4 things God wants you to remember when life is hard.

4 things God wants you to remember when life is hard. May 7, 2013


We’ve all had days (and maybe even years) when life just doesn’t seem to be going our way!

I’ve had long seasons of life where I felt like nothing was working and everything was out of whack, and I’ve had frustrating days where I just can’t seem to get anything accomplished. This morning was one of those times…

I was getting all three of our boys ready for school which is a massive undertaking and makes me respect my wife even more because she is normally the one doing it! Amidst the screaming infant and complaining gradeschoolers, there was a mess in the kitchen, a dirty diaper on the floor, toothpaste on the sink and stress in the air. When we FINALLY got out the door, Connor had forgotten something and had to run back in. The door was open just long enough for (I’m not making this up) a bird to fly in the house.

Now, I’ve got to figure out a way to get the bird out of the house and all the kids loaded up as fast as I can. I eventually got the bird out (unharmed) and the kids loaded and just before I pulled out onto the main road, a garbage truck cut me off and started driving about five miles per hour and stopping at every other house. I wasn’t sure whether to scream or laugh at the irony of it.

In the grand scheme of things, a stressful morning doesn’t impact life or eternity all that much, but in those longer seasons of joblessness, sickness, financial stress, marriage strain and other ongoing life events, the stress and frustration can seem overwhelming. Below are four things I’ve learned to remember in those challenging seasons of life that have helped me and I pray they help you as well!

Struggles in life are inevitable, but destruction is optional. Remembering these four principles can make all the difference.

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1. Remember that your Character should always be stronger than your Circumstances.

We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can always control how we choose to respond. In those moments when I choose to stop complaining and instead give thanks to God for the good in my life, the parts that seem bad start to seem much less significant. Choose to keep a positive attitude and thankful heart regardless of what you’re going through.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

2. Remember that your Struggles always lead to Strength.

Every difficulty in your life, whether big or small, is something God will use to produce more strength, faith and perseverance in you if you let Him! All your pain has a purpose.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

3. Remember that God’s timing is always perfect.

God’s plans are almost always different from our plans, but His plans are always perfect! Have the patience to wait on His timing instead of forcing your own.

“For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

4. Remember that God will never leave your side.

You may feel like you’re going through this struggle all alone, but from the moment you ask Jesus to bring you into God’s family, He will be by your side to the end so never lose hope!

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

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  • Tammy Swann

    “Love” this Pastor Dave and “Thank” U “Needed” this 2day!!..”Refreshing”!!..Have a “Blessed” Day 2 to U and Ur “Sweet” Fam!!!..;”)!!!

  • adam wolfenden

    Thanks for the tips. It seems that I have been in the dessert way to long. As soon as I think I get to a oasis just to find out it is only a mirage. Many times I have felt of just quitting. I still do it seems to be a battle for me daily to keep going on. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Tina Winchester

    Thank you for these reminders… God has brought me through a great deal in the past year and a half. I have to trust God’s will, and not my own. It seems my marriage that has fallen victim to the enemy, although I stand on God’s promise to finish what He started. My husband loves me, however he is distracted and dominated by self-gratification, and addiction. Life has not felt as though it was going my way for some time, and I must be careful not to allow myself to believe the lies that satan whispers in my ear. Please pray for a healing, deliverance and restoration for us… I pray that my husband can fall in love with Jesus.. completely head-over-heels in love with Him.

  • Jessica

    After about 2 years of going downhill, I decided to take refuge in God and ask him for help, more and more he is making his presence known in my life and is taking me out of my negative circumstances. And I thank him and glorify him for that.

  • Amen! Thanks for sharing this.

  • Brandy D.

    This is right on time for me. Recently, I became suddenly unable to work. I haven’t had any income since April 12th, been on bedrest, lost my job on April 29th, have a high school senior graduating on May 25th, found out that I may have a serious health condition, and Im a single Mother of 2 teenagers. I remind myself daily of God’s plans for me and do my best not to worry. Its not easy, but I do know he is with me. Sometimes I think God must have something really special planned for me because he is always making me stronger. My faith is all that I have to trust and rely on. Thank you Pastor Dave for reminding me, yet again, that I am not alone.

  • Brian

    At what point do you let go of your marriage? Mine is so broken. I filed for divorce due to many issues. My wife says she has no desire for me and is no longer in love with me. I still love her more than life and i do not want this divorce. I pray and ask God for understanding.

  • tammy

    This article really spoke to me! Life is very stressful and it reminded me to let God take control. Only God knows my heart and only God can put happiness back in it!


    This is God speaking directly to me. He is an ever present help in a time of struggle.

  • Melissa Ameduri

    This is so helpful and uplifting. We ALL go through hard times, and although to others your hard times may seem insignificant or easy to handle, YOU are the one going through the rough patch. Being a military wife, finances can be an ongoing battle/stress. But I always try to stop and think of the positive side of things and it always gets better. I thank God every night for what we have, and he always ALWAYS takes care of us, always.

  • Andrea

    I just want to say thank you for posting this. All this is pertaining to me. I am facing everything! It’s getting to be a bit overwhelming. I know what God can do because I witnessed it in the past. But everything coming down on you at one time and hitting you from every angle is hard. It’s funny how I just had a talk with Jesus and I come on Facebook and he gave me the answers. I just have to continue to pray all day everyday and continue to thank God for all that he has already giving me. Thank you again. God Bless!

  • Kaelonne Bermea

    My husband has been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition CSS. And we have been praying on this and fighting for over a year. We know God heals and his healing is coming. That is one of the major struggles in our family. Along with finances. As the years go by, though we do not have a lot we see that God takes care of us, the math never adds up on how we make it every month, but we do, and for that we sing praise.

  • Lynn

    through it all yes i ve learn to trust in Jesus

  • Melissa Kania

    My daughter sent this to me this morning and it is definately what I needed to hear from God today! Thank you!!

  • Jim L

    I have been going thru a tough time in the last 3 mths: Marriage in shambles, career going down the drain. Yet, thru these last 3 mths, I have learned so many things. God used these tough times to teach me lessons that I have never learned in my past 38 yrs, lessons that will serve me well in the future. I do not know the future, n as difficult as it is at times, I tell myself I must have faith in God. He has never let me down before. He has always been there, even thou I was a slow learner.

    I pray almost every day, that God will help me help myself, to save my marriage, to save my career. The miracles are on a daily basis. The biggest miracle is that I have come so far in 3 months. I have come to see the dark side of me n the source of much of my anguish in life. I have also come to truly understand many of life’s truths. Every day, every bad brush w my wife, every challenge at work, every good/bad thought I have, they are all miracles that teach me something, or explain something I know deeper. Sometimes it is very confusing, but the confusion works itself out within days.

    I pray that God will con’t to educate me, to guide me, and to bless me, and anyone out there that is in deep poopoo like I am. Know that God will never leave u, and always believe in the power of prayer. Many times, all we have to do, is pray…

  • Lindiwe

    I am touched, I’m in those seasons, I have those days were I feel god is with me and there are those days where I feel he’s not there. But today I’m assured!!!

  • Jim L

    Hi Brian, I am in the same situation. I also do not know when I should “let go”. I think God understands us very well, n he does have a plan for us. Since I do not know the answer to many of the questions in my marriage, what’s going on in my wife’s mind, answers to unanswerable questions like this one, etc etc; I believe God’s answer to me is this: Don’t dwell on the unknowns, don’t ask the “why’s” with no answer. Remember that ur wife is also under God’s care and love. So just work on ourselves. Ask the “why’s” that we can control. I believe that many challenges laid before us are to teach us. If we can learn the lessons laid there for us, n have faith in God, n move forward with our lives, good things will follow. It might or might not be reuniting w our spouses, but know that it will be good. God bless.

  • Ron Petersen

    last Friday my wife of five years told me she wanted a divorce. Two years earlier she had an affair. I decided that I the vows I tool were worth fighting for and stayed with her. 1 month ago we adopted a little boy and now I am faced with a huge decision as to what to do with my son. I have been through so much hurt and pain in the last five years but I know that the Lord will never give me more than I can handle even though at times I think I can’t handle any more. Thanks for posting this article and reminding me that with him all things are possible and there will be brighter days ahead for me.

  • Vanita Moore

    My husband and I were going through a rough time because of his mental illness. I remember sitting in my backyard asking God to please save me by showing what it is He would have me to do. And to help my husband get the help that he so desperately needed.

    I am here to tell you that not only is my husband getting the help he needed I am at peace knowing that God never left my side…that we had to go through what we did because God had a plan and our marriage is stronger because of it.

  • Janae Wilson

    Thank you for this. My battle has been going on for years. My husband and I lost our business a few years ago, he was lucky enough to find employment only to loose it after the birth of our son, I at the same time was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and after surgery they said it was a miracle because all cells came back normal! God blessed us! However, then our house flooded, insurance denied claim, husband still unemployed, and home in forecloser at that time. Husband recently got another job, however not making as much money, home still in foreclosed awaiting answer on loan modification since Nov. My father whom I love dearly is dying from congestive heart failure now. I am a mother of 5 and trying to stay strong. 3 weeks ago my brother was in a horrible car wreck, which took the life of my sister-in law. He after weeks in hospital is home recovering and grieving. They have 3 children. Amongst all I am and have went through, its incomparable to my brothers pain. I at times question things, but have such faith in God that everything will be ok. I pray a little harder, and a little more now days. But knowing even though this all God is by my side. I don’t ask for prayers for any of my personal circumstances, but just please pray for my brother and his children. This is the first time I have told my story, so even if you know me please just keep praying. My faith has kept me going, and my life will turn out however God see’s it should, for he is in ultimate control.

  • Marites Botor

    Thanks for this uplifting message I was touch and remained me to hold on God.

  • Kristin

    Thank you very much for posting this (as well as all the other articles). My 14 year old step-daughter recently came to live with her father and me (we have been married for 3 years tomorrow) and shortly after, he was called to work out of town. I do not have any children (and knew from a young age that I did not want children) so it has been a struggle for me to accept our new situation. Thankfully, she respects me and is a pretty decent kid, for a teenager! 🙂 But I do struggle daily with accepting my new role. I do believe that God has a purpose for me with this so I am grateful to have read this article as reinforcement. I will keep it to read on days when I am uncertain how I will face the day. Thank you!

  • sammie

    I thank you Lord for speaking to me thru this message.My life and dose of some of my family members seems to be at a standstill.I have been asking God,where do I go from here?thank you for this.Its an assurance of Gods abiding presence in our circumstances.Its hard to take God as His word,but it sure is worth it.All things will be beautiful in his time!

  • victoria

    Thanks for theses words… I really needed them.. I have been having a rough couple of months… Marriage problems, jobless, instablity… Theses worrds really helped me realize

  • Zandra Ashley

    Really needed to read this. I’m going through some financial and marital struggles. I struggle with who I am, where I am, and where I’m going but I know God is with me. I feel it’s more of me in His way and preventing Him from doing all He plans to in my life. I really wish I could start new but I don’t know how. I thank God for His teachings. I now value being equally yolked because my faith is different from my husbands and that makes life so much harder and frustrating in living together in harmony, training our children, correcting our characters, and how we handle trials and tribulations. Its hard growing in Faith when all around you discourages me daily. I’m waiting on God to show me the way. Thanks for keeping me lifted up

  • robin

    I have been going through the hurt of finding out my husband has been watching pornographic videos and it has been very devastating to me and he says he doesn’t see a problem with it cause he has been doing it for many years and im confused on how to deal with it for myself and how to let it quit bothering me so much

  • Jennifer d

    These words truly “hit home”. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little bit discouraged about whether I will ever be able to get rid of some of my outstanding debt. My salary is not increasing and bills must be paid. My consolation is that I am not alone, the Lord knows my needs and He will never leave me or let me fall. I try to stay positive and patient. It is not easy because as human beings, it is natural to worry, but, there’s is nothing else we can do, but pray and believe that He will help us through ‘difficult’ times’ and make things better, soon.

  • Krystal Gutierrez

    This is amazing! I love it. My husband and I have been married for a year and a half and in that time, we have moved far away from family because of his job and had a baby. We have been struggling financially and fighting over money and other things. I have now learned that I should not have anything to complain about. We are all healthy, my husband has a job, I’ve been able to stay home with our son for his first year, I finished school, we have food in our tummies and a roof over our head. There are so many people who have it worse than us. I am truly blessed! I have been applying for jobs and nothing has came for me yet, but I know that when the time is right, God will make it happen.

  • Angel

    I have gone through times where my future seemed uncertain. I lost my job, had a baby, had no money but I just kept thinking that I was blessed and that God will not give me something that I cannot handle. I was right. My faith kept me hopeful. My husband and my family gave me the strength to make it through such a difficult time. My baby brought us so much happiness. She was our gift from God and whenever I see her, I see the workings of God through her.

  • Beatriz

    God is Good …

  • Bryan Covasac

    This really blessed me today! I’m currently fighting Cancer and been doing so for about 2yrs and counting. Recently married, so my wife and I love your site! Thank you and God bless.

  • Tina, I hear you. I am going through the same struggle with my husband. We’ve been separated for over 8 months now due to this addiction. The isolation and loneliness if excruciating. I believe, by faith, that our heavenly Father has not left my side. I pray for His way and will to be made clear to me…and to you. Yes, the best for all of us is that we “fall completely head-over-heels in love with Jesus.” Thanks for your post.

  • Melissa

    Needed this today. Thanks!

  • Christy Martin

    God bless you! Thank you so much for the articles you post and the wisdom you share.

  • Fiona

    Hard to know that God’s timing is always perfect and His plans for me are good right now.

  • Phisher

    I destroyed my marriage with alcohol. It was my selfishness and unwillingness to really seek the help I needed to get better for myself and for the sake of my marriage. My wife has always stood by my side through my relapses and visits to treatment. This past visit to a treatment center is when my wife told me she didn’t think she would be there when I was finished. It was a breaking point for me that finally made me realize the emptiness I felt knowing that my wife would no longer be there. It brought me to my knees begging for Gods help and direction. I try to pray for Gods will but I can’t help but to pray for restoration. Over the last few months it seems like things just get worse. My wife will not speak a word to me and filed for seperation even in the seperation process she has become so cold hearted which I know I only have myself to blame for her bitterness but this is not the woman I know. I pray and pray and pray and it seems like things get worse and worse. I am so in love with my wife and want so badly to fight for my marriage but my days are filled with torment and anguish. I love my wife and my inlaws with all my heart I feel so hopeless and lost and sometimes wonder if God is by my side right now. I just don’t know how much longer I can hold on. Please pray for my wife.

  • Andy

    I really enjoy your posts and this one is no different. My wife and I have been going through a long season of difficulty and there appears to be a change in the near future that we are very hopeful about, although not all things are clear just yet. I’ve faithfully prayed for God’s help, and although its not exactly how I would’ve planned it, I am grateful and will keep the faith. Keep posting and we will “Keep Going” : )

  • Dallas

    Praying. For you and your. Wife.

  • cez

    Thank you for sharing.:)))

  • Maria

    When I read about men mourning because of their wives behavior I almost can’t believe it is true…I also wonder when I should “let go”. My husband left almost 3 years ago. He says I am “the perfect wife”, that it is all his fault, that he loves me but that he CAN’T come back home! So I don’t let go but this is killing me. God’s love is my only hope and balm of Gilead. This website and ur comment people are helping me a lot. Please keep posting. God bless us all.

  • penny

    amen & thank you for being another of Gods vessels to confirm what i do know….He has reinforced my knees, made my voice loud and HAS taken my fear just as He promised….i know and trust the rest will also come when it is best…when i kept asking for it and in MY time, well, He gave it to me…..17 years of hell later i learned…..sorry Lord…its all up to you and thank you !

  • donlad

    this came to me at the top of my rage…
    i have tried to be calm but i still…..

    i know God is seeing me…..how can i handle all this at a time
    i wish i could cry but am out of tears
    i wish i had a friend to talk to but everybody arrounnd me are something else
    God please perfect everything in my life

  • Beth

    You shouldn’t be asking us to pray for your wife, you should be asking us to pray for you. Be happy for her that she has moved on and can find some healing after all the pain you put her though. And pray that God will help you to find a life on your own that is whole and healthy and you will stop trying to keep your wife from finding peace.

  • Carolyn

    I’m going through some very rough times in my marriage and life in general. I have a panic disorder from abuse that happened some years ago. I was laying in my bed looking at Facebook notifications today and saw that my son, a minister had shared a link to the marriage post that was from this site. I texted him and thanked him for posting. He said someone else had posted and he saw it and thought it was good. So though others I found this site today and things that I needed to read and be reminded of. So thankful that God uses so many different ways to get our attention.

  • Linda

    I believe in God. Thanks for these 4 very inspiring verses , I can relate them to my life and all I can say is God is faithful and will not abandon us his children. He knew us before he formed us in our mothers wombs.

    Glory to God. Amen

  • I’m feeling my self and the same situation than you:).. My hubby got distracted a little bit….the devil is around:(.. God please help us and guide me and the right path.

  • Phisher

    I don’t wish to keep my wife from happiness I wish to seek Gods grace in healing a marriage. Maybe you have and maybe you have not been in a similar situation but I pray that you may never have to go through the toils and trials of addiction on either end. It doesn’t matter if it is a parent a spouse or a child. The person that is capable of loving and compassion is not dead they are burried and consumed by a disease. Please do pray for me. I’m not asking for my faults to be overlooked I’m asking for another chance at holding on to the woman I love with all of my heart if you feel like that is wrong than I am sorry and I pray for you.

  • Renee

    Thank you so much for those words. God always find a way to make sure that his word gets to me whenever my faith starts to fail. I know that he is with me and is working things out with my marriage. It just gets really hard when I don’t see progress. But that’s my flesh being inpatient. God has it all under control and I need to remember to continue to praise Him even when I am crying and hurting. I know he will bring us back together again. Please keep me in your prayers.

  • Cindy

    I really needed this today. We have been going through a very rough patch for the last couple of years. We take one step forward nd two steps back, it seems. My husband and I definitely need prayer. It is really causing a strain on our marriage. We are more like roommates then husband and wife. We sleep in separate rooms and rarely talk. I don’t want my daughter to grow up in a broken home. Thanks for the article. There are some areas that I can work on that might help our situation.

  • Brandy

    Thank you for this post! It seems like ever since I was young I’ve been going through hard times. It’s very hard for me to just give it to God bc my whole upbringing I’ve carried it myself, and now I’m learning to give it to God and be happy. It’s the hardest thing, struggling everyday! Thank you, you really have helped me.

  • Dawn Ames

    These four truths are so true. My husband is fighting leukemia and just had a bone marrow transplant last month. It has been a long rough journey and the end is not in sight. I have been using these four truths from day one. When fears creeps in we refocus with this truth “Gods got this. Just trust. God is enough” It always produces the peace that passes understanding. God is so faithful, even in the details.

  • My wife and I have been separated for 28 days today… My wrong doings of stubbornness, selfish ways, and pride have split us apart. Whenever we split, I became emotionally unstable and my actions drove her farther away. I started to get into the word of God.. I read “every man, God’s man, “The love dare”, watched the movie “fireproof”, following the marriage Facebook page, and reading my bible. God has completely transformed me into the man I am today! I seek him and find him everyday. I have witnessed his presence and seen him speak through people giving me advice. Now that I have changed, I’m so excited to show my wife and the new unconditional love God has given me for her, but she doesn’t believe I have changed and doesn’t trust within me. She says she loves me and doesn’t want it to end, but doesn’t feel right about staying. I keep trying to feed her positive information like, “with God all things are possible!” And “God can make all things new”, but she responds with the negative and dwells on the past. Honestly, I dwell on the past every minute of the day and think of things I could’ve done. I look to God everyday for his guidance and strong will. I have decided to give up to many times, but something keeps telling me to do what I’m doing and I truly believe it’s God telling me to stay the path. This has been a very tough almost 4 weeks for me, but I still place my faith in God and pray for her 24/7. I love her so much. She is my first “true” love and I don’t want to lose her!

  • Sheba Polley

    I really needed to read this for assurance of what I’ve been goin thru lately. Thanx 4 re-posting this status!

  • Jackie

    Brian and Jim: I was that wife. I was done and all I wanted was out of my marriage and away from him. We separated and we both had other relationships over the 8 months. We began talking about 6 weeks ago. (I knew that I loved him and missed him and wanted him after about 3 months). I have since moved across country to be with him and build our relationship again. This message spoke to me because it talks about Gods timing – it wasn’t right between us before but I hope that this is Gods plan for us now. And also, because I have been wanting this for a while and it’s been new with him – he is coming around slower than I would like – so again I have to allow God to work. There is always hope!!

  • Becky Lynch

    I so needed this. I’m sitting in tears now trying to revive and rescue a 25 year marriage. I feel I’m the only one in my relationship trying and I’ve been praying all the time for God to restore our marriage and hearts. Its nice to be reminded that I’m not alone.

  • Michelle

    Thank you for sharing. I’m going through a divorce after 28 years of being together. As much as I forgive him for having numerous afairs on me, this season of my life is over. I simply cannot go through the pain he’s put me and our sons through anymore. Prayers needed for continued strength as I move forward with God leading the way.

  • Nicole

    I needed this I feel like I drowning in my life issues! Depression is setting in. I dont really have anyone to talk to so I’ve been praying to God more each day! 🙁

  • Claudia

    Pray for her. If you really love her never stop praying for her. Ask God to change her heart. He can do it! He changed mine. I thought I didn’t love my husband anymore. And after 3 years of separation and pain… I find myself more in love with my husband than ever before! Pray, have patience and never lose hope. I will pray for you too.

  • Misty N

    Thank You, I needed this!

  • Cameron

    What you just said gives me more hope that my wife and I will come out okay in this situation, because a lot of lies and bad things have been said about my wife that is not true at all. And these things have really affected our lives, business wise and financially. But I have trust and faith in the lord that we will see this through and everything will be okay. Thank you for your words of Encouragement Pastor Dave.

  • nnn

    Read the book love and respect by dr. Emmerson eggerichs before you and your wife follow through with divorce.

  • nicole

    I am and have been going through a tough time in my marriage. My husband and I have been married for a year and a half now and it have been very difficult. We argue all the time and he has been dishonest and unfaithful to me. But I stay and try to work things out because we do have a baby. I sometimes want to quit because I don’t want our daughter to see me unhappy or crying because of her dad. I pray all the time to God hoping he has an answer for me. And I believe that he gave me this marriage because he knows I am strong. But after trying to be strong I feel myself being pulled or pushed away from my husband. And now I don’t know what to do. Maybe God has a different plan than I thought.

  • Kari

    I am in the middle of a storm. My marriage is on the brink of divorce because of addiction/alcoholism. My husband will not do what he needs to do to get well for himself and for our marriage.

    Through this, my relationship with The Lord has been renewed. Seems the only time I truly look up and reach out is when I’m at my bottom. It’s then I know God never left me… I turned away from Him. I find great comfort knowing God is with me even as I suffer through the consequences of my choices. The peace and calm I feel amidst this storm is amazing. God is there if you turn to Him. Despite my circumstances, there’s no place else I’d rather be.

    My daily (sometimes hourly) prayer is for God to remove more of me, so I can be filled with more of Him. My will wants to leave this marriage and move on with my life… in a life of recovery from the effects of alcoholism walking with God. However, I’m waiting on The Lord to show me my next right step. I know He will. In the mean time, I am being still and knowing He is God.

  • Miranda

    If you have time (in the interest in saving your marriage, maybe make time), and watch “Fireproof”. The acting is very cheesy, but the message is strong and clear.
    Remind yourself that a vow of marriage is a covenant made in your faith of God’s Great love.
    Think of the many times you have had to ask for forgiveness.. We are not perfect, we are human, but we are perfectly flawed. I do not know the details of your marriage, but if there is any resentment, a divorce will not end it. If there is anything that needs to be dealt with, breaking the sacred bond of marriage will not fix the issues, will not answer the questions, and will not end the problems- it will just change your living situation, and make you go through the struggles alone. I am not in a perfect marriage, I am not the perfect wife, and I do not have the perfect husband; but I am an adult who made a concious decision- who took a sacred vow- and who promised in good times and in BAD, in sickness and in health, FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE. You can’t leave the one person you promised to love UNCONDITIONALLY (that is the great difference between a “girlfriend/boyfriend relationship” and a marraige) just because your feelings temporarily changed… If marriages were meant to be based on feelings everyone would be divorced! What makes marriage different, what makes it special, what makes it sacred and rewarding is the CHOICE we make when we marry. We are declaring before everyone we hold dear that no matter what we will stick it out.
    Miscommunication is usually the root of my problems with my husband, miscommunication and pride.. but I have been praying and I refuse to give up. Regardless of the worldly problems I face, I want an eternal relationship with my husband… I have felt the passion fade over the years, and many presume that if the love is not passionate it is gone… look for ways that she loves you outside of the norm… think of what your life really would be like without her… is it worth it. Will the issues plaguing your marriage be relevant in 2 years, 5 years? I wish you the best and will be praying for you.. but don’t give up. Give it all you have, let her know the reason you married HER, the reason you CHOSE her… maybe it will help you find the reason to STAY.
    God bless 🙂

  • Miranda

    I believe that any time a man lusts after a woman who is not his wife, he is commiting adultery; it does not have to be physical with another person.. Porn has no place in a marraige, and you have every right to feel the way you do. When my husband and I were dating he had tons of porn, I had no issue with it, but once we became ENGAGED I asked him to throw it all out. He has slipped a few times over the years, but I have explained to him how it makes me feel and he has been faithful to me since. I know he is not perfect so I don’t expect him to be perfect. But he knows now why I feel the way I do and he CHOSE to give that up for me. I know men are “men”.. but there is a big difference between a single man and a married man. One of my favorite marriage vows is “FORSAKING ALL OTHERS, I WILL BE FAITHFUL TO YOU”… that means on the computer, cell phone, whatever! Everything. He chose you. You chose him. That’s it.

  • Sarah

    A marriage is only broken if you let it be. I have a marriage that I have only survived by the grace of god. I have fallen in love with god so much that that love and forgiveness spills onto my husband…our story involves adultery, prostitutes, greed, alcoholism and so on…but god is faithful! Stay healthy by going to a Christian therapist and stay grounded in prayer…get onto as many prayer chains as possible and find a good support group. I believe that restoration can happen if you are willing! Maybe this will not save your marriage in the end but you will be one heck of a vessel for god! It’s all about eternity!

  • Rai Knight

    Hello, well I defininitely feel a bit out of place writing on this forum since this seems to be aimed at married folk but I will chime in anyways. I am currently going through a bit of storm. I am two years out of college, 23 years old and working full time. I had been trying to get out of my hometown since I came home and was applying to leave the area when I came across a young man who became my boyfriend for 11 months up until now. He recently broke up with me because he felt we were “too different” and he didn’t feel we were “compatible”. He gave up half way through the relationship and did not want to work things out. What is really hard about all of this is that I prayed extensively about this before I got involved with him because I had told God that the next person I was going to get involved with was going to be future husband. Obviously that didn’t work out and I’ve been a real mess over the past couple of weeks trying to move past it. Thank you for your words, Dave. They are very encouraging and right now I am struggling the most with trusting God with my future and believing that he has someone out there for me.

    I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for letting God use you in such a great way.

    Thank you,

  • Mrs K

    I love the article. Forgive my stupidity, but I do struggle with the phrase “All your pain has a PURPOSE”, as we have had a child murdered. I find no hope or purpose in this situation, as far as comfort. I know our son is with Jesus, but the loneliness and pain here on earth, for us is huge. And not understanding….I know people have free will, and his murderer exercised his free will. We feel let down. Any insight?

  • c

    When your husband has an affair with a 26 year old, and your 25 year old catches her. This girl knew exactly what she was doing when she exposed this affair!! She didn’t want my husband to live a double life, she wanted him all to herself!! After almost 28 years of marriage, 4 kids and he walks out! Says he is not happy! Truth be said, he is not happy with himself!!! No one wants divorce! The kids are messed up for life!! Word of advice, Work it out!!! Please do everything in your power to make it work!!! I took him back when finding out and tried to save this marriage! I love him unconditionally! I forgave him for the affair but have not forgiving him for lying to my children and then for forsaking our vows! I tried everything to keep the marriage! I just don’t understand how he can do this to his kids!!!! He is seeing this girl ( I doubt he stopped talking with her during the 3 months we tried to salvage the marriage). They are probably even live together! The worse part is that he is 50 and she is 26!!! What does a 26 want with a 50 year old! She is a gold digger!! We believe that Satan brought her into his life and used her as a temptation and he wasn’t strong enough in his faith to say NO! You just need to be strong and say NO!!!

  • Cindy

    trust GOD! 🙂

  • Aimee

    Keep it up! I will pray that God open her eyes and heart to see the changes you have made. I hope that you will pray for my husband to do the same. He needs to give himself to God the way that you have.

  • Josh

    My wife and I are going through a real hard time she says shes so depressed she cares about nothing and no one, esp. me. She recently moved back in with her mom I am living in our apt. alone. All I want is her to come home and work on our relationship but she says she has to fix her before she can even think about us, and that she doesnt know what she wants anymore.Idk what to do or how to fix our situation. I know God is with me but I cant help but to feel alone. =(

  • Olia

    Thank you! this is the answer i need right now. Few minutes ago i was feeling so so bad, devil was trying to bring my Spirit down, and then this article pop out! Thank you brother in Jesus name!

  • M. Immings

    Thank you SO much for sharing this. I can’t tell you how much I needed these words today. I look forward to reading this tonight with my hubby as our nightly devotional.

  • Cynthia

    Thanks for puttin my head where it needs to be..sometimes I am overwhelm with issues and remind myself God doesn’t give us more than we can handle…I do need God right now

  • Luis A. Rangel jr

    I appreciate the much needed reminder of the faithfulness and love God has for us.

  • M. Immings

    This hits close to home and hurts my heart. I will say a prayer for your marriage. Never lose faith, God always brings beautiful things out of struggles. Seek him, he is in the midst. 🙂

  • M. Immings

    Thank you for sharing Kari. You are doing the right thing! I love to read stories like this… where women, like you, are strong enough to call God in. He will protect you and show you the way. I can relate, as I typically reach for God in the struggles. But He is ALWAYS there. 🙂

  • Leeann

    A very wise christian elderly lady once told me that days like you described are the times you are making memories. You possibly took the kids to school other days that you do not recall, but this one day is a memory. Often times over the years when things have not went as planned, either my self or one of the kids will say God has once again decied to help us make a memory today. Thanks for your story, made me smile!!!

  • E.A.

    I’ve recently reached a milestone in my life by graduating with a masters degree. In order for me to utilize it and practice in my field I have to pass a certification exam. My first attempt was unsuccessful. This devastated me because I wasn’t working and needed to pass in order to get a job. I’m married and my husband does pretty well. With this being said I still have to work because he doesn’t want to pay all the bills on his own. This sent me into a deep devastating depression. I felt no hope and no support from my husband. I turned to God. This was my only viable option. I’ve been saved for a number of years now but this had me questioning His love for me. It was through this that I recognized my ego and reliance on myself. God had to humble me and let me know not in my time but in His time. I’ve gotten closer to God than I have before. I’m now literally leaning on His word and promises. I’m learning to pray His word and claim His promises. God had to put me in the valley so that I can do a self-evaluation and realize what I was doing. It had to become about God again and not about me (the direction my life was going). I’m spiritually stronger now than I ever was before. I’m taking the test again soon, but I’m letting God choose the date, and I’m not letting fear paralyze my faith. I know He works things out for the good of those that are called according to His purpose. In relying totally on God, I was able to take the focus off of me. It hasn’t been easy and my marriage has been put to the test, but I’m trusting and believing God that this too shall pass and this test will become my TESTIMONY!!

  • Patty

    Mrs. K, I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t begin to say that I know what you are going through.Our son has epilepsy and he had 4 horrible years prior to having part of his brain removed to help control the seizures. I’ll spare you all the details but it was the scariest, most gut wrenching time of my life and I was consumed with fear but also anger than God would allow our son to go through this – eventually up to 50+ seizures a day. During that time I stumbled upon a book called God on Mute and it helped me tremendously. The one nugget that has stayed with me is that even Jesus on the cross asked why God had forsaken him. He knew the purpose of his death and he knew he would live again. But still he asked. And we know that he did not sin. So, it’s ok to ask. It’s not a sign that you are lacking in faith because you have doubts or questions. Sometimes all we can do is hold on until we get to a stronger place. What is the purpose? We won’t know for sure this side of heaven. I do know that I better appreciate God’s mercy and grace. I was disappointed in myself for being angry with God or doubting Him. I realized all over again how much I need His mercy and grace. And that has created in me a much deeper compassion and a need to extend grace and mercy to others. I don’t think God allowed my son to have epilepsy in order to teach me these lessons, but I do believe He can make beauty from ashes. BTW, my son still has seizures, not as many, and his quality of life has improved. There are still days I grieve for the healthy little boy we had for 5 years. I will pray that God will comfort you and you won’t feel alone.

  • elizabeth

    Hi tina…i was reading dave willis tips because i needed some encouragement and i came across your post. I wanted to rrspond..it felt needed because i understand how you feel..i have been there with my husband. I met my husband knowing he wasnt a believer,he was an extreme non believer..he was convinced that there was no god at all and he is a very educated man so convincing him did no good at all..years went by and my husband had strong addictions to heroin that seemingly destroyed our family..time and time again i thought i would feel some hope and then the addiction would rage yet again..my children and i ended up leaving him for 3 years…i truley believed it was over and nothing would save him…but miraculously when he hit his rock bottom,we were gone and he was homeless,someone who knew god talked to him and things fell into place and shockingly he called me one day totally touched by god,it was a miracle that i could have never believed…Have hope and hang in there. It can happen

  • Shanique Gibbon

    Hello….I am currently going through a situation where my life is being threaten. When i came across this article I was ever so grateful as I was reminded that Jesus never leaves us or forsake us that in every situation he is there for us…..I am being strong throughout this my time of trouble and i sincerely believe that God will deliver me….thanks for writing this article

  • KJ

    Wow, the ‘character being stronger than your circumstances’ hit me hard.

    I don’t think calling this a “rough season” does what I’m feeling justice. I’m on depression medication because I experienced a miscarriage. The miscarriage was a result of emotional & sexual abuse, and the abuse was by the pastor I was interning under. I’m grateful for this reminder of the strength I’m gaining in Christ through all of this. I know God hasn’t left my side & I’m overwhelmed with gladness in knowing I will NEVER be prey again. God’s heart for His children is good, and these four tips helped me immensely as I continue to seek Him further & further.

  • Janae,

    I went to similar circumstances as yours but nothing compares to the loss of a loved one. I am sorry for your loss. Although I don’t know you, I will be praying for you. Be comforted in the Lord.

  • Aubrey

    At the end of last year the relationship I was in with a wonderful woman abruptly ended. It ended due to a mistake on my part that was taken to the extreme by her with good reason. Ever since then I have been trying to regain myself, my out look on life and my future. It has been a challenge because for the longest time every image of my future was to be spent with her. All the plans I had, all the dreams I dreamed were to be with her and that was suddenly lost. Thankfully my character persevered and God took control of my life. Six months have passed and in that time I have realized that I have become such a stronger man and my faith has grown exponentially. I am finally getting to the point where I can see the temptations that used to bring me down as a man and realize I must combat them. I have been able to have the courage to convict myself and to realize my wrongs. With this article I have come to realize that God’s timing is perfect and I still have more steps in my recovery process to look forward too. I realize that I was walking down my own path full of my own dreams and aspirations but never on the path strictly picked out for me by God. As I continue to push forward I realize that God has been at my side the whole time and the future plans He has for me are much greater than any plans I’ve ever had for myself.

  • Elizabeth G.

    I so needed to hear this. I’m struggling (and struggle is just scratching the surface of describing how I feel) with infertility. After trying for a year I finally got pregnant but lost my tube because it was ectopic. I was diagnosed with PCOS and I just don’t ovulate. I just don’t understand, I’m the only one in my entire family who has problems getting pregnant. I feel like I did something to deserve this and like I’m a burden and a disappointment to my family and especially to my husband. He wants kids so bad and it kills me because I can’t give him what he wants. I don’t know if I can stay married to him. He is an amazing man and I love him so much but he deserves to get what he wants and if he can find that with another woman than I’m willing to give him up.

  • Ashley Frost

    Pick up the book by Gary Chapman 5 Love Languages! I learned a lot from that book! After you have met your spouse, married, & back from the honey-moon you start feeling like the “in love” part is wearing off & it is! It is just an emotion that we experience when we start dating & such! After you get married and life starts bringing on obstacles in the midst of all that you have to find each others connection! Everyone has different love language! And if you don’t know what they are its like your wife speaks Chinese and your speaking English. But Divorce is not the option. The grass is not greener on the other side! Communicating is key in marriage & always putting God first & then your spouse! I know what your going through! My husband is away working & I thought it would be the perfect time to let him know my feelings about what I have been upset about for awhile. And so I shot him an email, and boy that opened some doors! We found out that were not on the same page, and in one of his emails he said what ever you decide, I still love you because your the first person I completely gave my whole heart to! and I enjoyed hearing the part about giving me his whole heart, but what upset me was whatever you decide. So remember your vows-for better or for worse in sickness and in health! Life has many seasons, but they all pass & God leads you through! Don’t give up, and honestly divorce should never be an option! Happiness starts with you! Take your wife out, stop at a park and talk to her..open up to her! When you have explored all options, and your still not happy or she is not happy then you have to do what you feel is best! <3 Love from Ga!

  • Dena

    What great things to remember! I have been going through a hard time since 2009, well actually since 2008. Life has had it’s curve balls and very much some hard times to say the least. In this process I spent a few years mad at god, as my dad, the person most important in my life was taken early of cancer. That was such a hard thing to deal with and sometimes I still cannot believe that he is gone. Me losing my dad, devastated me so much, I gave up on my marriage too, I became a single mom. In this dark time I had developed depression but I did not know it yet. I would learn that later. It is now 2013 and I am starting to do so much better! God is back in my life and I began going to church again. Even in the times I was upset with god because my dad was gone, god did not leave my side. And it was him who told me to go back to church. For he knew what I needed to get my life in track and be the person he wants me to be. God walks with me now and I know and am grateful everyday that he is back in my life. I have gotten involved in my church and it is someplace I truly love to go! The storms of life have lasted about 5 years…but I feel like I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and heal. And through this, I believe just like you said above, I will be a stronger person after this.

  • Heather

    I hurt. I have been trying to work on a marriage for 13 years. I hurt him he hurts me. It just keeps going on. He had an affair. I had an affair. He had another affair. I had another affair. He had another affair. I tried so hard to figure out how to make this marriage work. To love him unconditional. He just had another affair while we just separated. With a woman who is married to a man who wants an open marriage and brings guys to her and takes their kids to see his girl. She slept with my husband and he slept with her. I hurt. I am a good person trying to be a good wife and mother. I don’t understand god right now. It hurts to be with my husband and it hurts to not be with him. I lost my mom to cancer last year. I am overwhelmed by the hurt and how life has fallen apart.

  • sandra rojas

    These words.. this blog …this message…your reminder will be bookmarked forever.

  • corrie

    Gosh where to start.. new mother.. 26 yrs old.. never wanted to be one but I couldn’t “get rid of it ” love my son dearly but sometimes I hate my duties as “the mom “. I have borderline personality disorder and suffered really bad post partum after.. which makes my patients very thin so i can’t handle it when my son cries and cries for no reason.. I have no one I can use for a babysitter he’s 4 months. So I got fired from my job. My boyfriend makes too much for assistance on childcare and too little without my income to pay our bills. I also can’t stand his mom she made false accusations on Me to Dfs.. harrassed me and my side of the family. Had to move out of our really nice town house to a decent place but since I can’t work and my boyfriend income isn’t enough we’ve aquaired $1000 or so in debt in 1 month. There’s much much more stuff going on but I’m sure y’all get the hint, stuff sucks for my family rite now and it’s pretty bad since all this stuff just happen in these last 4 months. just not sure what to do anymore.. very very depressed.

  • Fulufhelo Mashige

    I lost my job in March 2013 after six years with the company. In June 2013 I started on what I considered an awesome job – biggerposition, more than double my previous salary, benefits – and relocated. In December 2013 it all came crashing down when I was accused of things I didnt even know about. Now again Im jobless and penniless. But I praise God everyday and thank him that I still have a mother to stay with.

  • Melissa

    My husband came to me and wanted a divorce but I still love him, He says he is not IN LOVE with me anymore. We started to do counseling but he told the counselor he was done, I went to the hospital being sick from all the stress and my father came and visited me after being there for 5 maybe 10 minutes my dad had a stroke and past away. all of this in 1 month and I have no idea why god is doing this to my family. I still want to work out things with my husband but her told me actions speak louder than words. My kids are going thru this tough time and I pray every night I Pray every morning I just want this pain to go away and a lot of people have told me god is on my side but I don’t feel that he is after all of this.

  • Lisa Delcid

    Hi Brian Covasac. I just wanted to tell you not to worry about this cancer. Keep praying and have faith. Never doubt God. I had cancer myself a few years ago that was spreading. I was just getting to know the true power of faith, and somehow believed I still needed surgery so I went for it. After coming out of surgery, my doctor told me there were no traces of cancer found. On that day, I learned never to doubt Him again. He is the only one who can make what seems to be impossible POSSIBLE! God bless y’all. You will be healed. 🙂

  • Lisa Delcid

    Be strong. Satan always wants us to fail when we start doing something right and he sees that our blessing is near. Do not give up. Keep praying. Put God first and have faith. Everything will work out as it should. Do not doubt. God bless you and your wife.

