Sharing Space; An Honor It Was

Sharing Space; An Honor It Was May 21, 2012

Saturday I had the privilege of participating in a book signing and party at The Sacred Well in Oakland with other ladies that are contributors in the Shades of Faith; Minority Voices in Paganism anthology. Since the book came out last year I have had the honor of participating in two events that featured some of the authors in the book, one at Pantheacon and one this weekend.

I found that I was amazed at how I ended up in a room full of women that I admire and respect as minority women who are magical, gifted and intelligent.  I realize how honored I have been to share space in the publishing world, magical world and in the physical world with such incredible human beings.  I have been blessed.

The event was great, conversation was awesome and being in the presence of others that I connect with spiritually and culturally is beyond words.  I don’t know how to put words to the incredible feeling of wholeness that comes with being able to share space without concern of how I am slightly different and just be as I am.  It is a feeling that I did not grant much importance to initially, until I had the experience of comparison.  And let me be clear, it is not the absence of other races or cultures that I am referring to but it is the inclusion of having more of my own.  It is a balance that I am not use to experiencing in the Pagan community and it felt nice to have African Americans along side some Caucasion people, Hawaiian women and others.  It was confirmation that honoring one another is not exclusive to one path or culture and can be inclusive to all.

Again, I have been honored.

As the Pagan community continues to grow and thrive, it will continue to be a adjustment to include the many different faces that come to join around the circle.  What we have traditionally thought about Pagan circles are evolving and changing based on the people who are finding their way to the path of the Goddess and God.  I think this continuous transformation of Paganism has brought about much insights to the way that we can be exclusive in our practices and how this can lend to a feeling that all are not valued at the table.  It is nice to see that we are changing and growing to consciously acknowledge the many shades of the faces that the Goddess has brought to her path.

Again, I have been honored.

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