The Sacraments: What Christ is Still Doing

The Sacraments: What Christ is Still Doing December 2, 2014

At RCIA a couple of weeks ago, our pastor made the comment that the Sacraments are how Christ continues to do today what He did while He was here on earth. Fr. Ed then went over the seven sacraments, what they are, what distinguishes them, and so forth; and then he left me to continue the discussion at the RCIA session last week.

Consequently, I put together some ideas about how Christ is doing today what He did then, with these major headings:

  • What was Jesus doing then?
  • How is He doing it now?
  • God is not bound

Along the way we spent a lot of time talking about grace and the mystical Body of Christ.

You can find all of my notes in the following mind map; click on it to see it larger.


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