4 Christmas gifts your husband actually wants!

4 Christmas gifts your husband actually wants! November 11, 2013

This list below is the product of a lot of thought to make your holidays a lot happier and to help you get your man something that won’t just end up buried in the back of the closet by New Year’s Eve. I hope this simple list removes stress from your shopping and brings a lot of smiles on Christmas morning. 🙂


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Here are three gifts your husband would actually love this year (much more than another sweater and some Old Spice):

1. Sex.

Let’s face it, he’d much rather undress you than unwrap anything else. We’ve got a creative and practical way for you to give him his most memorable gift of the year. We’ve just released a new video series for married couples called “Best Sex Life Now” which you can preview by clicking here.

The series has a “Give as a gift option” which is half price now through Christmas (no coupon or code needed). This resource is full of practical ways to improve your intimacy, communication and your sex life with your spouse. Your husband will love it (and you will too). There’s a 100% money-back guarantee if either of you doesn’t like it.

2. An experience WITH YOU centered around his favorite hobby or team.

Most guys would rather have one, big, memorable experience with you than a bunch of smaller gifts to unwrap. If he’s into a certain sports team, plan a weekend trip to go see a game with him and explore the city together. Trust me, he’ll be blown away when he opens that gift!

3. Something personalized (but not cheesy). 

A few years ago, I bought my father-in-law a small, metal tub for holding ice or drinks and had a cheap engraving place put “McCray’s Pub” (his last name) on it. The whole gift cost me around $25, but he uses it all the time and keeps it out on display when he’s not using it. Men will usually hold onto a gift if it’s practical and personalized.

4. Stuff that celebrates manhood.

Most guys feel like they’re got to put their testosterone on a shelf most days, so give him a gift to let his manliness come out! Whether he’s into tools, or guns, or Duck Dynasty, or sports, or growing a massive beard, or whatever else, give him a gift that shows him that you value what he likes and you celebrate his epic manliness.

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  • Matt

    Wow, these are so spot on, I’d be very curious what ideas you have to give our wives?

  • dave willis

    You’d better ask your wife! 🙂

  • Mrs. H

    Not sure I agree with this. My husband isn’t a typical “macho” man. A birth defect prevents us from sex (we’re both completely fine with a sexless marriage). He hates sports, finds personalized items tacky & really doesn’t like tools or guy shows. We’re old fashioned & much more mature than our actual ages. If anything we’ll just go low-key & celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Just celebrating our first Christmas togetherness as spouses is good enough for me! Just remember that not all men want sex & beer. 🙂

  • Sex…a new bow… hunting when once a week…. I think mines is pretty set for this xmas. Lol

  • J

    I think I disagree with about every single one of these! My SO doesn’t really like sex. He just isn’t into it like I am. He is also not into any hobbies but working out and shows no interest in me doing that with him. IN FACT, he would prefer I wasn’t around when he did it. I also went and bought him a personalized wallet because he needed a new one and he doesn’t even use it. its been in a drawer for 2 years. He also told me not to get him tools. and that that is something that he wouldn’t find special. I don’t know what to get him LOL I struggle with this all the time.

  • disqus_6Wo5qnWbx4

    I sure it ish there was a way to get my wife to read this and apply just 1of them. She’s won’t read this. She’s does not believe in any of it. She believes sex is my responsibility to start and finish…

  • Ramirez

    I’m so glad I read this! It fits my husband to a T and I forget sometimes with kids and life. It’s not that I don’t care but I can get overwhelmed with everything going on around me and I don’t get a chance to just quietly sit down for a minute and think about things like this.