Cruciform Scripture: Essays in Honor of Michael J. Gorman (Release Day! Jan 5, 2021)

Cruciform Scripture: Essays in Honor of Michael J. Gorman (Release Day! Jan 5, 2021) January 5, 2021

I am excited to introduce to you an exciting new book from Eerdmans, CRUCIFORM SCRIPTURE: CROSS, PARTICIPATION, AND MISSION (ed. Christopher W. Skinner, Nijay K. Gupta, Andy Johnson, and Drew J. Strait). These are collected essays honoring Dr. Michael J. Gorman whose life work has been an inspiration to many, including myself.

I will be running a blog series featuring contributor reflections on both their appreciation for Gorman and the substance of their essays in this book. Stay tuned for that!

For now, here is the table of contents:

Introduction/ Brent Laytham and Pat Fosarelli

Part One: The Cross and the Cruciform Life

Chapter One: “Matthew, the Cross, and the Cruciform Life”/ Rebekah Eklund

Chapter Two: “The Crucified One: Jesus’s Death and Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark”/ Richard B. Hays

Chapter Three: “Luke and the Cross: A Vision of Crucicentric Discipleship”/ Frank E. Dicken

Chapter Four: “The Johannine Cross as Revelation of the Father: Finding a Cruciform God in the Fourth Gospel”/ Christopher W. Skinner

Chapter Five: “Cruciformity and the Believer’s Governing Faculties: Rethinking Hēgeomai in Philippians”/ Nijay K. Gupta

Part Two: Participation in Christ, One with God

Chapter Six: “Grasping and Being Grasped: Gift and Agency in Paul”/ Stephen E. Fowl

Chapter Seven: “Baptized into Christ: Romans 6:3-4—the Text on Baptism and Participation”/ Klyne Snodgrass

Chapter Eight: “The Holy Spirit, Justification, and Participation in the Divine Life in Galatians”/ Ben C. Blackwell

Chapter Nine: “Participation in Christ in 1 Peter”/ Dennis R. Edwards

Part Three: Becoming the Gospel in Mission

Chapter Ten: “‘Follow Me’: The Mandate for Mission in the Gospel of John”/ Sherri Brown

Chapter Eleven: “An Alternative Global Imaginary: Imperial Rome’s Pax Romana and Luke’s ‘Counter-Violent’ Missio Dei“/ Drew J. Strait

Chapter Twelve: “The Past, Present, and Future of Bodily Resurrection as Salvation: Christ, Church, and Cosmos”/ Andy Johnson

Chapter Thirteen: “Mother Zion Rejoices: Psalm 87 as a Missing Link in Galatians 4″/ N.T. Wright

Chapter Fourteen: “Citizenship and Empire: A Missional Engagement with Ephesians”/ Sylvia C. Keesmaat

Chapter Fifteen: “Following the Lamb Wherever He Goes: Missional Ecclesiology in Revelation 7 and 14:1-5″/ Dean Flemming

Epilogue/ Brian Gorman, Amy Caruso, Mark Gorman

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