Second Edition – Dictionary of Paul and His Letters (Gupta)

Second Edition – Dictionary of Paul and His Letters (Gupta) July 25, 2018

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InterVarsity Press shared the news today that a second edition of the Dictionary of Paul and His Letters is officially in the works. I am serving on the editorial team alongside Lynn Cohick, (general editor) Scot McKnight, and IVP editor Anna Gissing. We are planning for a release year of 2022.

I vividly recall sitting in my seminary dorm alongside my roommates, in awe of the first edition and thumbing through the impressive list of contributors. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that I would be a part of the leadership for a second edition. Given the developments in Pauline studies in the last couple of decades, I have no doubt that this new volume will offer an important tool for scholars, students, and pastors.

You can see the official press release here.

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