An Open Letter to Single Parents

An Open Letter to Single Parents November 11, 2015

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Dear Single Parent, I’m usually writing on issues related to marriage and/or parenting in a two-parent home, but I want to write something specifically for YOU.

You’re the only one there to put a bandaid on your kids’ skinned knees, but too often, you haven’t had anyone to comfort you in your times of pain. You’re the only one to comfort those kids after a nightmare, but too often, there has been no one to comfort you in your moments of doubt and fear. You’re the only one to wipe away your kids’ tears, but too often, there has been no one to comfort you in your own moments of loneliness or grief.

I’m not here to give you any advice, because frankly, you’re doing a much better job than I would be doing under the same circumstances. I want you to know that those moments when I’ve seen you at Walmart or the grocery store and your kids might have been misbehaving and you thought I was looking at you to judge your parenting, I was actually looking at you with awe and deep respect for beautiful burden you’re heroically carrying alone.

I’m sure there are days you feel like a failure, because EVERY parent feels that way some days, but you are making a world-changing difference in your children. Your love is giving them strength. Your faith is giving them a firm foundation for their future. Your presence is giving them confidence. Your hard work is giving them all their physical needs. On the days you doubt yourself, please remember that God chose YOU to be their mom or dad and God has never once made a mistake.

I’m praying for you. I’m inspired by you. Your kids probably don’t say “Thank you” often enough, but one day, as they reflect back, their depth of gratitude for your will be immeasurable. Since I’m sure you don’t hear it enough, let me say THANK YOU for all you do. The world is stronger and future generations will be blessed because of the investments you are making right now. Don’t lose hope. Don’t give in. God is with you and He will carry you and those precious children to all the blessings He has in store for your family.

Please share this with the single moms and dads in your life and also share the post using the links below so we can encourage single parents around the world.

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