  • aida

    I dont know where to start since I need help. Like everybody here, this is what I need everyday to remind me that God is with me, that he’s not going to leave me alone, and I have to remind myself to be patiente and trust him. But Im so desperate right now, I’ve been married for 5 years, my husband now wants the divorce and I honestly dont want it I dont believe is the solution and I have done everything I could, counseling, church, family members have talk to him and the last thing we made was going away for 3 days to a marriage retreat 2 months ago, and I honestly tought my marriage was finally saved, he addmited all his mistakes his drinking problem, his addiction to marijuana, leaving my alone in the house while he will go out to have fun with friends for he weekend, every holiday or anything he just wants to be all the time at his moms house, wheb we are in a party and gets drunk he looks at me like Im his enemy, he ask his sister for money and not for our house he is, hiding things from me specially when we dont have money for gas I will ask him what we will do and he will be just quite, later on I will find money on his pants or other places, he addmited to have done all this things and more in the retreat everything the only thing missing if he has done it and I dont know is cheat on me. He promised like always That he will change and bla bla bla, as soon we get out of there LIKE ALWAYS a week pass and he forgets EVERYTHING he has promise and will say that everything is my fault and so on. Im tired of fighting, Im tired of crying, my daughter whose 3 years old knows already when Im having problems with her dad, because I cry or because Im mad and not to her but about everything else, his taking away that ilusion, desire or dream of having a family FOR ETERNITY, he thinks is easy just to do the divorce and we are done and he is SO WRONG. My hand are tide up, I dont know what to do….I have send him emails letting him know my feelings, our situation he will change for the week and then we go back to the same, he doesnt like to go out with me I dont know why, now he is into gym and I think he onky wants a fit women, right now i have some weight which im working to lose, i know ive been putting excuses but i havent feel myself with all this stress and fighting i know im sick mentally and emotionally. I love him soo much and in the retreat he showed me a mature, intelligent, secure man tbat I ha

  • aida

    I dont know where to start since I need help. Like everybody here, this is what I need everyday to remind me that God is with me, that he’s not going to leave me alone, and I have to remind myself to be patiente and trust him. But Im so desperate right now, I’ve been married for 5 years, my husband now wants the divorce and I honestly dont want it I dont believe is the solution and I have done everything I could, counseling, church, family members have talk to him and the last thing we made was going away for 3 days to a marriage retreat 2 months ago, and I honestly tought my marriage was finally saved, he addmited all his mistakes his drinking problem, his addiction to marijuana, leaving my alone in the house while he will go out to have fun with friends for he weekend, every holiday or anything he just wants to be all the time at his moms house, wheb we are in a party and gets drunk he looks at me like Im his enemy, he ask his sister for money and not for our house he is, hiding things from me specially when we dont have money for gas I will ask him what we will do and he will be just quite, later on I will find money on his pants or other places, he addmited to have done all this things and more in the retreat everything the only thing missing if he has done it and I dont know is cheat on me. He promised like always That he will change and bla bla bla, as soon we get out of there LIKE ALWAYS a week pass and he forgets EVERYTHING he has promise and will say that everything is my fault and so on. Im tired of fighting, Im tired of crying, my daughter whose 3 years old knows already when Im having problems with her dad, because I cry or because Im mad and not to her but about everything else, his taking away that ilusion, desire or dream of having a family FOR ETERNITY, he thinks is easy just to do the divorce and we are done and he is SO WRONG. My hand are tide up, I dont know what to do….I have send him emails letting him know my feelings, our situation he will change for the week and then we go back to the same, he doesnt like to go out with me I dont know why, now he is into gym and I think he onky wants a fit women, right now i have some weight which im working to lose, i know ive been putting excuses but i havent feel myself with all this stress and fighting i know im sick mentally and emotionally. I love him soo much and in the retreat he showed me a mature, intelligent, secure man that I have not seen in some time now. I know deep deep down he is that man, but i dont know what is stopping him. He is always saying that I want to control him just because I ask him for time for us to go out, to dance, movies, walk in the park idk anything thats too much for him. Im really starting to think that the best way is to get out of this marriage I feel so lost cant think straight anymore, I dont want my 2 kids to be without figure of a man in the house. I know i can do it alone but is just not fair for us. PLEASE I NEED HELP, i know is a lil bit confuaing bit im just throwing it all out. Thank u

  • Ryan. Gerber

    I’m going through a very difficult time right now. I’ve been separated from my wife for 17 months and. We have been divorced for 4 months. I pray that god will restore my marriage. She says that she doesn’t know if she can ever trust me again. I just pray that god will soften her heart and put a strong conviction in her heart to want to restore our marriage and take our kids out of a broken home. I was a Horrible husband. I drank, lied, cheated and was very selfish. By finding Christ and making him #1 in Everything I do I’m a changed man. I will never be the man I was in the past and I can only praise god that he allowed her to leave so I could come closer to him.

  • Jackie Smith

    That I get weak but I call on Jesus and he picks me up and woes my tears away

  • Laine

    I knew I wasn’t alone in this world with a troubled marriage but I didn’t realize it was so many. My problem is this which I haven’t read of in any posts. He has a gambling problem a Hughe one which led to bankruptcy twice. I have a daughter who is 17 been married to husband since she was two I caught him peeking in the bathroom while she was taking a shower and caught him again doing the same thing. Also found out he’s been peeking in her window. I’m at a loss. Any advice would be helpful.

  • Holli

    I’m going through a rough time with my spouse. I know god has a plan and I’m never losing hope. He had been by my side the entire time.

  • paris harper

    Even though I’m a year late,I needed to read this very, very encouraging…Please pray my strength for I have a battle with fear.

  • Jessie

    Thank you so much for your encourragement,by suggesting how to be in struggles .even though we knows these things sometimes situations makes us loose our faith ,it’s good to remember his deeds in ourlife & must be thankful to lord even though we don’t know what is going on in ourlife, trusting the lord ,so he will turn around everything for the sake of his children , he is the one who said as i am …..

  • dorothy

    Please pray for my husband. He has been through 3 total hip surgeries on both hip and going to have another hip surgery. His doctor says he doesn’t have enough bone to do another total hip. If this is true, he will have to be in a wheel chair the rest of his life. Please heavenly father, give my husband the strength to get through this difficult time and heal this hip so he can have the surgery and live a normal life.

  • Ryan Gerber

    Very good! I’m praying that god will restore my marriage to my wife Carey. We’ve been divorced for 4 months and have been separated for 18 months. I pray that god will soften her heart and bring our family back together. I pray that god will put a strong conviction in her heart to give me one more chance and prove to her that I love her like Christ loved the church.

  • Elizabeth Hernandez

    My KIDS FATHER AND I HAVE BEEN SEPARATED FOR ABOUT 9-10 MONTHS NOW, but WE WANT to give it another try on our relationship… ill be honest im scared of things being the same as before, but I honestly would give it another try. We want to be happy as a family, but i am akso afraid of the criticism that is going to come along wuth us make this decision…. I want to fill your presence in my heart and trust in your doing Lord…. amen. ….

  • Jill

    I am going to copy this and put it on my refrigerater as a daily reminder. 😉

  • Elizabeth

    We live in times where the devil is out to destroy christians marriages.Just want to correct a few points:God is a restorer & he restores all marriages as long as people stand up & fight the enemy.God hates divorce,therefore all who are separated & heading for divorce for whatever reason,God will restore your marriages.Amos 9:11-

    He is a God of grace,mercy & favour.Be rest assured that after this test has been approved,you will receive the crown of life just as God promised.Faith moves mountains & moves situations around.There is no marriage or spouse too difficult for God.be blessed as God still works in you

  • Cathbeth

    Thanks for the reminders i did know that will be on my side in times of sorrow and grief.i never thought i will make it in life even though i am not working but God is always providing ,he is always bringing food on our table

  • Vienne

    I always feel like things are going wrong for me. Like whenever I go to a new place, there are sooooo many challenges and I don’t understand why God plan all those troubles for me, why He makes my life so hard. I’m not complaining, I just don’t understand….I really want to get out of the struggles but just couldn’t find a way…I tried and tried, but the harder I tried it seems the more depressed I got. Until recently I realize I shouldn’t care too much about those things, not to over think on them too much and I believe, He will always by my side, no matter how bad the situation I’m in.

  • I’m going through arough time in my marriage and my husband is pushing me out and keeping things from me. His fleshy desires seem to outrank his martial duties and I’m left to deal with my problems alone.

  • Linda

    It’s sounds easier than it is. When a loved one has cancer and God doesn’t give you the outcome that you prayed so hard for, it severely challenges ones faith. You think, “what’s the point of faith?!”… In an imperfect world filled with negativity, shootings, illness, crime… how are we to stay positive and try to be like Jesus when we ourselves were made imperfect???? I feel I fail every day. I’m scared. I’m scared of life and the outcomes of challenging times because bad things happen even when you pray for them not to.

  • candace

    I would like everyone to pray for me.I’m going through somethings with the court system and right now the only person that can help me is God. I fell myself slowly giving up hope and faith. I know God never puts more us than we can bear but this weight is getting to heavy for me to carry alone. If anyone has the time could you please say a prayer for me.

  • Glenn Dy

    I have been struglling with my life in the area of making

    Money, dating and addictions. I still live with my parents house and have to cats locked in my room because my Mom is afraid of them.

    Sometimes I wonder if I am ever going to get my life all

    Straighten out. I feel like my lack of success in the world

    Keeps me to be unssuccesful in the dating domain.

    I also struggle with deppression and low self esteem.

    But through out all this the Lord has guided me to join

    A 12 step group to deal with my addictions. He also introduces me to a great spiritual teacher his name is Stephane Hemon. I feel like his teaching helped me more to be kind to myself so I can deal with the world much easier and the health advice for deppression is huge also.

    Now I am starting to get in to the final expense industry.

    And actually made my first sale today. Before that I had

    A rough start dealt with unfriendly folks. I felt really low

    But I continue to see more people and the boom I met this

    Wonderful couple who is willing to buy from me and I did

    Not even what I am doing. I had to call my manager four times to make sure I am doing things right.

    When I read the above quotes it bring tears to my esyes

    Because it is all true that the pain in my life made me trust

    God more and have more perseverance.

  • nthabiseng

    God please answer my prayers I really need a job and also protect me.U are very kind and I wll always put my faith in u I won’t stop praying untill u answer my prayers.

  • Bradley Speck Jones


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  • sara

    On April 12 2014, I asked to be saved, although I have always had a good relationship with God, the last few years brought me to my knees. Life can be hard but with God all is possible. If I had the time to explain it all I would but believe me, he made the last few years worth it. Thanks be to God!!! Amen!!!!

  • sara

    Your issues were and are similar to mine, when I was with my son’s father. If you want help you have choices. You can choose to hold onto this man for however long, until you give up or he smartens up, which it may take longer then just letting it go, regardless it is up to you. I loved a man almost identical to yours, we have a son together, but he did the same to me that yours did to you. He seemed embarrassed of me and it was just odd. I am not perfect but I look good and it made me feel ugly and low, he was also adding insult to injury and would call me names bring up past things I had done. The one thing I know now, being three years away from him, is I know what he was doing and what he did. He cheats on his replacement girlfriend all the time, even with me, Lord knows it wasn’t right, but I was still holding on to nothing. I know this is going to hurt and you may not believe me right now but you have to let him go. If he is what you say he is, then he is a womanizer, a manipulator, and a liar, along with cheater so on. Let him go and take care of you and your kids. He wants to have his cake and eat it too so that is up to you to let him have his way and with him in your life you will get hurt, until he is saved. If you want God to help you through ask him, believe in him, and he will save you. I have and I no longer need the manipulators and liars in my life anymore. If you are like me you know these people all to well, maybe even in childhood but for now God can help you because you can’t help yourself. Living life without God is hard but it’s your choice.

  • Ajayi Sunday J

    I have no job no money to take care of my self and wife,disapointment here nd there to take one squere meel is a problem,is like am not lible to be in this life,Pls help me sir/ma

  • Alisha Warren

    Where do I start? I am in a place in my life where I want to give up on life. I am just at my wits end on life. I’ve had a job since 15, graduated high school, then have had numerous dead end jobs since then. I am a dedicated, relaible, hard worker and can’t seem to find employment where I don’t dread going, or now, can’t even find empoloyment. I search on a daily basis and losing everything I worked so hard for. I’ve always struggled and never had enough, no matter how many hours i’ve worked. I am in school which isn’t doing nothing for me, cause it’s not paying any bills and I’m so depressed because my credit has died drastically and I’m behind in everything. I can’t even buy the necessaties I need for my body or my home. Every program I try to get help from, claim they have no funds, but as soon as theres a pregnant or woman with multiple kids ask for help, she’s automatically qualified. I can’t even relocate where there’s oppurtunity because I have no money. I just don’t want to be here no more. I’ve been strong, independant, and struggled to survive and get ahead the best I can all my life, and just want to be laid to rest.

  • Joanna

    I’m at the end of my pregnancy and it started out with depression, which thankfully went away after a few weeks. I am now dealing with major anxiety and nocturnal anxiety attacks that have kept me up all night with no sleep. I cried out to God so many times to take it away, and to rid me of the anxiety, but felt like nothing was happening. I’ve only now started to realize that even through this tough time, I have so many blessings in my life that I quickly forgot about. I have a loving and caring husband, a baby boy on the way, a fantastic and supportive family and wonderful friends. So many people have been praying for me and care for me and most importantly I know God is always with me and watching over me. He won’t ever leave me side. So even when I’ve felt alone dealing with this awful anxiety, God is near. He loves me, he knows what’s best for me and he’s helping me through this time. I think he wants me to learn to find joy in every situation, even in these dark and hard times. I’ve had a very easy life, and I’m grateful for that, but I need to learn how to find joy in the tough times as well. Not just when my circumstances are perfect and ideal. I hope that I can continue to find joy in hard situations and go to God first every time. This article was spot on. Thank you for it! I hope others can be encouraged by my post. 🙂

  • Jen

    This is something I love and have to keep in mind. I’ve been going through the toughest time this year with friend troubles and now I want to keep this is mind. Literally, nobody listens to me when I speak, except for God because people will ask questions and I just said the answers. Thank you for this. I love God and am very thankful for life, even when I complain.

  • Leah

    I don’t know where to start?

    I grew up in a very controlling,unpleasant and extremely negative, ect…. home with mother and siblings. My parents divorced when I was about 6 and we very seldom seen my father because my mother was angry with him and didn’t want us to have contact . We always l heard lies and mean things about my father and other family members all the time. ( Don’t get me wrong I Love my mom but I don’t love what she does) I want a mother- daughter relationship so bad. I started having seizures at 12 and was told “your a freak and no man would ever want me.” At 22 I finally got out of there, but the scars were still there. I’m ashamed to say I had 3 children by 3 different men. In the middle of the night my youngest daughters father abused our 2month daughter in the middle of the night while I was asleep. She was taken to hospital and both him and I were arrested. Even though he admitted to squeezing and hurting her to the police. My mother took my oldest 2 children but didn’t want the youngest because social services were involved. So cps placed her in Foster Care. Less than a year we finally went to court and I was found guilty of child endangerment due to the fact I had a man in the home that was abusive and I got time served. (Her father got 30 years,) didn’t help when he grabbed my neck in front of prison officers.

    While in jail I opened the Bible to Romans 8:28 all things happen for good. I never forgot that saying but it’s so hard today to see that at times. I fought to get my daughter out of foster care after 4 1/2 years, but I had a hard time with my oldest 2 with my mother, had to take her to court over and over again just to see or increase time with them. ( it was as if I was my Dad with the same actions against me)

    I tried and went to work to get off the system (SSI) then my youngest daughter got pregnant at 14. I was scared to death, my baby was having a baby. I told my daughter the 2 options keep the child or adoption, finally in last month she decided to keep the baby. God blessed us with everything for him in less than a month. I helped take care of my grandson, my daughter was neglectful and rebellious. I became unemployed and was waiting for a determination from SSDI. While waiting, my daughter GAVE away my grandson to be with a man, he was 3 1/2. My yearly lease was up on 4/1/11 but because I didn’t show enough income I had to leave. My daughter wouldn’t go to work to help and told me she didn’t care if I lost my apartment she was moving in this guy who was still in high school. On 4/1/11 I was for approved for SSDI but it was to late by one day. My grandson is going to be adopted in the summer. I only see him once a month at a mall for a few hrs. I still have not found a place of my own to this date. I have come to terms with the fact my granson(s) -my daughter had another son a year ago and is in same home with his brother. are in a good home and go to a christian school. Of course my daughter is not with that BF anymore and she has no stable home of her own.I do think of Romans 8:28 for their sake since my daughter and I have always had a strained relationship since taking her from her foster family.( I chose to keep in contact with them thinking it was best for her.) I still don’t know if I made a mistake or not by doing so. I thought I was doing the right thing. But for myself I am struggling to understand why God is allowing me to go through such horrible times most of my life, still not having my own place (I’m now living with ex boyfriend I’ve known for 17 years and my bed is a love seat) Having such pain of oldest children and I not having a good relationship because all of the negative things and lies that they heard about me while they were growing up. The pain of that is excruciating to me. I am so confused. I don’t know what to do anymore. I try to forgive and tell myself that the may have mental issues. I would give in and they would do things to tear my heart apart again. I try to keep contact with them as little as possible to avoid hearing and seeing negative behaviors from them. But I feel guilty inside by stepping away and I feel like I’m a horrible person. I have been hurt so much, People judge me from my past. I know I made mistakes in my past that cost me and lived ones dearly. I feel as if I’m doing a life sentence with no way out. I have contacted countless organizations but no one can help. I have come to terms that my disability isn’t so much of a negative, God has watched over me to have some type of income each month and I’m thankful for that. But it’s not enough even to get a small apartment. I would like to try and work for a day or two for a few hours to help me move out. But I’m afraid I’ll loose ssdi, I tried working in past full time and it enhanced my medical condition for the worse. Lost my job my home and family and if course don’t want to go through that again. I need some type of help can anyone give suggestions. I don’t want a negative life I want a more positive life ( I know I mentioned alot of negative things but that’s all I knew and I don’t want it anymore.)

  • Dominique

    I am really going through a hard time in my life, I have been without work for over a year and my unemployment has been ran out. My husband is the only one working and thbgs have gotten really slow. I have been walking with God for over 3 years now and he has never left me. I came home today and I was feeling really dwn, have been off and on and i have been praying and reading my word because it feels like im struggling alone but i know that is not so. Reading this actually put a smile on my face because it was a sweet reminder. Life has been very hard I made bad choices in my life and im only 28 but God has brought me through soooo much and I am blessed, im grateful for articles like this they are so encouraging and the best thing is they are reference from the word of God. I dont know you but thank you soo much, I need to ve strong for husband because I know its wearing on him but he is a man of God and he handles things well but I feel sometime he also gets tired. Please keep me and my family in prayer, that includes our daughter as well. Thank you very much God bless

  • I have so many issue,I really don’t where to begin.no, job home children’s. I no it’s the decision I made out of life.today I roll my sleeve ,stated enough is enough.it’s time put god first focus on my goals continue strive for perfection. thank god I’m alive,have my all part of my body function.nothing can hold me back but me.I’m going taking my frustration make it my motivation. I forbid continue to be pathetic and play victim.start looking for way out.become suceesful.I’m starting with God.walking and working with achieve my goals.I forbid write down my faults etc.. that’s my past working on present continue have faith.thank god for been in my life and giving life

  • Ronald

    every night before I close my eyes I pray for everyone around me for healing a sickness financial struggle and just through all the struggles of life. I don’t ask nothing for myself for others are praying for me

    and I trust in God and keep but here lately I question my life and I know I just need to put it in Gods hands. for God is able

  • Anita

    This is very encouraging. We all go through our difficult moments, but knowing that Jesus will never leave us and will be by our side is what gives us the hope to remain faithful and to trust him.

    Thanks so much .

  • Pfarelo Shayne Nelwamondo

    Thank you for sharing this. Here is a confession. I am going though rough times for years. I’m just 23 years old. my whole life is a struggle, nothing seem to turn out right for me. I always feel down and sometimes I just feel like I don’t have a purpose in this life. So. I came across your website today and I read your post, my life is full of hope again. The wounds that are in my heart are healed.

  • Jennifer

    God did not restore my marriage, My husband walked out 8 years ago with no explanation and quickly moved in with a woman. I was a good wife and he chose his own way. I spent 3 years grieving and prayed and prayed that he would come back, he never did, He remarried. He is now divorcing her too. We lost our home and he would not support us at all. I have raised 5 children with one still at home. I have no family as parents abandoned me and grandparents now dead. I now have a law degree (graduating this summer) and I am very proud of all my children. I have never lost my faith in God , but please do not give people false hope it is very wrong.

  • Joshua

    Thank you pastor for this encouragement. Ever since my wife left me because she felt that she would be better off without me. This divorce has produced nothing but pain and bitterness. I am doing the best to seek God’s presence in the midst of this and repent of my sin while praying that my future ex wife repents of hers. This is a summary reminder of what several different counselors have told me this whole time


    I’m thankful that I’ve read this article cause I was enlightened.

    Almost everyday I’m burden and thinking what could be the solution for our family problem. Especially my husband who sometimes losses hope and patience with our daughter. We can’t understand what she means in her life all the burdens is given to us. Despite the problems she gave to us. She married early with two kids. She always depend on us.What we need now that she could stand of her own. At least we see her for the rest of our lives that she could manage and be independent. Please help me pray for her.

  • Ashley

    I have found myself in this situation now and I finally was so overwhelmed, physically and emotionally exhausted that I finally realized I was doing it all wrong. I am learning to let go and give it to God to get me through, It is tuff at times but I can see him working in my life. I really loved reading this, Thank you

  • yelena

    Reply to corrie, Just wanted to give you a tip with the baby, this is the only was my daughter calms down, I sit on a exercise ball and lightly bounce while holding the baby, it much easier then rocking and the only thing that works, the ball can be found in the sports section of Walmart or target- for $17. Hang — in there, my world changed upside down when I had a baby, it really put a strain on my marriage, we are just not on the same page when it comes to parenting. I do Everything but my husband provides so I can stay home with her,this article and comments have helped me a lot

  • Robert Gidron

    I think God was showing me that even my wife I cannot trust as God. As micah in the bible states. Just my wife usually obeys but she went somewhere while I was at work riding with people I don’t approve her with. I still love my wife but it shows me to put my trust in God only. HE WILL NOT LIE!!!

  • Pamela

    Im going thru hardship, my husband has left me and our 2 boys to be with another woman, im jobless at the moment i cant even afford to feed the kids, my life is just 1 big mess. Ive just read your post and it gives me hope, its time i stop complaining about my situation and i start thinking positively and focus, praying whether i have nothing and just thank God for my life.

  • Kate

    I certainly hope you are not suggesting people stay with an abuser. Let me fast forward what can happen if you choose to stay with one: 1. emotionally damaged adult children, 2. extended family hurt for years in fact, until the day they died, by this persons rudeness and cold behavior 3. Emotional, financial and spiritually the entire family is devastated. When God said He hates divorce, He did not mean to stay with an unrepentant abuser, in my opinion. I did for 28 yrs and finally had to get out. I pray that Gods grace will cover my children and heal them. It will take a miracle from Him.

  • obamoh Olusegun

    I’ve bein ask for Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding it seem no result yet and I’ve bein working for three years now and nothing to show that am working

  • T

    Please keep me and my sisters in your prayers were living in LA chasing our Dream and God has blessed us tremendously but starting Wednesday we will be living in our car and were gonna give god the praise through it just please keep us in prayer for our safety health and strength and that God Makes a way out of No way!

  • pam

    My ex left me when I was pregnant for another woman. Whom he now lives with. He took me to court in October for custody. I gave him more time outside of court and we always have issues. He always wants more and more with out helping me out with any expenses. He says he doesn’t have a job, but just moved into a new home. I try to be reasonable with him, but he is always so mean and negative about my family environment and myself. Tells me he will have her 50% which I know, but she is only 1 and I tell him time will gradually increase as her needs change. it so hard…but I am learning to trust God and wait for his plans to unfold.

  • Brittany

    I went through a very hard time in my marriage (that we are still healing from 3 1/2 yrs later). There were times I didn’t know if my marriage was going to make it due to the deception & addiction that had taken place for so long & the great loss of trust, along with my husband’s unwillingness to change. My faith in God got me through. I knew divorce was something God hates & wouldn’t want for any of us. When my love for my husband & hope for our marriage wasn’t strong enough to keep me hanging onto my marriage vows, my love for God & remembering that my vows, my marriage covenant, was not only between me & my husband, but me & God, was what got me through. I am so glad I held on when I had every “right” according to man to let go. God is continuing the healing process in our family & restoring what the locusts have stolen. God is still in the miracle working business.

  • beryl

    Thank you so much for these encouraging words, I really needed to hear those words because of what I am going through at the moment.

  • İ get strength from reading about all the words of encourangement, im currently going through a difficult time..my boyfriend asked for my hand in marriage 5 years ago and we were expecting a baby, we moved together and the baby is 4 years now…whenever i talk about us to get married we always fight and say the most hurtful things to one another..he wants a big wedding which means a lot of money but i just want something small with our families..iam a catholic and the staying together part is testing my religious beliefs, iam breaking my mom s heart by not doing a proper marriage blessed in church…please pray for my situation to get better.. sometimes i feel like God isnt looking at all…

  • comfort

    im six mnths pregnant and having a problems with my bofriend,since i fall preganant he is the person who starting cheating and telling lies,and i dont want my unborn to be raised with separate parents.i really love this man and i want him back again.and m asking god change him and took him from this temptations.pls need ur prayers

  • breanna

    Well, right now I’m facing losing my home. I have a 6 month old son. The father of my child was abusive towards me and decided to walk out on us when he discovered we would be losing our home. I am a stay at home mother so he was the sole source of income. It all sounds so very bleak, however, I know that God is working on my life at this very moment. I recently went to church for the first time in five years. It was refreshing, uplifting and what I needed. I have read out of my Bible and prayed more now than I have ever done in my entire life. God brings me great peace and happiness. I know that he will protect my son and I from the agents of the devil and that he will provide us with a new home. Sometimes I get scared but I remember that Jesus is always here. Even if everyone else turned their back on us, He will never leave us. I just recently came back to Christ, so everything is so fresh and new and unknown. I am excited about what Jesus has in store for our lives. Within God there is great peace that I am grateful I have found.

  • Jess

    I am in a difficult situation that I’ve been in for four years — I have feelings for my best friend, a guy who became a good friend of mine five years ago and led me to Christ a year after we met. He doesn’t feel the same about me and has had a thing for his ex for all these years, who isn’t a godly person. But we wanted from the moment he found out to remain friends. I have never had a more loyal friend, and even though it’s been hard, and there have been rough times, God has used our friendship in so many ways to help me grow, to teach me to die to myself and surrender my all to the Lord, to absolutely trust in Him for the safety of my heart and my friend’s. I have since gotten prophetic words that imply God may put us together after all one day. But I will have to wait and see, and in the meantime, enjoy and be grateful for the friendship we share that has so enriched our lives.

  • Suuriyelle Mary

    I really need help in my life. I need someone to take me as a daughter or as a wife bcos life is really playing me. I believe in God and what I’m asking for I know if it’s not his will no one will be willing to help me but if it is I’ll have helpers in abundance in Jesus name.

  • Suuriyelle Mary

    I really need help in my life. I need someone to take me as a daughter or as a wife bcos life is really playing me. I believe in God and what I’m asking for I know if it’s not his will no one will be willing to help me but if it is I’ll have helpers in abundance in Jesus name. I love this page and all the advise.

  • Jazzmine

    i’m going through a difficult time now with extreme struggles . i’m being physically and verbally abused by my mother and sister . my sister threatens me and when i tell my mother, she gets mad at me and starts yelling and hitting on me… i’m at my breaking point now and i can’t take it anymore… i don’t mean to question God’s work , but when is things ever going to change for the better ? i’m tired of going through this over and over again , i just want things to change before i do something i may really regret and may cause me to go to hell.

  • “Shaina”

    Thank you for these four things to remember when life gets tough. My adulthood has been tough, but my FAITH, has never left me. I think that my “family”, yes I quoted “family”, because I thought they had my back until tonight, I know they love me, but sometimes I think I’m the disappointment in the family. I don’t have a job, and looking for one but just like everything else, life is complicated, and as you get older, it doesn’t get easier. I know that my family is taking about me, especially behind my back. I just want to show them that I can do it. I guess I need a little more FAITH. #GODHELPME

  • Lisa

    The past 30 days have been extremely difficult with many changes taking place. My kids graduated high school, 6 days later my beloved grandmother passed away, my youngest was granted a full ride at a university and moved on campus, I received notification that the bank will be starting foreclosure procedures, and next month child support stops.

    My husband and I had a thriving business that has failed after 15 years. The only jobs we find are as contractors and that barely pays the utilities, car payment and car insurance. We have had to turn to food stamps and government funded insurance. Our house is behind in payments almost 2 years, our car payment is never on time because we never know if we will have enough money. Our credit is shot. I go to church and have a relationship with Christ, I am involved in anti-human trafficking, I am in a woman’s ministry, I volunteer when I can…where am I going wrong? I find myself very sad and weepy. Please pray for me.

  • 2lsan

    I like to tell somebody who is going through a hard time right now that God loves him He is going to lift you up for he is God meditate about hime always. God is love and He love love put your trust to Him in Jesus might name!

  • Titi

    ThanX …this was so helpful, really needed this bcoz of wat i’m going through at this moment

  • Wycliffe

    my job recently was terminated and have gone through tough time a lot, have gone through this article and have learnt is with me, He is by my side. Thanks alot

  • alexis

    God worx in mysterious ways. I was looking 4 some inspiration 2 thank my bf 4 all he’s done 4 me. I’ve been thru hell an back in past 2yrs. My buss jst ddnt take off as I wished, my health and nw the devil has his claws in my personal life. God is good! I am tormented daily by the devil bt God has been thr thru it all. Thank u God 4 making me see things daily 2 affirm your love 4 me. Thank u every1 for ur inspiration thru ur personal experiences, trials and tribulations. I believe God has something wonderful in store 4 me @ his time. Thr are times when I ddnt no what 2 feed my children, hw Im gnna fulfill my financial obligations but when I talk 2 God he gives me inner peace. To any1 out there going through difficulties, u r not alone just talking 2 some1 helps

  • Thank you

    very much for the word

    ,God is always

    good and he cares

    so much. i bless him

    for that.

  • Thank you very

    much for the word,

    God bless you

  • Quin

    My wife & i have been going through a really trying year. The doors for us to open a restaurant over a year ago, after much prayer just flew open for us to take this path. Even my wife has had a vision of people in the restaurant enjoying food and fellowship. This venture has been trying, overwhelming, stressfull. we are at the end of the road and it feels like we are going to lose it all. Our beautiful home the lord hhas blesses us with along with the business. Every day for a year now we get uup hoping something will turn around. We are losing money everyday. Its so hard not to focus on the problems and keep the faith that God is bringing us to better days. so worried all the time. so broke all the time and frustrated. any experience in long hard seasons would be much appreciated…….thanks From a beat up couple of hard workers…..Alicia & Quin Gregg

  • Maya Carpenter

    I am exactly in that place, Adam. I hope and pray that you are in a better place. My struggles at this very moment led me to this website. Although your comment is a year old, I am in the very place you were in a year ago. I finally want to see this period of my life end, and come into the oasis God has prepared for me. The more I see steps like this, the more I have to do them to believe God will bring me out and it will be victory after this.

  • Marie

    I have been in a relationship for 9 yrs with a younger guy loved him unconditionally have not knocked him when he was down instead I uplifted him. He has some had some bad habits which I over looked and instead encourage him and guided him to do better. He was in a previous hurtful relationship which drove him to the bad habits more, now that he is reach the stars and doing better with my support he decides He is having issues wit our age. When we meet 9 years ago he stated he has always been with older women even older than me. He stated it was his first time dating someone younger than him which they are fours apart where as we are 13 years apart. How can he be confused about the age difference after he is doing good financially and wants to leave after I have fallen in love and he was talking marriage know all of a sudden he has changed on me. I am seeking God’s help with my heart which is know broken. You would think he would have realize the age difference at the start. I never lied about my age. Was I used to help him with his future than drop me and move on with someone else younger or go back to his past relationship. Please help me pray that God will; will be done because, that’s the only way no ones heart will be broken because, I trust and believe in my Lord and savior, Thank You Jesus.

  • Nicole

    This has been a great encouragement. I am 19 years old and I has to watch my dad be handcuffed because he hear my mom. It’s been happening for years but yesterday she had enough. I have mix emotions…. I’m sad that he’s gone and I feel really bad for him but the other side of me is happy that he’s gone and scared that if he comes back he’ll hurt my mom or me and my baby sister. My mom is a christian (dad too :/ ) and so am I … I don’t know how my mom is dealing this with Gid but I’m kinda fustrated and feel like there’s no hope

    … Your article is such an encouragement but it’s hard when I’m going through this, but thank you sir.

  • Ajokubi dominic

    I am suffering hardship. The kind i have never dreamed of in life. Months of hunger, of sickness, of joblessness, of poverty, of tears, of weeping, my children have been out of school , my house rent expired long ago and so on. Sometimes i feel like leaving this wicked world of tears of sorrow. When i look back and remember and see the beautiful and innocent children God gave me and what they will face in future i ask God how long will it continue. I have prayed and fasted, i have attended deliverance programmes upon deliverance programmes and no end. What will i do. Thanks.

  • John

    Yes God is Great and he will never leave us alone for his sake Amen

  • I have learned so much through out my journey. I’m going through something right now and just knowing that I have the Lord Jesus Christ by my side it make me, feel good because my car broke down I had to be at the appointment for a job. I went the then the car broke down again so I have the job but the lord was there and were I was im glade the car didnt brake down I wasn’t no ware near home but tomorrow for sure I’m looking for the Lord. I need him

  • dr Obidinanwa kingsley

    I am a young doctor in Nigeria. Just finished my internship. I come from a poor background. Growing up and going to school was very tough. I alwayz looked at the circumstances around me and felt a great urge to change things. My younger ones were dropping out of school and I was worried for them. My immediate cousins too even faced a worse situation. It made me sad each time I look into the future and it doesn’t look so bright for them. The issue looked so big and I, so little. I felt like I’v been commissioned to help the family. I went on to attempt. I felt I needed to open a business with my savings so as to multiply my income and be able to deal with the situation. I invested in a restaurant business which I wanted one of my aunties(with experience) in the village 2 run to help her struggling family. I even had to borrow in the process. I was convinced it ws the right thing amidst all the challenges I faced, I persevered. I’v finished setting up the business and all of a sudden it feels like everything is wrong with it. Its feeling like God is no longer there. Like I dug a big pit for myself and jumped right in. I am out of job for now, owing, and can’t support the business anymore. I’m even scared I might have pursued my own course without God. I can’t think again. I am stagnant with a medical license(funny). It feels like I’v dragged myself many years back. Now, my family I can’t help, myself I cn’t help, I feel sick nd lonely @ the same time. I sleep everyday hoping not to wake up the next day. Pls, I need spiritual, psychological, mental and emotional support. Provide the ones you can n God will bless you. In all this I blame myself and not God. Pls reply

  • i need God Badly am so dissapointed in my life i dont know where to start, or to Go Please assist me on this situation.

  • pavaayan

    Hi my name is Pavaayan,before I was created my family were unbelievers,when my mother was pregnant with me.the doctors told my parents that I wouldn’t make it and even if I did I would be mentally abnormal, my family gave their heart to Christ and I was born and healed,im 22 years old born Christian and ive been involved in a church band for over 15 years,im a pianist, a guitarist, a drummer and vocal trainer,I am involved in the church council and the pastor and I have a good relationship, many say I am strong but God knows my thoughts and emotions, im not perfect, im a sinner, I try to be upright in my life,I wish God can tell me why and the purpose of me being on this earth,I only found out about my miracle over a month ago on my late mothers birthday, I just wanna hear Gods voice

  • danita

    I’ve been going thru a tough time for so many yrs now i mean many many yrs. I feel stuck, no hope and i even feel like im losing faith. I just dont understand why this is happening. 85% of my life is spent being unhappy, miserable

  • Antonia Borrero

    Just had major surgery. Was in hospital for over 27 days. Came home. Ended up in the hospital again. I got to the point I just wanted to give up. But my lord has a purpose for everything. My wound is still open. I have my son and sister taking care of me. I ask for your prayers. I love my lord. But if he decides to take me I’m ready! Amen

  • Antonia Borrero

    Lucy: The Lord loves you my dear. I will pray for you. May you find peace in your heart. You are loved.

  • justice

    Praise GoD , was in that condition/ situation when nothing was working for me. All doors were closed. But barely 6hrs ago . GOd delivered me from this situation. And i ‘ve vowed to serve GOD till d day i will rest in thy Lord

  • johannes liau shemane

    may you pray for me so that rGo

    d can help me to succeed through everything in my life that is good. I

    feel sometimes as if im lost,as if nobody cares of me, is so hard for me to cope may God help me.

  • Miracle chiagozie

    Well I thank God for His word that He has spoken through you. It has encouraged me to trust and patiently wait on God. I am facing a lot of challenges in the ministry as a young minister of God but I believe that He who neither slumber nor sleep will see me through. May God continually use you to encourage in this hard times-Amen.

  • Myyra

    The Devil come all size and forms just dont let any one keep you for beliving in your father he love us just pray for me and my family.

  • john

    I am going through the most difficult time in my life and I had many, and few, compared to others, in my life up to now. but this time my pain is so deep and troubling that I want to fly apart in infinite directions at times, the pain is so deep. I have been in an unfulfilling marriage for 17 years that has not had love and never had closeness for a long time. And much of it has been of my own making. A year ago I finally reached out to someone from my past that I started to reach towards many times over the years but stopped because for some reason in the back of mu mind I was afraid to go there with this particular person. afraid that it would be a step I wasn’t ready for. But finally I did and what started out as just talking to someone whom I cared for for a long time turned into much more. We became intimate and shared as much time together as I could find. I was happy but troubled. I was living a dual life and felt much guilt about it. I had broken a promise I’d made to my wife years before in my mind and I was not willing to give of myself to the now new person in my life. I realized too late, after my new love decided she needed to go on another path since I was not yet willing to leave my wife for a new life with her, that I had fallen in love with her and needed her. I did something then that I had never been able to do before with anyone and that was to write her and tell her how much I missed her and cared for her and loved her. and how with her I had more happiness that Id ever had with my wife. or ever before. it sounds bad I know but it is the truth nonetheless. I also opened up to her much more than Id ever opened up to anyone before afterwards when she wanted to talk to me about my letter face to face. In my life in other failed relationships, whenever Id tried, even with my wife, things Id share about regrets or fears or dreams Id had would be thrown back in my face the next time she or they or whomever was angry. my wife, whom I had deeply loved once, was one of those people. and when she threw some of the confidences Id shared with her in my face it hurt very deeply indeed. In turn I retreated back and created a shell vowing never to open up again. I married my wife knowing she had problems with her self control although I didn’t realize how bad it was because I had never known anyone like this before. she had all these other good things about her I would tell myself, and she did/does but they are not enough and never were. I just didn’t want to tell myself that. But I knew she was a troubled person who had problems in all of her primary relationships, her parents, her first husband, her father, and every man she had ever began to love. And I thought my optimism and good intentions and good will and my great love for her would help her and would solve it all. that I would be the proverbial knight in shining armor for the troubled lady of the glen. I had no idea how ineffective I would be. And later when I realized she needed more help than I could give her and tried to get her to seek help from those that help people like my wife who carried all these crosses of burdens within them she would not go. she didn’t want to face them and instead wanted everyone to accept her as she was. I realized over time that in spite of the good things within her, they were weighed on terribly by the crosses she wanted to bear. she so wanted to get recognition as a way to cope with these crosses she wanted to continue to bear and when she did it never did worked like she had thought it would and it all troubled her that much more. I could see this and tied to tell her but she became resentful and spiteful. I even realized that these made her sick in a way. and that there was nothing I could do. in fact anything I tried to do seemed only to make it worse. I was miserable about that for a long time and blamed myself for not having the wisdom to see it early on and moreover the wisdom to know what to do or that it was beyond me and my abilities. over time the love faded and there was nothing left except our mutual interest in our daughter who is the most wonderful person I have ever known. But even then I heard from the few neighbors and friends we still had (many backed away over time because they couldn’t handle my wife) that she’d speak bad of me (just like she used to speak bad about her father and her first husband) and would do so in front of our little girl. they wouldn’t tell me what she said but they were always expressed great worry for our girl. These people loved us, and my wife too and perhaps knew more than I what I was facing. I apologized for her words and actions many times and asked them to pray for her as I did often to God to help her because by then I knew it was beyond me. I felt despair and failure and anger at her many times over this. But I felt and believed it was the husband and father’s place to sail the family ship and set its course and mind the well being of its crew. my wife finally let it slip one time years after we had married that her parents always fought like “cats and dogs” and I had no idea. but I knew right away that this was true. And had always known that she was very much like her father who also carried around a lot of crosses to bear inside too. but fighting like cats and dogs was never my way and yet she was the only one who could provoke me, hurt me and I would then get angry and become a part of it sometimes. too many times. And I hated it when I would give into the fighting so much that I would avoid it as much as I could. I got to where I was always walking around on egg shells as this was not my way to resolve the differences married people had from time to time. and it didn’t matter if I gave in or she did, she would carry around this new hurt with all the rest and then these became new flash points going forward. I was miserable for a long time and drifted further and further away. buried myself in work to get away from it. I went to a marriage therapist for several years and tried to get her to go. I thought that if I could get her to talk to someone, a professional, that this would begin the turn around she/we needed. she finally did once and it was explosive. she went back on her own once at the request of the therapist and then would never go again. all my therapist would ever tell me was that she had serious problems with her self control. And all during this time, our whole marriage in fact, I sometimes would seek out the company of old flames for companionship and intimacy from time to time and cheated on my wife. it was the only way I could find that which I could no longer get or perhaps never had. someone that I could be close to without fear. but I always felt bad for it and am ashamed still for having done so. And all through this I’d pray to God to help her/us. I knew he was there. knew that he could do anything. It was hard to ask him at first to take it all and work on it for me as my pride would get in the way. but after finding God in my life through my little girl I did that too. I had a great concern for my little girl. and what this was doing to her. And when my therapist began to ask me if I ever thought about divorcing my wife. And how if I did only then might I be in a position to find someone else that I could have that great and wonderful relationship we all want and be the example for my little girl that my wife and I could not. But I wasn’t ready to talk about it and stopped seeing her for nearly two years. Told myself that it wouldn’t be good for my girl to come from a broken home. And also I didn’t want to lose the house we built and that I worked so hard on. But during the two years away from my therapist I did finally reach out to my new love, my old friend whom I once had a relationship with before my wife, she had divorced her husband years before and been single and longing for that special relationship with someone too. And God had thrown several very difficult challenges at her too. much worse than mine ever were. And when we finally met to catch up at
    my request, we found each other. And so it began. And it was wonderful if not hard to do. And she asked me several times if I would ever leave my wife and I always said I couldn’t, my girl and my house, etc, etc. She finally found someone else that could be possibly that relationship and broke up with me. I understood and at first I was happy for her but I soon realized that I missed her and that I made a terrible mistake. I was beside myself. And decided I should at least let her know how I felt about her. I felt it would be important for her to know. And when I did that she didn’t get mad, like Id thought she might, because Id never told her before. But she let me talk to her and was there for me, has been to listen and offer support. And then I realized that not only could I open up to her, and should have, but I had let her down too and missed out on what could have been that special relationship we all want. And which would have been the great example of a loving, nurturing, mutually respectful relationship between a man and a women for my girl too. I had let her down as well I realized. And then I realized I had been more concerned about the house then my little girl’s needs. that I held the house higher than her. I was crushed for all of us when I realized it. And almost immediately I let go of the house in my mind and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. but with it came the realization Id let some material thing be more important than my daughter and my new love. to say I was beside myself is a huge understatement. I was/am still very hard on myself. but then I realized that I had something else to do, that I must do, and that was tell my wife we needed to end our marriage for my daughter’s and ours sake. Afterwards I found out from a few close people, the neighbors and friends I mentioned earlier (and my mother and sister too) that when my wife had been bad mouthing me to these other adults in front of my daughter for years she also would say “you watch, your daddy is going to divorce your mommy” I had no idea. And y I also remembered that my wife said she wanted to divorce me after we moved into the new house we built several years ago and I put it off to her being emotional and angry about moving 17 miles away from where we used to live, which she liked/loved but which was a bad place for our daughter (and now I realize held up higher than me and her daughter) . So we are in mediation and I have been beating myself up over the fact that I created a much larger mess than Id ever imagined. And it also came at the price of losing someone very special to me, someone that was willing to enter into a covenant with me and God together at that. Its been a very painful time, I pray to God several times a day and am learning the hard lesson indeed that when I thought I’d finally given my problems to God all these last few years, I hadn’t really let go. All these years I was still trying to control the outcome and that’s simply not possible if you really have given a problem into God’s hands to work on. So now I’m in my time of tribulation and I will have to endure it terribly afraid of the outcome and the fear of being alone on earth save for God and my daughter. I know that God will eventually take me out of the penalty box in time and until then, this will be my hard lesson. And that I have to try every day to let go of the worry and the pain which try as I might keeps coming up in my thoughts and keeps me up at night and all that goes with it. I am thankful that He is there though. very thankful. And thankful that my love is there too God bless here. but now I have to focus on letting it all go into his hands including any desire to try and control it, to be a back seat driver, And to be just a passenger in the car looking out the window as he drives the car. Its the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. and the hardest lesson I’ve ever had to learn. Especially knowing the cost I paid in the form of losing my love in the process. And I wish her the best and ask God to please let her find the happiness and relationship she/we all want with her new partner or whomever God has for her. That and the chance for my daughter to see that example of her dad in that special kind of relationship that a man and a women in Christ, in covenant with God should have and seek thats God’s will and to do it without falling into the pity party or worse just folding up and giving up all together which I find myself slipping into at times every day. My struggle to find my way in this regard is what led me to this site btw. And to take what for me is, in spite of the fact I’m relatively anonymous on his site, the huge step of opening up to you all with this story. Perhaps this is part of God’s plan but I dare not be so presumptuous to think so. I remind myself that no matter how difficult the challenges He puts before us, that they will not be so great as to consume us. As bad as I feel, it’s not lost on me how much more difficult the challenges others have faced far worse than mine, such as the death or loss of their child or worse. But it is very painful for me nonetheless, the most painful thing I’ve ever endured. Perhaps I have a long ways to go then. and I know I’m in big boat with many others which I offer as some consolation to myself, to keep my spirits up, but it is truly the worst thing I’ve ever gone through as I reflect these recent days on my failed marriage and all the bad choices I made over the years in my life. But to use the car analogy, I know that I must be ready to drive the car when he wants me to and without forward motion He can’t do his work. That I must be helping myself too. And do that rather than fold up and give up, or split in all directions, nor waste myself in a pity party. I must try to walk on that lonely beach of footprints when he puts me down after carrying me when I’ve fallen down, which I’ve done many times, daily in fact, these last few months. And let Him carry me when I fall again in despair without fighting it. To let Him have all control. That has been perhaps the most difficult part of all. but its getting a little easier each time. I’m humble greatly and so thankful He’s there. AS well as my friend has been too, I can’t/couldn’t get through this without Him or her. God bless us all who reads this. It is in His hands that all things good and righteous and love flows from. We are here on this earth to serve others as we grow per His plan, not ours. And it is a very good thing indeed.

