Ehrman v. Bauckham on Eyewitnesses Part II (Gupta)

Ehrman v. Bauckham on Eyewitnesses Part II (Gupta) May 1, 2016

A little while back I mentioned the radio face-off between Bart Ehrman and Richard Bauckham on the reliability of the Synoptic Gospels. They returned to Justin Brierley’s show again in mid-April to discuss “eyewitness testimony” in general, but especially in first century historical works. This was an engaging, fascinating back-and-forth. There was a bit of who’s the better historian volley, and they were well-matched. This is an hour well spent!

Bart’s latest book is called Jesus before the Gospels 

For more from Bauckham, see his Jesus and the Eyewitnesses which has a new edition coming soon.


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