Solstice Hope in the Darkness of Justice

Solstice Hope in the Darkness of Justice December 24, 2014


“Justice is what love looks like in public” – Cornell West

The last few weeks have been filled with darkness, navigating the shadow of the time and surrounded by the harsh realities of race relations in modern day society. The coming solstice celebrations have not brought me any comfort this year, I think I have been so inundated with the darkness that exists all around me that it is hard to want to celebrate something that doesn’t seem to bring the change we need right now.

As I am active in discussions about race and multiculturalism, I see this level of harm all the time. The thoughts of others, the ignorance that surrounds people’s understanding of racism, the fear of people of color while existing in what should be normal conditions, and the microaggressions that happen all around us.  All of these things are very taxing on the spirit, and these last few weeks have been intense. Which brings me back to the darkest night of the year, and what has felt like the incredible lead up to this year’s Solstice, and what might become the most important moment of the year; Rebirth.

I have always believed that a huge part of spirituality relies on hope. For me this has always connected to a knowing that all things have their own rhythm, all things are connected to something greater, and that I am not in control of how things unfold. This is why I have always felt that hope is one of the most important elements that often serves as the great connector. And in times of intense darkness, hope is very likely one of the remaining things left to hold onto.

I have not blogged about my feelings on the happenings in Ferguson, or the lack of indictment in the death of Eric Garner in New York. Or Tamir Rice. Or John Crawford III. Or.. Or… Or… But the devastation has pushed against the collective ability to find peace and balance while living within a system that is not a true representation of justice and equity. The revelations that have been coming out the last few weeks, the “in your face” reflections of prejudice and darkness, have supported feelings of isolation and sadness. And as the sun is reborn, as hope comes back, as the New Year nears, the opportunity for manifestation is prime.

This shift in the rebirth of the sun, and the turning wheel, means that it is time to prepare for manifestation; time to embrace that power.

May we use this time to rebirth a new version of change, one that embraces our collective desires for love in all places. Love, as an actionable concept that we give freely, that we fight for, that we stand besides, embrace and harness as spiritual beings. If love is the law, I will continue to love hard in every opportunity I have to make it visible and actionable.


The soil is fertile, the ancestors are screaming,

the light is growing, the darkness waning.

Our fists in the air while justice lingers on the tongue

Voices of our people singing the songs that must be sung,

Hope is coming, the sun is reborn,

The light shines through as we continue to mourn.

The voices of the voiceless linger in the air,

the power of our fight becoming ever clear.

We are the ones to walk the road that must be done,

We step into the turning wheel, holding the momentum that is spun

As the New Year comes, we light a candle and say…

Justice is the only way, on this day…. and every day.

Be it so. Bring it forward. Into the light we manifest change, from the darkness we hold onto the small glimmer of hope to help guide our way. Let our anger be sacred, our screams primal, and our fight for a world of true peace never die.

Blessed Be


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