  • Daisy

    I do know God is by my side but I don’t get why my life has always been a mess! Between 8 surgeries in 7 years, physical pain that never stops, emotional pain from family which is the worst when your already going through stuff and horrible financial struggles! Our electricity gets shut off and I live in one of the hottest states, not having food I pray so hard and try so hard not to think of the negative. I am so very thankful for having Jesus as a big part of my life because I would be worse off without Him! My family well part of it won’t speak to me because I was sick and couldn’t make a party, talks so nasty and speaks lies about me to my in-laws and they of course told me because they wanted me to know what’s going on. I don’t get it! I pray asking Jesus for a break from all this mess and remind Him of “come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest”! I don’t know what to do anymore. I will never put my Jesus in a box and get mad at Him for what’s going on in my life but I really really really don’t understand!!! I moved where I have limited family and they blame me because I’m sick or in pain like I’m doing it on purpose! They (especially) my dad knows what I’ve been going through for years but he doesn’t care and just talks behind my back and says such hurtful things, doesn’t call me unless he wants something and sticks up for the people who are saying things about me when he knows they arnt true but he will never go agains my step- siblings because he has and will always favor them. he dropped me as his daughter when he got re-married and made them his priority. Please Lord Jesus please make it stop!!! Please I’m begging you please!

  • brandi

    Thank you so much for this much needed testimony. My aunt (who is my rock) has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and only has days . I am about to deliver my 2nd daughter and it hasn’t been a pretty sight with what has been going on. Every single one of these scriptures I felt were straight toward me. Thank you

  • Laura

    I am so proud that I have allowed god back in my life.

  • I lost my 1st wife from an affair and my second wife died from cancer and now I suspect my 3rd wife is having an affair. My kids who I adopted when they were little will hardly bother with me at all. I have made mistakes when I was young and have always tried to be a good honest decent human being but things never seem to go good for me. I feel like God is punishing me no matter how much I try! I am 57 and my sister-in-law says it is like a black cloud hangs over me. I am a born again christian and I hope my life will get better.

  • Joshua Take time out for yourself and I hope and pray for you that life will get better. I have had a rough life in my marriages and have always tried my best in my 2nd and 3rd marriage after learning from my 1st marriage. What I did do wrong was not take time out for myself. I recently had coffee with my 1st wife’s sister and her boyfriend and am looking in to going to their church. I am now going through a hard time with my current wife as she has told me that she is not happy and no matter what I say she said it is to late. Bring God into your life more closely and it will help with your emotional pain. I will say a prayer for you and remember you are not alone!

  • I to will pray for you and your wife. I have been in your shoes although it was due to other reasons my high school sweetheart and wife left me. She put me through hell for 2 years always trying to work it out with her! It ways always another man. Finally I got fed up I realized that I had made mistakes but not enough for her to keep on punishing me. Work on yourself and your relationship to God. If you do so your life will get better and if she wants out do not push for her to stay with you it will only push her further away. If you make changes to your life and quit drinking and exercise that will make you healthier and you will feel a 100% better then if there is any hope at all she will see these changes! My wife wanted back after a couple of years but by then it was to late. She has remarried and divorced because he cheated on her. Take care and I will pray for you

  • mary

    I think what makes my struggle so hard is my desperate situation that I said would never happen again is no ones fault but my own. I ask God to help me out of the mess I have created and change me.

  • I will say a prayer for you brother and you are in my thoughts and you are not alone!

  • you are not alone! I am going through a rough time with my wife she tells me she is not happy with everything me herself our 4 dogs our home and I asked her if I could do anything to help and she tells me no and now she tells me she loves me but does not know if she is in love with me. I went through this in my 20’s learned from it and now going through it in my 50’s take care and I will say a prayer for you!

  • Good for you Jennifer you sound like a strong woman!

  • I love this it really reassured what I believed n have been knowin my humbleness with my life n my music will pay off 13 years since I did my first song a black history rap in front of whole school for my first song n had a daughter my dad got killed after my 25th bday n my bday is 9/11 n wat u said is so true becuz misery is a choice always see the positive n be thankful God loves it I think……

  • Surrender all to God. Marriage is a sensitive issue to many a lot is happenning and most of the things are painful and cruel. Mostly ladies are not getting their worth. Men propose to all women and end up catching deseases coz they call themselves dogs. We as women are facing silent abuses in cellphones and verbally. Really we as women must plead the blood of Jesus to cover our spouses so that they feel guilty to commit to all loose women out there

  • Wendy

    Oh my God… thank you for leading me to this page. Earlier I sang it is well with my soul, but to be honest I feel so terrible, I feel so confused, so many questions some with answers some no answers- they all flush my mind. Again thank you

  • Ann

    I’m so tired of everything I know gods promises for my life but nothing seems to be going in my favor. I can’t find a job, I tried getting back in school but I don’t have the money to pay my debt, and I have NO one to talk to I thought god loved me but I’m honestly at my breaking point. Earlier this year he delivered me from suicidal thought and they are back AGAIN. I just need god to show me he cares again because I feel so alone ….

  • dave willis

    Ann, you are not alone! I’m praying for you and I know God can carry you through this. Please don’t lose hope. I’d encourage you to reach out to family and friends during this difficult season. Don’t face it alone. Also, if you’re not already connected into a church community, find one. A community of faith can provide a wonderful support network.

  • Jacob

    I have the exact same feeling as Ann right now. I’m really at my breaking point. Jesus truly has helped me through my whole life and I thank him for that. But there’s this one problem that has always been bothering me for toooo long. I’m just afraid I’m gonna break at some point. I still believe in God though. It’s just I feel so alone right now. I just really need some help.

  • dave willis

    Jacob, I’m praying for you! Don’t lose hope. Surround yourself with people who will love and support you, and if you don’t have a church home, I’d encourage you to connect into a community of faith as well.

  • Thanks so much,.u made my day and i don think i can become desperate in prayer again,..God hears all my prayers,..i know he will answer me,..thanks for the word

  • Pray for me dave,..i need prayer assistance,.am in love with a man whom i want to be my husband,..am obsessively in love that i cant think of anything else,..i don know if he feels the same because we are in different continents,.help me pray,.i need him,..his name is eric,.i have written texts but no reply until am almost giving up,..

  • dave willis

    Praying for you both and for God’s perfect plan to be revealed in both your lives.

  • Bev

    People have affairs for two reasons, in my opinion. One, they are being vain, feeling old, and want to recapture the feelings of youth and are in need of having their ego stroked. If they are young and having an affair I believe it comes down to “having their cake and eating it too”, they were probably too young to marry and feel they are missing out.

    Two, they are weak.

    Only weak minds and weak spirits will cheat.

    I know you’re hurting, but if you want to salvage your marriage you need counseling. You have to forgive, forget, and move on to the next level.

    My husband and I have been through everything a couple can go through and are still standing, but only by Gods good grace! We had to grow up, own our mistakes, and turn out face to God, lean on Him, and LET GO OF THE PAST!

    WE never could have survived had either of us been willing to hold on to the past mistakes. We’re human, fallible, and never perfect.

    Seek a Christian counselor to help you navigate this difficult time and learn coping mechanisms, but more than anything be willing to listen and learn about yourself.

    God Bless and good luck!

  • Lydia

    Thank u for the encouragement l needed that so much

  • Thanks dave,.,i know things will work out soon or later with God,,.i will always b patient,.thanks

  • Velvet

    I really needed this. I was hoping my husban an I could go to the next marriage retreat with you. Unfortunately his selfishness and inappropriate friendships have led him to ask for separation. It’s been 1 week and I feel weak even though people keep tellin me I’m strong. I know it’s all God’s strength because I wouldn’t be standing here right if it weren’t for God. Please pray for my marriage.

  • Kathleen

    We should always remember to stay by our spouse. Hard times create a lot of conflict in our marriages, especially when it is financial stress. Two of you can accomplish more than one. Turn to God and a strand of 3 is not easily broken!

  • Mary Anne

    Someone sent this to me today and I agree, My husband just left for work very upset. Naturally, running late and in the process of trying to get out the door decided to show me something in the fridge and the contents spilled all over him and the floor. No big deal … I am here all day I can cleanup the mess, but he was frantic … needed to change, etc.

  • dave willis

    I’m praying for you! Please don’t lose hope. God will carry you through this.

  • Thanks I really needed this

  • Tc

    Don’t panic. Pray. God will help you. Rely on God alone. Each story is unique.

  • Tc

    There is no condemnation now for this in Christ Jesus. Don’t allow that voice to condemn. Keep praying. How long to hang in? One day at a time with Jesus. No it is not good if your wife has moved on and no u are not preventing her from having peace. This is a lie of the enemy. When there is a separation or divorce it just tempts the person to commit adultery. Keep praying and believing. Seek and pray for wise counsel from God fearing men.

  • Tatyana

    Thank u, I really need this now 🙂 my bf lied for 2, 5 years and left me during ivf. I’m 7 weeks pregnant and I know this is the gift and miricale from God 🙂 I’m 40 and I could not have kids naturally.

  • Reds

    I have a totally different story … I never been a believer.. but just life difficulties made be believe and trust our God ..sorry about my bad writing not too perfect in english .. what I learned that no one cares about u when ur going through difficulty and ur helpless and u even afraid to lose ur wife and beautiful adorable lovely 3years old son.. that’s the thing kills me .. what Im feeling now that there’s still a hope and God don’t leave me alone I just scream with the top of my voice that I believe in u myvdear God without u im nothing .. sorry everyone for this comment sory for bothering u all I write this cause I really love my family and God just hope things will change cause im tired.. thank u all

  • jay jay chijioke

    thank u Jesus….. for speaking to us through your servant.

    i know that my redeemer liveth, so i can hold on to the hope & i will never give up because he will not change his promise towards me. though it may Tarry, but his words must surely come to pass.

    i must say Thank Jesus……. once more!

  • texas tonderai mashonganyika

    am in africa thing on my side are worse i dont have anything my girlfriend is abt to loose me am try my best things are going worse my mom she sick with cancer and me am jobless i dont get job just help me with strong prayer guys

  • dave willis

    Praying for you!

  • latasha

    Your testimony was beautiful may god bless you and your family abundantly

  • Regina

    I have just read words of wisdom that I hope will enlighten me to the will of God. I have just lost a daughter but am also lost in spirit. I will reread these words and pray they give me strength of mind, heart and soul.

  • Allen

    I have failed the bar exams twice… and each time I worked so hard studying and prayed like never before. Each failure broke me into a million pieces, I was an Ace Student…now I am the laughing stock of my batch. It is so hard to begin hoping again rembering those time I failed. My future is so uncertain I cant imagine myself doing anything than be a lawyer, I feel like a lot of things have been taken away from me

  • Thanks so much for this, God Bless You, a lot in my mind to be honest

  • Sammy

    kids, a bird in the house and a garbage truck..that pounds like you are haing fun. I hope you enjoy it all. Hard times are when criminals wreck your life with evil, your kids have problems like like hell, get abused and even sold by evil people and then abused by the system, locked up, abused and neglected, they are so scared they even attack you…every day, you have no support and no money but your problems aren’t as bad as your kids who never deserved any of it.

  • I have been going through a lot the past year. Me and my wife of 2 years have been going through some struggles that seem to have snowballed into bigger issues. We have a 2 year old daughter together and she has 2 kids from a previous marriage. We also have a foster child who is 3 now and in trial adoption. I feel at times that my wife may be bipolar because of her odd behavior at times. I know I have had my share of problems in this marriage and don’t want to come across as everything is her fault because it isn’t. There are days I just want to throw the towel in because of my wife and her stance on not letting me take my daughter around my side of the family and what makes it worse for me is that my mother has recently been diagnosed with cancer and just wanted to be able to see all of her kids in one place. This has me very upset and I know there are people out there going through a lot worse from some of the other stories I have read but it does feel like I am walking alone in my struggles at times. Please Pastor Dave pray for my entire family and thank you for having a forum of support like this.

  • Mike

    Why is everyone always GIVING advice to everyone else? God CAN TALK HIMSELF. He talks to me in dream, and NOT ONE DREAM HASNT COME TRUE SINCE HE STARTED SPEAKING TO ME. Read the bible He IS CAPABLE OF THAT. If anyone has questions, just GO TO HIM, He knows how to answer you Himself

  • Prudence

    Dear Allen,

    Your future is certain because God is real and He does have a plan for your life. Do not let this setback define you. Nobody is laughing at you. Trust in the Lord, dont lean on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. Proverbs 3:5-6. A friend of mine went through exactly whatly what you are going through – he failed his professional exams multiple times though he was an ACE student, he got there in the end. You are not alone.

  • Kellie

    My story… I have known my soon to be exhusband since we were about 11 now 36..We were insuperable and had a love and friendship like no other. He introduced me to drugs at age 14…(1993) I got better… He struggled his whole life and still dances with the devil. I removed myself from him after i got clean. In 2003 he seemed better and I started a relationship, I had a daughter (4yrs old) we lasted about 9 months due to him using drugs and lieing.I ended it. In no way was i settling for that nonsence.. I am a mim first.I didnt speak or see him for 7 years. In 2009 we reunited and the love and friendship picked up like no time had passed and his past was forgiven by me and a new slate was laid. In my heart thats what I wanted and knew that was the only way for me to have a healthy relationship with him.. a “clean” start. (I had my own home 6yrs strong great credit involved with sports.. I was happy) He moved in and It was so awesome… We were so in love and everything was going in the rite direction. We had long talks about his drug use and I was very clear that I would not tolerate any of his drug stuff, and inless he knew and was honest with himself thats what he no longer wanted, I was very into starting a relationship with him again. I was assured he was better this time and would never go back to that life style. I trusted him whole heartedly. About 7 months later he asked me to marry him.. He lost his job shortly after and i was seeing signs of depression.. I was supportive and kind in that troubled time.We were married in 2010..then I lost my job and in that time found out we were pregnant.. through that year we had our differences and i saw changes in his behavior but trusted it wasnt drugs and pastified it as normal marital stuff. He found a job.. We had our baby in 2011. still seeing changes in his behavior getting worse.. but again still pastified the signs. We had a house fire in 2012.. and that when I saw the devil really work. it was awful. I tried so many times before to think of what i could do to help us.. nothing I tried worked. All i did was cry.. i felt hopeless.I always asked him what happed to us what is wrong with you.. please tell me what is going on. I would ask him is it me? do you not love me anymore? his poor behavior and neglect was effecting my daughter (now age 12).. he would tell me I don’t know what’s wrong.. its not you its me… things just kept getting worse and thats when he first put his hands on me. I never did get an I’m sorry for that one. We moved back into our home and I didnt think it could getbworse but I was sadly mistaken. He than got really mad at me for pulling his and my credit reports.. I was seeing if we could refi the house because for some reason we never had money.. again me in denial. he took the stack of papers and hit me across the face with them. I was dumbfounded. And again never got an I’m sorry. Our marriage was hurt and I was the only one tring to fix it. Somehow I got pregnant again (it was the one time we had sex in I can’t tell you how long). he could not perform and had me thinking there was something wrong with me.. WRONG. it was one of the side effects from the drugs he was doing. I didnt even know who he was anymore. I never saw this drug side of him because I always removed myself when he wasnt clean. I found porn on his phone and he would lie to me… money lots of money missing from the account.. more lies… he pawned my wedding rings 3 times telling me he was getting them dipped.. camera pawned.. tools pawned… he stole my daughters ADD meds and sold them.. and lied to me about it.. I would give him money to get diapers he would come home with no diapers and more lies.. checks stolen out of my and my daughters account, he gave my ss# to a junkie to try to take loans out in my name.(he doesnt know I found this out). took out cash advances behind my back… he would be going through withdraw at least a few times a week and had me believing he had cancer or if mot cancer there was something very wrong.. but would never go to the hospital. He would let drug dealers and junkies use my car while i was sleeping. have these people in our home while i was working. he took out 12 payday loans and they started calling his work friends family looking for him cause he wasnt paying them. I found out he was taking the 2 kids with him doing drug deals.. I felt like I was crazy.and living in a twilight movie.we had our 2nd baby in 2013. he kept nodding out while I was giving birth than left me in the hospital by myself. 2days later he was acting bad and wanted to drive with our daughter I wouldnt let him and he shoved me while holding her. The 3rd baby was about 3 weeks old now… i would go outside and cry out to God to pkease give me the proof.. I stood in the kitchen crying and told him he was killing me in everyway.. I just kept asking him to tell me the truth.. I then found baggies with drug residue and had solid proof from one of his drug dealers he was using. I had random junkies coming to my house looking for him cause he was stealing from them. I had 3 kids to protect and i was so scared.I knew what he was doing but this was my marriage and it was him.. I had to have my solid proof before I would act on any of it. He finally told me he had used. I asked him to tell me the truth all the truth.. he couldnt. the little truth I knew he lied to me about. I couldnt take it anymore. I told him if he could be honest with me about everything and go into rehab we had hope. he informed me that he told me the truth and he was going to fix this his way, that i just wanted control over him. He was out of the home that night. I fied in court for what I needed to keep me and the kids safe. I lost the home I worked for, I had to file bankruptcy due to all the shut off bills I finally got (he would hide the mail, I thought they were being paid) WRONG.. EVERYTHING was in my name. In less than 3 years he came in like a tornato and destroyed what I built single handedly. its been a little over a year and he has not helped finacially with the kids needs, his help is getting on soboxone trading one addiction for another.. his words to me are hurtful and him and his enabling family blames me. blames me for not sticking by his side. if I “really” loved him I wouldnt of took the measures I did. And I would of stuck by his side.. I was his wife. I found Jesus through this tribulation and I believe Gods promises. he will restore me and everything I lost. I walk with him. we still have a custody fight to walk but I know God is on my side and has me and the children in his hands. He is all I have. without God I don’t know where I would be. I feel guilt about doing what I did but his could I of stayed. I love my ex with all my heart but how do you continue a marriage when the devil has had and still has him? please someone shine light on this. why do I feel guilty.. why and how do I still love this man. I had to put the kids first and he was killing us. he became a monster. I have forgiven him and I gave him and this to the lord. but it is so hard.

  • jenniii

    Thank you having to raise two daughters that are not only appreciative but stubborn. I have also thought manipulated by their misery loves company father. First he hits me later he beats them. But how they praise him. He is sick and mental. If they choose too he evil and negative they can stay there. I am just going forward. No longer looking back. Life has been good. And I will always look at the good in life things and people. Avoid drama and all the negative. Thank you God

  • Kellie

    please give me understanding with my situation.

  • Regina Ubas

    Thank u, so needed in these days! GOD BLESS!

  • after 60 yrs of believing in God, I now do not. I gave my daughter a wonderful life. There was nothing but love and

    closeness between us. She is well educated. After all these yrs she has turned to her fathers life and is enjoying that. All my life I have trusted in God, only to be let down in the end. God is a fairy tale.

  • dave willis

    Elaine, I’m so sorry to hear about what you’re going through, but don’t let your daughter’s choices cause you to lose faith. Her poor choices don’t mean you were a non-existant mother and they certainly don’t mean that God is a non-existant Father.

  • Frankie

    I wish I could still Believe, yet I do not. It has been over 3 years of EVERY second of the day of utter misery. My prayers and Faith have left me weak. I don’t want to be here anymore. I despise all this social media blah blah, yet not one actual PERSON offers to help. These forums, of people talking about hard times (yet HAVE a significant other, children, family and friends…?) I have NONE of the above. God supposedly said that he won’t give us more than we can handle. I don’t believe that at all. In fact, your post could lead a person who is contemplating suicide, such as myself, to just get it done. You ask for replies- why? There’s no physical contact available. I’m done w/therapy. Done with misery. I don’t believe in purpose or strength being the outcome. Over 3 years??? Only a cruel God would let me suffer & suffer ALONE for this long- I don’t mind saying that, I’d rather have 3 days of torture & being nailed to a cross, because at the end of all that, at least I’d be dead.

  • dave willis

    Frankie, you’re obviously going through a lot and there’s nothing I can say to make it ok. I don’t have any Hallmark Card Christian cliches because I know your pain is much more complex than that, but I am praying for you. I don’t pretend to understand why God has allowed the pain you’ve felt, but I believe He can take those broken pieces of your heart and create something beautiful with them if you let Him. Please don’t lose hope. I’d encourage you to get connected into community. Find a healthy church. God doesn’t want you to face this alone. He’s with you and He also wants you surrounded by a positive support network.

  • Millicent


    This is the first time I have seen this web page and I came across your post , I believe by divine purpose vs accident. IT sounds as if you have endured much.

    I hear you and I’m thinking that whatever you have gone thru, the pain and difficulties have brought you to this place of wanting to give up and quit, but I sense hope rising up on the inside of you!! The fact that you would speak out how you are feeling is huge and courageous!!!!

    I agree with Dave that getting involved in a support group can be of great benefit.

    I know you are loved and cared for and accepted although it may not seem like it . Your life has great value and purpose. How do I know?

    I’M certain of it, because I can relate!

    I have screamed the hard questions at God why ?where? when? where are you in the middle of of this mess?

    I felt like God left me ( lie); like I did something to make Him angry and He could not possibly love me (lie #2).

    I questioned everything I knew to be true and had previously believed.

    I grew angry at God, wondering why did He let me down and leave me alone.

    I was stuck!!

    It was here in the middle that I had a choice I could keep being bitter or get better.

    With the help of friends, pastors and trained counselors and over time,

    I have realized that I asked God the wrong questions?

    I had an expectation He would just do things how I saw them.

    I needed to ask:

    What is your perspective God on my circumstance?

    What do you want to do for me thru this circumstance? Who do you want to be for me thru this?

    How can I adjust my life to line up with the plan you have for me in this circumstance?

    I began to come to terms that I needed to ask forgiveness for feeling like He left me when He said He would never leave or forsake me

    , for thinking I messed up so bad He couldn’t love me, yet He loved me

    me so much He willingly lay down His life for me, in spite of me.

    I was able to say thank you for not leaving me and ask Him where He was with me ,in each moment.

    He showed me He was by my side holding me thru every difficulty, every time I felt afraid ,every time I didnt sleep, every time the pain was too much to bear.

    Because of past childhood hurts I subconsciously thought God would let me down just like other people had let me down and hurt me.

    This mind set and lie i believed had made it difficult for me to trust


    Through my support group I began to learn to trust again

    And realize my true identity is found in Him,

    Not in whether other people came thru for me or not, but what He says about me.

    I can say confidently .

    I am loved. He pours out His love for me. I am cared for. I am His child. I accept His son , Jesus.

    I am accepted . I am healed. HE is my healer.

    My life has value and purpose.

    That’s how I’m positive yours does too and that God has a plan for your life —and it’s a good plan.

    I could not see thru the pain and circumstance what God was doing until I asked Him what is your perspective ?

    He let me know this was not to harm me but to give me a hope and a future to grow me,

    To make me stronger in and thru Him,

    Maybe so I could type this too you!

    Be encouraged my friend .

    Don’t quit and never give up.!!!

    You can do this! I believe in you.

    In your weakness, He is made strong in and Through you.

    Keep running the race.

    Gold nor diamonds would have the beauty or value they hold if they had not gone thru some pressure, stress or fire.

  • NaKy

    Thank you for sharing !

  • Millicent Cal

    Thank you for your website and what you are doing to reach people.

  • Maggie

    Leah if u still need someone to talk to emaile at mnhall1@yahoo.com

  • Maggie

    Doreen…..just wanted to let you know from experience… when u love a man more than you love God you will NEVER have Him! Our God is a jealous God…and He will not have ANY idols put before Him in our lives if we are trying to live the life He wants for us. The Bible says “Seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you”! Being obsessed over something means you think about it more than you think about anything… including God! He will not bless a relationship,business, home, finances, dreams…nothing where is not first! And that means seeking His wisdom FIRST before we make a choice in our lives! Not making choices and then asking Him to bless our mess!! Did you decide that you wanted this man or did God decide for u? Because when God sends you a man NO WOMAN OR MAN CAN TAKE HIM FROM YOU. He will know who He is in CHRIST and will not want to cause you hurt and fear! Because His relationship with God will be first…as yours should be…and that will give you all the wisdom to make it thru the hard times…without interruptions from other people or drugs or porn or any of the other weapons the enemy uses to tear a GOD CENTERED RELATIONSHIP APART. when God is in the middle of a relationship not even the people in it can tear it apart!

  • Brandy

    I stumbled across this article and I would like to thank you. God has asked me to do things I never dreamed I would be capable of doing. I chose to be obedient and take a leap of faith. I’m doing everything I can to be strong, be courageous, be positive. Everything I have come to know has been turned upside down and nothing is comfortable. I’m succeeding. …on the outside. On the inside I’m trembling in fear. I’m completely alone in this world of 7 billion. …that pain is something I can’t even begin to explain. I know God has purpose. …I Trust him, tonight the pain is just taking the breath out of me.

  • Mann

    thank you for sharing this. God bless You.

  • Mann

    God bless all those who are going through hard times.

  • Doesn’t GOD look out for everyone. Perhaps an individual, I guess a Hu an being . Doesn’t he care about the righteous and unrighteous alike. If he cares about the righteous and Unrighteous alike, doesn’t that include others who may NOT Love him in their respective times. Is it Him or the idea of God or does a multi spectrum of God’s count as the deity that this quote refer to. I love this site but I have to comment on tidbits that don’t fit under a cohesive gel.

  • Nancy

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  • Glouie

    I just need to vent. I have no one close to confide in.

    Married for 36 years and in business with my husband. A very exhausting and stressful life. Raised two adopted boys that we love very much. Ages 32 and 24. I think our boys know we love them but they never call or come home. We have very little communication and if we do, it’s superficial and strained.

    My husband and I are not close. He is angry all the time and I am sad most of the time.

    Our oldest son has been working for us for two years. Only enough to pay his basic bills. We pay the rest. He has an undiagnosed mental illness and although we have tried in the past to get him help, he refuses any treatment and continues to spiral. He smokes pot every day. He has two children from a previous relationship but is now alone. His presence in outlives is stressful but at least we usually know how he’s doing. Sometimes he is around and sometimes not. When he’s not, he won’t answer his phone or his door.

    Our younger son is 4 hours away and never calls. When we call, we get voicemail. We have gone to visit and he avoided us and didn’t answer his door, even though we knew he was home. He was diagnosed and treated for alcoholism and depression 2 years ago and I have no idea how that is going. He answers my texts from time to time with “I’m fine just busy” or “sleeping. ttyl ” never does. He has a little boy that he never sees. My husband and I have made a concerted effort to be good grandparents and see our grand children regularly but with our sons not being good fathers, it’s hard.

    My husband is mean. He never hits me but he is rude and cranky and he blames me and the kids for all his unhappiness. We are financially stuck together. Live in the business and work together every day. It’s stressful because we are struggling to pay our bills and although I try to ignore most of his meanness, swearing, and disregard, it makes me sad. This is not what I wanted for my family.

    My husband and oldest son have no respect for each other and neither one has any respect for me. They pretty much treat me exactly the same. I try to do everything to keep peace in my family and rarely ever respond to how they treat me. Mostly I just keep doing what I have to do each day for work, the household, other family members, employees, and community.

    I just do one day at a time. Walk on eggshells and hope everything goes smoothly then at the end of the day, either cry myself to sleep(if I can sleep at all) or I breath a sigh of relief that we got through a day.

    I’m tired and sad and disappointed. Today I’m just praying to hear something from my oldest son. He was supposed to work yesterday but his Dad said something ignorant to him and he left. He texted me later and said he was moving to another city. That worries me because he has ever been able to keep a job and I ‘m afraid he will end up in bad shape again and we will have to rescue him from himself yet again and then be resented for all his problems and pay for all his mistakes emotionally and financially.

    Our grandsons are supposed to come for Christmas and stay until Jan. What am I supposed to tell them about their dad and how can I care for them when I work 12 hours a day? Their mother is going away for holidays and again for two weeks in Feb. he was supposed to be here to help look after them.

    I have no one to talk to. I work all the time so have not made any really close friends. I’m ashamed to talk to my sister. She has always looked up to me and I have never told her about any of this.

    Thank you for letting me post my mess. This is only a synopsis of the last 20 years of my life and it was long enough.

  • onyii

    I am so lucky I came across this.Thank you Jesus for renewing my faith. May God’s name be praised.

  • Kip Law

    Hi there,

    Lately I’ve been feeling like a negative force (the enemy) has been holding me back from a situation. Unfortunately I’ve been stuck focusing on this situation for nearly 4 months and it has really impacted my productivity though I hate to walk away from it.

    I met someone 3 months ago and we really hit it off. I was reluctant to meet up with the person but much to my surprise they ended up being quite the pleasure to be around. We hung out again a second time and had an even better time than the first time we hung out. Unfortunately, the seeming speed of our friendship hit a fork in the road when that person went back to school some hours away. We agreed to keep in touch and meet up when they got back home. That person is in their last year of a very demanding program and is now traveling all over for interviews. I’ve kept up our line of communication throughout the last 4 months and we’ve had brief, cordial conversations.

    I’ve really been looking forward to seeing this person again, so much so to the point where the anxiety of it all literally pained me in my chest. Throughout this time, though, I have had many downfalls. I’m being screened for an illness, one in which has caused me a lot of grief, though I feel like it’s more of a demonic attack than an actual illness. The first 3 months were horrible: I was harming myself almost every other week. I was even placed on medication to help stabilize my moods (that didn’t help).

    Sometimes I wonder if the “enemy” just threw this situation in my midst to set me back and take my eyes off of the Lord although at the time, my eyes were already off of the Lord. Sometimes I wonder if this is God’s way of bringing me closer to Him. But in the meantime, I wonder what will come of the friendship I started to make. Is God going to take this person out of my life because they’ve served their purpose of teaching me a lesson?? Is God going to just replace this person with “something better” as they always say??

    I would really like to see this person again and see where the friendship goes however I feel like it’s moving quite slowly and perhaps this person simply isn’t as interested in being friends as I am. I would like for us to get to know one another better. Maybe I’m way too invested and asking for too much but I feel like either way this is a somewhat impossible situation. And I feel like when I share it with people they just chalk it up to “God will give you something better” or “it’s only about Jesus and your situation doesn’t matter”. I don’t know what to believe. I want to be hopeful and I want to have faith, but I am so afraid that God is going to do a bait and switch type of thing on me.

    Although we’ve been in touch, that person’s schedule has been full (for good reason). The person said we would get together soon and that they want to meet up with me but sometimes it feels like it simply won’t happen.

    I tried to take matters in my own hands and ask the person out for coffee so we could catch up, and though they were willing, our plans never got off the ground. I would like to leave this in the Lord’s hands but I am afraid that because it’s left in His hands then it simply won’t happen. Sometimes I’m afraid to leave things up to God because it seems like an automatic forfeit that I have to force myself to be okay with.

    Obviously I’ve been consumed with doubt and I don’t want to be doubtful. I want
    I would like to see where this friendship goes but I guess I’m just being impatient and fearful and doubtful. Every time I seem to feel hopeful and optimistic but I feel like I get knocked back down and then the situation seems worse.

    How can I have hope? Is this a silly thing to ask of God to mend??

  • Skye

    I wish this was true. But it isn’t the case always. You can repent, submerge yourself in the word, pray, living like Christ and pray only according to God’s will and while you will end up in Heaven, it is no guarantee your prayers will be answered on Earth. God Himself said many men of God died without their EARTHLY promises being fulfilled but that they were made full when their spirits reached Heaven to be with Jesus forever. I just wish people would be more honest about God’s word and not just give people false hope. You can do everything God tells you and exactly how He says it but by His own words in the Bible, promises made by God may not be fulfilled on Earth. Just being real and FACTUAL per the word of God.

  • Skye

    I feel the EXACT same way as you. Planning my departure as best I can. I can say the words but inside, I know there’s no hope. Can’t stand people who complain but have so much. Me-no family, friends, job, money, house, poor, disabled child,…yet they want me to have hope. Death, for sure, is better than what I’ve endured. Ironic mine is now 3 years going too.

  • sora

    (miracles can happen everyday, your life can change in a second for better, you dont owe nobody, just yourselfe to find the truth and love in your heart.)… the nature god saved my life and he can save yours too**
    Life isnt easy for knowbody but you can achive the greatest and thats a peacefull hopfull loving heart wich has no fear and is full of light and love for eternaty
    (Sorry about my writings im not from the usa 😉 ) but all of you i wish god will open your hearts and save your souls!***

  • Roy

    Well all i ever wanted from God was to have a wife and family, and that certainly would’ve had made a big difference in my life instead of being all Alone and having No One right now.

  • Tom

    Keep trying Roy. We have infinite potential and there are a lot of good possibilities in store for you.

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    Dr Smith.

  • carla

    god was showing you all alone but you did not want to see the truth. You wanted your will to be done not god’s. God’s will was for you to pull your life together and move on , but the devil tempted you and your heart lead you down the wrong path. God every step of the way sent you warning signs which you ignored, because you had fallen back into you co dependent ways. Get the book co- dependent no more by melody beattie it will give you a better understanding so that you do not continue to repeat this kind of relationship. God will help you heal but you need to understand and correct your behavior and you in-laws just want to dump your husband problems in your lap so they do not have to deal with them. He is the only one who can change his life with god’s help. You have three kids to think about and make sure you set a good example for because you are not god 🙂 .Even jesus said you should not be a martyr even for him. He said martyrdom is a great privilege if it is inevitable, but it is not to be sought. He said when they persecute you in one town flee to the next.(matthew 10:23) I wish you the best of luck and I know god will see you through just try to keep pushing forward and remember you are always love and never alone god is always with you trying to guide your footsteps. He will send the right people at right time to help you. get the book and I love you AND will be praying for you. May god bestow his blessings upon your head and always go before you guiding your footsteps. Do not be so hard on yourself just thank god you are able to walk away. 🙂

  • carla

    Hi Kip Law,
    I think you are putting to much emphasis on this situation. You should probably focus on pulling your own future together. All the doubt and fear you put out into the universe about your relationship will bring exactly what you fear the most. Relax sometimes god sends people into our lives just for a season to teach us something about ourselves. I know you have heard that old saying that if you love something let it go and if it comes back to you then it was truly yours, but if it does not it never was. Do not try and control it or make it happen just let go and continue to focus on your dreams/ goals and know that it is possible that in the right time the right person will come along and there will be no doubt. Every relationship teaches us something about what we want and do not want in a relationship. Do not make a beautiful memory into a nightmare Just focus on all the moments that are yet to come, but you have to release in order to receive all the joys that god has in store for you. May god bless you and give you peace on this journey. The things that are meant for you, you will have if you do not get stuck on trying to change god’s destiny for your life. Trust god and your life will be great and if something is meant for you there is no need for anxiety because it will be yours no matter what. May god bless and guide your footsteps always.

  • carla

    I know it hurts when you put so much love into your kids life and they show you no appreciation, but if it makes you feel any better you are not alone many parents feel the same way just know that it is about them not about you. I am sure they know you love them very much. I know that you can sleep very well at night knowing that you did the best you could raising them. It seems like you are still putting a lot of emphasis on your children, which is apparently distracting you from your biggest issue your unhappiness. This is the last phase of your life you need to make it count. You have more knowledge and wisdom then you had in the first two phases (i.e. teenage years, child rearing) try and make it count find out what makes you happy and do it. You spent the second phase trying to make everyone else happy now it is your turn. Maybe , you and your husband should seek counseling and try to rekindle your love affair. This is the time in life where you should be focused on each other and your own happiness, because you are now wise enough to know that you can never make anyone else happy. All you can do is pray for them to find their own happiness, BECAUSE WE ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN HAPPINESS. You should also know that you deserve to have a happy and joyful life, so focus on the things that will make you happy. First maybe you should read the book codependent no more by melody beattie it will help you to let go of trying to be responsible for everyone else’s life. Do not think it is about alcoholism it is much greater than that it is about loving yourself enough and the people in your life to let them be responsible for their own lives. God will guide you on the path to true happiness because at this phase in our lives we know it is not material things that brings us joy, so let go and let god. He will send you the right people and open the right doors to help you along the way just ask him. I also want you to know that you are never alone and you are always loved and you are worthy of it. May god bless you and guide your footsteps along the way>:)

  • carla

    I hope god has worked miracles in your life by now. just keep thanking god for answering your prayers as if you have already been blessed and you will be. Just remember you are not alone( ,even though it may feel like it sometimes ) god is always with you. may he continue to hold you close and bestow his blessings upon your head.

  • carla

    this is true,but god has also put us here to uplift each other and to pray for each other when we can not do it for ourselves. May god continue to bless you with his words:)

  • carla

    I know it is hard ,but try not to let the fear of losing her consume you,because it will lead you down a long painful and dark road. Marriage is not a easy thing and no one is perfect. All we can hope for is that the other person is just as committed to making it work as we are, because it will always come a time that you will feel like you do not love your partner or even like them. During those times we have to try and remember all the things we liked about them when we fell in love and not the things we hate. hopefully, your wife will remember the good and you have to put forth the effort to be the man she fell in love with, but let go of the fear because what you fear will manifest into your life quickly. Also remember everything that was meant to be will be no man can take it apart and if it falls apart and you have put in 100% then it was not meant to be god has another plan for your life and her’s. I know this is hard because you feel like you will never know joy again, but you will just try to have faith and most of all forgive yourself and her. Just remember you are never alone on this walk god is always with you let him guide your footsteps.

