BBR Review Issue on Dale Allison’s RESURRECTION OF JESUS (32.3 2022)

BBR Review Issue on Dale Allison’s RESURRECTION OF JESUS (32.3 2022) December 12, 2022

The latest issue of Bulletin for Biblical Research (32.3 2022) is dedicated to a book review discussion of Dale Allison’s book The Resurrection of Jesus (T&T Clark, 2021). When I stepped down as BBR editor, organizing this review discussion was my last contribution. I am thankful for Josh Jipp for helping me plan the issue, and for Dominick Hernandez (the new BBR editor) for seeing it through to publication. And I am especially appreciative of the reviewers and Dale’s robust engagement. You will need to access this issue via subscription, check with your institution.

“More Things in Heaven and Earth: Some Musings on History and Hope” /Rebekah Eklund
“The Resurrection as Category Error: A Response to The Resurrection of Jesus”/Simon J. Joseph
“The Resurrection: Response to Reviews”/Dale C. Allison Jr.
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