4 words that can kill a marriage

4 words that can kill a marriage February 15, 2015

As I’ve observed healthy couples and dysfunctional couples, I’ve noticed that the tone of your words has the power to shape tone of your marriage! Below are four words healthy couples try to remove from their vocabularies. I believe your marriage could become stronger if you stop using these words…

1. “Fine”

When we use the word “fine” to describe how we’re doing, we’re usually either dismissing the question because we don’t really want to have a conversation OR we’re passively aggressively punishing our spouse because they don’t know that we’re clearly not “fine.” In either case, there are better ways to communicate.

2. “Hate”

Using the word “hate” to you spouse is toxic, damaging and way out-of-bounds. If you find yourself getting in a heated argument where you you might say something you regret, you’re better off walking away for a minute and clearing you head. Saying nothing is better than saying something cruel.

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3. “$&@!”

Okay, that wasn’t a real word, but it represents profanity. Don’t cuss at your spouse. It’s a simple way to show your mutual respect for each other.

4. “Divorce”

Even the threat of divorce can cause a deep wound in your marriage. Remove the “D-Word” from your vocabulary and your marriage will strengthen. A healthy marriage should have no escape clause or exit strategy.

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