  • carla

    I am confident you have passed your boards by now and you now know that god was just testing you to see how important being a lawyer was to you. Maybe he was just preparing you so that you can be a blessing to others who may go through the same thing. As far as other people who cares look who is laughing now:)

  • Jordan Mark

    Hello every body my name is Cynthia Morgan, am from United Kingdom England, I just want to share my experience with the world on how Dr iayaryi, help me, I got my love back and saved my marriage… I was married for 3 years with 1kid and we lived happily until things started getting ugly and we had fights and argued almost every time… it got worse at a point that he filed for divorce… I tried my best to make him change his mind & stay with me because I love him so much and don’t want to lose him but everything just didn’t work out… he moved out of the house because it was a rented apartment and still went ahead to file for divorce… I pleaded and tried everything but still nothing worked. The breakthrough came when someone introduced me to this wonderful, great spell caster who eventually helped me out… I have never been a fan of things like this but just decided to try reluctantly because I was desperate and left with no choice… He did special prayers and used his power… Within 4 days my husband called me and he said he was sorry for all the emotional pains he had cost me, moved back to the house and we continue to live happily and our kid is happy too and we are expecting our second child… I have introduced him to a lot of couples with problems across the world and they have had good news… Just thought I should share my experience because I strongly believe someone out there need’s it… You can email him through his email.(driayaryi2012@hotmail.com)

  • chinz

    hi friend…
    i had the same experience as yours and i was totally lost..felt life like a hell..
    but one sentence which i saw on the inner walls of a church changed me..it was like..” God is greater than the greatest problem that you have” when i saw that for first time..i thought like..may be something for comforting us..but if u believe it and just talk to ur god as u talk with ur friends..and trust that he can clear all our problems..n he is greater than our problems…u can see miracles..each n every problems getting solved..i promise u my friend..try to have a causal talk not the printed prayers with the god n see the amazing changes that will brings to ur life by god ur saviour…provided u should do ur part also well.. i know its very difficult to implement this in ur present condition but believe me if u try u can see the miracle for sure..its an experience of mine making me to reply u.. God is the only superman who can help u..trust him.. 🙂 All the best my dear 🙂

  • Guest

    why god hurt us ??

  • Amy Hong

    Thanks for sharing a powerful testimony. God bless

  • daniella

    You have every right to live. I know is easier said than done, but try and put the pieces together. Try to start all over again. Ask God for his help and trust that he well. It gets to the times that in the mist of your struggle the ability to pray wouldn’t be there…..so pray as you chatting with God- do all the jumps, shouting you can all the things to show HIM exactly as you feel. He would hear you out. There is a reason for your existence. …YOU ARE PRECIOUS THAN MORE YOU CAN THINK OF. Don’t give up on God, cos he wouldn’t give up on you.

  • daniella

    I totally agree with you. I realised that we shared the same sort of encouragement to our dear friend. Greater people face massive wars and struggles.

  • M Diaz

    it’s interesting to note that the first 2 are obviously important. in fact so important, it undermines the last 2.

  • daniella

    God never hurts us, but he rather turns our hurts into a better life. He puts all the broken pieces of the unclear picture for a bigger better picture only if you trust him and have Faith. God has good plans for us. He loves us. We learn from some of the hurts and become better. God is always with us

  • daniella

    You are most welcome

  • Yvonne Amill

    thank you God, that you will never leave my side, and i will praise the God of my Salvation

  • Julia Rios

    Hey Nurpur , I doubt that I came across this post by accident I want to tell you that you as a child of God are worth so much more than a degree. Going to school is good but it’s not everything in life. God may ha e far better plans for you, he always does. I hope you see this and know that you are loved God loves you and I love you! You are valuable

    your friend-julia rios

  • Jacob Eagleshield

    The Creator does not MAKE people succeed,neither does the Creator MAKE people fail. That is on us.Far too many people are too willing to blame God when things go wrong,but take all the credit for themselves when things go right.
    We have been given everything we need to be happy,what we do with it,is on us.
    What we want,and what we NEED are often confused. The allmighty has given us the tools to get what we need.
    People who fail,tend to blame others,and do not own up to their part. Highly successful people often forget those who helped them get there,and step all over them. Gods will for us is to be happy,joyous and free. Nothing else.Not wealthy,not famous,not even well thought of. That depends on us.

  • Jacob Eagleshield

    Just do the next right thing in front of you. Don’t try to project the outcome,because it almost never happens the way you want it to.
    Life happens. And,it usually happens when you are making plans to do something else. Acceptance is the key.

  • Jacob Eagleshield

    No disrespect intended,Skye,but we are HUMAN. We do not have the spiritual wherewithall to ‘live like Christ’ Only he had that.
    There is such a thing as too pious!

  • Jacob Eagleshield

    Did you or did you not raise your children to be independent and live their own lives? That is what your son is doing,so don’t take it personally. You WILL hear from him.

  • Jacob Eagleshield

    Pain is inevitable,suffering is optional.

  • Rachael Swanker

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  • praise

    Praise the lord for his goodness and loving kindness toward us.

  • praise

    You are so right.wait on the.i say wait.he has the best

  • chinz

    I think ur main problems are..
    About getting a job
    Ur lost love
    People teasing about ur career
    Even if u feel that life very hard..full of troubles n difficulties…all these are only serve to test us n make us stronger…it wil help us to handle future situations in a better way n teach us valuable lessons about life..as a human being without struggles we wouldnt experience growth..all the troubles are temporary bcos no situations wil last forever…whthr its bad breakups..financial problems..family issues..job issues..let it be anything…u can change the pain into an opportunity for growth..no matter what issue u might face now..or forth…try to look the bright
    side of the situation n pray to god to guide for higher wisdom… ur prayers can put things into correct place n reminds u always u have a superhero to support u..Worrying only creates more problems..it never changes the situation..it wil make u more negative..n more problems enter into ur life…keep ur mindset positive n pray to god..dont worry we all have ups n downs just look up n keep on going…okayy..!!!

    About ur breakup, take the breakup as an opportunity to love
    urself..breakups might seem painful…but they always happen for one main reason…u n that person learned and experienced all you could from one another n now u each need to go ur separate ways to keep moving in this lifetime… if u look at it as a new beginning and a chance to keep growing towards ur highest self..this will help you to heal a lot faster….even though u may have lost ur love u still have frnds n family who love n care abut u..remind yourself of who has been by your side through the good times as well as the bad times n be grateful for ur connection with them…. this will help u forget about what you lost by
    focusing on what u have…

    And the case of “god giving so much to those doesn’t deserve”..in
    ur eyes only u feel like so..but in gods eyes it will be perfect for them…n
    aslo u don’t know if they don’t actually deserves it..god has some plans in
    making them grow n to put down once they are prideful of themselves for no reason n just to hurt others… better my friend..dont peep much into others life whethr they be good or bad..bcos we only know about them through their words or what we see from outside…may be they willbe suffering inside…and god may have planned a much better thing for u..who knows..??? however my friend..do one thing..u just concentrate on ur goals to be achived…and try hard to get it..love urself..love ur loved ones..forgive who hurts u..pray well…talk to god..he will help u..((he may be just waiting for ur call…I meant ur prayers..)so go ahead n come out with flying colors… ahh keep this also in ur mind… u might not have the things u want but if u check carefully u got all u need…there is no need of rush.. whats meant for u wil arrives right on time.. just wait…
    keep patience… God bless.. So All the best.. 🙂

  • RealTruth

    I wouldn’t even wish Loneliness on my worse enemy either.

  • Shelly

    The man I have loved for a long time just left me because we fight about him wanting to have company all the time when I get off work to play video games. I cannot seem to quit complaining. He came back two days ago and I though I would be better but the two following evenings he had company playing video games when I got home from work. I went directly to the major complain mode and we got into a really bad fight. I feel like I have lost him for good and I do not know what to do.

  • patti gaulden santoso

    After 15 years 14 of being married I have found that my husband has been having an affair. I am heartbroken and also no that I am not blameless in the matter. But I know that God is with me every single minute of every single day and I live in his Grace and everlasting love. I’m still human though so I cry and ask why but again-there’s a reason for this pain…so I pray…

  • Emiliano Babarah

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    and you will be happy you did, contact him for any problem you are having i believed he will help out

  • thanks Dave…for this blog and everyone who commented on it…it’s really comforting. I am going through a rough phase right now…and when i came across this blog it truly gave me strength and hope. It reminded me that i will never be left alone…god is and always will be there by my side through the thick and thin of my life… I was very moved when i read this blog…to the extent that i was totally in tears…i truly believe in everything that’s quoted in this blog…
    “Those who kneel down to god can stand up to anything…”

  • BoyHowTrue

    Life is very hard for many of us good single men with no wife and family which it wasn’t our fault to begin with since many of us are Not single by choice. Then again with so many Gay and Bi women these days finding a good one is very impossible these days too.

  • Shannon Smith

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  • omie

    We are born with hope and believe that there is a god out there with a purpose for all of us. But do not get stuck with the idea that Christianity is the only way.. be a good person with good intentions and have faith in God cause as far as I know all of us need to believe in him.

  • Sherrie Win

    I want to share my testimony and my happiness with you all in this site, last year my husband left me for another woman in his working place and he abandon me and my 2kids, everything was so hard for me because i love him so much, so i saw the testimonies of Great Mutaba he has been helping ladies in getting there husband back so i contacted him and he help me to cast a return spell for my husband and in 2 days my husband left the other woman and he come back to me with so much love and caring. i will never forget this help that Great Mutaba gave to me and my children.if you are here you need help to get you lover back you can contact him through this email greatmutaba@yahoo.com i am proud to be on his testimony

  • brookcampbellsweet

    Hello to the people of this forum< Am Brooke Campbell from Texas
    and i can say that am the happiest person on earth since last week with
    what DR ABULU has done for me , it all started last year October when my
    fiance left me in Texas and travel to see his parents in Ohio at first
    him was still calling me and show love even when him was away , but it
    gets to a point when he no longer gives a shit about me , and i noticed
    it so when i tried to confront him , he told me that he dose
    not love me again that he feel like being alone i was shocked and
    heartbroken when i tried talking he will hang the phone on me i was so
    heart broken and i was frustrated about this , but on a second thought i
    was not convince that he was on his right senses so i discuss this with
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    friend in such case before so i said to my self let me tried i contacted
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    fiance will call me and once he calls me i should pick the calls and he
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    on the 7th of November my fiancee called me and started saying on the
    phone am sorry it was like a dream to me , with this i said i will tell
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  • Ben

    I read your article as I was looking for a way to deal with chronic pain in my life. What you describe is the typical trivialities that American Christians call “suffering”. Our culture has so embraced the worldly notion of “putting on a happy face” that anyone in desperate struggles is basically marginalized in the church because no one wants to deal with or hear from someone in true crisis (we’ve got to keep our church looking like a TV commercial-squeaky clean happy faces, right?). So their voices are silenced while people with the “I had to actually get my OWN KIDS off to SCHOOL!” stories abound. All peace to you, but what does getting stuck behind a garbage truck have to do with, say, having NO family? To being abandoned by everyone? To child abuse? To having no food or shelter? To being in fear for your life? Oops, I brought out some nasty uglies that the church wants to pretend doesn’t exist here! Yuck! Its ok if we acknowledge it exists “over there” (pick country of choice, Africa, Myanmar, etc.) and show little film clips of horrors across the seas to gather those sympathy checks for “mission work”. How glamorously touching. But here, in our own backyard? In our own church with its 26″ TV screens, state of the art sound systems for professional worship bands and celebrity speakers? No way! America is Disneyland-everything is wonderful here! If your husband is cheating on you or beating you, if you can’t afford your rent, if your family is persecuting you, if you don’t have a job, in fact if you have serious or ongoing problems in your life, then it must be “your own fault”. There, that’ll teach you to expect help from the church-now slink away quietly-your going to inconvenience me. I’m traveling to help people in need “over there” who REALLY need it. You’re just too close to home and I’d have to get my hands dirty and maybe even get personally INVOLVED with you-eek! I will give you the address of the nearest welfare office/”Christian” counselor/food bank and well, you can just take it from there, can’t you? It is anathema for Christians to get involved in each other’s lives, to be true family as Christ told us to be, to extend hospitality. So many problems would be solved if we cared about being real family, but we’re too “busy”, we think “a professional needs to handle that”, and the never ending “I just don’t have time”. Our culture here is just so selfish, and the results are all around us. The church has lost its moral standing, the country is degraded to end-of-Roman-empire status, and the complaints you hear from Christians all have to do with how inconvenient life can be. Cry me a river.

  • Samantha

    I doubt my salvation so my trial is a little different, and worst of all I’m only eleven. So I really don’t know how to thank God for salvation because it makes me feel not loved so I try to thank God but I just get discouraged and sad because I don’t feel God with me either. I don’t feel saved mainly because I sin too much and I try not to have such a dirty mind but I just don’t feel Him.

  • wanab

    Hello everyone..me and my family are in need…and it wouldn’t hurt your walet to let go of a little bit and help out a family in need. if you can help
    thank you and god bless

  • SaysWho

    Days like today make me doubt the power of prayer. God needs to show up more than he is doing in our world. The evil is winning and from God you hear nothing but crickets. God the devil is kicking our ass here on earth and it would be nice to at least get a small sign from you that you are at least out there and here us. This faith and hope is getting a little old. We need you now, please show yourself.

  • brookcampbellsweet

    How to restore broken relationships and marriage

    Hello to the people of this forum< Am Brooke Campbell from Texas and i can say that am the happiest person on earth since last week with what DR ABULU has done for me , it all started last year October when my fiance left me in Texas and travel to see his parents in Ohio at first him was still calling me and show love even when him was away , but it gets to a point when he no longer gives a shit about me , and i noticed it so when i tried to confront him , he told me that he dose not love me again that he feel like being alone i was shocked and heartbroken when i tried talking he will hang the phone on me i was so heart broken and i was frustrated about this , but on a second thought i was not convince that he was on his right senses so i discuss this with my elder sister who lives in California and she directed me to DR abulu of abuluspiritualtemple@yahoo.com saying that the man has helped her friend in such case before so i said to my self let me tried i contacted this man and explain everything to him and behold dr abulu said to me what am to do and i did exactly what he and he said after three days my fiance will call me and once he calls me i should pick the calls and he gave some other instructions . so i said okay , but to my best surprise on the 7th of November my fiancee called me and started saying on the phone am sorry it was like a dream to me , with this i said i will tell the world of his dr abulu goodness in my life , so if any one is out there and needs help in his or her relationship can also contact him today via

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  • Yvonnie Malunga

    only god can do miracles and wonders.

  • brookcampbellsweet

    yes i know , but to me dr abulu is a God saint to help people

  • Chase Amador

    Jesus is the only way

  • Char Fox


    I’d like you to consider something. The writer was speaking of a single stressful instance but you will also note he says we sometimes have seasons or years. He hasn’t shared every part of his life. It could be fraught with many times he’s suffered greatly.

    I’ve been there. Trying to get my son out the door and running late, stepped on a leggo and limping, almost tripping over the cat. What I maybe didn’t share is that my son is special needs and very oppositional and I don’t have a spouse doing this most days or any days as I’m a single mother working over 40 hrs a week. I may not have said that stepping on the leggo hurt as much as it really did since I wear compression socks and a special boot due to problems with my feet. Or when I nearly fell over the cat because I was chasing off one of the bats I’ve had in my house and no money to make the necessary repairs and remove the bats. Or that I am perhaps permanently sick after finding I lived in a rental that was mold infested just to buy a fixer upper that has more problems than answers and find there was a bat infestation. I spend every day in pain and wear a boot and or back support and compression socks and armband. I take daily medicine to keep going in the midst of the chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia pain caused by the toxins. I don’t see a doctor anymore though I need to. But I’m thousands in medical debt and now trying to keep up with repairs getting help from friends whenever I can. My daughter and grandson currently have nowhere to go and are staying here in cramped living conditions waiting on her test results to see if there was cancer and waiting on her disability to kick in. And I was recently in a position where my job was up in the air and I was so very close to being out of work at the age of 50 and constantly sick. I’m surprised stress hasn’t taken me out, especially since I am an open heart surgery patient since I was born with heart complications that should have killed me at 14 if God hadn’t had other plans. Or the continual molestation I suffered at the hands of my uncle until age 9, or when he tried to rape me when I was 18, or the careless driver who caused me permanent neck and back pain to go with the inflammation pain and a myriad of other health issues. And having my ex brandishing a knife at my face telling me over and over not to go to sleep wasn’t much fun either.

    In addition to all of that, I have the same daily struggle to get my son to the bus or go pay a daycare bill I cannot afford, struggling to balance the checkbook and do a sink full of dirty dishes.

    I started with the same line of thought you’ve expressed until I realized something. Should those in their high dollar cars dropping thousands in the offering each month help with my situation? In my mind yes. But maybe they’ve seen hard times too, maybe they went without and made better choices in order to get what they have. And if not? If we really believe God turns things around for our good and that He is the one who vindicates us, not to mention getting angry at those not helping only hurts us inside with bitterness or anger or depression, then we wouldn’t get upset that they don’t help.

    We do need the Acts church back in existence but if we realize God has a purpose then this too shall pass.

    I don’t agree with those who claim Christianity from the pew but won’t live out James 2.

    15 If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, 16 And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?

    But I’m deciding to not let it eat at me. I have enough troubles in life without making myself sick over this. I have to trust that God’s got this. I don’t always feel like he does and I struggle with keeping my couch and bed dry just as David did.

    I guess all this to say don’t let this steal your peace. It’s not hurting those you may be angry with but actually only hurts you. And I’m sure there are some in Africa and Myanmar who think we Americans struggling to pay rent have it good compared to them. It’s always a matter of how we chose to see things.

    If you read this far, I just want you to know that I’m writing this as much for myself. It is always good to remind ourselves constantly.

  • Ayyy H

    I believe that a God made all of us but I don’t believe in the christian god’s words/ promises etc. I remember being told that God will never leave my side in my deepest time of problems by church members. I took it pretty seriously and trusted him and gave him a chance. Pain after pain I realised that God is as useless as taking a ge class in college that you care nothing about. It broke my heart pretty bad when I had to realise that I am on my own and praying was nothing more than talking and hearing myself.

  • Char Fox

    Ayyy H

    God doesn’t leave our side. But that doesn’t mean He’s gonna jump into your situation. He says in this life we WILL have troubles, but that we should take heart (or keep up hope), remembering He has overcome them all by being home with God where we will be, where He will deliver us from all our troubles. Staying in the Word and prayer is the only way we can learn to trust Him and his Word so that we can remain hopeful for that day. Just hearing what others say about His Word isn’t enough. We have to grow up in our salvation, and as children grow, it is not overnight but through years of walking with Him. And we must accept Him, not just hear a message and “try” and “give Him a chance”. He only works for those who truly desire Him…in troubles or not.

  • Ayyy H

    You can believe that this so called Jesus and God is good but I strongly don’t believe that with my testimony. I strongly believe that prayer, words of the bible is a temporary way to get your hopes up when you are in hard times but in the long run it is absolute poison( and that’s someone who prayed for 2 long years for help). You can judge me and say the enemy is having his way blah blah but actually I just stopped trying to be something that I am not which is a christian. And by all means, jesus teaches good morals in life but if he has the courage to mess with peoples emotions, then that is not for me. If you need help ask the people around you, not some fear mongering fairy upstairs.

  • Char Fox

    God doesn’t work on our time schedule. He’s interested in our hearts being right and if we turn away because things are tough then we didn’t truly mean we wanted Him in the first place. Joseph suffered way more than two years. So did David. Many others. Many today suffer all over the world but still love God.

    Our hope isn’t found in what He can do for us but what He already did when He willingly went through a torturous death so we could one day spend eternity with God because we couldn’t be righteous on our own.

    If you heard God in your spirit tell you something that you couldn’t believe would happen just to see it happen within that same year, you would know He wasn’t a fairy tale, just as I know. He asks us to love one another and love Him and walk in His ways and THEN all these things would be added. He never said He’d fix all our troubles but that we WOULD have troubles. Many people expect God to act and when He doesn’t they want nothing to do with Him. So they wanted Him for what He could do for them and He knows that.

  • Char Fox

    I’d also like to say that two years is such a relatively short time. I’ve been going through over 5 years of some very bad times but I won’t give up on God. I had hard times before throughout my life even before I accepted Christ. Turning away won’t change that.

  • Ayyy H

    Oh 2 years was just the most difficult time that I counted. I had way more before that too but I don’t blame God cause I never really did when I was growing up. What I’m saying is I don’t wait for this God to help even though it may say in the bible through praying or fasting or even going to a camp to experience him. 5 years is nothing too by the way you’re talking to me also.

  • Ayyy H

    But hey I dont judge. When you start to lose everything literally and get sick is when youll lose yourself. I’m just telling people in tough times to not expect any help from this God or jesus

  • Char Fox

    Certainly. 5 years is still short. Doesn’t feel like it when you’re in it though. But I’ve had friends who went 10 and 20 years waiting on a promise from God and they wouldn’t change what they went through now because they can look back and see the reason. My own mother recently saw an over 30 year old dream fulfilled.

    As for prayer and fasting, it goes hand-in-hand with faith. Do we really believe God can and/or will or are we just hoping. Do we want His help for the right reasons or selfish reasons? Church camp won’t solve our problems. If it’s sound Biblical teaching it can help strengthen you through the Word though.

    I know what you mean about literally starting to lose everything and getting sick. I’ve lost nearly everything and had to live with relatives for a year and a half. And I’m eat up with medical debt. Of course massive stress has made the medical issues worse.

    But am I looking at 5 years? 10? 20? 30? Try eternity. Over these last 5 1/2 years, I’ve cried myself into migraines often, but crying to God is preferable to me than crying alone.

    I just pray you you haven’t truly given up and might see that He’s worth holding onto no matter how badly it may seem to hurt.

  • Ayyy H

    True I feel you but what I’ve been saying since the first comment is to not expect God to help you. You get yourself treatment and don’t stress or worry about too much if God hates me for not healing or helping me, etc… I wish no damage to anyone, just the very best. Sadly last week was the time when I truly gave up. I said God I swear I’m too stressed out, if you don’t help me then I want nothing to do with you. I need help now, not in your time, now because of all the time and prayers that went by. With both paremts who live separately burdening me to pay their rent etc and me not being to live my life, you start to lose your sh*t real talk. Endless sleeps of trauma and worries, i live a life of dragging myself. I dont even know myself cause of all the bs going on. And as of now he said given me no help.

  • Dave

    I couldn’t agree more…I have been through almost 5 years of trials after making a bad decision and losing my job. I found a new job but it is further away and quite a bit more stressfull. I turned to God in my time of need, and although my prayers are not always answered, my faith and trust in God gives me something to hope for in the future.

  • Char Fox

    I went through similar periods. And while I didn’t receive immediate help (and have been praying for help now), He did ultimately help in ways I can only call miracles. And I came to a point one day when I finally realized He did love me and I was truly saved, as I questioned my salvation repeatedly. I thought God hated me, thought I was cursed, thought maybe I wasn’t truly repentent in my heart, even questioned if He was really there.

    The two most prominent times were as I blindly sped recklessly through tears beating my fists on the steering wheel screaming at God “I quit!” But a friend helped to calm me and I reaffirmed my faith in God.

    And then a day I was so angry I slung my Bible under my bed in a rage and told Him that I was through. It stayed there for a week or more before I realized quitting wasn’t an option and I picked it up and went on.

    When I prayed God show me I was truly saved, that He loved me, that He show me the truth, I began searching scripture and blogs on these questions. And a day came when I couldn’t get one passage off my mind. I read it repeatedly until a light bulb came on one day and I haven’t questioned my salvation or His love again.

    The passage God placed on my heart were Romans 7 and 8. Even if you believe He hates you and you don’t feel it worth your time, I urge you to read these. Read them repeatedly. You should also read about the crucifixion as often and you will see just how much He loves us. I had to study and read these daily for I’m not sure how long until it sunk in that I was truly saved and seeing what Christ endured to understand the depth of His love.

    If you do nothing else, do yourself a favor and read these. Pray He shows you the truth.

  • Char Fox

    LOL I’m with you on stressful job situations. I have been working late and not taking lunch now for over a year. But I’ve learned that this too shall pass.

    Though it is stressful, God removed one person from our office and increased my salary by having one atheist in a 4 person office quit when 2 of us were ready to quit because of her. That left us splitting her work between the three remaining Christians and receiving her compensation rather than replace her. God works in mysterious ways and in His time.

  • ragna

    i had 12 years of really, i mean really hard time and it is still going on.. i have asked help from god so many times, i have prayed, but it looks today that god still wants me to be stronger still, and all by myself..
    life feels so violent to me, like a carcrach, but even crueller. there are times, that i feel that i got awy with it, it is going to be allright, but no, soon after things will get more hard still.
    i can mention couple of things upsetting me or did in the past: the ongoing cluster headaches(which i view at the moment as blessing, getting me awy from real pain), a very demanding husband plus a child who’s got very special needs and the social workers trying to get her, no she is damaged at heart by all what happend, my brother gone to jail, my mother suffering before my eyes, moving to the other country against my will and not having any friends here, being the slave in the family, can’t even afford my monthly pads, just no love at all, just every day a long task of fighting for my children, so hard that, the older one gets bullied every day, that hurts the most.. cant go on with it. there is no harmony, no fun, never ever anything slightly mood lifting, cant afford anything for years, just ongoing struggle just to be alive. and the god.. i do hope i have a meaning in the end in all this..
    thank you for listening, i did’nt mean to complain but we all do have limits and mine was today

  • Char Fox

    It’s days like this Ragna when the body of Christ are here for encouraging one another. I know those days. I’ve felt so very alone when surrounded by people. Days it seemed everything went wrong and I was in pain all day, days I worried how I was going to pay the rent this month, kept asking the daycare if they’d let me make up the payments on payday.

    Through all of it, I’m thankful for friends who’ve let me rant, cry, talk. Sometimes we gotta let it all out.

    Just know that now we know in part but then we will know fully. On that day, we will understand God’s plan and know where He was taking us.

    I keep this little story handy. When our days look their worst, it may be God is working things out to better than we could have imagined.

    Me (in a tizzy) : God, can I ask you something?
    GOD: Sure.
    Me: Promise you won’t get mad?
    GOD: I promise.
    Me (frustrated): Why did you let so much stuff happen to me today?
    GOD: What do you mean?
    Me: Well I woke up late,
    GOD: Yes
    Me: My car took forever to start,
    GOD: Okay….
    Me (growling): At lunch, they made my sandwich wrong and I had to wait
    GOD: Hmmmm..
    Me: On the way home, my phone went dead, just as I picked up a call
    GOD: All right
    Me (loudly): And to top it all off, when I got home, I just wanted to soak my feet in my foot massager and relax, but it wouldn’t work. Nothing went right today! Why did you do that?
    GOD: Well let me see….. the death angel was at your bed this morning and I had to send one of the other angels to battle him for your life.I let you sleep through that.
    Me (humbled): Oh…
    GOD: I didn’t let your car start because there was a drunk driver on your route that might have hit you if you were on the road
    Me (ashamed): …………
    GOD: The first person who made your sandwich today was sick and I didn’t want you to catch what they have, I knew you couldn’t afford to miss work
    Me (embarrassed): Oh…..
    GOD: Your phone went dead because the person that was calling was going to give a false witness about what you said on that call, I didn’t even let you talk to them so you would be covered
    Me (softly): I see God
    GOD: Oh and that foot massager, it had a short that was going to throw out all of the power in your house tonight. I didn’t think you wanted to be in the dark.
    Me: I’m sorry God.
    GOD: Don’t be sorry, just learn to trust me………in all things, the good and the bad
    Me: I WILL trust you God
    GOD: And don’t doubt that my plan for your day is always better than your plan
    Me: I won’t God. And let me just tell you God, thank you for everything today.
    GOD: You’re welcome child. It was just another day being your God and I love looking after my children.

  • One Truth

    For someone who says they do not believe in God, You sure are bashing Him. I mean why waste your breath on what you don’t believe in?

    And why come here and try and tear these individuals down with your anti-Christ rhetoric? There is an atheist blog you know….

  • One Truth

    “When you start to lose everything literally”

    You mean like Jesus did when He went to the cross for you?

  • One Truth

    Oh He will soon. And you wont like it………….

  • One Truth

    Keep studying Gods Word sister and do not ever fold to the the lies of the workers of iniquity out there. God Truly Loves You. Stay strong.

  • One Truth

    { “be a good person with good intentions” }

    No One is good, Not Even One…..Romans 3:10

    { “But do not get stuck with the idea that Christianity is the only way..” }

    John 14:6 Jesus said to them “I am The Way, and The Truth, and The Life; No one comes to the Father but through ME.”

    Its a good thing Jesus Christ went to the cross for our sins……

    Repent and Believe.

  • One Truth

    All I can say is THANK YOU JESUS CHRIST!

  • One Truth


  • One Truth

    There is no first two without the last two.

  • One Truth

    Trust Jesus!

  • One Truth

    Trust in Jesus Christ!

  • One Truth

    Remember this, as a child of God, you already have everything in Christ Jesus. Eternal Salvation.

    So you have Gods love shinning down on you and and He will never leave you.

    And yes, there are a lot of people out there who SEEM to have more than you or I, as far as worldly and materialistic things, but if they are without Christ, Those things are all they will ever have.

  • One Truth

    JESUS CHRIST is the TRUE Dr.

  • One Truth


  • Char Fox

    Todd, something I believe is there are no atheists. You cannot be against something you say you don’t believe in. Agnostic maybe, but not atheist.

    However, Ayyy H said they do believe in God, they just don’t believe He’s good. That they came here seems to me that they are searching to find out if God really is good. They were somehow brought to read about how to rebuild your trust in hard times, angry at God for not answering their prayers as they thought He should or in their time and not His.

    Ayyy H needs to feel God’s love. All we can do is pray God show His love, whether through others or outright. It can be hard to believe God loves you when life keeps kicking you, but we have to make the choice to continue on and grow or give in and turn back and hold onto that anger.

    Many in scripture got angry at God for not doing what they thought He should. Jonah comes to mind. But they discovered God’s plan and knowledge are greater and repented of their anger.

    And that is an instruction from God…do not be angry. Because part of that wisdom we don’t always grasp is that anger hurts the one who is angry the most. It controls our thoughts and makes us bitter inside, carrying around our hurts. Being God knew this and warned us not to be angry shows He is good and looking out for our wellbeing.

  • Onyekachi

    Thank you God for your word, it is time to release your blessing so i can part take and fulfill my purpose in life through your mighty help. I need you lord.

  • One Truth

    Hello Char. I agree with you on one point. There are no atheists. Romans 1:18-21 makes that perfectly clear. I used the term so that I could direct them to the blog that would better suite their ideology, which is atheist blog.

    If there was an anti-Christ blog, I would have directed them there.

    Char, when you start to Study Gods word deeply and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you in His wisdom, you will get a greater understanding of what the word of God is truly implying and you will learn to stand strong for Christ against the enemy and use Gods word to back it up.

    Char, You said:

    “However, Ayyy H said they do believe in God, they just don’t believe He’s good. That they came here seems to me that they are searching to find out if God really is good.”

    Char, this is not what was said. Let me quote Ayyy H.

    “I don’t believe in the christian god’s words/ promises etc.”

    “I realised that God is as useless”

    “You can believe that this so called Jesus and God is good but I strongly don’t believe that with my testimony. I strongly believe that prayer, words of the bible is a temporary way to get your hopes up when you are
    in hard times but in the long run it is absolute poison”

    “If you need help ask the people around you, not some fear mongering fairy upstairs.”

    “to not expect God to help you.”

    So lets sum this up. They do not believe in the word of God, Gods useless, Jesus and God are a temporary way to get your hopes up and and are ABSOLUTE POISON and last but not least, one should not rely on the Fear Mongering Fairy upstairs called God to help you.

    I’m sorry Char, but where is your spiritual discernment?

    This is our charge from God, to defend Him and His word, especially when slandered in public. Listen to what Stephen said to the non believing Jews right before they stoned him……..

    Acts 7:51….You men who are stiff-necked and uncircumcised in the heart and ears are always resisting the Holy Spirit; you are doing just as your fathers did.

    Again, Look what Jesus instructed the Disciples in regards to liars…

    Matthew 15:13-14….But He answered and said “Every plant that My Heavenly Father did not plant shall be uprooted. Let them alone; they are blind guides of the blind,. And if a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit.”

    Jesus speaking to more unbelievers who are against Him, John 8:43-44……

    “Why do you not understand what I am saying? It is because you cannot hear my word.You are of your father the devil. Also read Matthew 13.

    Matthew 7:6…..” Do not give what is Holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces”

    And 1 John 2:18-19…..Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have appeared; from this we know that it is the last hour. They went out from us, but they were not really of us; for if they had been of us, they would have remained with us; but they went out, so it would shown that they all are not of us.

    Now Then, here are the Apostle Paul’s instructions for the seasoned man of God…..2 Timothy 4:1-5…..I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by His appearing in His kingdom: preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with great patience and instruction.

    For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires,

    and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths.

    But You,be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of the evangelist, fulfill your ministry.

    Yes Char, we are to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. That is what We are to do, for the sake of our heart not hardening in hatred. But We Are Not to defend unbelievers when they outright reject Christ Jesus and slander Gods Holy name.

    The seasoned Christian ( through Holy discernment ) can spot the difference between a Lost Soul / Seeker and an antichrist a mile away.

    Ones asking questions, the other is spewing evil.

    This is spiritual warfare Char and it is the Christians responsibility to mature in Gods Word and in Wisdom and stand fast against the schemes of the devil. Ephesians 6:10-19.

    By the way, where you speak of the bible teaching us not to be angry, That is referring to evil anger towards others. The Apostle Paul states in Ephesians 4:26….Be Angry , And Yet Do Not Sin.

    A perfect example would be Jesus in the temple when He drove out the money changers and also in Galatians 2:11-14 where Paul came against Peter in regard to his actions of hypocrisy.

    It is ok to be angry with a Godly anger towards sinfulness and evil actions, but do not hold hate in your heart over it. Too many people ( Especially Christians ) do not understand the difference between judging someone and admonishing someone. There is a difference, and one we are to do and the other we should not.

    Char, I hope this helps. God Bless

  • Ayyy H

    Lol I aint no anti christ.. what a fool you are. Huge fool at it too

  • Ayyy H

    It’s called a blog for a reason sherlock fkn Holmes lol

  • Ayyy H

    You should take some reading comprehension classes cause you literally understand nothing I said. Lol what a joke

  • One Truth

    “I don’t believe in the christian god’s words/ promises etc.”

    “is to not expect God to help you. You get yourself treatment”

    “I’m just telling people in tough times to not expect any help from this God or jesus”

    Then you do not believe in, or trust in, or put your hope in the One True God. You can shake it up and twist it around all you want, but you are an bitter, unbeliever who has come to this particular blog to stir the pot against those who believe, but are going through rough times.

  • One Truth

    “If you need help ask the people around you, not some fear mongering fairy upstairs.”

    “this so called Jesus”

    Your Own Words.

    Revelation 21:6-8…….

    Then He said to me, “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give to the one who thirsts from the spring, of the water of life without cost.
    He who overcomes will inherit these things (Eternal Life), and I will be his God and he will be my son.
    But for the Cowardly and Unbelieving and Abominable and Murderers and Immoral Persons and Sorcerers and Idolaters and ALL LIARS, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

  • Char Fox

    Todd, I’ve read and reread your response and quite frankly, I don’t know how to respond. I’ll just need to state simply that I disagree with many things you’ve said without actually going into all of them, because some of them sound accusatory and I don’t want to answer in that light. I will just pray on it.

  • Ayyy H

    Let it out child. Let it out. You have anger and just want to bash it out on others. You were mistreated. Let it out young one. I never said God wasn’t real nor was jesus. I stated to not expect anything illiterate child. Let it out. You’re broken inside. See ya

  • One Truth

    Char, you are not disagreeing with me, that is Gods word. We can not change it and make it say what we want to.
    And Gods word is accusatory. It accuses all of us as being dead in sin and as filthy rags before a Holy God. It is a very offensive book to read if one does not agree with it.
    But for those who agree, we feel dirty, sin filled and spiritually dead, to the point of falling down before our Lord and in all of our brokeness, repenting of our sins. James 4:6-10, John 6:59-65, 2 Corinthians 7:8-12

    Anyway Char, Praying on it is a good direction. I would certainly never suggest to just take my word for it.
    Then again, that”s why I spoke with so much scripture attached. I let Gods authoritative word do the talking.

    Char, please read James 1:5, 1 John 2:24-29 and john 14:26. I have prayed and lived by these verses for years. God does teach the faithful servant.

    God Bless You

  • One Truth

    Why not expect anything?

  • Judy Kuzmitz

    got a mess in the kitchen , be grateful to God for the food he has given you. Bird flies in you front door, be grateful to God you have a home for it to fly into. Fussy kid, be grateful to God some would love to be in your shoes. Truck cuts you off, be grateful to God you saw it in time and also that you even have a car and money to buy gasoline( he may have put that truck there to slow you down for a reason).
    Although I understand stressful days I also know what it is like to not have a home or a job and not much money for food and other necessaties. God has taught me to be grateful and appreciate the fact that life is sometimes stressful

  • Char Fox

    It has been too many days, and a hectic and stressful time, that I don’t recall what it was that struck me the wrong way. And I don’t know if you edited any of the previous post. But there was something I read, I believe from your post, maybe it was another here, but I don’t know. I wasn’t referring to scripture but some personal comment I’d read.

    Believe me, I “know” the scriptures. But considering all the wrong beliefs I held for 45 years, you don’t go from 0 to 100 in under 60 seconds. Study the Word to get discernment, wisdom, knowledge, strength, holiness, healing, love, etc. etc. So which should one start on first? Cause I’ve been working on all those and more.

    But I have seen people go through very difficult situations and believed God hated them and was punishing them. I WAS one of those. I was negative and uncaring. Compassion is one thing I prayed hard for and is something God’s poured into me. Strength and faith are also at the top of the list. And through great trials and much prayer, both have greatly increased. I’m sure discernment will get there eventually.

    As for anger, not sure but it sounds as if you feel I said something different. Because you reiterated the point I was trying to make.

  • One Truth

    “Study the Word to get discernment, wisdom, knowledge, strength, holiness, healing, love, etc. etc. So which should one start on first? Cause I’ve been working on all those and more.”

    Actually Char, If you remove the words “Study the Word” in your comment and insert the word PRAY, That my Sister, is where we should Always start first.

    I actually believe in my heart that you already know this. But please, do not get me wrong, Studying Gods Word is extremely important. And He does speak to us through His Word.
    But Prayer…..That my sister is where go to ask our Lord for these things. Then our Lord speaks His answers and His teachings in that still, small voice in our heart And through His Word.

    In the above post I made to you, I mentioned James 1:5. Actually 1:5-8 should be kept together. This is one of the most powerful pieces of scripture because it lets us know how close we really are to God.
    And He is always listening to us. Waiting for us to call on Him for anything, but is especially pleased when we ask Him for the attributes that you mentioned above. We are His beloved children, and it is His desire to give us these things, if only we would ask.

    “And through great trials and much prayer, both have greatly increased. I’m sure discernment will get there eventually.”

    And they Will continue to increase. God works within us at a pace that allows us to heal and grow in ways where we can fully retain His will for us. And this takes time. Sometimes, by our actions, we cause it to take longer. Nevertheless, many lessons are learned on the way.

    By your own statement, God has healed your heart, But you allowed Him to do so by becoming obedient to Him. You had to become broken first, and realize that you needed Him.

    God does major surgery on our brokeness and our pride before He starts teaching us. But now your heart is ready.

    Isaiah 66:2 “But to this one I will look, To him who is humble and contrite of spirit, and who trembles at My word.”

    May the Lord God continually heal you and bless you Char.

  • GorgeousB

    this story made me misty eyed, thanks for sharing. I will keep it also in my journal apps, and will go over it again on days when ”I have not so nice day”. For some reason I just landed on this article to keep me calm bec just a couple of hours ago, the train where I was riding just hit a truck. I realised that worse could have happened to me…but I have Jesus in my life and I am glad I am still able to read inspiring articles such as this now.

  • Char Fox

    When I say study the Word, I don’t mean I don’t pray. I often pray that God will give me wisdom through His Word and help me get a valuable lesson from it. I pray each day that He help me be a blessing to others. But I need to study the Word daily because it is how I renew my mind from all I was taught wrongly. And as I remember passages, they help when I need to quote them when facing things I can’t deal with alone and can’t take time to search for a passage that will help in the time of need.

    I have a terrible time memorizing. The more I read the Word the more I find myself remembering Scripture when I need i . I can quote a verse repeatedly and commit it to memory. But by the time I’ve remembered the third, I’ve forgotten the first one I learned. By continuing to read and not try memorizing, I’m actually remembering more.

  • One Truth

    I hear You. We should all study as often as possible. Gods word is alive and is constantly teaching.

  • Kalista

    Tragedy injures and kills. Any new found strength is a consolation prize at best. It doesn’t make up for the loss. As a single, only child, only POA, for 2 Alzheimer’s patients, my parents, I don’t feel stonger. I have watched our lives spin out of control for a decade, and we could easily have to endure another decade. My mother lost her battle wtih the disease 6 months ago, suffering horrifically the last 2 years. My father was so traumatized by my mother’s illness, that he started hallucinating badly and lost most of his communication skills. I am very sick, barely able to walk, and I don’t have a diagnosis yet. The disease has killed all of us.
    I was very angry with God until I realized that he wasn’t the one trivializing my family’s tragedy. God isn’t the one who has invalidated our feelings. People offered help, but didn’t answer voice mails. People wanted me to be stoic and take one day at a time, when I was living hours at a time. I have run back & forth between 2 ERs. I have listened to my parents scream for hours and beg me to kill them.
    Tragedies kill. They don’t make us stronger. Only love and support can do that. I refuse to believe that God wanted this suffering for my family, in order to teach some lesson.
    Tragedies kill. Don’t trivialize them with cliches. Be authentic. It’s acceptable to say that you don’t know how to help. Don’t pretend that you can completely empathize. Each of us has unique experiences with tragedy.
    Tragedies kill. Don’t trivialize the value of our lives here on Earth by promising that God will take away the suffering in heaven. If this life were so unimportant, we wouldn’t be here.
    Tragedies kill with chronic stress, chronic sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression and suicide. You can reduce the damage by listening.

