7 ways couples can harm their marriage without even realizing it

7 ways couples can harm their marriage without even realizing it October 8, 2014

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  • Londy Williams-Cooper

    Didn’t agree with most of these, but some were on target

  • GoodDad

    I like most of your points, Pastor Willis. As usual, if you believe in a covenant type of marriage, what can you do if your spouse breaks these rules? The answer: nothing! What good is such advice if both partners are free to do as they please with no consequences? Christians have got to change the paradigm on marriage and start holding each other responsible for their behavior if we’re going to see Christian divorce rates drop.

  • G Pinky Harrington

    U forgot cheating lying & hiding things

  • ptmohr

    If a marriage is actually covenantal, then it would fall under the authority of church discipline. Someone violating the public marriage covenant would be liable to the discipline of the elders of the church community.

  • ptmohr

    In what you describe, either the “performance-based” model is actually a “covenantal” model in disguise or it is doomed to fail.

    The only condition that preserves the marriage when one of the spouses fails is that the spouses both equally value the marriage over each other’s individual shortcomings. This is covenantal—valuing the existence of the relationship over the shortcomings of the parties involved.

    If it were actually performance-based (i.e., “contractual”) there would be no point for correction. Failure in any deed, under the judgment of the other spouse, could break the marriage contract.