The Writer—A New Book about Research, Writing, and Publishing in Biblical Studies

The Writer—A New Book about Research, Writing, and Publishing in Biblical Studies November 1, 2022

Today is publication day for my new book, The Writer, a guide to research, writing, and publishing in biblical studies.

This book is written for students who are just getting started in figuring out their systems for doing research and best practices for writing.

This book is also for PhD students who are wanting to better understand how to engage with publishers and partner with publishing editors.

And this book is also for scholars who want to develop good habits for a writing career.

I don’t claim to know it all, I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but I hope others can learn from my experiences.

Here is the official book description:

I am thankful for my colleagues offering their support for my work.


“Lots of very smart people with doctorates cannot write very well. And if you can’t organize your expertise in such a form that reviewers, editors, and publishers find compelling, all the hard work that went into the PhD will be for naught in a ‘publish or perish’ world. No other resource contains the same kind of discipline-specific guidance, soft knowledge, and practical wisdom.”

–Patrick Gray, Rhodes College

“Few biblical interpreters have been more prolific authors over the course of the past decade or so than Nijay K. Gupta. In The Writer, Gupta explores how he goes about the art and craft of research, writing, and publishing, and helps others to see how they might do similarly. Whether you are an aspiring author or a seasoned scholar, you will benefit from the hard-won wisdom that Gupta shares in this volume.”

–Todd D. Still, George W. Truett Theological Seminary

“From the nuts and bolts of identifying a research question to choosing the appropriate venue for your work to tailoring your writing for multiple audiences at once, this book is filled with insights to help readers improve their writing while developing their own unique workflow. As one who has published widely and across multiple platforms, Gupta is an expert guide on this journey. Readers will surely benefit from this book!”

–Christopher W. Skinner, Loyola University Chicago

The Writer is a practical guide for students and scholars at any stage in their careers. Gupta helps take the mystery out of the academic writing process, while reminding writers of its gifts and demands. If you wish to learn and teach the nuts and bolts of the research, note-taking, and writing process, this book is for you. It will answer questions you never knew you could ask and will leave you feeling empowered and equipped to get writing.”

–Janette H. Ok, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Generously sharing insights honed over years of advising students, Nijay Gupta provides a thorough coverage of the process of researching, writing, and publishing in biblical studies. It’s like having your own personal advisor in paper form. I would highly commend this book to anyone considering pursuing research and writing in the field of biblical studies.”

–Sydney Elise Tooth, Oak Hill College

“Doing and publishing research in biblical studies can be tricky to navigate. It often feels like entering a new and unknown place. In The Writer, Gupta lays out clear steps and provides practical guides to conducting research specifically in biblical studies. This book is like a GPS for anyone who wants to embark on a research journey. Students and aspiring biblical scholars will find it useful and applicable.”

–Ekaputra Tupamahu, Portland Seminary

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