Top NT Scholar Heroes—Insights from #50-2-Follow

Top NT Scholar Heroes—Insights from #50-2-Follow April 8, 2020

Who are the Most Inspiring NT Scholars of the Last 25 Years?

The #50-2-Follow series is officially over. It was fascinating for me to hear about the lives of and influences on this diverse group of scholars. I am going to do some follow-up posts on some trends and insights from looking at the answers from this group as a whole.

This week, I looked at the listed “heroes” of these 50 scholars. I noticed several scholars appeared more than once. So, here is a list of the most cited “heroes” from #50-2-Follow.



Ultra Superheroes (listed by 3+ interviewees)

John M. G. Barclay (mentioned by 8 people!)

Richard Bauckham

Beverly Gaventa

Richard Hays

Luke Timothy Johnson

N.T. Wright

Superheroes (mentioned by more than one person)

Clint Arnold

Bruce Longenecker

Brian Blount

James D.G. Dunn

Susan Eastman

Michael Gorman

Martin Hengel

J. Louis Martyn

E. P. Sanders

David Scholer

Loren Stuckenbruck

Mike Wilkins

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