Recommended Commentaries, Philippians-Philemon

Recommended Commentaries, Philippians-Philemon February 20, 2019

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Dr. Andy Johnson has produced a concise, annotated list of recommended commentaries for pastors on Philippians, Colossians, Philemon,  1-2 Thessalonians, and the Pastorals.


I like all of Johnson’s recommendations, but would nod to the following in addition:

Philippians  – Morna Hooker has a stellar commentary in the NIB (New Interpreter’s Bible, Abingdon) series, with end-of-section theological reflections. For those who know Greek, the best resource is Joseph Hellerman’s EGGNT commentary, hands down.

Colossians – NT Wright’s little TNTC commentary (1989) is still extraordinarily insightful. Also, I commend David Garland’s NIVAC for helping to bring the messages of Colossians into life today.

1-2 Thessalonians – I second the value of Weima’s work. I also hasten to promote the 1982 commentary by F.F. Bruce (WBC) – despite its intimidating size and format, Bruce regularly relates these letters to ministry and life. (I wrote a non-technical commentary on 1-2 Thess as well, $15!)

Pastorals – I have yet to find a commentary on the PE that I love, but Fee’s short NIBC is helpful, and Howard Marshall’s massive ICC commentary has been a trusty resource. Perhaps my favorite for pastors is Jimmy Dunn’s NIB contribution. I have been tasked by Todd Still to write a commentary on the Pastorals for a revised series (Reading the New Testament, Helwys). I do so with fear and trembling, but very excited to help rehabilitate these oft-neglected letters.

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