longenecker, Philippians and Philemon (Paideia; Baker) -great series so far!
Barclay, J Pauline Churches and Diaspora Jews (Eerdmans) [This is a reprint]
Hurtado, L. Destroyer of the Gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World (BUP) – Best. Title. Ever.
Holladay, C. Acts (NTL, WJK)
Bird, M. An Anomalous Jew: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans (Eerdmans) – written by an anomalous Aussie!
Sampley, P., ed. Paul in the GR World 2 vols (revised) (T&TClark) – loved the first edition. Now expanded and revised with many new contributors. But will retail at $260. 🙁
Westfall, C.L. Paul and Gender: Reclaiming the Apostle’s Vision for Men and Women in Christ (Baker)
Kirk, JRD, A Man Attested by God: The Human Jesus of the SG (Eerdmans)
Gaventa, B. When in Romans: An Invitation to Linger with the Gospel according to Paul (Baker) -a teaser for her highly-anticipated NLT commentary
Weima, J. Paul the Ancient Letter-Writer (Baker)
Goheen, M. Reading the Bible Missionally (Eerdmans)
Klink, Mickey. John (ZECNT)
Meggitt, J. The Madness of King Jesus: The Real Reasons for His Execution (Tauris)
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