  • Kalista

    I won’t tell you not to feel angry and hurt. You have every right to feel that way. At some point, you will need to move on from the anger. How? I’m not an expert. I still have a lot of anger, and pain. I use distraction, and I write my thoughts. I walk my dog. I read my wildlife journals. I post my thoughts to blogs like this. My heart aches for you, and I wish I could take on the pain for you. I don’t know you, but I do care. I don’t want anyone to suffer tragedy.

    I think we know very little about God, and I think sometimes we Christians set people up for heartache. I won’t tell you what to believe. That is your choice. Just try to believe me when I say that there are good and loving people in this world, of all faiths, that are willing to listen. Keep posting, talking and writing. You will be in my thoughts.

  • Christine D’Alessandro

    Life can be very difficult at times. I certainly don’t pretend to know all of life’s answers. But I do know that I too have gone through some hardships in my life. My father was a non functioning alcoholic and my mother was someone who was not strong enough nor Godly enough to help the family. I am one of seven children. When I just turned three my mother walked me to an orphanage and left me there. I felt very abandoned by both parents and as I grew older I promised myself that my children will never see the inside of an orphanage. When I was eleven I was placed in a abusive foster family. I left that very bad situation when I was 18. I won’t get into details but I was angry for quite a while, wondering where were You God when I needed you? Now that I am older I see things very differently. If my mother had somehow kept me with my other siblings, I am not sure that my life would not be has good as it is now. I have learned that our ways are not God’s ways and we may never understand. I now have a wonderful family that I never take for granted and I am grateful for most things in life people don’t even think about. It has taken me quite a while to get to that way of thinking but I am glad I am here and I thank God for it. I believe He was taking care of me even when I thought He abandoned me. My siblings who stayed with my parents often did not have enough to eat in fact my younger brother said that he would go through garbage cans looking for food. They also did not have an upbringing that educated them about God and exposed them to opportunities such as learning to swim, violin lessons, museums, and the orphanage gave us many opportunities that I would not have had. None of them had a High School education. God has bless me with a family now and I am very grateful. May God bless all of you on this blog.

  • HowVerySad

    How in the world can many of us good single men today meet a good woman that isn’t very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, and very greedy, which most of them i would say are like that today. And most of the women of years ago were never like that which explains why our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles had it much more easier finding love with each other since the times were certainly a lot more different for them back then which is a very good reason why their marriage lasted so very long which many of them are still together now as i speak. And today many marriages don’t even last that long anymore.

  • Savannah Nash

    By NOT displaying those characteristics yourself, you won’t attract that type of person. Today women expect MORE from a relationship than their moms and grandmoms did because they have OPTIONS. They CAN and DO bring home the bacon, and they don’t want to have to come home and DO all the child rearing, and all the cleaning, etc. They want a partner, not some caveman who is demanding, and a throwback to ancient times. What isn’t discussed about those marriages is that women suffered in silence. They had NO earning power and no way to provide for themselves in most cases, so they had to make it their marriages or else they had NOTHING. My mom was a widowed early in life, she never remarried, and she had to raise us kids in a society and time that didn’t HELP her. She worked for a wage LOWER than her counterparts, and even though she did more than her male counterparts ALWAYS, she NEVER got compensated. I don’t know how she did what she did. But the men that came around were LOSERS. She was an independent woman-she had NO choice, and I was raised to take care of myself and not “depend” on marriage to take care of me, but to be self reliant. Sadly I have lost two spouses, but my spouses were my equals and we had partnership, not domination. But I look at my peers who stay in these stale, loveless, dead marriages because they never learned to provide for themselves and they are miserable-such wasted lives imho. Their spouses cheat, and treat them like dirt, and these are church going men, ugh. Suffice to say marriage has changed, family values have changed, our society and culture doesn’t support values other than greed, selfishness and LUST…it isn’t just the women, men are just as MESSED up as women these days.

  • Savannah Nash

    Christine, you are a survivor, and that is SO awesome…and you beat the odds, that is wonderful!!!

  • Savannah Nash

    Blessings on you, I hear ya, there does come a point where the human spirit reaches threshold from the chaos and madness some of us have to live. But I have to say listening is a start, but offering valid caring solutions would be better. We need more hands and feet in the Body to REACH out to the hurting, get involved in the messy and quit just giving lip service, give a hand where you can. Be a shelter in the storm for those hurting.

  • Savannah Nash

    God is NOT useless, unless our understanding of who He is wrong. I will challenge you, ask God to reveal Himself to you, not on your terms, but on His. Blessings on you, but for eternity’s sake, do NOT believe the lie that God isn’t WHO He says He is!!!!!!!!!

  • Savannah Nash

    Got it wrong, Jesus, NEVER messes with anyone’s emotions. NEVER. What you got going on if you think forces are messing with your emotions are not from heavenly places. Jesus was more than a moral teacher, that is a lie from dark places. More than mere mortal, more than flesh and blood, with ALL power, ALL glory, and ALL authority, and EVERY knee will bow, EVERY tongue WILL confess that Jesus is LORD. Evil in this world is REAL, it counterfeits good, it clouds judgement, but make no mistake, there is ONE greater.

  • Savannah Nash

    Many are the afflictions of the righteous, look at what the disciples endured, but they ENDURED, and they walked by faith, despite it all, they RAN their race, and they kept at it until the end. They were given GRACE to endure, and with each breath, they kept at it. While being STONED, they kept at it, while being beaten, they kept at it, while being boiled in oil, they kept at it. Run your race, KEEP at it. Look at the missionaries that were martyred, but the kept at it, and the gospel spread. It is a narrow road, and many will choose not to take at it, but those that do…those that have SEEN THE GLORY of the LORD. They understand to the depth of their being that they are merely sojourners in a fallen world. This is NOT our home, too many try to make it home. When it falls short, many blame God, if you are redeemed, wise up to the fact that this is NOT YOUR HOME, you are merely visiting, passing through, acquisition is not our task here. Get that deep in your spirit and liberty will follow.

  • Savannah Nash

    Not to diminish your pain, not my intent, but I think there is wrong expectation on what true help is. God is not santa claus. This isn’t Biblical but it is profound, and might give you a tad of insight, what you are not changing, you are choosing. Why do you choose worry, that is defeating, it isn’t positive, and it is highly defeating? If something is dysfunctional, why continue making that choice? Try a different route.

  • Savannah Nash

    Baloney…that is when you should fall on your knees, ask for mercy. I have seen God HEAL, do MIRACLES, and signs and wonders, it has NOT passed away. I will TESTIFY that MY GOD IS ABLE and no respecter of persons.

  • Savannah Nash

    and have your eternity in darkness by all means follow a false prophet..

    -why would you want an ex back…not logical
    -if you have bad dreams-what nonsense are you filling your head with or exposing yourself to during waking hours-delete that garbage and be FREE from haunting dreams or night terrors

    Promotions do not bring happiness long,
    Lust isn’t going fulfill you long term-it is fleeting, let them run on by
    Being rich has issues and problems too, it isn’t the answer for bliss
    Why TIE yourself to anyone, that isn’t LOVE, true love STAYS, let it go if they want someone else, it won’t be long and they will leave them as well.

    Counterfeit stuff doesn’t last, it eventually burns out, and then you are worse off…please WISE up and do not be so gullible, another human can NOT fix your life

  • Kalista

    Thank you for your words of comfort. You empathize with me and acknowledge my tragedy. It’s difficult to find words of comfort, isn’t it? What helps one individual can hurt another. Sometimes the injured want resolutions to their issues, but sometimes they just desperately want to be heard. I have worked on my empathy skills a lifetime, and I still need more practice. I believe the Holy Spirit can calm us through the panic attacks, encourage us to better empathize, and prevent us from succumbing to terror and hatred. It took me a very, very long time to come to this realization. I would certainly prefer a Superman to come in and save the day, and I do believe we need to better set the expectations of our fellow Christians. But, I agree with you. Listening to one another, can only help all of us. Teaching one another those listening skills can better enable us to “hear” the “Holy Spirit”.
    Continue sharing your thoughts. You are helping.

  • JJJ4J

    I live in one town in Cyprus and I know the Lord has called us to move to another town because the fellowship there is absolutely brill, we have been going weekly for months and months but it is a 98 mile drive there and 98 miles back. We have been waiting nearly SIX months now for Him to provide us with a house closer to rent and nothing is happening and friends just tell me to keep on praying. Why? Did God not hear me the last one hundred times then that I have to keep on keeping on, does that not make HIm out to be a not very nice parent? He knows my heart He knows my desires and yet I am told I have to keep praying and, to be honest, I am so fed up. We are in our 70s and do not need this sort of waiting. And the car is not getting any younger and what do we do if that packs up, not to mention the cost in petrol each week and the fact that we cannot be as involved as we would like in the fellowship. I am sorry to whinge so but I do want to know the answer to my question. I want a good and valid reason for it and telling me because God says so will not hack it! I know my major problem is that I am a ‘doer’ and to a ‘doer’ prayer seems to be so ‘not doing’!

  • JJJ4J

    I have a fabulous friend who has just reached 50 but she has turned down any offers she has had because they have not been on the same spiritual wavelength that she is on and she is now happy in her singleness. I have been married for 47 years to the same unbelievably wonderful man.

  • JJJ4J

    As someone who is a mother and a grandmother I can assure you my expectations were way up there and my beloved of 47 years has met all of them, but then we have walked with the Lord for 40 years of our marriage, prior to that, it was a different story! Our marriage has been built for the last 40 years on the word of God. And one thing I can guarantee I am most certainly not the submissive little wifey in the kitchen!

  • JJJ4J

    As someone who has an equally appalling tale to tell I definitely find your comment about being grateful for things in life most people don’t even think about resonates with me so much. Our children went to university, the first generation to do so. I have a roof over my head, clothes which are not second hand, food in the fridge and we have a car. We have travelled to other countries of the world, usually on mission, when our parents never went outside of the UK. In our 70s we are still mobile and our children are walking with the Lord and every day we have the opportunity to share about Jesus with those who may not know Him yet. I have more than enough furniture, in fact I feel swamped with material possessions but I would shed them in an instant if that is what God wanted me to do! Hallelujah!

  • JJJ4J

    The tragedy is that there was nobody who could be ‘Jesus with skin on’ for you. Fancy having to go through all that on your own, my dear, that is the tragedy. Yes I know God helps us but He most certainly wants His body to do some of the ‘helping’ too (in fact most of it) instead of parroting “go home, keep warm eat well” as it says in scripture. I wonder if you have a diagnosis yet and I do wonder if it is myeloencaphalitis with fibromyalgia? I have a friend, who was in the caring profession suffered from this for years, it would seem that caring for someone or many leaves a few open to this disease which is now being recognised as a valid viral disease. I trust it is so because it is very manageable.

  • Laurie M.

    In number 2 you say “Every difficulty in your life, whether big or small, is something God will use to produce more strength, faith and perseverance in you if you let Him! All your pain has a purpose.” Since my husbands sudden death I have prayed. I’ve begged and pleaded just to find peace in my heart yet every single day gets more and more difficult. I have even given thanks for bringing my precious husband into my life. I still cannot find peace in my heart. Again, this has caused me to question my faith. If this is truly a promise from God why then am I not growing in faith but questioning it instead. I am worried!!!!! AND I NEED MY HUSBAND MORE THAN GOD DOES!!!!!

  • sena

    Many are the afflictions of the righteous, look at what the disciples endured, but they ENDURED, and they walked by faith, despite it all, they RAN their race, and they kept at it until the end. They were given GRACE to endure, and with each breath, they kept at it. While being STONED, they kept at it, while being beaten, they kept at it, while being boiled in oil, they kept at it. Run your race, KEEP at it. Look at the missionaries that were martyred, but the kept at it, and the gospel spread. It is a narrow road, and many will choose not to take at it, but those that do…those that have SEEN THE GLORY of the LORD. They understand to the depth of their being that they are merely sojourners in a fallen world. This is NOT our home, too many try to make it home. When it falls short, many blame God, if you are redeemed, wise up to the fact that this is NOT YOUR HOME, you are merely visiting, passing through, acquisition is not our task here. Get that deep in your spirit and liberty will follow.

  • angeltee77

    Hello, as i read i understand the frustration as yes at time my sister it may seem like prayers or not answered. The fact of the matter is what if the prayer that you are praying, has been answered, what if the lord does not intend for you to drive 98 miles, are does not intend for you to be in the area that you desire. For the lord has a plan for us all. the fact is so many times we forget the fact the god is really in control. we forget that his ways or higher then our own. yes we desire and request so much from our father. yet we are not willing to accept the answer that he provides us. for he know more then we do. as we pray steadily and wait for an answer we are quick to anger, instead of just saying thank you lord. For we do not know the outcome of tomorrow for only the lord our father does.

  • Zaz Goodies

    I cannot begin to even imagine the pain that you are going through so I will not insult you by saying that I know what you are going through but I understand your pain, your emptiness, your frustration, and all those other feelings of despair that you are feeling right now. You don’t know me and I don’t know you but we are still one in Christ and it pains me to hear about your lost. I read your post and many christian have been through a pain so extreme that they can no longer see God’s glory in their life but let me assure you that it is there. God is God and he doesn’t change through time; he is the same God that you loved when your husband was still alive. We will never understand God’s ways or purpose because we are humans and it is beyond our intellectual abilities which is why almost everything God does makes absolutely no sense to us. But let me ask you what do gain by rejecting god? What has this world got to offer you? Will going back to believing in nothing and indulging in this world will take the pain away? Can you lie to yourself by telling yourself that there is not a God greater than anything will ever encounter and that you have never met him? Your situation reminds me a lot of my last bible study: Luke chapter 7. You remind me of John the baptist. John knew that Jesus was the God he witness it first hand and yet when he was facing death he sent his messengers to ask Jesus are you the one to come or should we expect someone else? Jesus said :”28 I tell you, among those born of women there is no one greater than John; yet the one who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.” So Jesus still blessed John even though he had lost all his faith and almost made his disciples lost theirs. But even with those words of blessings, Jesus knew that John the Baptiste had to die just like he knew he had to endure the unthinkable suffering and torture on the cross. We do not chose to follow God when things are working in our favour our for the blessings that he provides but we walk with the Lord against all odds because despite all the pain and all the evil in this world we still believe in his word, in his promesse and we want to see his will be done and we will not stop working for him until it his done. You said that you pray for God to give you peace but it is impossible because deep down you don’t want God’s peace, you have rejected it and your heart has harden and is filled with grief and anger towards the Lord… But like everything it will pass and God will give you space to deal with your anger but he will never forsake you please sister believe this HE WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU I promise you this. You are in my thoughts and prayers May the lord comfort you in this painful period. Much love from a sister in Christ.

  • Marzipan

    Laura you are lucky. Many people never find a partner and never experience a close loving relationship. I don’t know how long you had with your husband, but it seems you did have a wonderful close and loving relationship with him. That is a very fortunate thing to have experienced. My daughter in her early 30s has never had any kind of close relationship. The kind of people she is drawn to are not attracted to her although she is a warm compassionate human being. Be grateful for the time you’ve had with your husband. Relive the wonderful memories and smile. He would want you to do that. He would not want you to fall apart and not cope but to keep him near you through loving, happy memory. We all separate in the the end, but not all of us are fortunate enough to have happy memories of a unique shared relationship. Be glad, you are luckier than many, perhaps most.

  • Miraf

    Hello Ayyy H. I am sad to know and hear about your sufferings and never-ending struggles. Let me tell you my story, I grow up with a family struggling financially, emotionally and spiritually. My father is a fisherman, sometimes his income is not enough to support the needs of his six children and sometimes it would be used by my mother to buy alcohol. My mother is a drunkard, I grow up taking care of my younger brothers when she is drowning herself with alcohol with her friends, usually, she will come home very late at night that we have to fetch her since our house is far from our neighbors. I struggled for so many years, there were times that we have to skip a meal and have nothing to eat. Nothing hurts like the pain of the person you love, my heart bleeds whenever I look at my father carrying all the burdens we have and trying so hard to feed us and send us to school. Sometimes, we go to school with tattered clothes and our school obligations are unpaid that we have to make a promissory notes. This have been my situation since elementary years, until I reached High School. College days were even worst, I took up a scholarship examination sponsored by the Local Government Unit and by God’s grace I passed and studied with a free tuition fee. I would only be paying the Miscellaneous Fee, but still, it was hard so I decided to be a working student. I work as a house helper on my Third Year in college and became a Student Assistant during my last year in college. It was tough but I trusted God and know more about Him by the help of my fellow working students. When I am about to graduate, my mother almost died due to illness. That was the time I realized that no matter how bad she is, I don’t wanna lose her. I think about a life without her, I think about what if she did not let us live, I think about the children who never had he chance too see this world because they were aborted. I realized I am still bless to have a mother, she may not be the best, but I would never ever experience and see the best in this world without her. I prayed to God earnestly and sincerely, trusting Him that He would heal my mother and He did. With the help of God and my determination to succeed, I was able to finish my studies and now, I am already working and helping my father send my younger brothers to school.

    Sometimes, God put us in a difficult situation to mold us to the best of what we can be, to strengthen our faith in Him and make us stronger. We may hear a long silence and thought that He is not listening, but He is. We just have to believe, have faith, do our best and pray without ceasing. He never said it would be easy, but He would always be with us along the way. Sometimes, with all the difficulties and trials in life, we think we are buried, but actually we are planted. It is painful and confusing, but behind those dark clouds are blessings that only God have seen. Be thankful for life, there are those who are not given the chance to live. Be thankful for today, some did not have the chance to wake up. Be thankful for the food on your table, many people have nothing to eat. Be thankful. Always see the best in everything that happens and look everyone with love, believe that there is still good in this world, co’z if we don’t, then we also failed to believe that there is goodness and beauty in us. You exist because you matter. Be brave to overcome your fears and challenges, and never let those challenges overcome you. Be BETTER, not bitter. Trials could break us in an instant, but it would only be for a short time, because after that will emerge a stronger and better version of ourselves.With all the difficulties I have, I’ve learned to give because I know how it feels to have nothing, to be compassionate and kind, to love and value what I have, to work hard and above all to trust and surrender everything to GOD. We have plans, but GOD has better plans for us. Pray and have faith, GOD was able to give His life for us, how much more the desires of your heart.

    These are the Bible Verses I always put in my mind;

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a better future.” -Jeremiah 29:11

    “For God so love the world that He gave us His only Begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”
    -John 3:16-

    “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.”
    -John 16:33-

    I will keep you in my prayers, may you learn to acknowledge and surrender to God. May the Lord touch your heart and reveal Himself to you. With God, you can make it… 🙂 Keep safe and God bless.

  • Ayyy H

    Your life is so very similar to mine. It was like reading my own autobiography but you are actually a few years older than me because I am still going for my undergrad . Time has since I originally posted yet I appreciate your response. Although I believe that there is no help from a God in a day to day basis, it seems as if he will try to use me at the end of my life through the sufferings I have gone through AND will continully go through. Once again appreciate the calm response from you

  • Isak Andrè Wøien

    Somethings broken in the western society. The Christians of the west should rally to have a entirely christian nation in Europe. Where no non-christian is allowed to become a citizen, live, work, invest or participate in everyday political or organizational life.

  • Professor Positive

    I’m sorry, but He has left me, and I have to say it again. When I was 12 years old, a adult molested (RAPED!) me. How can anyone say God did not leave me? It is as if they read Jesus when He said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me” and forget the “come unto me part.” When a drunk killed my brother, then became, of all things!!, a pastor, and STILL has not apologized in any form to my family, is that not God leavnig me? As sinful as I am, were I God (ad you can be thankful I’m not!) I surely would have either prevented the above mentioned horrors, or at least provided succor of some type. Neither has come to me. It seems clear to me that Gofd is a LEAST choosy about who He helps, otherwise I would still be employed, instead of the person (G.A.) at CH Robinson who reprimanded me for NOT lying to clients!!!! And then lying to every potential new employer, saying I mis-performed my duties. Well, if you see lying to clients as a duty, i guess I did, but while I was ot shocked the my superiors had no problem with lying, I was shocked when God did (and has done) nothing to at least help me get a new job! My current belief is that God doesn’t exist, and our prayers are as useless as if we gave them to a pet rock. Alternitively, God does exist, but He is unwilling or unable to help. Either option leaves us alone in our trials.

  • Professor Positive

    And the below post of mine is so riddled with errors, not of logic, but of spelling,etc. that I will be proof reading any further posts. I believe my post is, despite the errors, still correct.

  • jacob

    I’m sorry that you went through all of this. I really mean it when I say this that I hope everything works out for you.

  • sootheater .

    I have nothing but disgust for people who complain about the “stress” of rushing to get their kids to school in the morning.

    I have known absolutely nothing but loneliness and rejection since the day I was born. I can’t even begin to imagine the joy of watching kids run off to the bus stop. That will never be me because the world hates me. No woman will ever want to know me.

    I fully expect to be rejected by God.

  • sootheater .

    Getting raped and losing family members actually makes you royalty in heaven. Forget about this cursed world. Tell that story to people and they will bow at your feet. Look at that tough person!

  • sootheater .

    such nations already exist in Africa. They have totally had it with being under the 1000 years of Islamic control.

  • sootheater .

    Laurie M,

    Listen to Marzipan. You have a wonderful husband waiting for you in the next world.

    I’m going to die utterly alone and then be rejected by God. Be sure to thank God that you are not a loser like me.

  • sootheater .

    You might be a loser like me. I know full well that I’m not good enough for anyone. A lot of women are awful people but they would still stay with you if they felt that you had any value in their lives. They don’t value you.

    Welcome to the reject freak club! Pull up a chair!

  • sootheater .

    Sorry but they deserve it. They look for arrogant cocky guys and then are so very shocked when the guy doesn’t appreciate his good luck.

    I would consider it nothing short of a miracle if a woman wanted to spend her life with me. They can sense my insecurity so they throw me away like garbage. I dream about worshiping the ground my wife walks on. Not being a pushover mind you but doing it because of the person she it. Yea right….I’m not good enough for a holy person. Not good enough for anyone.

    People are amazed by single mothers but at least they have a child to go home to after work. I come home to a dreary empty apartment and then fill out my tax forms to give to the government so that some low income person can feed the family that I can’t even imagine having.

    So don’t go telling me how hard that life is! Loneliness is the ultimate curse. I’m convinced that this is what Hell actually is. A pit of eternal loneliness and the burning fire of despair.

  • sootheater .

    You have an amazing story that inspires people. You could even get into college if you include that stuff in the essay.

    Try being a deadbeat loser like me. No matter how hard I try, I always fail. You will never know what it is like to wake up in the morning KNOWING that you are God’s embarrassing mistake. It’s more than just wondering, it’s knowing that I am worthless.

    You have a family because someone was amazed by you and your story. Congrats!

  • cmdwalk

    Sootheater, you are not a deadbeat! What I hear is someone who is hurting. Please do me a favor….pray to our God ask Him for guidance. Pour out your heart to him, He cares. Hopefully you belong to a bible based church, there are many people that are willing to help you if you let them. We all make mistakes, not one of us are perfect. I know I made plenty. Could you please do that for me? And keep me updated? I care.

  • sootheater .

    Well you felt pain when that happened to your parents. That means they must have loved you and you formed connections with them.

    Lots of people had horrible parents and wouldn’t feel a damned thing if that happened to them.

  • sootheater .

    That sounds all really nice but the truth is, you are a LUCKY person. You got a good roll of the dice. You are lucky and also well designed. Wealth means nothing so it doesn’t matter if you grew up poor. It taught you useful survival tips.

    I’m just a pathetic loser. I’ve had plenty of opportunities but blew all of them, I fail over and over again because God made me by mistakes. He must have been paying attention to another project during my creation because I came out a weak, stupid, foolish piece of trash.

    I am thankful for nothing. Even the food I eat is a curse because it sustains my worthless existence.

    I might be thankful for the bullet that ends my worthless life.

  • sootheater .

    Nothing happened…

  • sootheater .

    Ayyy, you are mocking that guy. Why would God want to help you when you are wallowing in Pride?!

    You know who else has pride….? Lucifer!!!

  • sootheater .

    “Lol I aint no anti christ.. what a fool you are. Huge fool at it too”

    You are laughing at that guy and calling him a fool then laughing again. You are exactly like an Anti-Christ. You are the spitting image. Your words sound like something that Satan would say to somebody to wound their spirit.

    Why would God give you anything?

  • sootheater .

    You don’t even know me. If you knew me for more than a few minutes you would almost certainly want to avoid me. Years of severe sleep deprivation, sorrow, and despair have drained away all of my vitality. I’m pretty much a living zombie. I tried the whole being cheerful act but people aren’t fooled. They get unnerved. I can’t even joke about life because my mind just doesn’t function well enough to think of anything. I can feel my mind and soul rotting away every passing second…

    The only way that God could prove to me that he cares is if I wake up one day and my barely functioning mind becomes awake again and finds a solution to this dead end life. Then I develop a normal human personality and people end up enjoying being in my presence.

    I’ve realized that people are just about useless when it comes to helping someone with a mental illness. Even advanced medicine is a complete joke. I was diagnosed with bipolar after filling out one page questionaire. I don’t understand how prayer is supposed to help. Technically I pray a thousand times per second and God just ignores me.

    I have exactly zero reasons to trust God right now. I even question if the cross was for everyone. Maybe it was only for special people.

  • Isak Andrè Wøien

    You will recieve what you lack. Just take good care of the rest, and it will happen. I am sure. I am living alone by choice. So we are at opposite ends…
    Good luck, and happy hunting!

  • Isak Andrè Wøien

    I am lonely by choice. When I live with a woman I feel constantly disturbed and it is a moody affair, usually.
    But I love spending time with women mentally. And my sexual partners are all women. I just can’t be under female scrutiny. It makes me unhappy.

  • Isak Andrè Wøien

    Maybe try a different approach on G-d?

    I read some scriptures named trimorphic protennoia.
    You could find it here:

  • JJJ4J

    “And my sexual partners are all women. ” I take it you are not a Christian for any kind of sexual activity outside of the marriage bed between one man and one woman is sin, and sin carries a heavy price. Have you ever considered looking at what your mother was like when you were little?


    Russia is rising slowly and steadily after being held in a Communist vise for 75 years. The United States is the great Satan. I’ve had my test of faith since being laid off in April of 2014. Employers don’t want you after too much time without a job. Honesty doesn’t pay on a resume, sometimes.

  • RB

    I’m truly feeling for you… I’m going through something pretty awful as well.
    Evil runs this world… I don’t know why it’s allowed to, but God is real.. angels are real (both good and bad) and someday we’ll get the answers. Till then, I’m praying for you to heal… and me too.

  • RB

    “Do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal among you, which comes upon you for your testing, as though some strange thing were happening to you”
    (1 Peter 4:12).

    I’ve been so joyful and connected to love and
    God… for so long now that I actually began to ask “how long can this
    possibly last”.. that thought kept coming up recently. Then I found
    myself facing my worst fear~ that I’ve lost my best friend and the love
    of my life to a shocking, unexpected death… in the wake of this, his
    brothers (one who’s been estranged from the family for 30 years) planned to clean my house out of all valuables from the moment he was gone, (they began to steal his truck and personal things immediately through their small-town police friends, though we’ve lived as common-law husband and wife for 7 years… the woman who had his son 17 years ago , who’s always been an evil, greedy lying manipulator is now teamed up with them… I’ve begun to stand up to them legally (no idea if I’ll lose or win there either)..but it’s turning my heart full of hate when it’s not in total despair… it’s such an attack from all directions…
    and the loneliness is unbearable… the passage from Peter is so right
    on… I can’t see any lesson in it now… but it is such a “strange
    thing” to be attacked by people in numbers after such an unimaginable
    loss. & Strange is an understatement.
    Praying for you & me…

  • RB

    Most women ARE awful.. and I’m a woman…
    There’s a few good ones out there , though.

  • jeff_s66111

    Sorry, but struggles do not always lead to strength. That’s just Christian happy thought and wishful thinking. We wouldn’t say that melting and bending the steel makes a bridge stronger would we? No, sometimes things are destructive enough that they cause permanent damage. The events in my life SINCE I came to Jesus have not led me to a closer relationship with Him, but rather have damaged, perhaps irreparably, my relationship with Him. There is no way I can consider Him a friend because a friend, especially an omnipotent one, doesn’t just stand by and watch you lose your job, career, marriage, family, finances and mind and then loudly proclaim how much they love you.

  • jeff_s66111

    Sorry, being “royalty” in Heaven doesn’t cut it for people like us who have suffered miserably while the wicked prosper. If God thinks what He gave us, life, is so great, let Him come live my life for a month and see How much of a “blessing” He thinks it is and how “good” His God is.

  • jeff_s66111

    “God doesn’t change” is THE problem. He doesn’t change anything that would actually means anything. He selectively helps some and not others. He didn’t help save my marriage while helping several friends save theirs. He wasn’t there when I was losing my mind and telling Him that if He didn’t help (not how I usually pray) that I might never praise or worship Him again. And He ignored me. And don’t give me that “it all works out for His good” line. That has never happened even once in my life and now He won’t accomplish one darn thing through me because I can’t bring myself to work on behalf of a God whose “perfect plan” included all the suffering I’ve experienced SINCE I accepted Jesus. He can just go on His way without me, because if he doesn’t have the character to change how abusively He treats us, I refuse to be a part of that world.

  • jeff_s66111

    It may inspire you, but it just makes me angrier because God has not been as generous to me.

  • jeff_s66111

    I’m with you. One of the things that makes me angriest with God is that he gave me or allowed me to suffer from mental illness, KNOWING that is what was going to happen. How loving is that? And then “good Christians” tell me I just didn’t pray right, that I should pray more, or that I must have some sin in my life (don’t we all?). I wouldn’t even wish mental illness on Satan.

  • One Truth

    “Sorry, but struggles do not always lead to strength. That’s just
    Christian happy thought and wishful thinking. We wouldn’t say that
    melting and bending the steel makes a bridge stronger would we?”

    The Lord says that to those who trust in Him, they do. Please read 1 Peter 1:1-9 and James 1.

    “The events in my life SINCE I came to Jesus have not led me to a closer
    relationship with Him, but rather have damaged, perhaps irreparably, my
    relationship with Him.”

    Maybe it not Jesus who is failing to uphold His end. Maybe it is you who has dropped the ball, That is your faith and hope. Or maybe you are continuing to live in sin and think that God will be fine with that. I can tell you this…It is of you, and not of God, as far as who is at fault. And ANYONE who says otherwise is lost.

    God is trying to reconcile the lost. It is us who strays in disobedience.

    I firmly believe that once a person has read and understood what Christ did for the ungodly ( which is all of us ), that they would feel the guilt and the repentance which leads to salvation, and then God would open their eyes,soften their hearts and begin healing them. Then you would change your lifestyle and start living for God and He would heal you completely.

    Those who blame God for they’re faults have never known God.

    When you truly come to Christ and repent, Christ will heal you and lead you into a life of true peace of mind and rest.

    I pray that you will head this message.

  • One Truth

    My friend, God only wants to heal your heart and show you what true love is. A love that the world Cannot give. Christ gave Himself on the cross for you.

    If you would only call out to God, He would answer you and save you. But you must be sincere.

  • One Truth

    Friend, This is a sinful world that we live in. We have done this to ourselves and God cannot be blamed for what we do.

    I have also tasted the hate and evil of this world, yet when the Lord called to me, I responded in faith and cried out to Him for healing, and He answered. It is not a ( Let me see if this will work ) scenario. God says in His word that you MUST believe. You MUST have faith that He will heal you and love you as His child.

    You will never know if you will not choose to call out to Him in faith.

  • One Truth

    “Evil runs this world… I don’t know why it’s allowed to, but God is real.”

    You are correct RB. God is there. And it is an evil world. Ever since the Garden.

    God has given us freewill. We have made the world what it is, not God. God did not create us as robots.

  • One Truth

    Christ already has done this, and lived a more miserable life than you or anyone else ever has for that matter.

    When the Creator of all life, lays all power down, to come down and deal with what Christ went through, that is love and mercy. And He did not suffer for self, but for you.

  • One Truth

    Very kind words from Jacob. And all will be healed, who will call out to Christ Jesus to be their Savior.

  • One Truth

    “The United States is the great Satan.”

    Its not the United States, but rather the outside powers and entities that are continually taking over.

    Despite the evil that has crept in, this country still outshines the rest of the world, concerning the true light of Christianity and foreign aid.

  • One Truth

    “If this is truly a promise from God why then am I not growing in faith but questioning it instead. I am worried!!!!!”

    Because there is an enemy out there named satan, who does not want you to receive salvation and stand faithful in Christ Jesus.

    James 4:7 says…”Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

    Satan does not have any power over us that we do not give him. Stay close to Jesus Christ, your savior, and He will surely protect you ( John 10:27-30).

    Read Gods word and pray daily. He will protect you and heal your broken heart. I promise you this.

  • One Truth


  • One Truth

    “He wasn’t there when I was losing my mind and telling Him that if He
    didn’t help (not how I usually pray) that I might never praise or
    worship Him again.”

    God knows your heart better than you know it yourself. You may have answered your own question.

    You may want to read the book of Job, and then rethink your ultimatum with God.

    God will not barter for our faith. Again, the pain in this world is brought on by mans sinfulness, not God.

    But God has offered a remedy for those who will accept.

  • One Truth

    Have you been generous to Him?

  • One Truth

    “I wouldn’t even wish mental illness on Satan.”

    But satan has put it on you. Quit blaming God and call out to Christ Jesus for salvation. He will deliver.

    Otherwise satan will crush you. Its your choice friend.

  • One Truth

    “Maybe try a different approach on G-d?”

    Ummm, that would be a disaster. Trust Gods word or remain lost.

    “I read some scriptures named trimorphic protennoia.
    You could find it here: http://www.gnosis.org


  • jeff_s66111

    Hey, did God create everything or only some things? Did God create us or not? Given He didn’t create us perfect, He created us imperfect. Does He or does He not know exactly EVERYTHING you will ever think, do and experience? Assuming your answer to all three is “yes”, then why is absolved of responsibility for how things work out?

    Are you one of these religious scholars that thinks mental illness is just a lack of prayer or faith? If so, shame on you, because many of the “great” people of the Bible suffered various forms of mental illness. Trust me, NOBODY goes out and chooses to have mental illness. It is GIVEN to you. And who gives us everything? GOD! It’s not my choice, for if it was my choice it would have gone away decades ago. Do me a favor and climb back into your pious pew and leave this discussion to the people who really have to deal with this thanks to “God’s grace”.

  • jeff_s66111

    You have no idea what I sacrificed for Him and how much I endured without complaint and the things I did for His name. I won’t go into all the specifics because people like you think mental illness is just a lack of faith and prayer. You have no real clue about this illness because you can’t fathom that it’s a real illness. If “generous” to Him is your standard, then how do non-believers and corrupt believers prosper. Take your judgementalism and leave me alone.

  • jeff_s66111

    NO, HE DOES NOT KNOW ME BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF. If that were really true HE would have known that putting me through this would drive me away, not draw me closer, now wouldn’t He?
    And the Book of Job SUCKS! God allowed the suffering of Job for no other reason than to win a bet, prove a point. Job did NOTHING to deserve what He went through, but this “loving” and “just” and “fair” God allowed it for no other reason than to pump up His reputation. It was an immoral act on God’s part and defeats much of what He says about Himself. But you aren’t known by your words, but by your actions. And God’s actions in Job were mean, hateful, and completely unnecessary and not worthy of a God of love.

    I don’t give a damn whether God will barter with me or not. It’s Him who said He wants me, but then puts limits on what He is willing to do to draw me to Him. That’s His problem. If He wants to lose what I could do for Him in this world because He thinks His plan is “absolutely” perfect, that’s not just His loss, it’s the world’ loss. Great plan, huh?

    Like it or not, if God created EVERYTHING, he created our sinfulness. He just twists it to make it look like He isn’t responsible for the painful parts of life. If I create a pot that leaks, do you really blame the pot for leaking? Or is it poor workmanship on the part of the creator? So how is it that God creates us imperfect but then holds US (?) responsible for our shortcomings? That’s more insane than me.

  • jeff_s66111

    BULL. There are things that I’ve experienced that Jesus DID NOT. One example: Jesus has no clue what divorce is like because he never was married and never had children.

    The fact is that Jesus crucifixion changed NOTHING in this world, it only made a “promise” of more after life. It didn’t end war, graft, abuse, neglect, hate or a host of other major problems in this world. NOT ONE DAMN THING changed in the world in which we live because of his life or death. All you have is the promise of a life in a better place AFTER life. And I really don’t know if I want to spend a life with a God that KNOWINGLY allowed this life to be so painful. You’re known by what you do, not what you promise. And what He has done has made me endure a life NOBODY should have to endure. I didn’t get to choose whether to be born or not, I was FORCED into this life. If God, or you for that matter, think this life is so great, you come live it and see how you feel about God after a month.

  • RB

    It’s not God who’s attacking you … it’s the other side. Believe me.

  • jeff_s66111

    Yeah, it’s ALWAYS the human’s fault, isn’t it? Forget passages in the Bible where it is clear that GOD purposely imposes pain and disobedience on someone, despite their desire to do the right thing. It wasn’t Pharaoh who kept changing his mind in his encounter with Moses, it was GOD who kept “hardening Pharaoh’s heart”. That WAS NOT Pharaoh’s preference, it was God’s in his effort to create a better story for his believers.

    And your comments in this part of the post prove and verify that you are one of those pious, self-important Christians who believe that mental illness is just a weakness of faith, prayer, Bible study or some lifestyle issue. YOU DON’T KNOW SQUAT. You will NEVER say or do anything that will actually make a difference to someone who suffers mental illness because you DO NOT recognize it as an actual illness. Do you say the same thing to someone suffering cancer? How about someone whose legs have been amputated? How ridiculous would that sound? But, you have no problem making those exact idiotic arguments about mental illness because it makes you uncomfortable to believe that the mind is as susceptible to disease as is the physical body. It’s exactly your attitude that made me stop looking to my own church for help, because they couldn’t muster enough compassion and empathy necessary to help someone who is actually suffering. As much as I’d like to, I won’t pray that you get to experience for a day what I’ve experienced for 40 years.

    And stop judging my faith, you have NO FREAKING CLUE what my faith and my relationship with God was actually like in my early walk. You’re making judgments without most of the relevant information. You are the PERFECT example why the church SUCKS at helping people with mental illness. Until the church comes to terms with the fact that mental illness is a REAL illness, suffered by great prophets, it will be unable to actually make a difference for believers who suffer mental illness. And do you think I haven’t prayed a zillion times for “a life of true peace of mind and rest”? So much for actually helping the afflicted and in need. Great practice of your faith there. Geeez.

    Those who blame God never knew Him? Seriously? If so, why did Jesus cry about being forsaken? Platitudes aren’t strong arguments.

    So I hope you truly come to Christ and repent of your judgmentalism and ignorance and that Christ will lead you into a life of empathy and understanding and to become an agent of healing rather than judgment and blame

  • RB

    Swedenborg, A christian/genius/mystic/writer who spent his middle/later life writing of bible interpretation and spiritual understanding (look up ‘off the left eye’ on youtube) says that we all have a soul-mate.. if you don’t hook up here- you *will* in heaven.

  • RB

    Mental illness comes from demonic oppression in most cases… find someone genuine who understands this (look online if no one is in your area) to help you get some ‘deliverance’.. If you can’t find anyone, do it yourself. You need to call on God and baptize yourself in the name of Jesus. (regular water is fine… say a prayer and ask God to bless it) . Confess your weaknesses…

    Then close the doors you have open… addictions of all kinds.
    I mean it. This is the problem.

  • RB

    Look up

    How to Deal With Evil Spirits – Swedenborg and Life

    youtube… you will identify with this.

  • RB

    Rape on children will attach demonic spirits to that person…

    How to Deal With Evil Spirits – Swedenborg and Life

    Look for deliverance from these attacks through God/Jesus. Don’t confuse who’s attacking you.
    I’ve seen demonic spirits leave when cast out in the name of Jesus… this stuff is real.

  • jeff_s66111

    Done did that. Years ago. Been prayed over. Anointed with oil. You name it. His response: allow it to worsen.

    And it isn’t demonic possession. The fact you believe that is proof you don’t understand that mental illness is a real disease just like cancer. You wouldn’t tell someone who had both legs amputated that it was because of demonic possession.

    Your response and attitude is EXACTLY why most people with mental illness leave the church. Churches SUCK at dealing with mental illness because 1) it scares them, 2) they don’t understand it, 3) they’ve bought into the bs that it isn’t really an illness and 4) they believe it exists in a person because they don’t pray enough, have faith enough or cleansed themselves of sin enough. The fact is that most mental illness is biological and chemical with another large percentage due to what was done to the person by “Christian” parents and acquaintances.

    Do you even understand that many of the great prophets, Moses included, suffered from some sort of mental illness (mostly depression)? For some perverse reason, God sees this as some sort of acceptable weapon in His “perfect” plan.

  • jeff_s66111

    Why should I believe you? Have you suffered from mental illness for 40 years? Probably not. Why is that “Christians” have such a hard time understanding that mental illness is as REAL a disease as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and asthma.

    And whether it is God or not who is attacking me is irrelevant. The fact that He ALLOWS it makes Him at minimum partly responsible. I was in education and if I knew a child was being abused and didn’t report it, the penalties for me were nearly as severe as for the perpetrator. There is NO, NONE, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA love in allowing your “child” to suffer like this without doing REAL things to help alleviate it. When God stands by and watches, claiming some greater purpose, it is IMMORAL.

  • One Truth

    “Yeah, it’s ALWAYS the human’s fault, isn’t it? Forget passages in the Bible where it is clear that GOD purposely imposes pain and disobedience on someone, despite their desire to do the right thing. It wasn’t
    Pharaoh who kept changing his mind in his encounter with Moses, it was GOD who kept “hardening Pharaoh’s heart”. That WAS NOT Pharaoh’s preference, it was God’s in his effort to create a better story for his

    First off, if YOU knew Gods word, you would know that the text says that Pharaoh’s heart was already hard and he himself was so evil, he thought he himself was a god. God only hardened a heart that was already hard against Him and against His people.

    #2….You can call me proud, pious and all the names you want, and say that I have no compassion, yet it is you who came here telling believers about your lack of faith, how you quit calling on God and how you quit. A true believer does not quit just because they do not get their prayers answered right away or because they do not get what they want. Your own words tell of what you think of God.

