Announcement: New Book Series—New Word Biblical Themes

Announcement: New Book Series—New Word Biblical Themes September 7, 2021

I am thrilled to announce a new book series from Zondervan Academic—The New Word Biblical Themes (New Testament). This is my very first time solo-editing a series of this scale, and I have a passion for delivering resources like this to students and pastors who want to better understand God’s Word. We have an amazing line-up of expert scholars across traditions, women and men. I am still shocked they all said “yes”! Here are a few hints at what is in store:

  • Introductions to each NT book that cover the essentials of background/situation, structure, and date
  • Early chapter on the NT book’s contribution to New Testament theology
  • Contributor selected chapters covering key themes for each NT book
  • Volumes are meant to be relatively short (100-175pp) and affordable

Our publishing plan is that I (Nijay) will lead out the series with a volume on Galatians, coming in 2023 (we hope!).

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