New Release: T & T Clark Handbook of Pneumatology

New Release: T & T Clark Handbook of Pneumatology January 28, 2021

Congratulations to Daniel Castelo and Kenneth Loyer on editing the massive T&T Clark Handbook of Pneumatology (Sept 2020).

I contributed an essay called “The Lord the Spirit: Paul’s Pneumatology” (ch. 2). There are many excellent essays across the spectrum of disciplines of Christian theology, history, and Scripture.

Introduction, Daniel Castelo (Seattle Pacific University and Seminary, USA) and Kenneth M. Loyer (Independent Scholar, USA)

1. The Holy Spirit in the Synoptic Gospels, Laura C. S. Holmes (Seattle Pacific University and Seminary, USA)
2. The Lord the Spirit: Paul’s Pneumatology, Nijay K. Gupta (George Fox University, USA)
3. The Role of the Acts of the Spirit within Scripture, Robert W. Wall (Seattle Pacific University and Seminary, USA)
4. The Spirit in the Catholic Epistles, David R. Nienhuis (Seattle Pacific University and Seminary, USA)
5. Pneumatology in the Johannine Corpus, Robert W. Wall (Seattle Pacific University and Seminary, USA)
6. The Holy Spirit in the Work of Christ, D. Stephen Long (Southern Methodist University, USA)
7. The Spirit-Infused Hope of Christ, Margaret B. Adam (University of Oxford, UK)
8. The Spirit and the Old Testament, Lee Roy Martin (Pentecostal Theological Seminary, USA)
9. The Spirit and Learning in the Hebrew Scriptures, John R. (Jack) Levison (Southern Methodist University, USA)
10. The Spirit, Mediation, and Sacramentality, Kenneth M. Loyer (Independent Scholar, USA)
11. The Spirit and Science, Wolfgang Vondey (University of Birmingham, UK)
12. The Spirit and Visions of Life: Seeing the World and Humanity Otherwise in the Light of God’s Face, Daniela C. Augustine (University of Birmingham, UK)
13. Spirit and Ecology, J. J. Johnson Leese (Seattle Pacific University and Seminary, USA)
14. “The Giver of Life”: The Spirit and Creation, Marc Cortez (Wheaton College, USA)
15. Pneumatological Development in Trinitarian Perspective, Jackson Lashier (Southwestern College, USA)
16. The Filioque: Theology and Controversy, Thomas G. Weinandy, O.F.M., Cap. (Capuchin College, USA)
17. “Who Together with the Father and Son is Worshipped and Glorified”: Roman Catholic Perspectives, Matthew Levering (University of Saint Mary of the Lake, USA)
18. Eastern Orthodox Perspectives, Marcus Plested (Marquette University, USA)
19. The Holy Spirit: Lutheran Perspectives, Cheryl M. Peterson (Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University, USA)
20. Reformed Perspectives on the Holy Spirit, Shannon Nichole Smythe (Independent Scholar, USA)
21. The Theology of the Holy Spirit in Anglicanism, Ephraim Radner (University of Toronto, Canada)
22. The Holy Spirit in Wesleyan Perspectives, Jason E. Vickers (Asbury Theological Seminary, USA)
23. Quaker Pneumatology, Cherice Bock (George Fox University, USA)
24. The Holy Spirit and Anticlericalism, J. Alexander Sider (Bluffton University, USA)
25. Pentecostal Perspectives in Pneumatology, Peter Althouse (Independent Scholar, Canada)
26. Charismatic Perspectives on the Holy Spirit, Andrew K. Gabriel (Horizon College and Seminary, Canada)
27. Perspectives on the “Spirit” in Africa, Daniel K. Darko (Gordon College, USA)
28. Towards an Asian Pneumatology: A Reflective Reading, David Sang-Ehil Han (Pentecostal Theological Seminary, USA)
29. Spirit of Integration and Solidarity: Asian American Pneumatologies, Daniel D. Lee (Fuller Theological Seminary, USA)
30. The Spirit in the Colonial Difference: A Story of Pneumatology in the American Global South, Oscar García-Johnson (Fuller Theological Seminary, USA)
31. Black Theologians of the Spirit, Frederick L. Ware (Howard University School of Divinity, USA)
32. Latinx Perspectives, Daniel Castelo (Seattle Pacific University and Seminary, USA)
33. Where the Wind Blows: Pneumatology in Feminist Perspective, Lisa P. Stephenson (Lee University, USA)
34. Pneumatology and the Canonical Heritage, Mark E. Powell (Harding School of Theology, USA)
35. Discernment, Douglas M. Koskela (Seattle Pacific University and Seminary, USA)
36. Mysticism and Renewal, Daniel Castelo (Seattle Pacific University and Seminary, USA)
37. Anointing and Power, Chris E. W. Green (Southeastern University, USA)

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