    #3…You can believe what you want about mental illness and other sicknesses, but they did not exist before the fall of man. Sin entered the world when Adam and Eve disobeyed and death and disease came along with it. You do not even believe the bible account,or that God can and does heal the faithful, it is no wonder that you don’t believe in God.

    And I am not judging you, I am defending the God whom you are slandering. You are doing a fine job of bringing judgement on yourself.

    You might want to try calling out with true repentance before God.

  • One Truth

    And you wonder why he has not answered any of your prayers or healed you. You have taken the evil of satan and man and thrown it in Gods face saying { Saying what you’ve done }.

    Your heart is full of evil. Christ has offered and you have rejected. That is the choice you have made.

  • One Truth

    No, God allowed satan to bring certain calamity in order to prove Job’s faithfulness. Read it again. Job did what you did not, he kept his faith in God whom he believed would deliver, and He did.

    Your allegiance to satan is very clear with every word you speak. You are not fooling anyone. The anger and slander that you display toward God above and beyond a confused seeker looking for answers.

  • RB

    I don’t have a church… I’m a solitary person who has seen demons in action… and learned about the protection of Jesus in the last few years… I didn’t say *all* cases of mental illness btw- but plenty are demonic oppression.

    *Anger* can be an addiction and an open door.


  • One Truth

    Again, I am not judging anyone, but simply telling you that God can and does heal those whom faithfully believe.

    It is your unbelief and slander toward God that leaves you where you are.

  • One Truth

    “Hey, did God create everything or only some things? Did God create us or not? Given He didn’t create us perfect, He created us imperfect.”

    God did create us perfect, we failed. Read it again.

    “Are you one of these religious scholars that thinks mental illness is just a lack of prayer or faith?”

    As I described to you earlier, it is a result of our living in a fallen world full of sin and death, which mankind brought on ourselves from the beginning. But…..For the faithful believer, God does bring healing, mercy and peace.

    “If so, shame on you, because many of the “great” people of the Bible suffered various forms of mental illness.”

    Name One……

    “Do me a favor and climb back into your pious pew and leave this
    discussion to the people who really have to deal with this thanks to
    “God’s grace”.”

    Um, actually YOU are on the wrong blog Jeff. Go visit John Shore, Benjamin Corey or one of the other anti-christ / heritic blogs. You will find acceptance there for sure.

  • jeff_s66111

    “for the faithful believer, God does bring healing, mercy and peace”? Really, tell that to the millions who die of cancer, heart disease, and a hundred other diseases.

    Name one? All of the following suffered at least a bout of depression:
    Abraham (Genesis 15)

    Jonah (Jonah 4)

    Job (Book of Job)

    Elijah (1 Kings 19)

    King Saul (I Samuel 16:14-23, etc.)

    Jeremiah (Book of Jeremiah)

    David (Psalms 6, 13, 18, 23, 25, 27, 31, 32, 34, 37-40, 42-43, 46, 51, 55, 62-63, 69, 71, 73, 77, 84, 86, 90-91, 94-95, 103-104, 107, 110, 116, 118, 121, 123-124, 130, 138, 139, 141-143, 146-147)

  • jeff_s66111

    I accidentally hit enter, but I wasn’t finished.

    You are a modern pharisee. You know “everything” and are never wrong, and have no sin, and have never questioned God (I suppose). But you are clueless about the spirit of God.

    And as a wise spiritual friend once told me: it’s ok to be mad at God, He can handle it. (Plus, He knows your angry anyway).

    Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t make me a heretic. In fact, a number of prophets have questioned God.

    So take your sanctimony, lock yourself up in church, and pretend that there isn’t just real suffering in the world that can’t be explained simply by blaming everything on Satan.

  • jeff_s66111

    God DOES NOT heal all those whom faithfully believe. That isn’t even Biblical. Paul himself was afflicted with something (he doesn’t say what) and prayed regularly to be healed, but wasn’t.

    Questioning IS NOT

  • jeff_s66111

    darn fat fingers.

    As I was saying, questioning IS NOT unbelief or slander. If it was, why would David be considered one of the great men of the Bible?

    So, once again I say, lock yourself sanctimony in your church and sit there and wonder why the church is not growing. Because your attitude CERTAINLY isn’t healing anybody.

  • jeff_s66111

    Well, that settles the question of your expertise. You don’t have a church? The Bible is clear that you should. So, I’ll just factor that in to the equation as to how much you actually understand the Bible.

  • jeff_s66111

    You admit God “ALLOWED”. NOTHING happens unless God allows it, period. If God says it can’t happen, it doesn’t. That makes Him, at the very least, partially responsible. Pretty clear logical conclusion.

    And I don’t have “allegiance” to Satan. I don’t perpetrate evil. I’m not greedy. I’m not selfish. I don’t abuse people. I don’t kill people. I don’t take what isn’t mine. I still believe in God and know that He created me. But that does not take away my right to make my feelings known to Him.

    You are right. I am confused. I’m confused because life was supposed to be “better” with Him on my side. But it hasn’t been. My life was FAR, FAR better before, and it was no picnic before. And, I’ve become a “worse” person because of my disappointment in Him. I used to be a very giving, positive person. But that has disappeared as my life spiraled out of control under HIS control. You’d have been amazed at some of the spiritual gifts I had, but those have all been taken. And that can’t all be blamed on Satan.

  • jeff_s66111

    I’m not evil you sanctimonious jerk. I haven’t rejected Jesus. You just think that a believer can’t question God. Nothing in the Bible says that. It’s people like you that drive people away from the church. Talk about evil.

  • jeff_s66111

    Yes, you are playing judge.

    First, there were clearly times Pharaoh was ready to do what Moses asked and THEN God hardened his heart. It was part of God’s plan. Read it again.

    I didn’t say I quit. I said I objected to much of what He has allowed in my life. If I had quit, I wouldn’t be asking the questions or making the complaints. I’m happy for you that it’s all been so magically easy for you. That’s not how it is for MANY believers. Part of the seeking process is being HONEST about my feelings and thoughts. Would you rather I lie to God that everything is just okey-dokey in my life (like He wouldn’t know)?

    As for Adam and Eve, why am I held responsible for their misbehavior? How is that fair?

    And I NEVER said I don’t believe God can heal the faithful. I’ve seen my share of miraculous healings, including two daughters. But it’s NEVER me. I get to see it, but I don’t get to experience it. And every time I say things can’t get worse, they get far worse. As far as I can tell, God would prefer to lose me, than to grant a couple basic prayers for peace and health. And everybody, including God, loses if that were to happen.

  • Lakewolf Whitecrow

    Are you KIDDING me??? This country has committed more evil acts against its own citizens, started more wars, and supported more despots than any other country in the world! America lied about 1) the first Gulf War, 2) the destruction of the WTC, and 3) the legality of the 2000 election, to name a few…and these were events that didn’t just affect Americans. They affected the lives of at least a billion people! For the sake of the rest of the world, the indigenous peoples and all non-citizens should be removed to a safe location, and a series of neutron bombs dropped on select American cities, Washington, DC first!

  • One Truth

    Does anybody read posts through anymore?

    Read it again.

    The powers that be are the stronghold evil behind the actions. The United States is we the people. Or is supposed to be. Maybe we should change that to past tense.

    It is those in control out front, as well as behind the scenes that are doing the most deliberate and evil actions. This Country is No Where near what it was over 100 years ago.

  • One Truth

    Sure, Blame Me for you rejecting Christ for Salvation….Your type will ALWAYS blame others for your problems and faults. You see, there never was a humble, repentive heart.

  • One Truth

    If you say so.

  • One Truth

    I did not blame satan. He cannot MAKE anyone do anything. He can only influence and lead. Your lack of faith, hope and trust in God is the problem. Only You, can change that Jeff.

    Problem is, the more you blaspheme God and His holy name, the harder your heart will become. Then you will not be able to turn.

  • jeff_s66111

    I didn’t blame you for “rejecting” Jesus. First of all, you completely overlooked what I actually said. Second, I have NOT, I repeat, I have NOT rejected Jesus. I have never made that statement. I have expressed my anger and disappointment in His impact on my life, where He has NOT been a friend to me, and honestly expressed the areas where I think there are legitimate questions about who God is and what His character is. Something others in the Bible did.

    Just because I don’t fit your mold of a “perfect” Christian doesn’t mean I blasphemed God. In fact, the MOST dangerous faith is a faith that rejects the idea of asking challenging questions, even of God. Those who profess to “know all and know the true character of God” are either liars or idiots. You seem to think that if I don’t measure up to YOUR idea of what a believer should think or act, that I’m somehow “less” Christian than you. And that is definitely something to be afraid of, for those are the people who end up doing evil in the name of their God.

  • One Truth

    There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between questioning God and BLASPHEMY. Again, Your not fooling anyone.

    Your whole point here is to slam God and detour believers who might be seeing trying times.

  • One Truth

    Besides King Saul, not ONE of these EVER turned away from God. NEVER.

    Satan is a liar and so are you.

    Jeff, Those who have accepted Jesus Christ and have been filled with the Holy Spirit have peace. You Will Not Rob Them By Your Lies.

  • One Truth

    “Second, I have NOT, I repeat, I have NOT rejected Jesus. I have never made that statement.”

    Well Jeff, We will let the readers decide. Your below statement, as well as most all others, have blasphemed the living God. And Jesus IS GOD. Your heart is so hard, you have no idea just how bad you degrade God in your words.

    Here is just one of your statements…….

    “NO, HE DOES NOT KNOW ME BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF. If that were really true HE would have known that putting me through this would drive me away, not draw me closer, now wouldn’t He?
    And the Book of Job SUCKS! God allowed the suffering of Job for no other reason than to win a bet, prove a point. Job did NOTHING to deserve what He went through, but this “loving” and “just” and “fair” God allowed it for no other reason than to pump up His reputation. It was an immoral act on God’s part and defeats much of what He says about Himself. But you aren’t known by your words, but by your actions. And God’s actions in Job were
    mean, hateful, and completely unnecessary and not worthy of a God of love.

    I don’t give a damn whether God will barter with me or not.
    It’s Him who said He wants me, but then puts limits on what He is
    willing to do to draw me to Him. That’s His problem. If He wants to lose what I could do for Him in this world because He thinks His plan is “absolutely” perfect, that’s not just His loss, it’s the world’ loss. Great plan, huh?

    Like it or not, if God created EVERYTHING, he
    created our sinfulness. He just twists it to make it look like He isn’t
    responsible for the painful parts of life. If I create a pot that leaks,
    do you really blame the pot for leaking? Or is it poor workmanship on the part of the creator? So how is it that God creates us imperfect but then holds US (?) responsible for our shortcomings? That’s more insane than me.”

    NOW, tell me that you have not rejected Christ Jesus.

    “I have expressed my anger and disappointment in His impact on my life, where He has NOT been a friend to me, and honestly expressed the areas where I think there are legitimate questions about who God is and what His character is. Something others in the Bible did.”

    Jeff, Your lost. No follower of God in the bible EVER expressed what you have expressed.

    “Those who profess to “know all and know the true character of God” are either liars or idiots.”

    Now lets not get silly Jeff….I never said ” I Know All”. But I do know God, and I do know His word. And I do put my faith, hope and trust in Him, through good times and bad.

  • jeff_s66111

    You once again prove yourself a perfect example of how the modern American church does so poorly dealing with those suffering mental illness. You use platitudes with those suffering mental illness that you would NEVER use with someone suffering cancer, a heart attack, an amputation, the death of a child, or the victim of a violent crime. That betrays how you really think about mental illness, that somehow isn’t a real illness. Unfortunately, this attitude so pervades the church, that they can’t provide any real healing to those who suffer.

    NOT once in this conversation have you ever expressed an empathy or made any attempt to understand the events that have made me so angry. You’ve been either completely unwilling or unable to care enough to inquire as to what was so tragic in my life that brought me to this point. No, rather than be the “healing agent of God here on Earth”, you’ve judged me, criticized me, and insulted me rather than trying to understand. It’s just easier to hide behind your rigid theology that takes no interest in the fact that people actually suffer. Just pray more, believe stronger, and all will be peaches and cream. That’s not how it works. And as a result, you will NEVER actually help someone navigate through mental illness. How sad for you that all you have is an understanding of the “law” and not a clue about the “spirit” of faith.

    I’ve NOT encouraged anyone to reject Christ. That would be hard to do given that I have NOT rejected Christ. I have asked difficult, heartfelt questions, questions you don’t like because they make you uncomfortable and “threaten” your easy, perfectly inside the box, unquestioning faith. Nowhere does it say faith eliminates questioning. In fact, many of the greatest religious leaders have asked difficult questions about the nature of God. But to do so requires living free of fear and having an interest in learning.

  • One Truth

    Your not suffering from mental illness, your suffering from spiritual illness.

    As for the rest of your post, you did not come here looking for help. You came here blasting Christ and blaming Him for your problems. Christ went to the cross for you.

    With your current attitude, you do not deserve any, nor you will get empathy.

    I tell you what Jeff. You want an honest to goodness, civil conversation? Then start one. Are you looking for empathy and concern from others? Then be respectful. Its a two way street Jeff, and you are just as responsible for your driving as I am for mine.

    I would love to see you change your tone. I would love to explain to you how Christ { Would } heal you and lead you to peace, and actually have you consider what I say and take it to heart. I would love nothing more. Are you ready to have a calm and sincere conversation with me?

    If so, I am listening.

  • fjrs

    God is not our servant. We are servants of God.
    And we have Christ, and his word to give us hope.
    We do not decide what should happen to us. But the God wiil.
    Did you stop to think… and see your actitude?
    is an example. He thought he could justify himself to God. He thought
    he could use his “acts” (help people, justice) to justify himself to
    No one can justify himself to God. We are an amount of almost nothing.

    believe that´s your big problem. The “auto-justification”. That´s the
    rock in your way. I believe you should humble yourself and regret. Our knowledge is nothing. Our human knowledge is nothing. If we are without Christ we are like a body without head. Because our head is a “Flesh” head. Not some head wich becames from Jesus (and from Father).

    is what you need. Is what we all need. I believe humble and regret is what you need too. But mainly faith in Jesus, faith and patience. Faith saves us (see John). Not our acts.

    Accept the hard ways of accepting the Jesus word (of encouragement) is
    the way.

    What Job wanted was a guy like Jesus.
    We have luck. We have it.

    He is our hope. Then, if you have the Holy spirit the Lord will enforce you. If the Holy spirit is on he will talk to your heart what you will have to do.

    For example i got no job, no wife (not married), have familiar issues, have
    2000 dollars in my account to live, and i give thanks to God and Jesus
    because they are still my hope of future.

    Now i see just one they after other. I stoped to see the future as 5 year plans.

    I believe problems just exist. But because there are better way to

    And after 2,3,4,5 years of problems (4, 5 years is the time i
    became Christian by following the word, the comandments, have faith) and i thank God for the hard ways. I have a lot of signs, mistakes and it´s my way to go through to regret. With faith. With patience. With Jesus (the word).

    I didn´t follow my dreams. But what i follow now (plans) are even better than what i intend to do in the passt. And that´s why i continue to believe.

    I have dreams, i have wishes, but one thing i know: better God and Jesus than anything else. I know God has all the power to make everything change in one day to other. Like the lotery.

    Maybe to next year, maybe 3 years later, but
    one thing i know: never leave the boat. Pray, follow the comandments,
    believe, humble, pray, ask, have more knowledge, faith, patience….

    And do you want
    to know the truth? I´m happy… because day by day i have more hope. And i see the fruits. I see plans. I see a lot of plans going bad. But i never saw so many plans going so good too. Plans i never thought to do, but i am doing now. I plans i never had dream to do in the passt. But i´m doing them.

    I had dreams, i have dreams.
    But what i´m doing now i never dreamed before. And what
    is the answer? Is because it´s better than what i dreamed before.

    I never dreamed make report of local problems in the comunity to authorithies. I never dreamed help associations (who help families) and God makes me to help now. I never dreamed to make reports about quality products to companies. I never dreamed to respond to my mom, my grandmother, my sister, have courage to talk, have fluence to argue, not have anguer and seing them a lot of times (when in the passt i tried to make distance). I never dreamed to care more about my family. But even after all this i have hope about all other dreams. I just believe in this: i had dreams, but some were bad. And some of them i wanted too much earlier.

    I had the priorities changed. And i thank God, to Jesus to make me see the priorities in a diferent way.

    I have little hope, but is with small grains we got the full pocket. And maybe the
    full pocket is not a work i wanted to me or the money i wanted to me, or
    the house, or prefect people around me. Maybe i will not be living in
    my city next year. Maybe my dreams become other because… those was
    just bad dreams (and i know it in my heart). But one thing i know: i
    want to give thanks God and Jesus now and in the future. i hope so: is my main wish.

    Some guy in my country said: the most important is God, country and family.

    And me as a Christian i say: the most important in my life is 1-God, 2-Jesus 3- and family. And 4- the poor, the opressed and the needed. Not only materal needs, but also spiritual needed.

    The truth is: give thanks in any ocasion. We humans want always the easy
    way, the easy money, the easy work, the easy things, the easy thoughts, the easy ocasion.
    And maybe it´s easy to think God will have to do what we want. Big is
    the way to perdition. It´s easier go throught the big way, no obstacles,
    everything “good” where we don´t need to give thanks (even if we have
    house, food, money), and can be glorious, proud and great. Billionaires
    and with no problems. And “because if we have problems… is the God will”?
    Is God our servant? We have problems. But the Holy spirit come to us and we have the oportunity to act like God want with a diferent prespective even if the plans are the same. That´s why Jesus sais we are gods. Because God is in us to make us act like he wishes. And i believe the dreams we have… have a clue. I believe God give us those dreams for one purpose. But in a future time. Not now. Because we are too much imature.

    Christianity is like a beautifull palace in the horizon. We see in front of us easy ways and faster ways. And then we see mountains, rude ways. And the easy way is guarded by evil. Evil is always in the easy ways because he is the master of weackness and the master of the easyness. If we go to the easy way we are caught by people who don´t want us in the palace (the evil). That is the way to perdition. If we go by the hard way we have hope to enter the palace. Maybe it´s too long. But God is always here to help us. If he wanted to make us with no problems we would be like angels. But was was his wish make humans, people with limitations so we are nothing to judge about that. Judge about that, judge about God or our neigboor is to go against the law (see Romans).

    So i´m just saying this to give some knowledge. Hope you consider.

  • fjrs

    See like this: why aren´t you in Sudan, in Ethiopia, with no food, no money, molested, raped, used for prostitution.

    If a guy in Ethiopia says: “i would be tnakfull if i was just raped, but have no ungry, have clouds, have jobs, have hope… if i had that i would forgive all the molestor i had”.

    Believe me: there are people who never was molested, who had the “ideal life”…. but still think like you (talk about the things they don´t have). Just see other coments.

    The problem is to not be thanks to God and do not follow what Jesus say: “forgive your enemies”. Forgive them, forgive the passt and you will pass better. Believe.

    I had no biologic father. But i give thanks to have grandfathers and mother. I was humiliated in school, in a residence i was with other students, and even other stuff. But what i have to do is to forgive, because i make mistakes also. i think bad also (like others).

    The most epic mistake is just to see the errors people make. And do not see our mistakes. If we don´t have the hability to see our mistakes… how have we hability to see the mistakes the other commit?

    31 And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise (Lucas 6:31)

    And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
    Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me cast out the mote out of thine eye; and lo, the beam is in thine own eye?
    Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.
    Matheus 7:3-5

  • jeff_s66111

    I spend considerable time thinking….and considerable time in prayer. It just stupifies you that a person of faith can have questions, doubt or anger. But, in fact, many people of strong faith struggle with these issues.

  • jeff_s66111

    So predictable. Did you become my psychiatrist or doctor? You don’t have the knowledge or understanding to decide whether I suffer mental illness. I had it even when my faith was at it’s strongest, and it was very strong for periods in the past. That’s that “perfect Christian” judgment again.

    I won’t argue you with you that part of my problem is spiritual. But I’v had mental health issues for decades and they are real.

    And I don’t need your “healing”. I’ve had far better men and women of faith work with me. And, yes, empathy is part of what they offered. Empathy isn’t “deserved”, it’s given. People express empathy because they care about the plight of others. True empathy doesn’t require “earning” it. Quite obviously you have no clue what the word really means.

    And whether you like my tone or not, or believe me, or empathize with me, I actually do listen to what others, including you, have to say. It’s part of my process of trying to find healing and peace, hoping that maybe something will make a difference. But the platitudes you offer can be found on lists created by CHRISTIAN counselors of “what not to say to someone”. I hope you praise God everyday that you don’t suffer mental illness, or cancer, or whatever.

    Given your inability to put yourself in my shoes for even ONE minute, I really have no interest in a continuing conversation. I have other brothers who are far better suited than you to help. Obviously my comments trying to get you beyond the platitudes and mistaken belief that mental illness is just a lack of prayer or faith (much of it is chemical/biological) have failed. I hope that you never have to learn that lesson by experience.

  • jeff_s66111

    Well that just settles that doesn’t it. And I have NOT rejected Christ. I am angry, yes. Very angry. And hurt. And disappointed. And those are all legitimate feelings, a concept I’m sure you reject. And whether you say it or not, your attitude IS “I know more”. Do me a favor and never, never ever volunteer yourself as a resource for those with mental illness. You are not equipped to do so.

  • One Truth

    “I won’t argue you with you that part of my problem is spiritual. But I’v had mental health issues for decades and they are real.”

    Are you so sure that it is not all spiritual?

    You say that you used to have faith. Did you not believe that the God that you believed in could do anything? Even heal someone and give them peace?

    “And I don’t need your “healing””

    I never said that I could heal. Only God can do that.

    “I’ve had far better men and women of faith work with me.”

    Really? Where is the proof for that statement? I don’t see it.

    “But the platitudes you offer can be found on lists created by CHRISTIAN counselors of “what not to say to someone””

    I do not need for another person to tell me what to, or what not to say, I have the words of Christ to tell me…..Matthew 7:6…..Sometimes I’m just hardheaded and think I can persuade.

    “I have other brothers who are far better suited than you to help.”

    Obviously not Brothers in Christ.

    Anyway, All you keep talking about is the horrible state that you are in, yet you fight, kick, claw and scream as I try and give you the simple solution.

    Have it your way.

  • jeff_s66111

    Sometimes what you say does more harm than good. As I said, no empathy whatsoever. It’s not a sin. But then again, why should I expect you to care about what you shouldn’t say to someone in my position, given you can’t even bring yourself to admit mental illness IS a real health condition? You lose all credibility right there.

    And yes, I’m sure it’s not all spiritual. I have very real chemical imbalances in my brain that contribute to it. There are better periods and worse periods, but it is always there to some degree.

    As for the better men, trust me. My grandfather was a minister for 65 years and the most Christ like man I’ve ever known. And several of my best friends are church pastors and I’ve used them over the years for counseling. But, they don’t dismiss my very real medical problems out of hand and actually make an attempt to understand it rather than blame it all on Satan. You do know not everything is his fault. And yes, they sometimes are very direct and say things that may upset me, but they can understand why I am angry at God. And they have seen me through some really dark times. And once again, you DO make a judgment about these pastors and church members when you say “obviously not brothers in Christ”. You don’t know one darn thing about them, and it is beyond rude to make such a statement. You have never denied that you wouldn’t say the kinds of things to me that you would NEVER say to someone with cancer, a mother whose child has died (my dad’s had to do that hundreds of times), or a soldier who had a limb amputated. Apparently to you (are you a doctor?) only physical ailments qualify as “real” illnesses.

    And while you claim “your” solution is simple, it’s not. For a high IQ person with mental health issues, faith is never easy. I see questions others don’t and have a massive need to know why. That may be a character flaw, I don’t know, but I’ve had it since birth so I can only assume God created me that way.

    As for God, I DO believe He can do anything. I just don’t necessarily believe He will. Can and Do are two completely different things. God could turn back the hands of time to before I was born and change the course of my life, but He won’t. I’ve seen my share of miracles….for others….but never for myself.

  • One Truth

    Ultimately, in the end, your not listening to those who are trying to reason with you in regards to this subject….will be the most harm done, and you will have done it to yourself.

    You are no different that the alcoholic or drug addict that will not admit that they have a problem. The only difference is that you admit that you have a problem, but refuse to accept the cure.

    We can go round and round all day, but all I have tried to tell you is that Jesus Christ can and will heal you if you would simply trust Him and let Him.

    “As for the better men, trust me. My grandfather was a minister for 65 years and the most Christ like man I’ve ever known. And several of my best friends are church pastors and I’ve used them over the years for counseling.But, they don’t dismiss my very real medical problems out of hand and actually make an attempt to understand it rather than blame it all on Satan.”

    Then they have absolutely no understanding of spiritual warfare AND put little faith in God. God is Almighty and is ALWAYS in total control of ALL things. He can heal Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime He wants. Too may people have just too little faith, including many believers.

    “For a high IQ person with mental health issues, faith is never easy. I see questions others don’t and have a massive need to know why.”

    Well Jeff, For an extremely faithful person who really loves Jesus Christ, dealing with people who blaspheme God and speak rudely of Jesus Christ is never easy. I have Godly insight that others don’t and feel a need to speak that truth. Its called holding to sound doctrine and following the guidance of the Holy Spirit to reach others, as well as counter liars who try and deceive.

    As much as I do care about whether you have salvation or not, I am more concerned for the others here who are believers, going through tough times, and what influence your negative words may have on them.

    All you have done is complained about your needs, blaspheming God while you’ve been at it, not having any concern at all in regards to those here who are listening to your negative remarks about God and His ( so called ) lack of love toward you.

    You are the selfish one Jeff, concerned with holding a pity party that involves degrading the name of the one who created you and ALL other things, and disregarding everyone else.

    You do not want help, you want attention. OR….you know exactly what you are doing, and that is purposely doing the work of the enemy and trying to cause division and confusion.

    You can ATTEMPT to bash me for lack of compassion all that you want. You have already kicked Christ to the curb, why should I not expect you treat me the same, only to say that it is all my fault and it is me who is unloving? That is EXACTLY what you said about Jesus in your initial post.

  • jeff_s66111

    Wow, you must just be all knowing. All you’ve done is dismissed reality. The fact is that even with abundant and genuine prayer, God does NOT always heal people. That’s a fact. The only way you can argue He does is to call death a “cure”.

    Evidently you’ve never struggled with your faith or been disappointed in God or had bad things happen. How goody for you. But for most of us, that happens occasionally throughout life. You may think I haven’t heard you, but I have. But it’s clear you never really heard what I was saying and just dismissed me as a whiner. Since you have no ability to really understand what I endure (mostly at the hands of others, not by my choice), you probably are of little help to me. You can’t be helpful to someone if you can’t admit the problem is real, which you have steadfastly refused to do. Once again, you have still failed to deny that mental illness is as real as cancer, etc. That makes you incapable of actually being of assistance. Good bye.

  • One Truth

    Matthew 21:18-21….Luke 8:25…..Hebrews 11:6

  • Deb

    I can relate to your questioning God and to several of your comments about God; I’ve been doing the same for quite awhile and the believers don’t like it. I’ve been shunned by several as a result. I just deleted my other comments because they further reinforced how life doesn’t make sense and my attempt to explain my thoughts, perceptions and experiences raised even more questions. Overall, I’m feeling powerless these days and am losing confidence and hope. I actually question if Satan has gotten a hold of me as I don’t feel the peace and joy that believers can expect from God; maybe I don’t have the faith and trust in God that is needed; but who really has perfect faith and trust? I can’t make sense of life. Before I end up deleting this reply, I best stop now.

  • One Truth

    “life doesn’t make sense and my attempt to explain my thoughts, perceptions and experiences raised even more questions.Overall, I’m feeling powerless these days and am losing confidence and hope.”

    Hello Deb. I am very sorry that you feel weighted by hopelessness and overwhelmed by life.

    Jesus extended an invitation out to a hurting world in Matthew 11:28-30 proclaiming.. “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden , and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

    Do you believe that you have ever made this step before, believing that He actually loves you and went to the cross for you?

    “I actually question if Satan has gotten a hold of me as I don’t feel the peace and joy that believers can expect from God; maybe I don’t have the faith and trust in God that is needed”

    Deb, satan has no complete control over anyone who has not given it to him, either by calling out to him in allegiance to him or by rejecting God outright.

    As far as not knowing if you have the faith and trust in God that is needed, it is more of a coming to Him in all of your brokeness in the beginning and just laying yourself at His feet, calling out to Him for healing and love, Believing that He not only hears you, but will love you. This is a simple faith that will grow leaps and bounds later as you walk with Him, experiencing His mercy and love that He has poured over you, and He will. You must simply believe. Its not magic, its belief.

    As a believer, I still have my up days and down days. I would be lying if I stated otherwise. But I do not lose my faith or give up. Satan has the authority to tempt and try me, but he has No power over me at all. Because I keep my faith and hope in my Lord, and He always delivers for those who trust Him.

    Hebrews 4:14-16 declares that Christ underwent pains, trials and temptations while here on earth and He knows our pains and sympathizes with us.

    I would like to hear your reply and would love to help answer any questions you have.

  • Deb

    Thank you for your reply. Help me understand in practical terms what the following really means. More specifically, what does it mean to “take My yoke upon you”?

    Jesus extended an invitation out to a hurting world in Matthew 11:28-30 proclaiming.. “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden , and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

    I’ve prayed, sat in silence listening for God’s guidance, attended Mass regularly, confessed my sins regularly and am a good person who has morals and integrity, but it’s a journey as I’m not perfect, but no one is, and have a ways to go in becoming more Christ-like. To give you examples of what has dragged me down, I dealt with a life-threatening illness with practically no support. Family and friends acted as though it was nothing. No calls from anyone. Then I lost my job shortly thereafter and was in a lengthy job search; that’s when I saw the reality of how selfish and callous people can be especially after my experience with the illness. I do work now but it’s not stable and the environment is incredibly stressful; it’s affecting health. And I still have practically no support. I attract selfish people. I set better boundaries with those people these days but I haven’t found a way to transition to developing more balanced relationships. I’m literally worn out with the culmination of all this. I can’t share everything here but these are the main hurdles that lead to the state I’m in now.

    I’m tired of these hurdles and honestly, I’m sick of this life; the lack of support is horrible–negatively clouds other aspects of my life and kills motivation and energy. Because of past and one current abusive (emotionally and verbal) relationships, I’m guarded with my conversations with people, which, I know, creates a vicious cycle because people pick up on it and avoid me because they feel uncomfortable–understandable.

    About Satan, I fight him with prayers. But I learned that Satan will go after those who “aren’t in his camp”. I really think he’s attacking my mind. I’ve been reading about his lies and his traps. And these articles aren’t just your everyday type of writings; they are fairly comprehensive.

    Where is God? Why doesn’t he heal me? Why doesn’t he give me peace–give me a break so I can rest? I’ve asked him; in my prayers I ask for guidance–never remember asking for anything material except for employment while in the job search. Nothing helps. Scripture says it’s not good for man to be alone; I actually wonder if that only applies to men and not women…seriously I do think that. I’m not even looking for a spouse; but I would like to find friends to enjoy life with. Why does he allow me to be without?
    It’s too much for me–hurdle after hurdle–while others seem to skirt through life without anything major and if they do, they’ve got family and good friends who step up and help carry the burden.
    Help me understand.

  • One Truth

    O.k. Deb, I will do my best.

    There is a lot here, so I will try and break it down the best I can.

    Deb, you stated…..”I’ve prayed, sat in silence listening for God’s guidance, attended Mass regularly, confessed my sins regularly and am a good person who has morals and integrity”

    I would like to share something with you regarding religion, please do not take offense to this. I see that you are Catholic. Sometimes when people are brought up in a “Religion” it is very hard for them to hear that they have been taught “False Teachings” and they instantly take offense.
    Satan has been very cunning over time and has led people all over the world to create false religions which vary from serving false gods, teaching that man is his own god, that mother earth is god, all the way down to there being religions who claim that they believe the bible. Yet these will add false teachings or say that man must do this, this and that, in order to meet Gods standards, by doing ( Works ) to earn salvation. Other churches take away bible doctrine and say that God loves everybody just the way that they are and ALL are going to heaven.

    All of these are called religions. The Catholic Church has added many hoops to jump through in regards to bible doctrine, and they are all to make you feel good and that you are working hard, earning your way to heaven ( Works Salvation ). As well as going to a priest for confession, infant baptism ( both unbiblical ), as well as idol worship, praying sacraments with a rosary and praying to and worshiping Mary as if she where some type of god or even a perfect human. This is all what you would call Heresy.

    If you were trying to reach God through such a religion, which teaches that you are a good person or that you can become good by practicing the rituals that they tell you to do, then it is no wonder that God has not answered. That’s ok though Deb, this is not a chance meeting here. God is calling out to you now.

    This is why there are Evangelists out there preaching the Good News about Jesus Christ to all the world ( Romans 10:13-15 ), proclaiming victory for those who will repent and believe the gospel of Christ.

    History and Gods word, both declare that Christ went to the cross for our sins, was buried and on the third day, rose again from the grave and is now seated at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. Upon doing this Christ conquered the devil and has broken the chains of bondage from sin for those who will simply believe this gospel message, truly repent of their sins and follow Him in faith. You see Deb, Christ did it all, man can add nothing. Not one thing.

    If you would take a bible, I would like to give you some scripture to read. I would ask you to please pray for God, our Loving Creator, to open your eyes and ears to understand His Truth as you read His word and let it
    speak of His love for you. Please pray and then read John 3:1-21, 14:1-18, Romans 10:8-13, 5:1-11, Acts chapters 1&2.

    Deb, if you believe what you have just read and repent of your sins before God, knowing that like everyone else, you are not a good person, but a sinner ( Romans 3:23-24 ), in need of forgiveness of your sins and salvation, and you ask God to forgive you and love you, He will. And He will NEVER leave you as long as you remain faithful and by His side. This I Promise You.

    As for all of those who have failed you, people will Always fail us. it is in the sin nature of all people. Its selfishness, greed, envy and pride. True Christians, who have allowed themselves to be transformed by Jesus Christ, are the best chance you will ever have at finding love and honesty through a person, and even we are not perfect, but being perfect by God through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, we are learning, being taught by Christ, how we should behave and treat others.
    And yes…there are false Christians and wolves in sheep’s clothing out there,but God will give discernment to those who listen to Him and love Him.

    Just let God be your healer and rely Completely on Him alone.

    Psalms 27:10, 51:1-4, 34:18.

    God will lead you to not only good friends, but the spouse that He has for you, if you will trust Him.

    This is trusting God Deb. This is where the healing begins and never ends. It will start with belief and a small measure of faith and will end with great faith and the salvation of your soul. Jesus Christ loves you more that you can Ever fathom . He went to the cross for you my friend. Please believe this.

    You asked…. ” Help me understand in practical terms what the following really means.
    More specifically, what does it mean to “take My yoke upon you”?”

    To take His yoke upon us is to follow Christ no matter what, endure the trials that will come our way ( trusting that He takes most of the burden for His children ) and trust Him in ALL things. Complete Hope in Christ alone, no matter what. Look at what the Prophets of the Old Testament and the Apostles endured. There will be good times and there will be tough times. The bible says that we will go through trials, but fear not, God is with us if we remain faithful.

    Remember what Christ endured while on this earth, and He did it for us. Read:

    Matthew 10:24-39. ……………Do not be troubled by vs.34-36, but understand, your love for God Must be above your love for anyone or anything else or it is an unworthy love. The Father showed this love for us by sending His Son into the world to die a brutal death for us and Christ showed this for love for us by going through with that plan and going to the cross to save us from our sins.

    Also Read:

    James 1:1-21 and 1 Peter 1:1-9.

    Deb, I will be praying for you and hope that you will read these scriptures, believe them and cry out to God for salvation.

    Your life will never be the same again. God Bless.


  • Deb

    Oh, believe me, when I say I know I’m a sinner. When I said, I’m a good person, I didn’t imply that I’m not a sinner. I suspected that you might comment about Catholicism; nothing specific about you but a lot of people do. It’s controversial. But what I do see with those outside of the Catholic church are more examples of loving, kind, caring and generous people. They seem to have been transformed by Christ. Many that I’ve met within the Catholic church are not that way. Thank you for your response and your kindness, which came through in your wording. I will read the scripture verses; they may just be what I need in my journey. God bless.

  • One Truth

    It is controversial unfortunately, but there is only one truth concerning God and His word, everything else has either been tampered with or completely molested.

    Deb, please remember to pray for God to speak to your heart before you read and believe that He will.. This is a show of faith from your heart. And know that He loves you and cares for you.

    It may help you to know that you are currently in the exact condition that you need to be in for God to hear and heal you, notice what the Lord says in the second half of Isaiah 66:2……”But to this one I will look, To him who is humble and contrite of spirit, and who trembles at My word.”

    Deb, contrite means broken/shattered. Come to Him in all of your brokenness and humble your heart before God, and He will reach down to you and heal you this day. Again, I will be praying for you and May God Bless You Richly.

  • Deb

    I have been praying with humility and a contrite spirit, calling out to God for help. Trust me. I’ve been doing that for a long time. And I still ended up in the state I’m in now. It’s difficult to converse about all this in written exchanges; I’m a stranger to you and you to me so neither know each other’s story to really understand. I so appreciate your taking time to share. I will read the scripture verses and prayer for discernment and guidance beforehand as I currently do this before I read scripture. God bless.

  • jeff_s66111

    I’ve wondered the same thing about being “captured” by Satan. But does he really have the power to effect physical problems like cancer and mental illness? And it isn’t Satan who amputates the limbs of accident and war victims. Unfortunately, too many Christians don’t want to hear anything that threatens there perfect faith scenario. I’v had that conversation with another Quora writer. He couldn’t even bring himself to admit mental illness is a real disease. How do you find real help from someone who can’t even recognize the reality of your illness? That is the problem with so many churches. I don’t know if it frightens them, makes them uncomfortable, or threatens the foundations of their faith, so they ignore it, dismiss it, or use platitudes like “pray more”. They rarely actually come to the table with real world solutions. As a result, many suffer, and most of those leave the church, which should be best equipped to help.

  • Deb

    I’ve just started reading about demonic oppression so I don’t have real answers for you. In one article I did read that mental illness especially depression is listed as a sign of demonic oppression but then I know there are other possible contributing factors. The human body and the world is just too complex to say that mental illness, for example, isn’t real and is caused solely by demonic oppression or any one other cause for that matter. St. Padre Pio, a recognized saint by the Catholic church, was tormented and beaten physically by Satan. I believe Satan is real and one of his lies, which people fall for, is to believe he’s not and without their awareness and subsequent fight against him he becomes even more powerful. I believe too that he may not directly cause an illness/deformity BUT he has the power to create the breeding ground for an indirect impact. I hope your studies, if you choose, of demonic oppression leads you to answers or at least some insight that may move your along in your journey to find explanations.

    I’m with you about the platitudes. I’ve heard my share–still do. I don’t think people have the depth and scope of understanding to further explain and provide real world solutions. It’s just too complex; each person is different and their circumstances vary. And some people want to think they have answers but when one really questions and probes to gain more understanding, they shutdown or the conversation goes in circles, which I’ve experienced with some people in the church. I’m left without the understanding I would like and sometimes even more questions. Time again, then, I find myself coming back to God as He is the only one who is all-knowing. But why He doesn’t give me answers I seek at the times when I think I need them? I’ll probably never know during my time on Earth.
    I’m sending peace to you for what it’s worth. Keep searching. I’ll be doing the same.

  • Deb

    Want to comment additionally about mental illness; if you haven’t already done so, please look for a physician who takes a holistic approach to healing and provides unconventional as well as conventional therapies. For my health issues, to summarize, I have found that diet plays a significant role. Refined sugar, for one example, is detrimental; I’ve cut it out of my diet. Feel better as a result and can manage my health more effectively. But this change has helped me and only when done as part of a holistic approach that addresses, basically, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. And it’s an on-going journey at least for me.

  • jeff_s66111

    Already done all that too. Nothing has ever made much difference.

  • jeff_s66111

    I’d love to have the peace, so thanks for the prayer. But blaming it on Satan is another platitude. It’s been with me my entire life, so I have to assume I was created this way. Why? I don’t know, that’s part of the problem between me and God.

  • One Truth

    “In one article I did read that mental illness especially depression is listed as a sign of demonic oppression but then I know there are other possible contributing factors. The human body and the world is just too complex to say that mental illness, for example, isn’t real and is caused solely by demonic oppression or any one other cause for that matter.”

    I believe Mark 5:1-20 is a perfect example of just what satan and his demons can accomplish with the unsaved, as well as what ultimate power God has over all.

    Just a side note, verse 15 states now that Christ had drove out the demons, the man is now “in his right mind”.

    Everything is really not so complex when we we come to the place where we simply trust God in all things. I personally believe that once we come to that kind of faith and hope in Christ Jesus, God opens our mind up to a whole new understanding of things that we could not understand before ( John 14:26-27).

    Again…Its all in our belief and faith in Christ. Or lack of. Whichever we choose.

  • Benhan

    I am so sorry sister. I just read your post and it touched my heart. I too have my share of struggles but God has shown me not to complain by reading your post. God loves you very much and He will work things out for you according to His perfect purpose and will. Sister, you need to know there are people who cares about you out there. One, being me. I hope and pray everything works out for you. Read His word, Feed your soul. Hold onto Jesus, He’s the only hope we have in this world. Cry to Him, Listen to Christian music, it is Holy Spirit lead and it will move your soul. if you haven’t already done so, invite Him into your life as your Personal Lord & Savior and allow yourself to really FALL IN LOVE W HIM. Watch the Passion of Christ to remind yourself of what He went through for you. This is what I do. Whenever I need reminding. It helps tremendously and Holy Spirit is your comforter sister. Talk to Him. He loves you unconditionally and is there to listen to you. Hang in there, I love you and God loves you.

  • Benhan

    That’s not true. You’re making God very very sad. Holy Spirit is sad. God loves you and will never reject you. Don’t say that. I will pray for a wife for you so you can experience true joy and happiness if that is what your heart so desires and if it is God’ plan for you, you will get it brother. No matter the obstacle. You serve a God who split the Red Sea in half and lead the Isralities out of Egypt. God bless you brother.

  • Benhan

    I am so sorry :'( ;'( :'( so much suffering, sometimes I wish He would come soon… God’s people are getting beat up by Satan and by life too much. My sympathies and prayers to you.

