15 New Testament Words of Life: A NT Theology for Real Life (Coming Sept 2022)

15 New Testament Words of Life: A NT Theology for Real Life (Coming Sept 2022) July 14, 2022

I am excited to tell you a little bit about my newest book (coming September 13, 2022): 15 New Testament Words of Life: A New Testament Theology for Real Life (Zondervan Academic). Too often biblical theology is presented in a way that is abstract, only cerebral, and irrelevant to everyday life. So, I set out to write a short NT theology that tries to answer the question: what would it look like to process and live out 15 of the most important themes and concepts in the Bible in real life: in work, relationships, sickness and health, thinking about money, aging, brokenness, triumph, and joy? Over the next few months, I will be sharing more about this book. For now, here is the book description and list of the 15 words that I cover.

Here’s one bit I am happy to share: Dr. Paula Gooder was kind enough to write a foreword. I have long admired her blend of excellent scholarship and passionate and winsome writing for the benefit of the Church. It is an honor to have her weigh in on New Testament theology and my contribution.

In 15 New Testament Words of Life, biblical scholar Nijay Gupta explores some of the most important New Testament words:

  • Righteousness

  • Gospel

  • Forgiveness

  • Life

  • Cross

  • Faith

  • Grace

  • Fellowship

  • Hope

  • Salvation

  • Peace

  • Religion

  • Holiness

  • Love

  • Witness

15 New Testament Words of LifeThese are familiar terms in the Christian vocabulary, but many don’t know the original background and theological importance of these words, and how they can be life-giving for Christian faith and life today. To access the deep meaning of these words in the theological vocabulary of the New Testament writers, Gupta discusses each word within a key text and interprets it in three contexts:

  • Canonical—how the New Testament is grounded in the Old
  • Literary—the meaning developed within the key text
  • Historical—the Jewish and Greco-Roman world of the first century

For those first hearers of the gospel who chose to follow Jesus, these words were the words of life, and they can be once again for Jesus-followers in the modern world. With Gupta’s skilled guidance, readers will find their engagement with the New Testament revitalized as they begin to understand how these inspiring ancient words can still be captivating, thought-provoking, and worldview-shaping words for real life today.

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