Craig Keener’s “Impossible Love” (Gupta)

Craig Keener’s “Impossible Love” (Gupta) May 6, 2016

Impossible LoveI won’t offer a full-fledged review, but allow me to recommend to you Craig Keener and Medine Moussounga Keener’s c0-autobiography, Impossible Love: The True Story of an African Civil War, Miracles, and Hope against All Odds (Baker, 2016).

Craig is not the kind of person to parade his life around and seek fame and stardom, so I Keenerknow his and Medine’s desire is to glorify God, encourage believers, and inspire faith. This book, well written, tells the tale of the ups and many downs of their separate and then (finally) united lives. It is very uplifting and makes me appreciate all the more knowing and being encouraged by Craig, and knowing scholars of such deep (yet humble) faith who are not hardened by the academic world. At times I did get lost in the details of the African civil war, but the wider story is very touching. So glad you two are together –  thanks for blessing us with your story, Craig and Medine!

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