  • Deb

    Hmmm…why would Satan target the unsaved when they are already in his “camp”? Seems pointless. I have always read that Satan targets those with strong faith as his mission is to destroy their faith and the salvation of their souls. As I said before, without knowing each of our circumstances, how can you give advice? There’s much to be said about walking a mile in one’s shoes before giving advice. I can appreciate though remaining faithful to God and placing our trust in Him. But to say someone is unsaved is presumptuous to say the least. Only God knows that.

  • Juls

    Well now, that response was just plain rude and might I add, very un-Christian. People are genuinely hurting out here – suffering, afraid, feeling forsaken – and that’s your answer? To double down on their pain? Do you not understand that this is exactly why the church is in trouble right now?
    Look around…the devil roams the earth devouring. Not a day goes by when you cannot see evidence of that – of the horrors he perpetuates on the earth. What is so wrong, in the midst of all this evil, that people long to see evidence of God at work? Sometimes, people need more than words on paper and they certainly deserve more than condemnation and being made to feel that it’s their fault that they’re suffering. The Disciples, even in the presence of Christ, fell short. Jesus himself asked on the cross why He had been forsaken.
    The church can either rise to the occasion, be a spiritual beacon and bring the masses close to God or it can condemn, find fault, judge and point a sanctimonious finger and contribute to the great falling away. It’s just really too bad that in a time when we out here really, truly need a spiritual mentor, that one place we should be able to find it has grown cold.

  • One Truth

    “Well now, that response was just plain rude and might I add, very un-Christian”

    Really? Is Christ un-Christian?…….Matthew 12:38-42 & 16:1-12.

    Where does faith come in?

    “The evil is winning and from God you hear nothing but crickets. God the devil is kicking our ass here on earth and it would be nice to at least get a small sign from you that you are at least out there and here us. This faith and hope is getting a little old. We need you now, please show yourself”

    Does this railing comment against God deserve an applaud from True Christians? He certainly will NOT get one from me.

    “Look around…the devil roams the earth devouring. Not a day goes by when you cannot see evidence of that – of the horrors he perpetuates on the earth. What is so wrong, in the midst of all this evil, that people long to see evidence of God at work? Sometimes, people need more than words on paper”

    ALL Christians go through trials and are expected to remain faithful ( James 1:1-4 & 1 Peter 1:1-9 & 2 Timothy 3:10-12 ).

    The faithless are NOT pleasing before our Lord and Savior ( 2 Peter 3:1-18 & Revelation 21:5-8 ). Notice 21:8…..”But for the COWARDLY and UNBELIEVING…..

    “Do you not understand that this is exactly why the church is in trouble right now?”

    The ONLY one’s in trouble are the Faithless and Unbelieving.

    “The Disciples, even in the presence of Christ, fell short.”

    And Christ rebuked them….( Luke 8:25 & Matthew 17:14-20 )

    “Jesus himself asked on the cross why He had been forsaken.”

    You certainly do not understand that scripture. At those very moments, Christ was undergoing the FULL wrath of God, for the sins of the world. That was not a lose of faith. Christ is part of the Triune Godhead. He cannot lose faith in Himself.

    “The church can either rise to the occasion, be a spiritual beacon and bring the masses close to God”

    The church? What church? The True Church is the body of all True Believers. These church buildings, that people come to weekly are filled with believers and un-believers, True sheep and wolves in sheep’s clothing, Truth proclaimer’s and deceiver’s.

    The only things that people better start holding to are the power and teaching by the Holy Spirit of God and studying Gods Word. If one does not adhere to these, deception comes easy.

    “or it can condemn, find fault, judge and point a sanctimonious finger”

    Telling the truth and reproving lies and false teaching is NOT being judgmental or condemning, but very biblical 2 Timothy 4:1-4.

    Are you a True Christian? I suggest that you faithfully pray for wisdom and read your bible……( James 1:5-8 )

  • One Truth

    “Hmmm…why would Satan target the unsaved when they are already in his “camp”? Seems pointless.”

    To keep them in spiritual darkness and remain unsaved. Satan does not have the power to Make them stay. They Can repent and turn to Christ for salvation. But, Satan and his demons do their best to keep them in spiritual darkness. There is much scripture that attests to this. The parable of the sower of the seeds is one.

    We were ALL unsaved at one time, but when one hears the Gospel, believes it and repents, that individual is filled with, and Born Again by the Holy Spirit of God. Then that person begins the real spiritual battle.

    Demonic activity is ongoing 24-7 and ALL people are affected by it. Although for the believer who remains faithful and perseveres, they will be saved and rewarded with eternal salvation.

    “As I said before, without knowing each of our circumstances, how can you give advice? There’s much to be said about walking a mile in one’s shoes before giving advice.”

    The advice that I give comes straight from Gods word. Are you suggesting that all who proclaim Gods Word just quite down, simply because they have not walked a mile in another’s shoe’s? Satan would love for everyone to take your advice on that.

    Read and understand Matthew 28:18-20 & 2 Timothy 4:1-4

    “But to say someone is unsaved is presumptuous to say the least. Only God knows that.”

    Was the demon possessed man in Mark 5 not an unsaved man?

    One thing you should know if you are a Christian is that a saved person Cannot be possessed by demons. Temporarily oppressed, sure, possessed, no. The saved person has the Holy Spirit indwelling them.

  • Deb

    I’m beginning to feel uneasy with this discussion; it’s turned into some sort of a debate–constantly challenge the other’s beliefs/views, etc.–prove one’s right and the other is wrong. Not for me. I’m sure you’ll come back with a rebuttal to what I just said. That’s fine. And because I said, “Not for me.”, you may come back and say something to the effect of, “you are not open to the truth” and “you are lost”, etc. That’s fine too; I know more about me than you to say one way or another. One thing I know for certain is that God will lead me to the truth and I’ll know with a peace inside when I hear it. I don’t feel peace with your approach; it’s too pushy and argumentative for me. I really thought you were different initially. You’ll get the last say because I won’t be replying to anymore of your posts.

  • One Truth

    Hurting and sincere people humbly ask questions and are sincerely searching for answers. They do not rail out against God on a public blog ( as he did ) or accuse proclaimers of truth ( as you have done ) of being condemning and judgmental.

    The Bible has ALL of the answers one needs in order to find life and peace. Faithfully believe it or un-faithfully dismiss it. It is a simple, yet most important choice.

    You, do not understand the Gospel or its purpose. You, do not have the slightest understanding of spiritual warfare ( or you do, and know exactly what you are doing here ).

    The Gospel is Truth concerning Jesus Christ, His death on the cross, His bodily resurrection, Salvation offered and Faith and Hope proclaimed and encouraged.

    Lies of the enemy will be rebuked ( where is God, is He even listening ) and heresies and false teachings will be shot down ( No one person can know or teach Absolute Truth, everyone has to find it themselves ).

    You speak for the enemy ( whether you realize it or not ), for the purpose of confusion and division.

    I speak Truth from the Gospel concerning Faith and Hope in Jesus Christ Alone and the absolute inerrancy of the Word of God.

    I have compassion for those seeking Truth. I have none for the liar and heretic, who work feverishly against the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    “When faced with another’s hurt and confusion, rather than respond with kindness and teach them, you choose instead to use the words of Christ to make them feel inadequate and unworthy.”

    I know hurt and confusion when I see/ hear it. Its a gift of God called Holy Discernment. I do not expect you to understand, as you obviously do not study Gods word and you hold a rebellious heart against God and His truth yourself.

    You are more concerned with emotions rather than the truth of Gods word. The Pharisees and Sadducees asked many questions. What was their intent ? Read a bible. They were snakes. Constantly trying to tear down everything Christ was teaching.

    One example…. Matthew 23.

    And I do have the right to ask if someone is a Christian. Why does that offend you? That in itself is disturbing.

  • Juls

    Well, you’re very good at quoting scripture, I’ll give you that, but is it possible that in your endeavor to memorize the words that you’ve missed the message?
    The man asked a legitimate question…Where is God?
    Given the state of this world, it is a question that many are asking these days. Hurting, confused and yes, even angry people, dismayed by the seeming contradictions between God’s word and the reality of their lives, reach out seeking an answer. Rather than recognize the pain and reacting with kindness, using the opportunity to teach – you instead choose to use Christ’s words to make them feel inadequate and unworthy.
    You ask, “Are you a True Christian?”
    Based on what I’ve seen here, you sir, have no right to ask such a question.

  • One Truth

    “The man asked a legitimate question…Where is God?”

    Are you blind? There is no legitimate question. I see Accusations, Demands, Faithlessness and Blasphemy.

    Well, Lets see the actual quote…….

    “Days like today make me { doubt the power of prayer }. { God needs to show up more than he is doing } in our world. { The evil is winning and from God you hear nothing but crickets }. { God the devil is kicking our ass here on earth and it would be nice to at least get a small sign from you that you are at least out there and here us }. {This faith and hope is getting a little old. We need you now, please show yourself. }”

    Can Anyone guess what the purpose of posting such a BLASPHEMOUS statement on a public blog might be. One where the writer is posting encouraging words, for a hurting world, in hopes that they might stay focused on Jesus Christ and His great love for ALL during trying times.

    Well, Its degrading of God and its demonic…..That’s what it is.

    Eve was deceived by such blasphemy…….

    Genesis 3:1-6…….vs.4…..The serpent said to the woman “You surely will not die!”

    Well guess what, She did. and spiritual death came unto all of mankind because one believed a deceitful lie.

  • Juls

    Who are you to judge someone else’s servant? To their own master, servants stand or fall. And they will stand, for the Lord is able to make them stand.
    Romans 14:4
    Do not speak against one another, brethren. He who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks against the law and judges the law; but if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge of it. There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the One who is able to save and to destroy; but who are you who judge your neighbor?
    James 4:11-12
    Therefore you have no excuse, everyone of you who passes judgment, for in that which you judge another, you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things. And we know that the judgment of God rightly falls upon those who practice such things.…
    Romans 2:1-2
    Or do you think that the Scripture speaks to no purpose: “He jealously desires the Spirit which He has made to dwell in us”? But He gives a greater grace. Therefore it says, “GOD IS OPPOSED TO THE PROUD, BUT GIVES GRACE TO THE HUMBLE.”
    James 4:5-6

  • One Truth

    “constantly challenge the other’s beliefs/views, etc.–prove one’s right and the other is wrong.”

    Its called { upholding sound doctrine }. Do you what understand the whole purpose of ” Spreading the Gospel ”

    And just to make clear, I could care less about me being right or wrong, I care about the truth of the Gospel and it being upheld.

    If one truly cares about others, they tell them the truth. If one does not love others, they tell them lies or simply watch them not only being mislead, but also misleading others.

    This should be pretty basic to understand.

    “I don’t feel peace with your approach; it’s too pushy and argumentative for me.”

    You know, it still amazes me that so many say that they love God, yet defend the blasphemers and reject those who speak His truth.

    I notice that you have yet to call out the others for not patiently and lovingly, listening to what I say. Which is really not my teaching, but teachings straight from the bible.

    The definition of a Christian is not { a cowardly, spineless and apathetic individual who cautiously, tip toes around everyone’s emotions, to attempt to relay a message }

    Christ certainly was not fitting to the description, though many mislead individuals attempt to portray Him as such.

    The Christian is not to be Timid and cowardly, But bold in love and truth. 2 Timothy 1:7-8

    “I really thought you were different initially.”

    Did I say something rude to you? Or did I simply speak in firmness, yet with respect, against something that you said, that was not in accordance with Gods word, for the purpose of edification only, but not to offend?

    I will let you be the judge of that. God knows my heart and intentions, and that it is all out of love and the hope that you and others will come to know His truth, which is in His word.

    My tone may change when you and others change your attitudes and start accusing me of being judgmental and condemning, yet that is not my attitude. I speak the truth. Jesus Christ responded the same way when constantly confronted with negativity by the teachers of the law ( John 8:42-45 ). Look what Christ said to His disciples concerning how they would be treated by the world for speaking His Truth…( John 15:18-25, 16:7-11, 17:13-21 )

    Did you ever stop to think that maybe it is conviction in your own heart that causes you or others discomfort when you hear Gods word proclaimed the correct way, just as it is in the Gospel? Inner Conviction is designed by God, ( for it is His voice ), to lead to repentance and a relationship with Him.

    Please read 2 Corinthians 7:8-12 for some insight on this.

    I will always speak out against the nay-sayers, for the purpose of attempting to protect the others here who read their posts, from being mislead and believing their lies.

  • One Truth

    1) SaysWho is not a brother, for a brother in Christ would never speak blasphemous words against the Lord.

    2) I think you need to go and research the difference between “Judging” and “Admonishing”. To the ignorant, they seem the same, but they are not. Mature Christians, obediently lead by the power of the holy Spirit, to utilize the spiritual gifts that have been given them, are called to reprove, rebuke and admonish….. The Apostle Paul proclaims in 2 Timothy 4:1-5 & Jesus Christ proclaims it in Matthew 10:11-15 & Mark 16:15-16.

    3) Concerning your insertion of “Therefore it says, “GOD IS OPPOSED TO THE PROUD, BUT GIVES GRACE TO THE HUMBLE.” from the great book of James, I would suggest that you stop serving the enemy with such pride and heed to James 4:7-10. Only then, will you and I been on the same page.

    Ripping verses out of context for your own gain with me is useless. Scripture interprets Scripture and your heart has rejected most of it.

  • Juls

    You’ve got an answer for everything don’t you? Let me ask you….do you ever search your own heart, do you ever question whether there is anything left for you to learn or do you just stomp through life and over people smacking them with the Bible as you go?
    I’ve read this blog from beginning to end. I have read words – written by a minister no less – that ridicule, condemn, judge, criticize, scorn, attack and censure. And you call yourself man of God? A follower of Christ? Someone else here referred to your behavior as sanctimonious. I would whole heartedly agree with that assessment. You know nothing about me – nothing about my heart, nothing about my life and certainly nothing about my relationship with God yet you feel you have the right to judge me and anyone else who doesn’t fall into line with your way of thinking?
    You may have a church building. You may call yourself a minister. You may even have people sitting in the pews but your behavior here puts you about as far from a follower of Christ as I have had the misfortune of running into. Be assured that I won’t make that mistake again. I’m done with you.

  • Deb

    Thank you for your kind message. I do have the film, The Passion of Christ, and watch it as a reminder of all the Lord suffered for humanity’s sins. Thank you for all your suggestions. God bless.

  • One Truth

    “You’ve got an answer for everything don’t you?”

    No, but Gods word does.

    “or do you just stomp through life and over people smacking them with the Bible as you go?”

    If people are convicted by Gods word, then it is doing just as it is supposed to do. That’s what truth of the Gospel does ( John 16:7-11 ). It happened to me 30 years ago, and I repented and believed. Its not the end of the world, its the beginning of salvation.

    How sorry for those who hear the Gospel and never repent, but remain in their sin.

    “And you call yourself man of God? A follower of Christ?”

    No, Gods word declares that I and all others who believe in and uphold the truth of the Gospel are….( John 17:13-26 )

    “Someone else here referred to your behavior as sanctimonious. I would whole heartedly agree with that assessment.”

    Yea, that means a lot to me. Below is his blasphemous statement toward my Lord Jesus Christ. I could care less what he thinks of me.

    “I can’t bring myself to work on behalf of a God whose “perfect plan” included all the suffering I’ve experienced SINCE I accepted Jesus. He can just go on His way without me, because if he doesn’t have the character to change how abusively He treats us, I refuse to be a part of that world.”

    What blasphemers and unbelievers think about me is not as important as what Christ thinks of me. Christians are expected to spread the Gospel. And the bible declares that I will be hated by the world for doing so.

    The world also hated Jesus because He told them that their ways were evil ( John 15:18-25 ).

    As for the rest of your comments, Again, as I have said before, it is the Gospel that I speak and defend that offends you. If you had the Holy Spirit of God dwelling within you, you not be offended by the words I speak. These truths are clearly spoken in the scriptures above, and anyone who is a true follower of Jesus Christ understands what the scriptures say.

    As for those who do not understand and refuse to listen, the bible has something to say about them and they’re condition…….

    1 Corinthians 2:12-14

    John 8:42-45

    Truth is Truth and Gods True Word brings about conviction unto the world. What in the world do you suppose brings about the overwhelming feelings of self shame and sinfulness, which thrust many to their knees in repentance before a Holy God, pleading for saving grace which comes from Christ Jesus and His shed blood?

    2 Corinthians 7:8-12

    Until you understand this, you have absolutely no understanding of true repentance and salvation. Obviously my name is not Joel Olsteen. I’m no soothsayer.

  • One Truth

    ” I’ve read this blog from beginning to end.”

    I would say that you read Over It.

    I suggest reading a little more in depth.

  • One Truth

    “God’s people are getting beat up by Satan and by life too much.”

    Friend, God has not abandoned His people. Where did you get this notion from? It certainly is not biblical.

    Yes, we live in a fallen world, but trials come for strengthening, testing of faith and purification ( 1 Peter 1:1-9 ).

    But to say that “God’s people are getting beat up by Satan and by life too much.” You are really fueling the fire for those who have attacked Dave’s blog concerning faith in Jesus through all things.

    The Lord Jesus Christ is our good Shepherd…..John 10:1-30.

  • Char Fox

    I’m glad it gave you some hope. For some reason a lot of my emails have been going to spam and I just found out and pulled a bunch out of my spam box or I wouldn’t have seen this. I guess it comes down to the age old debate. Do we see the glass half empty or half full. I’ve saw it half empty most of my life and can even say I’ve thought it was completely drained and the glass cracked. I’ve gotten through a lot of really tough situations that have lasted years. I’ve been mad at God, depressed, unbelieving, pleading, begging. But I can say I see the glass half full most of the time now. Change can happen. It just takes God working in us and us willing to let Him even when we don’t understand.

  • Char Fox

    Jeff, to offer some perspective on this and some of the other responses…

    God is God. He knows we struggle, He knows this life is hard, and He know He has a plan we can’t see. So when He doesn’t come to our rescue we decide He doesn’t care. But look at a parents perspective. If a child breaks the law and lands in jail we may bail them out and they may choose to be greatful or end up feeling like we’ll always bail them out and keep doing wrong. And then we may decide to not bail them out and the child learns a valuable lesson and keeps out of trouble or they latch onto anger at their parent and lead a destructive life. And again they may see how their hatred landed them back in jail or they may become even angrier.

    No, struggles don’t “always” lead to strength, just as a bail out of jail doesn’t always lead to gratitude or a refusal of bail lead to taking responsibility.

    If you read a response of mine somewhere below, you’ll see that I’ve faced so much trouble since I accepted Christ and I’ve been exactly where you are right now. I’ve been angry, I’ve felt I was losing faith, getting weaker, etc. But through these times, I can say my attitude has changed, faith and trust grown.

    God doesn’t want us to lose our jobs or families, etc. But can we lose them and still trust He has a plan? When He asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, He didn’t want to cause Abraham pain. But He asks for obedience, just like our earthly parents do. And disobedience can bring pain. So does it mean we’re disobedient if everything is going wrong? Of course not. It could be like bailing our child out. Sometimes they have to learn things without our help. And sometimes we have to learn just how much do we truly trust God. If we’re still angry when bad things happen, then are we really trusting Him yet? So we may face something again and again.

    So does trouble mean we’re disobedient? Does it mean He’s teaching us to trust Him? Maybe it means satan is doing everything to keep us from becoming what we really can be. Is it always satan? In this life we WILL have trouble. And sometimes that’s just what it is.

    God has mercy on whom He chooses. Does that make us think He’s unfair? I questioned that. I must admit I have thought that. Today’s sermon though was on reaping where we did not sow. And I thought of Matthew 20 and the landowner who paid the same wages to the one who agreed to those wages early in the morning that he paid to those who agreed to work for him at 5:00 that evening. God doesn’t play favorites. When Christ willingly gave Himself up to be tortured, He did so for ALL who will believe. To the one who accepts Him as a child to the one who accepts Him on their death bed. But He also knows our hearts and bestows mercy accordingly. Look at Paul’s experience. What about all the others who were persecuting Christians? Paul really believed he was doing what God wanted. Perhaps the others simply didn’t want their lives disrupted.

    The whole thing comes down to…will we trust Him and do we just want His blessings or want to be like Him? If someone told us they would give us eternity without pain or tears, that we’d be eternally loved and be triumphant, BUT we would first need to suffer, perhaps a lifetime, perhaps be beheaded for our faith…would we choose it? Tough question and one we need to seriously consider. And all is not lost. Because if we don’t feel we can do that, God still invites us to pray that His will be done, that we be conformed to the image of Christ, that we be tried in the fire and He can bring us to the point where we can say not my will but yours. He can bring us to where we say yes…I AM willing to endure all of it just for eternity in your presence.

    And when we get to the point where we overcome the wrong thoughts we have of Him, we can begin to see that He really does love us and knowing this, we will want nothing more than to look forward to being with Him.

    Sorry this got so long. But to anyone facing struggles and having these questions and feeling that the trials are killing their faith, please just consider what I’ve said. Because I’ve been there. I can’t count the number of times I wanted to quit but there was something I said at the start. I promised God I wouldn’t quit…no matter what. I’ve quit a lot of things in life but God isn’t a thing and life is finite. But eternity is infinite. And I can honestly say I have seen things that enable me to tell you that He IS real, He IS there. And if we’re willing to take the bad and still hold on, we will be changed and then the things around us may change. But it’s that question you’ve probably heard from every pulpit. Will you trust Him? Will you CHOOSE life? If we’re not willing to choose it, we shouldn’t blame God but so many do unfortunately.

    Has anyone ever had an unfaithful spouse they forgave or a family squabble? If we can forgive “people” who may have purposely hurt us, why do we hold such animosity towards God who loves us, just because we think He should do things that He chooses not to do?

  • Char Fox

    Jeff I’m not trying to diminish the pain you feel or sound harsh here but I’m just going to ask you to objectively examine your own words and see if it may she’d some possible light on things.

    **He selectively helps some and not others. He didn’t help save my marriage while helping several friends save theirs.**

    Proverbs 14:30
    A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot.

    Philippians 2:3
    Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.

    Proverbs 27:4
    Wrath is cruel, anger is overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy?

    **…and telling Him that if He didn’t help (not how I usually pray) that I might never praise or worship Him again. **

    Matthew 12:39
    He answered, “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a sign!

    This doesn’t mean He won’t give you a sign IF that’s His will. But you told Him You either do this, or else. And God doesn’t meet our demands.

    The only hope I can maybe offer is this…

    I’ve been at a similar point and only kept trying regardless of how petulant or bitter I felt because of the promise I’d made to not give up and knowing that life before Christ was /sarcasm/ such a bed of roses /sarcasm/ that it had me running straight to Him. And because I refused to quit and kept praying and reading the Word, my outlook started changing. My mind was being renewed.

    Why is divorce so high? Because we’ve believed that love depends on what the other does for us. And if they don’t do it we think they must not love us. God doesn’t base love on this concept and doesn’t want us to either.

  • Char Fox

    I think a repentant heart and a broken one aren’t the same. God tells us to weep and mourn with others and He’s close to the brokenhearted. He doesn’t want Jeff angry and Jeff will need to learn how to let that go and trust. But we’re ALL sinners and fall short. We can’t understand the depths of another’s pain but we can encourage them and pray for and with them.

  • One Truth

    “God tells us to weep and mourn with others and He’s close to the brokenhearted”

    Sure, but Jeff seeking comfort. Jeff is a blasphemer. The bible also declares how to deal with Jeff’s type. Do not give what is Holy to dogs….Leave that house and shake the dust off of your sandals as you go.

    Please do not cherry pick verses with me. Read and understand ALL of Gods word.

    “We can’t understand the depths of another’s pain but we can encourage them and pray for and with them.”

    If you would have read my initial post to jeff, you would have noticed that I tried to encourage him. Problem is, there is nothing that you can do to help a rebellious loudmouth, who insists on hi jacking christian blogs to lead people away from Christ and slandering the Almighty while at it.

    “I think a repentant heart and a broken one aren’t the same”

    I know what a repentive and broken heart sound like. And yes, they actually are the same. I also know full on evil when I hear it.

    I have been dealing with people for years. I know who you can and cannot help. Help must be wanted.

    Why do you think that God does not automatically accredit salvation to everyone, but declares that you MUST repent and believe?

    Here, why don’t you read his ridiculous rant below, and show me how you would reply to that.

    “BULL. There are things that I’ve experienced that Jesus DID NOT. One example: Jesus has no clue what divorce is like because he never was married and never had children.

    The fact is that Jesus crucifixion changed NOTHING in this world, it only made a “promise” of more after life. It didn’t end war, graft, abuse, neglect, hate or a host of other major problems in this world. NOT ONE DAMN THING changed in the world in
    which we live because of his life or death. All you have is the promise of a life in a better place AFTER life. And I really don’t know if I want to spend a life with a God that KNOWINGLY allowed this life to be so painful. You’re known by what you do, not what you promise. And what He has done has made me endure a life NOBODY should have to endure. I didn’t get to choose whether to be born or not, I was FORCED into this life. If God, or you for that matter, think this life is so great, you come live it and see how you feel about God after a month.”

  • Char Fox

    I would reply knowing I felt similar for awhile. I once screamed at God and flung my Bible refusing to pick it up again. But it was in great pain and hurt. And I couldn’t just stop reading and quit. I picked it back up again. I felt terrible that I’d gotten so angry at God. I had done so not because I’d turned my back on Him or didn’t want to believe in Him and accept Him, but out of ignorance from believing that when we’re saved, everything is better. Until my mind was renewed in that area, I reacted to God according to an ignorant mind that had been hurt repeatedly by those claiming to love me. God can change our hearts and minds because He does sympathize with us. He can see our hurt and that we might sometimes being new believers have un-renewed minds to understand the truth of His love because we have the mind that has been shaped by untruth. I always look at why someone is angry to the heart of the matter. I try basing my response knowing that babes may struggle due to years of wrong Biblical teaching. I give an opportunity for them to get past the anger and understand what is happening is not God being cruel or unfair. If they still do not accept it after a time, I stop trying to help them to understand, say a prayer and move on. Others don’t speak out of hurt but only to disrupt and I don’t even bother with them except to ask why they have to hate God so much that they come looking to disrupt a discussion that wasn’t bothering them.

    To me, it’s as Christ gave everyone a chance. Even Peter, who denied Him. To try and recognize hurt from evil intention.

  • One Truth

    “I would reply knowing I felt similar for awhile. I once screamed at God and flung my Bible refusing to pick it up again. But it was in great pain and hurt. And I couldn’t just stop reading and quit. I picked it back up again. I felt terrible that I’d gotten so angry at God. I had done so not because I’d turned my back on Him or didn’t want to believe in Him and accept Him, but out of ignorance from believing that when we’re saved, everything is better. Until my mind was renewed in that area, I reacted to God according to an ignorant mind that had been hurt repeatedly by those claiming to love me.”

    Yes, I agree with you on those two points. We all hurt, and God loves us.

    But, there are hurting individuals who have undergone great pains in life and have many questions for God. Who do not feel like God or anyone else can or does love them, and they are honest about this. And even though it can be a chore to get through to them, they are generally not outright verbally abusive toward the one trying to help and they certainly, though they question Gods love for them, do not slander and blaspheme God.

    Then you have the Jeff’s out there who are not even looking for help, but looking for hurting people that are Christians or inquiring about the Gospel, its truth and the reality of God, and they continually try and break down any discussion regarding the truth of Gods word and His love for those hurting individuals.

    Its the work of the enemy and it is really not hard to distinguish the two types of people apart.

    “God can change our hearts and minds because He does sympathize with us. He can see our hurt and that we might sometimes being new believers have un-renewed minds to understand the truth of His love because we have the mind that has been shaped by untruth.”

    On this point, you have to understand one great big factor. First off, God does Not make anybody change. But….God does know the heart of all individuals, and He does work on and heal the heart of those who deep down inside, through all of the confusion, hurt and anger, continue to call on Him. And they continue to call on Him because, even through their pains and struggles, they believe in Him, and they are seeking His love, which He has already given them a sample of. The bible says ” We love because He first loved us”…1 John 4:19.

    “I always look at why someone is angry to the heart of the matter. I try basing my response knowing that babes may struggle due to years of wrong Biblical teaching.”

    That’s fine, when your dealing with babe Christians. Jeff is not a believer whatsover. Again, no believer, hurting or not, would ever blaspheme God in such a way. Especially openly on a public forum for all the world to read. That is a sure sign that he has no love for God whatsoever in his heart. Jesus called the Jewish leaders out on this almost daily. He also told the disciples to “Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing” and that they would “know them by their fruit.”

    Discernment must certainly come into play when recognizing these folks. Some have it and some do not, but it is God who gives it and gives it as a gift to those who have the correct type for heart for using that gift. And by the “correct type of heart” I do not mean a spongy, wimpy type of heart that tolerates anyone and everyone’s attitude, for even Christ did not act in such a way, but put individuals in their place quite often….John 8:12-26, John 8:43-47 and Matthew 15:1-14 .

    “Others don’t speak out of hurt but only to disrupt and I don’t even
    bother with them except to ask why they have to hate God so much that they come looking to disrupt a discussion that wasn’t bothering them.”

    Yes, this is true. And while I did attempt to speak truth to Jeff at first, I feel that it is my duty as a Christian, to openly put him in his place as well as defend the Gospel, since it is being maligned and slandered on a public blog, for the sake of the other readers who may be seeking truth.

    As for Peter and his denial of Christ, yes, he verbally denied Christ three times…out of fear for his safety. Though this was not very honorable to Christ, his heart was always for the Lord, and Christ Himself always knew Peter loved him.

    Regarding my dealing with Jeff, I certainly do not hate Jeff, or anyone else for that matter. The Lord has removed such hatred from my heart. But true love can and should be very bold toward others who attempt to sway others from the truth of the Gospel and from trusting God, no matter what they are dealing with in life. Faith Must remain, even through the toughest times. The bible has too much to say regarding this, than to just brush off this fact.

    I was not rude to Jeff. I simply scolded him for his attitude against the Lord. ANY believer, who loves Jesus Christ, should have my back on that. Christ is to be Glorified for who He is and what He has done.

  • jeff_s66111

    The divorce was actually the EASIEST thing I’ve been through. I just used it as an example. And I didn’t demand help, I was just honest to Him what the consequences for both of us would be if he failed me at the most important moment of my life. His answer spoke volumes (far more than His words) about how He thinks of me. And it didn’t impress. Can you really say you “love” if you aren’t willing to do ANYTHING in YOUR power to help?

  • jeff_s66111

    Of course God plays favorites. How else do you explain how some people are born into fantastic situations and others born into abuse that leads to early death? Or being born in America versus Haiti? Being completely healthy or massively disabled? That all is proof of playing favorites.

    As for attitude, you may be right, but in my case it DESTROYED my faith and trust. And didn’t God know that would be my exact response? You know something will kill you (or a relationship) and let it happen anyhow? That’s not love. I give you trust when I first meet you, but if you damage that trust, it’s YOUR responsibility to EARN back that trust. And that goes for God, too.

    And God has a GREATER responsibility for the very reason that He ISN”T human. He’s not susceptible to our failings, but seems to shirk responsibility for anything that isn’t good, even though He created EVERYTHING!

    As for “refining” in the fire, even gold will be destroyed if heated to too high a temperature. And I’ve been refined to destruction. And no, a “promise” doesn’t trump “reality”. He can promise all He wants about eternity, but that doesn’t excuse what He allows in the real world. I am NOT willing to endure EVERYTHING just for a “promise”. Not based on my many, REAL experiences with Him. Not much of a return on my investment. I’ve also seen many things that make me know God is real, but NEVER for me, only for others I happened to know. His decisions are capricious and it’s pathetic to hide behind the “I have a plan you can’t see or understand”. Try me, I’m a pretty damn smart man (He’s the one that created me with the Mensa level IQ). I want God to stop using excuses and just “God up” and start doing right by me. The entirety of my family (some who aren’t even believers) have had golden lives and mine has been almost entirely beset by calamity, disappointment and pain. REAL FREAKING FAIR, bologna.

  • Char Fox

    Once I realized that I didn’t know everything, yes. You have no clue where your life may have ended up with her. He does. And yes, it’s in His power. He could have made her stay..took her freewill. But what if it were your freewill next time? We want what we want but never consider the other side. And the choice is now yours. You talk about Him like you believe He’s real. Believing this you know what He says about eternity. Do you either learn to forgive what you perceive as Him hurting you or you hang onto bitterness that eats away at you internally and grows. You hang onto hatred and one day face Him and realize the cost…too late.

    I’ve said all I can. Now you make a choice. Nothing more I can say will help you make it.

  • Char Fox

    Two misconceptions…

    God “causes” everything (that we’re born into fantastic situations or not).

    God can step in, regardless if we truly love Him or just love what He can do for us, and therefore He should step in.

  • jeff_s66111

    Sorry, but He FORCED me to be in this world. I wasn’t given the choice. There is something wrong about forcing someone into something and then sitting by and watch them live a life of suffering. Had I been given the choice I would have said HELL NO.

  • jeff_s66111

    You’re right I might not have a clue where my life may have ended up, but we took an oath before God to live together for better or for worse, etc. So, I will NEVER believe my three daughters were better off coming from a broken home. And I wouldn’t even wish my life upon Satan himself. And you’re wrong, I DO consider the other side, I just found it unsupportable on God’s part.

    Why should I forgive God, when He’s allowed me to suffer most of the 50+ years I’ve lived? If He showed even a modicum of understanding of what I’ve had to endure or acted at all like He was apologetic, maybe forgiveness would be possible. But, forgiveness is WORTHLESS if the behavior in need of forgiveness CONTINUES.

    As for eternity, who cares? Going to Heaven and spending eternity with God is like a battered woman going back to live with her abuser. We wouldn’t recommend that, now would we?

  • Deb

    I can so relate…again. I’m beginning to believe we have no influence over our circumstances or “lot in life’; what is God’s will for each individual will come to fruition no matter what one does. If God selects someone to be a martyr, then a martyr he or she will be no matter what. Feel like a pawn more often than not. Maybe farther along in my spiritual journey, I’ll have a different perspective, but for now considering all I have done in an attempt to change my circumstances and these persistent patterns related to relationships, I still have too much emotional heartache.

  • jeff_s66111

    So sorry that you can relate. I’ve often likened it to being an actor in a production, just doing what the script dictates, a script written long before I was born.

  • Char Fox

    Deb, please do not allow the bitterness to enter. I can’t see that Jeff’s bitterness is doing anything but eating away at him making him angry. That bitterness and anger doesn’t just hurt God, but it hurts us too. Studies have proven that unforgiveness, bitterness, anger affect our health.

    I was pulling up some Scripture to show various reasons why our prayers aren’t always answered but I ran across an article in which the author explains it well.

    “Sometimes God does not answer our prayers because of the littleness of our faith. When the disciples asked why they were unable to deliver a boy from demonic bondage, Jesus explained, “Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it shall move; and nothing shall be impossible to you” (Matt. 17:20).
    Sometimes God does not answer our prayers because of sin in our lives. The psalmist wrote, “If I regard wickedness in my heart, Yahweh will not hear me” (Ps. 66:18). There is no point in seeking God’s help if there is known sin in our lives that we are unwilling to acknowledge.
    A third reason God may not answer our prayers is because of unreconciled relationships. The apostle Peter instructed believers to live with their wives in an understanding way, granting them honor as fellow-heirs of the grace of live “so that your prayers will not be hindered” (1 Pet. 3:7).
    A fourth reason why our prayers don’t seem to be answered is that God has delayed the answer for a more appropriate time. Solomon wrote, “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven” (Ecc. 3:1). In some cases it is not that God won’t answer our prayer, but that the answer will be forthcoming according to God’s timing.
    A fifth explanation for why our prayers are sometimes not answered is that God’s greater purposes are sometimes accomplished through unanswered prayer. Paul prayed three times that God would deliver him from “a thorn in the flesh” (2 Cor. 12:7-8). But God didn’t answer Paul’s prayer. Instead, God taught him an important lesson, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness” (2 Cor. 12:9). Unanswered prayer may help us learn of the sufficiency of Christ in a troubling situation.”

    In addition to their points, another Scripture that comes to my mind is Daniel 10:12-13. Then he continued, “Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them. But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia. All throughout Scripture God sends His messengers/angels. And in this instance the angel was delayed. God sent Him but there are other battles along the way. Being that I don’t understand everything, I don’t understand how God can be delayed or allow such a delay. But He knows.

    Many don’t feel peace and joy. Sometimes it’s because their hearts aren’t completely right, which means a renewing must take place. Renewing comes by staying in the Word and allowing God to work the change in our heart so we bear fruit and more fruit.

    And even reaching a point of peace and joy with God, we’ll still have troubles here and it’s why we’re told to weep with those who weep. He knows compassion and wants us to show compassion.

    God isn’t micromanaging us. He’s asking us to imitate Him. Sometimes we don’t answer His call and cause hurt to others. Or we don’t step in to alleviate the hurt or need when we’re quite capable of doing so.

    If God doesn’t love us then why did He say don’t fear, don’t worry, forgive, do not let the sun go down while you are angry? Every one of these can be shown to cause negative effects on our bodies. A God that did not love us wouldn’t care if we allowed these things to hurt our bodies. A God that didn’t love would not have willingly allowed Himself to be tortured. And we often think our troubles are so horrible. Yet we’re not being beaten or nailed to a cross. He did this because He wanted to give us what we were incapable of…freedom from sin. He did this so we could be righteous before God and enter into heaven. He didn’t do it to become our ATM and take us out of the troubles of this world.

  • Ian

    If you look at the true history of this world, you will see that we have all been set up to believe in something, much of what was given to us had been distorted to keep us as slaves. and we now know that a few very bad people rule this planet they create wars by setting religions against each other crash stock markets, and pull in the wealth from everyone pushing us into the depths of misery. If there was a true loving god then why has this been allowed to continue for thousands of years, and when we were to progress spiritually, why would the evil be allowed to continue like it has, trapping us into an never ending cycle of death and re birth. we get re cycled time after time, not remembering our past since that is erased from our spirit so how can we progress?.
    When you see every day killings murders, and pain, why, why, why? I realise this world is not what I believed it was, and no matter how much praying and positive attitudes I have my dreams seem to move further and further away from me.

    The only thing that keeps me going is my knowledge and the more I know the more I realise I only know a little, as we are very limited to what the true reality is.
    Finding a solution a way to continue my dreams, most humans serve a system like robots and are trapped in it, afraid to make a change. yet we could ll work together but we don’t.

    We live in a big brother Orwellian dictatorship and because most people are so brainwashed they are unable to see beyond their every day mindless reality. I do admire people who somehow do the impossible and live a life of their dreams, the only way is to find the power within us, it is there. The reason why so much of humanity suffers is because a sick elite for thousands of years have been sucking the wealth out of every country and creating laws to keep down.
    Humanity was shut down thousands of years ago and their true connection with the universe was severed by shutting down a lot of our DNA connections. Science knows that what they call junk DNA is really un plugged connections, We have been turned from super men and women to mere slaves. So if God is on vocation from this galaxy I am sure a very nasty force is in charge
    What really happens when people make great strides and think God has answered them, is that some how they have been able to make a connection with their greater over self, where the memories of their lives throughout the universes exist, and they are able to tap into this knowledge and change their lives. Since the creator God as we call it made us in the sense that we are like a droplet of water in an ocean, so we are part of everything matter was created by a transformation of fields of energy like an electric motor where an electric field is created atoms came into being and made forms, as wave forms. So we are a part of this creator this intelligence. There false gods who set themselves up long ago like the devil and other dark beings, are in control of this world at this time. So by tapping into our higher self which is in a higher dimension we can change our lives.

  • Deb

    I appreciate your taking the time to search for an article about prayer and share it. Two points do stand out for which I want to comment. Maybe I don’t have 100% faith in God but then who does? I am a sinner but then we all are sinners? Referencing these two points as an example, I have met and know people who are sinners and don’t have 100% faith in God, heck, some don’t even acknowledge Jesus, and they are skirting through life with relative ease, meaning no major stressors, and for those difficulties that may arise, they have supportive friends and family to help them through it. Regarding un-reconciled relationships; one can attempt to resolve differences with another but the other has agree to it. It just doesn’t add up. Bottom line, some suffer horrendously while others live in relative comfort among good friends and supportive family. No one has the answers; only God does.

  • Char Fox

    Ian, by what you have said, I’m not sure if you believe Scripture or not. But I see a lot of talking about humans being in control of their situations and finding the power within ourselves. Yet several things you said uphold Scripture.

    You start with examining history. History shows us a couple of things which uphold Scripture. It shows specific events of wars and civilizations which sprang up and fell. And it shows the age of documents based on their current events and the material they wrote on as to when that material was used in history. Those documents contain Scripture of prophecies of these wars and rise and fall of kingdoms.

    You talk about how much you don’t know and God said now we only know in part. You said we should work together and in fact Scripture tells us to reach unity. You speak of the elite who for thousands of years have been creating laws and Scripture tells us of a time we begged for rulers over us and God gave us what we wanted. Scripture also speaks of those who place burdens on the people that they themselves cannot carry out.

    Also, in reference to those who believe God answered them, some don’t believe because of strides they made but because of events that occurred without their doing and that could only have come from a higher power. And I’m not speaking of miraculous healing but events. I’ve been the receiver of one such miracle in something I felt God had said to me that I shared with no one nor did anything, as there was nothing I could do, yet seeing what I would definitely say was impossible come to pass within months and very strangely so. Because of this one event, I can assuredly say I know w what God called me to and it is something I would never have wanted myself yet can see from my own events that I am being prepared for it. The event that confirmed what God was saying to me is much like those ancient Scriptural passages. It was a prophecy of future events and a quick show of God’s enormous power to make it happen.

    And when you speak of false God’s, you mentioned the devil but said “the creator God as we call ‘it’ “. How can anyone believe in one (satan) without believing in the other? God is not an ‘it’ unless one is believing that some natural explosion in a universe, that was just there for no explainable reason, created a planet, vegetation, numerous life forms and intelligence.

  • Char Fox

    Deb, religion is split. Some say mental illness is demonic and others say it is not. I go by Matthew 4:24 And his fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments, and those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunatick, and those that had the palsy; and he healed them.

