5 ways wives unintentionally hurt their husband’s feelings

5 ways wives unintentionally hurt their husband’s feelings August 12, 2015
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  • FloridaBusinessOwner

    I find more are true on this list for things that hurt my feelings as a wife than the other way around. I can see how some would be shared, but a few we have talked about and he doesn’t seem to need those things the way I do.

  • Colleen Phillips

    I cringe when people put the preposition ‘on’ with the word ‘accident.’

  • Dylan Hunter

    Most grammar Nazis do………………

  • Colleen Phillips

    Actually, I’m the “Grammar Police.” I have a T-shirt that says so. I practice the “Golden Rule.” If I make an error, grammar-related or otherwise, I certainly want someone to tell me, and I appreciate the correction. Just as I’d hate to go around with a booger hanging out of my nose, I also hate making mistakes and sounding like an illiterate fool. That philosophy has served me well; in life, at school, and at work. It did, however, annoy my 8th grade English teacher when I kept correcting her frequent spelling errors. But then, what’s the use of an English teacher who can’t spell?

  • Dylan Hunter

    Actually you’re a disgusting self-righteous bitch who’s simply trolling threads because she doesn’t have a life. Don’t preach to me about spelling lady, I’m a 22 year veteran investigative journalist. Now run along and get over yourself, everybody else has.

  • Bear Lemke

    really…? ^

  • Colleen Phillips

    Whoa! I can see I really got under your skin, and I was never addressing you in the first place. I was just letting the writer of this blog know of his error, which, as I said, is a favor I appreciate from others when I make a mistake. Wow, if I had known you were THE famous Dylan Hunter, “veteran investigative journalist,” I never would have dared post here on Dave Willis’s blog! The fact that you have immediately lashed out at me with nasty name calling tells me everything I need to know about you, Buddy. Some folks are way too uptight and have no sense of humor whatsoever. I am so sorry, Dylan. I wish you all the best in life and beyond.

  • echu888

    Hi Colleen, your 8th grade English teacher was right to be annoyed, because it’s annoying. Who doesn’t want to be around a self-appointed policemen, a torchbearer of justice and all right things?

  • Bigdawg2020

    I think he wrote this on accident.

  • Bigdawg2020

    The writer should probably return his man card after this.

  • Haven

    I find that it’s a generational thing, and not necessarily wrong. Many view it as the opposite of “on purpose”.

  • JEFF

    I don’t believe all this to be true. Until lately, we have pretty much always worked things out where we are both satisfied. Exception: Dealing with step-children, that are of adult age and still living off parents and won’t keep a job!