Answers to your 7 biggest questions about sex

Answers to your 7 biggest questions about sex May 11, 2015

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One of the most popular marriage resources we’ve ever created is the “Best Sex Life Now” video series and workbook. As part of this series, we’ve also been doing call-in Q&A sessions where we’ve been tackling your questions about sexual intimacy in marriage. In last night’s call, we addressed some statistics from a Christian Ministry called “The Marriage Bed” which focuses exclusively on sex in marriage. Those statistics have created some great conversations, and I want to keep the conversation going by addressing some of your biggest questions…

These are seven of the most common questions we’ve received about sex. In no particular order:

1. What’s “okay” and what (if anything) should be “off limits” in the bedroom?

Our most popular video lesson in the series addresses this specific question in detail. The recent “50 Shades of Grey” phenomenon has fueled a lot of questions about what’s healthy and what (if anything) should be off limits. There is certainly a lot of freedom and creativity two spouses should enjoy in the bedroom but things that are destructive and harmful include: Anything that makes one or both spouse’s uncomfortable, anything physically dangerous to one or both spouses and bringing another person into the bedroom (virtually or physically). Healthy sexual intimacy is built on a foundation of monogamy and mutual respect.

2. Is pornography okay to use if we watch it together?

There’s a lot of debate about this, but based on what the Bible teaches about lust and the statistics related to the destructive ramifications of porn, there’s no place for porn in your marriage. I talk about this in more detail and share examples and stats in my post on “The Truth about Porn” which you can read by clicking here.

3. My husband (or wife) has much more sex drive than me. What should I do?

It’s common for one spouse to have more drive than the other. This issue, like most issues in marriage, can be improved through communication and both spouses being willing to work together to serve each others’ needs. There could also be medical and/or hormonal issues that could be addressed with your doctor. For more ways to improve drive and and connection in the bedroom, you can read the “Six keys to better Sex” by clicking here.

For the last three questions and answers, click Page 2

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  • Deborah West

    If you are referring the website “themarriagebed”, please don’t.
    It is full of patriarchal, misogynistic, whining, mostly men and a few women, who think they are entitled to sex any time they want it, regardless of their spouses feelings. For the most part, they seem to promote the ‘just do it’ attitude and anything goes in the bedroom. If your spouse doesn’t like something – just nag and pressure them until they cave in.

    Sex in marriage should always be loving and mutual. Sex is not a sport. Sex should come from the heart. And God sees into our heart.

  • Deborah West

    GoodDad, I wasn’t talking to you.

  • sarahoverthemoon

    LOL no

  • its not yet uhuru

    as a man i feel you… you said it man

  • Megan

    GoodDad, You complain a lot for someone who claims to be happily married and successful.