    Note that two are mentioned: those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunatic. I do think diet plays a part. And at the start, God provided a list of unclean foods. I’ve heard a study on pork being unhealthy. And pork is one of the unclean animals listed. And we’re fed these from childhood. I also live in an area we refer to as chemical valley, where when you hear the sirens blare, you close your doors and windows and hunker down for shelter in place. And this area is high on the list of illness.

    If you read the story of Elijah you also see that after displaying God’s power and killing the prophets of Baal, he hears of Jezebel’s plans to kill him and he flees, lays down under a bush and tells God he’s had enough and to take his life. But God’s angel feeds him and rebuilds his strength. Elijah was tired. How many times can we fall into depression when we are tired or hungry, beaten down?

    Also consider the man born blind… so that the power of God could be displayed. Jesus didn’t say because he had a demon nor did He cast one out but healed him of blindness and not demons.

    Too many people want to run with the demonic belief and cast out a demon and then wonder why it didn’t work. And it may be that rather than the elders laying hands on them and praying for God to heal them… then waiting for the answer as with God not taking Paul’s thorn away, that they were casting out demons that weren’t there to cast out.

    On a personal note, you might understand where I’m coming from in that I suffer depression. Because of church teaching, I actually tried a good ole Charismatic casting out, which looked to similar to a seance and appeared more demonic that I was very weirded out by it. But I take antidepressants. And I know that at times I have missed doses, I can wake with a cloud over me that seems like a weight pushing down any positive thoughts. I tried going without medication and praying for healing and / or deliverance.

    But God also gave us herbs, intelligence to create medications, and never denounced the woman with the issue of blood for trying doctors. He in fact said those who aren’t sick have no need of a doctor. Thereby He acknowledged doctors and those who are sick.

    Many feel antidepressants just give a false happy but that is not what they do. For me, they remove the cloud so I can think clearly, not weighed down by the dark gloom and negative thoughts.

    Those that feel Scripture is contradictory, simply haven’t grasped the full understanding of a subject. Even the disciples needed Jesus to explain His parables. Therefore we need to search the Scriptures and seek understanding until we have a revelation of it.

    Many will teach based off a single Scripture or thought, and not include other verses which clarify or bring more to it. And then people are confused on what to believe. But confusion is not of God.

  • Char Fox

    OneTruth, I believe this is why we are each given gifts and a calling. You mentioned my need for discernment but perhaps my empathetic gentler approach is needed as much as your more direct and blunt approach. Neither wrong in and of themselves but each able to communicate in their own unique manner.

  • Char Fox

    Deb, guiding those who struggle to understand is what I specifically was called to do though I’m still in a learning phase. Why I can say I was called to it is because through a lot of struggling, during a quiet time with God, I felt He said I’d teach new converts. Yet teaching would be my very last inclination as I was afraid to speak in a group. Yet over the next few months I found myself speaking out more and more and actually coming to desire teaching. One would think that’s enough but I had to “explain” to God that my church didn’t have such a class. A few short months and the Pastor announces a new series of home Bible studies. One of the available courses was New Life for New Converts. In talking with a friend, I was trying to decide on which course and New Life was all about things I already knew. This guy asked me to join New Life as he was teaching it and needed an assistant. I taught in his absence several times. Now I’d not told anyone about God saying I would teach, nor did I know Ralph was leading a course, especially that one. I was trying to decide between two others. I never mentioned New Life. The suggestion came from him. So this is how I unwaveringly “know” my calling.

    I don’t have time to write more right now but I can say two things I know. We all struggle and the best thing we can do to eventually conquer those areas of confusion and inner turmoil is prayer and the Word…staying in both.

  • One Truth

    Yes Char, As long as one is presenting the Gospel correctly, what you say is accurate. It is also true that God wants all Christians to be Bold and stern where we need and gentle where it applies, regardless of our gifts. But, as to what you have said, God will use me more where my tactic is needed and will use you where yours is needed.

    There is a big mixture here in these many blogs, and most are lost. And many of those lost are deceitful and are working purposely for the enemy.

    To those who are confused or lost, yet are calm and sincere with me, I share with a gentile attitude with my responses.

    Then there are those who do not and will not accept the truth of the Gospel, and come to places such as this to attempt to distort it and sway or disturb others, and they will be handled accordingly. Of course with love, but tough and unswaying love that corrects and rebukes their non-sense and rhetoric.

    This will be an ongoing battle in the realm of spiritual warfare, and will only get worse ( 2 Timothy 3-4:5 & Matthew 24:1-14 ).

    The Christian Must understand that this is a battle. We Must keep our faith and defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Truth. When things go from bad to worse,and they are, many half hearted people of faith are going to become spiritually faint and fall away, just as Jesus proclaimed in Matthew 24. We must be strong and not be shaken….Hebrews 12:25-29, but Bold and Courageous…Joshua 1:1-9.

    God Bless.

  • Ian

    Char I do believe in Scripture
    and are very much aware of how we have to look far and wide to understand the big picture. I believe all our tears will be wiped away some day and humanity
    will be able to live in piece as was intended, as God intended I did write a huge reply but I am sure you understand and some of what I was going to say I have already said. so I changed it.

    We are on a planet in space one of billions in this galaxy alone and there
    are thousands of galaxies so far known, the creator is everywhere of which
    everything is part of, we are like a droplet of water in an ocean we lost our
    way, not because of our thought but as a result of the planet being hi jacked by evil aliens who had a part in DNA
    altering, shutting humans down and reducing their lives from hundreds of years
    to a miserable 70 or so

    could tell you a huge amount of what I understand as a result of people who
    have research into this subject and brought it to humanity to understand.

    We have been tricked by set up religions and if you look at all religions every
    one is a classic control system and they have all been involved in murder of people who did not obey them.

    Why there are good people in the church who do good, there is also those who do
    not, look at Islam there are those who believe they will get a front row seat in heaven if they kill those who are not of their faith, insanity.

    The universe is love and love is the only truth, everything else is illusion. I wonder why is this misery allowed to continue, why do poor people suffer things happen to them through no thought of their own.

    I believe it is because at this time a very dark force of aliens which are connected to the Devil are in control and this force works it’s self through those in powerful positions.

    Char god gave this world unlimited resources for everyone but this has been taken by those who’s greed is beyond our understanding.

    Char we are in the end times that is why time seems to speed up.

    Humanity will get back their full potential soon and all those who have suffered I hope the creator holds them in it’s loving embrace and wipes away their tears.

  • Char Fox

    Just to add on to how I respond to posts…

    Something else I consider is not just that the one I respond to is here to cause trouble or are sincere, but that others reading may benefit from it.

    Yes, we are to be brave and my pastor preached on this recently in regards to Debs post about people not following God seemingly having a good life.

    Something I’d not really noticed before. I know the testing of our faith teaches us perseverance. But this was something new to me that stood out.

    He used Judges 3:1-2

    “These are the nations the Lord left to test all those Israelites who had not experienced any of the wars in Canaan (he did this only to teach warfare to the descendants of the Israelites who had not had previous battle experience):”

    A lot of people don’t know how to fight a battle against satan. So we might go through some rough times of testing to teach us how to fight.

  • Char Fox


    You asked about what this mean: “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden , and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

    A yoke is the crosspiece that fastens over the necks of animals attached to a plow or cart that they pull. His yoke is placed on us in the same manner…to guide us where He’s taking us. And when we learn from Him and become gentle and humble in heart, we find that rest. We’re no longer burdened by being “weary and heavy-laden” in trying to be humble and sin-less, not sinless, but we “learn” from Him as we walk with Him so that we learn to be humble and not be burdened and weighed down by the things of this world.

    Christ said we will bear fruit and more fruit. Paul talks of stages of growth as babes, young men and old men. He says in Romans 14:1 that we’re to accept the one whose faith is weak, without quarreling over disputable matters. We’re all in various stages of growth…Some weaker in faith than others.

    You said you’d attended mass regularly and were a good moral person. When the Pharisees said they obeyed the law, Jesus said we must first cleanse the inside and then the outside will be clean. Trying to be clean won’t get us there…we must first wash the inside. An evangelist once, without knowing what I needed prayer for (illness), prayed over me and told me that God was healing me from the inside out. That’s what He does.

    When the disciples asked Jesus what they must do to do the works of God, in John 6:29 Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” That’s it. That’s the only work we need to do. And by believing more and more as we grow in our knowledge of Him, we will be transformed into His likeness and therefore do the works He did out of our hearts (inside of the cup) instead of our own attempts (trying to clean the outside of the cup).

    Some Scripture on this growing process:

    2 Peter 3:18
    but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…

    Ephesians 3:17-19
    …that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God.

    1 Peter 2:2
    like newborn babies, long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation,

    Colossians 3:16
    Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another…

    1 Timothy 4:15
    Take pains with these things; be absorbed in them, so that your progress will be evident to all.

    Ephesians 4:15
    but speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ,

    1 Corinthians 13:11
    When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things.

    Colossians 2:6-7
    Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith…

    Colossians 3:9-10
    …have put on the new self who is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the One who created him–

    Hebrews 6:1
    Therefore leaving the elementary teaching about the Christ, let us press on to maturity…

    John 15:5
    “I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit…

    James 1:2-4
    Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

    Romans 5:3-4
    And not only this, but we also exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope;

    2 Corinthians 3:18
    But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory…

    You said you heard that satan targets those with strong faith as his mission is to destroy their faith and the salvation of their souls. I think it’s more that he targets those who WILL have strong faith. Those he knows God has a plan for.

    Something on this when you consider Job. Job suffered horribly. Some wonder why God allowed it. God was protecting Job, not that he deserved it but because God granted him this. And satan felt Job would turn away if the protection was removed. This removal both strengthened Job’s faith and his understanding of God. And notice that God did not permit satan to take his life.

    You hear people say that they would have died long ago but God had a plan. In Job God planned for him to grow more in his understanding, as well as his friends who learned that suffering doesn’t mean one sinned and is being punished.

    I’ve had to learn by a lot of what I’ve gone through, much as you (illness, family, job, etc.), is not God punishing me but teaching me by allowing these things and not immediately stepping in. My faith and hope has grown and continues to grow. And yes, satan tried taking me out multiple times, beginning with heart defects at birth and other heart issues requiring immediate surgery when I was 12, in addition to several other situations. And I’ve seen His protection in situations that could have (and should in all respects) ended badly if not for Him. And there’ve been points where I felt I was losing faith and hope (and my mind).

    As for the Catholic religion, there are many religious people who have not understood. But there are a growing number of Catholics turning away from the Catholic teaching and leaning on Christ. An old coworker was Catholic but loved Jesus and seemed more like Christ than I often think I act. But to that, one revelation I received is that by beating myself up for whatever I did in the past, even if it was the drive to work in the morning where I got mad at the driver who cut me off, that I wasn’t looking to the future and what God would make of it. I was staying wrapped up in the turmoil of beating myself up that the turmoil itself was causing me to act wrongly out of my own frustration. And He’s still teaching me this since I still fall into beating myself up. 😉

    Well this was longer than intended and why I had to cut it so short in my previous response.

  • Deb

    Thank you, Char, for all you shared. To clarify, I had read Scripture daily, prayed daily, followed my conscience, trusted God to guide me, asked God to mold me into a more Christ-like person, etc. In other words, I worked on my “inside”. And I have never felt so stressed and alone as I do now. I am kind, gentle, caring, a good listener, intelligent, conscientious, hard-working, have integrity (people have commented about it to me) and still (to clarify to you after you said “were a good moral person”) have strong morals. I also have a highly-sensitive disposition. With that said, I am not perfect and have my flaws (but everyone does) but I never imagined that, who I am overall as a person, would result in my becoming so alone without any feeling of a sense of belonging. I seem to attract the users, self-centered, selfish, disrespectful and/or manipulative people. I’m at a loss regarding how to change this pattern to the point where I’m giving up on finding anyone with whom to develop a friendship. If I recall correctly, you had mentioned in a previous post to pray and place trust, I’ll add complete trust, in God. I think that’s what it comes down to. I just wish God would give me a break or something that would bring a sense of peace over me. Or help me to understand what I am to learn from this loneliness, which has been a life-long challenge for me. It’s not causing me to trust and lean on God more (because I have done that and it didn’t work) but instead it’s causing me to continue losing hope. The two stories in the Bible that do give me some hope is Job and Joseph, who was abandoned by his brothers. But then God blessed both of them while I see others who never really get blessed to the extent of what Job and Joseph received. I can’t make sense out of life. While I have blessings in the way of the basic necessities (home, food, clothing, employment), well at least for now, life without close companionship (and I am not referring to the lack of companionship because I am not married) is difficult to say the least to appreciate and enjoy. I’m grow weary and tired.

  • Char Fox

    Believe me, I know exactly what you’re feeling. I’ve felt it myself. And even when I know that all this too shall pass, I still have those days.

    Sometimes God can let us get to where we are at our lowest point before He does something amazing so we have a testimony of what He brought us through or so when we go through hard times again, and we will, we’ll face them with a stronger resolve.

    Sometimes He’s trying to teach us to trust Him even when we can’t see anything to trust in.

    Sometimes it just is. Not because God wants us facing things that steal our hope, but He’s already given us everything we need…eternity.

    For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 2 Corinthians 4:17

    You said you look to Job and Joseph. I’d add David as well, and Abraham. They all waited. Look at Naomi and Ruth too.

    But when I’ve felt I was losing hope, I focus on 2 other passages.

    Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12


    Elijah was afraid and ran for his life. When he came to Beersheba in Judah, he left his servant there, while he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness. He came to a broom bush, sat down under it and prayed that he might die. “I have had enough, Lord,” he said. “Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors.” Then he lay down under the bush and fell asleep. All at once an angel touched him and said, “Get up and eat.” 1 Kings 19:3-5

    Elijah just killed all the prophets. He was tired. When we’re tired and battle weary we want to run away at the slightest trouble as Elijah did over a threat from a woman whose prophets couldn’t even stand against him. But in the end, God fed and strengthened him.

    When I feel I’m at the end of my rope, I want to beg for God to step in. But I know Paul also asked repeatedly and God wouldn’t remove his thorn. On the surface, it might seem harsh (just like when we don’t understand why things are happening – and it doesn’t mean we’ve done something wrong), but when we read further, Paul realized why God didn’t remove the thorn. Being free of this thorn could have caused him to become prideful.

    When we’re lonely, it may be that having the loneliness removed, we wouldn’t focus much on Him. Since we’re not lonely, we don’t need Him to fill that void.

    When we struggle financially, it may be that money (the root of all evil) could be our downfall.

    Or its neither. We may be broke because we’re not good with money. We may not be good at forming good friendships and end up having no one we can turn to and feel lonely. It may be were broke so that when God increases our finances, we’re more generous, not relying on the excess because we know what it is to lack. It may be that God is still working on the people who use us or a special someone He’s preparing for us.

    And that’s it…we lean not on our own understanding because we don’t understand. We don’t know what God’s up to or why things are happening that we don’t want to face. His ways aren’t our ways. Just as a child doesn’t understand why we wouldn’t let them go to the party all their friends got to go to. Knowing they were going to be talking about all they missed or calling them a mama’s girl/boy. They don’t understand. Until they get the news in the morning about that group of friends, who left the party drunk because someone brought beer, were in a fatal accident. We don’t understand anymore than they do, why God hasn’t given us what we think we need.

    And here’s the hard part. Will we still trust and allow Him to work on us even if we don’t see what we think we need or understand why He’s silent? Are we still willing to go through the process? There’s days I’ve considered that question myself and then I realize that I am. As bad as it may seem, there’s a reason I ran to Him, and considering the alternative, I am like Peter.

    “You do not want to leave too, do you?” Jesus asked the Twelve.
    Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. John 6:67-68

    I’ve felt your weariness. I’ve asked the same questions. Paul asked. But he asked repeatedly before he got an answer. And it wasn’t the answer he wanted either. But he did realize the reason for it, his need for it, whether he liked it or not.

    I’ve pleaded for that same peace, but I consider it may be He’s waiting on me to learn how to be peaceful even in trouble. It may be that the loneliness, hardship, turmoil, are all working out something or working to ultimately open our eyes to things we couldn’t see before.

    I don’t know if any of this helps. But I’ve had all the same questions you’ve had. I’ve cried to God that I was losing hope. But I realize that when I’m losing hope, it’s hope for something better here and not for the day I’ll live with Him eternally and not cry and face pain anymore. And it doesn’t mean there won’t be times I cry again for relief and feel I’m losing hope in something better here and now. It just means I know He’s still there and I’m still going to live eternally and pain/tear free. But at the moment, I know how David felt.

    I am worn out from my groaning. All night long I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears. Psalm 6:6

  • Char Fox

    Deb, after responding, I had an email on a new comment posted to another blog I’d posted in. And I ran across this. Maybe this can help you see that we can all feel we’ve lost hope but that we still bounce back. I posted the following to that blog almost a year ago.

    I keep fighting through one bad turn after another. In almost 5 years, I’ve not really seen moments when things went well. I will see God move to help just to have it shattered that same day or the very next day. I lose hope then it increases again. Yet it gets harder and harder to see it increase. I’ve gotten so ill, much of it exacerbated by mountains of stress. Even trying to take a moment to get away and pray becomes impossible much of the time. I have to take anti-depressants. Some of it physical but it’s also worsened by the stress. I take medication just to get through the day because of chronic fatigue from an illness. When I try to sit down to read the Bible and pray, I sometimes nod off. And that’s even more discouraging as the Word that can lift me up slips away in the fatigue. After years of this fatigue, it’s causing a mental fog, making it even more difficult to keep hold of hope. There has to be a reprieve somewhere because lack of rest can affect how we see things. I keep praying for a reprieve.

  • Char Fox

    Ian, you said you believe in Scripture so I’d like to ask about some of what you stated of your beliefs.

    You said: we lost our way, not because of our thought but as a result of the planet being hi jacked by evil aliens who had a part in DNA altering, shutting humans down and reducing their lives from hundreds of years to a miserable 70 or so.

    Scripture doesn’t purport a belief that aliens took over the planet and changed our DNA. It specifically points to one being as the cause (satan), not multiple aliens. And it specifically tells us that it was man’s inability to obey and allow sin in. We weren’t hijacked and altered against our will.

    Also, God said our lives are 120 years. It wasn’t alien DNA manipulation that decreased our life span, but our own inability to be righteous that God couldn’t bear to contend with us longer than that.

    Also when you say “The universe is love and love is the only truth”, Scripture tells us Jesus is the truth. He is the way, the truth and the life. So whoever believes in Him…not Allah or Muhammad or Buddha or the Sun or whatever. So yeah, there’s many religions, but only one true religion, if you believe in Scripture.

    Just a random thought on my own beliefs: When you said we’re in the end times, I get a chuckle out of that when anyone says it. Yes we watch for it so that we are prepared, but since no one knows the hour, it’s just funny to me that many people keep saying we’re in the end times.

    And then we start looking at Scripture which tells us how bad things will be and that we’ll be killed etc. Yet we aren’t supposed to worry, fear or be anxious. So if we’re to focus on whatsoever is lovely, of good report, etc. and since we can’t know when the end will come, then we should always be spiritually prepared so that we don’t worry or fear and so we are prepared for when the end does come. Rather than focusing on when it’s going to happen, I like to think if we focus more on being spiritually minded, when it’s gonna happen won’t matter at all.

    And then I like to pray that I become so spiritually minded that i never have a fear or worry. 😉

  • One Truth

    “A lot of people don’t know how to fight a battle against satan. So we
    might go through some rough times of testing to teach us how to fight.”

    The two greatest tactics that we should use against satan are #1 resist him and his temptations of sin and #2 know the word of God inside and out and deliver it in boldness.

    The gift of discernment comes into play when dealing with different individuals. This cannot be explained to everyone, but God gives it to those who have persistently prayed, asking Him to grant them wisdom and understanding, then obediently and diligently studied His word, leaning on Him and Him alone for teaching…..1 John 2:20-27 and John 14:16-26.

    Upon reading 1 Kings 3:3-12, all Christians should feel prompted to do as King Solomon did. As James proclaims in James 1:5-8. I mean, is this not the will of God, that His children would be fully prepared as Paul describes in Ephesians 6:10-20.

    God Bless

  • One Truth

    “What really happens when people make great strides and think God has
    answered them, is that some how they have been able to make a connection with their greater over self, where the memories of their lives
    throughout the universes exist, and they are able to tap into this
    knowledge and change their lives.”

    Or…….God heard the cry of a faithful individual who decided to heed the call that God has put out……Salvation has been offered…..Accept it through Jesus Christ.

  • Ian

    Yes we were once able to have cosmic awareness until that was shut down, by splicing the DNA of humans reducing it from 12 strands which would have made us powerful and very different to what we are today. We are very limited but the time is coming for a big change, where humanity will regain their power, and as Jesus said what I am all mankind men and woman will be, Jesus was able to tune into the creator, the universal love, that is how he was able to heal, the blind, get rid of evil beings out of people, and many more great things. We have been trapped and set up, because our energy through fear, wars, misery, pain feeds a lower dimension force, and we have been trapped for thousands of years. The question is why? Why did the creator allow this to happen to humans when they should be developing on a spiritual level. I guess we will all find out sooner or latter. My greatest wish is to see Jesus and his great beings who will be with him, wipe the tears from all those who have suffered, and fill their hearts with joy and happiness, and we can once again be free, in the love of the universes. it seems impossible right now, when we observe the insanity around the world. May be this has been a challenge for humanity, who knows but more to the truth, which is being uncovered at a rate faster than those, behind it can keep truth hidden. We live in very interesting times and nothing will surprise me. I want to see humanity to be as they should be.

  • One Truth

    “Jesus was able to tune into the creator, the universal love, that is how he was able to heal, the blind, get rid of evil beings out of people, and many more great things.”

    Ummm, Ian, let me help you out here a little my friend…..Jesus was not simply a man, He was God manifest in the flesh. God the Creator incarnate. Jesus said to His disciple, Phillip, in John 14:6-11….”If you have seen Me you have seen the Father.”

    That is how He healed people, raised the dead and raised Himself from the dead and then appeared again to His disciples and others, and accepted the worship from those He healed.

    As for the rest of your theories, well, I’m at a loss for words.

    All I know is this, Jesus Christ can and will heal your mind and heart instantly if you would only cry out to Him in repentance for healing and salvation.

  • God is First

    All I know is that in my walk with the Lord, my character is NOT stronger than my circumstances. I am weak and useless, stuck in my home because I have no purpose. I’ve prayed for over half my life. Depression. It keeps me feeling uninspired to help myself…and I’m so ashamed. My struggles have only made me feel more despair and hopeless. I am not stronger. The Lord denies me joy and peace. If I get it, it is very fleeting and I succumb to thoughts of wanting to die. There is no light. There is no sign of happiness in this life…and I can’t hang on for much longer. I have prayed all these things…I worship…I ask for strength. I rebuke the enemy in the name of Jesus. I pray for a transformed, renewed heart. I haven’t asked for the simple way out. I’ve been hearing the words…just a little longer….but nothing changes. I can’t wait ‘just a little longer’. I feel like I can’t pray for things that might make me happy. I feel condemned for even thinking I could think of praying for such happiness, even reasonably. There is no where to run from this. No where to go. No where to hide from the pain. Tooooo much.

  • One Truth

    Know this friend, If you have truly repented of your sins and accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior, He never has and never will leave your side. Gods word declares that God will only turn away from us, if we first turn our back on Him. Just one example. ( 2 Chronicles 15:1-2 ).

    Stand firm in your faith and continue to trust God. Remember, as a Christian, we are not living for this world.

    As far as all of those feelings of depression, despair, hopelessness and lack of self worth that you mentioned, one of two things is going on in your life. Either you have never truly accepted Christ Jesus and been born again by the Holy Spirit of God, or satan is having a field day with your emotions as he bears down on you where he knows you are weak and you are simply not trusting by faith that the Lord will carry you through these trials that you are experiencing.

    Please read James chapter 1, 1 Peter chapter 1 and 2 Peter chapter 1.

    Be faithful and trust the Lord your God and and know that He will carry you through.

  • God is First

    Thank you so much for reaching out to me! You are truly one of God’s messengers. You are right in that the enemy is dong everything He can, to steal, kill and destroy my faith in Him. I thank you for listening to God’s voice and witnessing to me!!! I will pray over these scriptures.

    I never expected a response. Who isn’t hurting? I understand many Christians are suffering. I do pray. I do confess my sins, not just to be right with the Lord, but to prevent the enemy from using my sins against my family. I do have a personal relationship with Jesus. I’m a weak follower. I just can’t feel the peace and joy from the Lord, which He says is ours if we ask for it. Confusing.

    Still, thank you so much for sharing your love and heart for Christ Jesus, with me. I’ll keep you in my prayers, dear friend. You don’t know me. The only way you could have zeroed in on the true nature of my struggle is from the insight the Lord gave you. This brings me great comfort and affirmation that He is with me, as He promised. I don’t have friends to pray for me. It took a stranger. I’m so thankful for you!!! You have no idea.

    Praying Gid’s favour over you.

  • God is First

    …or they’re skirting through life, to avoid the pain. Someone reminded me that People deal with struggles much differently. Some manage to keep it hidden. Some, like me, are an open book. Each of us have a very unique, one of kind relationship with God. Therefore, we cannot expect our walk with the Lord to look alike. It’s so easy to presume people are sailing thru life. I’m most guilty for judging and comparing my life to others. We can’t put God in a corner. He is far more than we can humanly understand. Just like a dr. treats his/her patients according to their illness, as does God with each of His children. I know, for me, I need to keep my eyes fixed on Him, or I lose my balance.

    Be kind to yourself and know God never forsakes you. He’s building us up and preparing our faith through trials. If you weren’t on His radar, you wouldn’t be questioning Him. He’s ok with us being real with Him….even angry and in doubt. At least we’re still in relationship with Him. God is a journey and He is a destination. Press on and press into Him. You are loved and lovable, because, He created you, breathed His life into you and loved you first. Above all….the power that raised Jesus from the dead…it lives inside YOU!

    Pray this over yourself everyday: Ephesians 6:10-20.

    May this bring you peace and comfort from The Prince of Peace, Himself.

    Love Love Love

  • God is First

    You are angry, and I can relate to it, easily. I am inspired that you haven’t turned from Him. I’m inspired that you are determined. Remember, ?God does tell us not to lean on our own understanding. Otherwise, this pattern of anger becomes a revolving door. Eventually, your anger will make your heart bitter. It is an exhausting experience. I know this personally. OR….you will just step out in faith, and trust that God has you.

    I believe in you and I believe God is working your in life. Let His answers come to you, and you will see His will for you far exceeds anything you are trying to figure out.

    Love and Light, friend. Press on!

    Phil 3:14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

  • God is First

    Anyone who loves Jesus, feels this way…discouraged. I don’t know of anyone of my brothers or sisters in Christ, who aren’t facing some kinds of battle. We need to uplift each other and bear one another’s burdens. I do pray you feel you’re loved and supported on this journey. Honestly, I feel or have felt everything you’ve shared. I just refuse to allow the enemy to steal what is already mine…..Salvation. It’s not an action, He’s a person…and Satan wants you to doubt. Makes his job easier….and he truly is trying to destroy what God has built in perfect truth. The good news….he’s a liar and his reign over the world is coming to and end.

    Jesus has triumphed over your anger, fears….and sin! It is finished.

    God bless you. I know a heart for Him when I see one.


  • jeff_s66111

    Triumphed? If that were true the problems would be solved and gone. The fact is the “church” has been the LEAST helpful and the MOST judgmental. How is it right for God to FORCE us to live, then allow it too be overwhelmingly painful?

  • jeff_s66111

    Damn right I’m angry. The rest of my family is literally living the finest of the American dream and my life has been one tragedy after another. Some say it just means God thinks highly of me. My response is “can he think a little less of me then”?

    I’ve probably passed bitter. I came to Him because I though things would be better and they got worse! How’s that for a return on investment?

    As for trust, I give it freely…the first time. But if you break that trust, it becomes your responsibility to EARN it back. God sacrificed my trust, so he must EARN it back. God has had over a decade to “work in my life” and “to speak to me” and he has been completely silent and ignored every prayer. I don’t care if He is the one doing it, the fact that He ALLOWS it makes his behavior reprehensible, inexcusable, and possibly unforgivable. At this point His will for my life is irrelevant until he makes reparations for the past.

    I’m tired of “pressing on”. It should not be an exhausting battle to endure life. If that’s what He thinks, then it’s a bad design on His part. There comes a time when the only energy available to you is used simply to continue living even when you want absolutely nothing to do with life. There’s nothing left for others or Him.

    He can fix this and CHOOSES not to. So if I sound bitter, so be it. He knows where I am and what He needs to do to fix it. Until He chooses to repair things, He can’t expect me to want anything to do with Him. After all HE CREATED me sensitive, questioning and stubborn. He can’t hold it against me now.

  • Char Fox

    I’ve prayed for discernment, but I’ve prayed more to be changed. I spent 45 years being angry, selfish, blaming others for everything. I came to a point where I didn’t like myself at all. That’s the point I turned to Christ and wanted to be more like Him and caring. So that’s what I’ve focused on more than discernment. There’s a lot of changes people need, and priorities to those needs for each individual. One of the reasons we’re always growing I guess. We have to be. Cause every time God heals one area, there’s another He goes to work on.

  • Char Fox

    Scripture tells us why God allowed it. Hint: start in Genesis 3.

    Those ideas you ascribe to about Christ do not line up with what He said of why He came, who God is, heaven, etc.

  • One Truth

    “There’s a lot of changes people need, and priorities to those needs for each individual. One of the reasons we’re always growing I guess. We have to be. Cause every time God heals one area, there’s another He goes to work on.”

    Amen to that. That will be a continual work until we leave this earth.

  • Isak Andrè Wøien

    And you moralists are still thriving over there, aren’t you?
    You have no idea what you are talking about after one sentence.
    Why do you believe that accusing me would achieve anything for the sake of Christ?
    Are you totally wrongminded?
    When did his example tell you that you have the right to accuse others?
    Why not repent your own daily sins instead of attacking others?

  • Char Fox

    God is first

    God will give us peace and joy as we learn from Him. I’ve seen it happen. We do get under attack. I’ve been under it for years. And it wears you down. When we are weary, it is so much harder to fight back.

    I do understand where you are coming from. Dealing with chronic pain causing chronic fatigue, I’ve been there. But I can see many times I thought I was getting weaker yet ended up stronger in faith. Because of the pain, sickness and fatigue, I have bouts of depression for which I take medication, designed for both the depression and the pain. And those times the depression presses down, it can be like a heavy fog covering what you know of God while bombarding you with negative thoughts you can’t seem to escape.

    Because of how I felt, I often questioned my own salvation, yet have learned that even in the dark times, I still know He’s real. I still believe. And knowing that whosoever believes…I am saved.

    What I’ve done is remind myself that no one is immune to depression or hopelessness. Not even Christians. Not even strong Christians. So know you’re not alone but you WILL come through. God never takes us through valleys without there being a mountain on the other side of that valley.

    Our church has teamed up with a publisher and they have written a book that we are giving out to area residents. It is called Hope Rising. It is the stories of six of our church members. All of them lost hope at some point and some of them turned away from God and the church for a time. But all of them have an incredible testimony. Even our pastor who thought of giving up when first starting out in ministry and having been sexually molested as a child. I’ve known them all for years and have watched some of these stories unfold. Two have become preachers, one doing prison ministry after having been a drug dealer, one with a national ministry that helps those suffering loss.

    When we think we shouldn’t be depressed or feel hopeless, that maybe God isn’t hearing us or we maybe didn’t get saved, I always remind myself of David thinking God God had forgotten him, of Job wishing he’d never been born, of Elijah fleeing and lying down asking God to take his life, of Paul under such pressure in Asia that they were unable to endure it and despaired of life itself.

    No Christian is immune. But those trials will turn into strength and testimony. And remember that satan has no need to fight anyone he feels has lost the battle. He fights hoping to make us weak and ineffective. But when God is involved, it’s not our strength that will overcome this battle but His strength.

  • Char Fox

    “I came to Him because I though things would be better and they got worse! ”

    Stepping out on a limb here, but this MAY be why He hasn’t helped you. I say “may” because only God knows your heart. But we don’t turn to God because we think He’ll make things better. He in fact says we will have trouble. But He wants us to realize we are sinners and turn to Him so we can be freed from sin. Not because He can give us things or turn our situations around but because we want Him to turn our hearts around.

  • Char Fox

    God didn’t force your parents to have kids. He also doesn’t force the church to be judgemental, and Paul in fact admonished the church in such matters. And He doesn’t force us to hold onto anger, bitterness, resentment and blame. Sure, sometimes people are to blame but other times we’re blaming God for something our parents did when deciding to have kids. And if we’re really wanting to blame people for our misery, we only have a hand in making our misery worse…for which we’ll blame some more.

    You’re not hurting the church who was judgemental and moved on. You’re not hurting your family who’s thriving. Who you are hurting is the person who looks at you each and every time you look into a mirror.

  • Char Fox

    No, marriages increasingly don’t last very long, but to lay it solely at the feet of women might be a reason some find it difficult to find a wife or stay married. How many men fail to lead a godly home? How many women drag their unsaved husbands to church? How many men are more interested in pornography than their wives? How many won’t financially provide? Marriages don’t typically end single handedly, but by a decline by both to make it work sooner rather than later. People aren’t typically blindsided by a divorce but they know the arguments that have been going on. They know in the back of their mind that it’s not going well. Yet rather than change anything about the situation, they keep doing what they’ve always done and expect the other party to change.

  • Char Fox

    I typed a response but it must have been lost in cyberspace.

    I agree that more and more marriages aren’t lasting long, but to lay it at the feet of women may be why some men can’t find a wife.

    How many men are not godly leaders in their home? How many won’t financially provide? How many women drag their unsaved husbands to church? How many men would rather spend time with pornography than their wives?

    Marriages don’t typically end in surprise. People know the arguments, the growing discontentment. But while they see the train wreck coming, they refuse to believe it can partly be them and sit around waiting for the other party to change then act surprised when handed divorce papers. And promptly start blaming everything on the other, still refusing to believe they need to work on their end. If only one was the bigger person and decided that no matter what, they were going to give everything to the marriage and pleasing their spouse, they might see the spouse begin to respond in kind.

  • Char Fox

    “Why do you believe that accusing me would achieve anything for the sake of Christ?”

    Ephesians 5
    3 But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people. 4 Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving. 5 For of this you can be sure: No immoral, impure or greedy person—such a person is an idolater—has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God. 6 Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient. 7 Therefore do not be partners with them.
    8 For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light 9 (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) 10 and find out what pleases the Lord. 11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. 12 It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. 13 But everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light

    God tells us fornication is a sin. Paul tells us what it has to do with achieving anything for the sake of Christ.

  • jeff_s66111

    You misunderstood. I wasn’t expecting “things”, I was expecting peace. And I’ve had less peace than before, which wasn’t much to begin with. I know I’m a sinner, but who CREATED us as sinners (or at least susceptible to sin)? Why is it that the God who knows EVERYTHING and created EVERYTHING doesn’t have to accept responsibility for what happens? Everything is everything, not only the good. I mean, come on, He KNEW what Satan would do when He created him, yet God has no responsible part in that? And. then it’s ok for HIm to just sit on the sidelines and watch and not help those HE CREATED?

  • jeff_s66111

    If you’re right, then people need to stop saying that “babies are a gift from God”. Given we are soul beings created by God, it follows that HE decides to which “parents” we are born. We DO NOT choose. Our parents may not give us the choice, but neither does God! We didn’t choose the place, or time of our birth. We didn’t choose our physical makeup. We didn’t choose our personality. We didn’t choose our emotional makeup. We didn’t choose the events that we encounter that affect our lives forever. HE CHOSE ALL THAT!

    You may be right about me hurting myself rather than anyone else, but I’m being honest and genuine about my pain and my contempt for God’s plan for my life. Truth is truth, and the truth is that God created me in such a way that all this came to pass. Fine, I’ll accept my responsibility in all of this just as soon as God accepts and acknowledges His responsibility in this.

  • batafly_B

    Hi Ian the only thing that can help you here is Gods word , and a simple exercise of thinking you know nothing and the only thing that can save you it his word not your word against his.

    Go back to your Bible and read the book of Genesis and the book of John 1 this will free your thinking and pray for Gods wisdom.

    When you a child of God you live in spirit not flesh

  • Char Fox

    Well I hadn’t planned to respond anymore but I wanted to address a few things that might she’d some light on your questions. And I’ll say up front that it’s going to probably be long.

    We don’t know why God does or doesn’t do things. We know He says we can’t know fully until we’re with Him. We’re not gods so I’m sure our minds couldn’t comprehend even a fraction of what God knows even if He were to share everything with us now. We also know He wants us to be thankful. Though He’s understanding and knows when we’re hurting.

    Some people are thankful for what they have. Whether God exclusively gave them a child or not, they thank Him for the child they wouldn’t have had if God had not permitted it, and had God not created man in the first place. Some people can face difficulty and still be thankful and keep up a smile. Others get bitter. Others get depressed, etc. People respond differently. Partly upbringing and I think perhaps partly disposition.

    But God wants to bring us all to a point of thankfulness. Sometimes we have a hard time letting go of questioning Him. And even though He understands what we’re going through and how we hurt, He still wants our bad attitudes to change.

    I have often asked myself how someone in Africa or similar can walk for miles barefoot on only one meal a day just to get to church where they have no pews and want to stand singing and praising long after our American churches have locked up and everyone driven to the nearest restaurant for lunch. We complain if service goes more than 2 hours. I can’t compare myself to them because it’s what they know, what they’re accustomed to. But it does show me how sometimes I can complain too much.

    Holding onto bitterness won’t change your attitude and until you can let that go, you’re not going to find peace. Peace comes from walking with God long enough that we stop questioning and we can more easily let offenses slide without holding a grudge. When what happens to us here, and what others do don’t bother us, and we simply trust God has a good plan and stop questioning everything that happens, then we have peace.

    You may not understand why God allowed certain things to happen to you, but I know you can understand what you’re doing to yourself. And you can’t control God but you can control you…at least to an extent. If you acknowledge the bitterness and want to move past it, pray about it. But just holding onto it refusing to let it go will keep you from considering prayer.

    We may not think His plans are all that great. IE: I have a friend who lost both her kids (boy & girl), her marriage fell apart and she ended up homeless. She later remarried a man who’s wife had died, and became the mother her stepson and stepdaughter would grow up knowing as mom. She didn’t understand how they could still make up for her loss anymore than Job may not have understood how his future children made up for those he lost. But he came to know God better because of it. And God put my friend into a ministry that has reached thousands of people hurting from loss. To Him, thousands saved was worth two lost…”here”. And that’s what’s hard to grasp. “Here” is finite. God wasn’t hurting over her two children leaving the earth to come live eternally and joyfully with Him. We wouldn’t be either if we truly grasped that. Easier said than done.

    I don’t know whether God knew we would sin or if He simply knew we had the capacity to do so and hoped we would not. But I’m betting the answer is something I couldn’t even begin to understand confined to this body. But the way I see it is to have created us not to sin would have been to create mindless drones to worship and obey Him…not out of love but only because we were programmed to. Would you want your own kids to obey you out of love or because you programmed them to, taking away their individual characters that leave parents wanting sometimes to lock them in their room and other times to burst out laughing.

    One final thing on bitterness and why it’s better to let it go and forgive whatever or whomever you feel has hurt you. I was molested as a child and I came to a realization about what forgiveness did. If I didn’t forgive, I was reliving it internally, feeding it with anger. That anger can cause eating problems, weight problems, health problems, etc. But what it was also doing was allowing someone who purposely chose to hurt me, to continue hurting me. Over 30 years later and this man was still controlling me and he didn’t even know it. He’d moved on. I was “allowing” him, or rather what he did, to hurt me more and more. It’s then I knew why we need to forgive. If you truly want peace, you can never have it as long as you maintain unforgiveness. Not because of anything God does but because of the bitterness stealing your peace. There are enough things in this mixed up world trying to take away our peace that we don’t need to voluntarily give any of it away.

  • jeff_s66111

    I sympathize with your experiences and understand what you’re saying. But GOD created me as a master questioner. Even as a young child I asked questions about everything….and expected an honest and truthful answer. And I don’t think it’s right for God to now hold that against me to build a wall between us. And I can’t just “let it go” because it isn’t over, it’s continuing. You can’t forgive before the problem ends.

  • Char Fox

    Actually you can. Because I’ve been in what one would consider hell for 6 years and it’s gotten steadily worse. Health, finances, legal matters, swindlers, you name it. But I also know Scripture says we’ll have trouble. I know people do us wrong. I know we make bad decisions. And I know God doesn’t owe us anything.

    I was where you are. I also felt I didn’t ask to be here. I didn’t choose to be born with defects that had doctors predicting death on two occasions. The last being in 1977. I’m still here. I never asked to be molested repeatedly and thought the bad relationships I had were because of it. I’ve been bitter. I’ve blamed so much on circumstances or others. It comes to the point where we either give up being bitter or we don’t and put a wall between us and God. I hated that wall enough to learn to trust that I don’t understand everything but God does and I’ve heard enough of such situations turning around. And not just in Scripture but friends. I’ve even witnessed some of these personally.

    Maybe people did things that were wrong that hurt me. But I still made bad decisions. I can say what happened caused it but no one forced me to make my choices. What I came to realize is that my uncle was molested by a neighbor when he was a child. He in turn does this to me when I’m a child. I in turn made bad relationship decisions which left my kids going through loss in divorce. They grow up hurt and angry and in their own messed up choices they pass hurt on to their kids. It’s a vicious cycle and we have to decide enough and stop blaming because we all hurt others at some point.

    God didn’t cause any of that. He doesn’t step in for reasons we don’t understand but He didn’t cause my choices or the choices of others.

    Just remember that He is the author and finisher of our faith and that He began a good work in us and WILL bring it to completion. Also, even when we are faithless He’s still faithful.

  • jeff_s66111

    Doesn’t sound much like how your “best friend” should treat you does it? He set it all in motion, none of it would have happened without Him, yet we let Him off the hook. It just isn’t right. And I don’t believe anymore that he will complete a good work in/with me. He had his chance, blew it, and it thinks He did nothing wrong. And He hasn’t been the least bit faithful to me.