The MOST Important Decision in Marriage

The MOST Important Decision in Marriage December 2, 2016

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A young wife reached out to me for marriage advice recently. She told me that she and her husband really weren’t al that compatible. He wasn’t all that good to her, and if she was completely honest, she wasn’t all that good to him either. She was convinced that if they would have dated longer or really known each other prior to getting married, they never would have married each other.

Now, she finds herself stuck in a predicament that she never planned when she walked down the aisle on her wedding day and said “I do” with a big smile on her face. She finds herself wondering “What if?” all the time. “What if I would have married that other guy? What if I had stayed single and was just enjoying single life right now? What if I got divorced and could start over?

I processed all she was communicating and gave her a reply that wasn’t what she was expecting. I think she wanted to hear me say, “It sounds like you need a ‘do over’ and you’d both probably be a lot happier if you broke up and started over with someone new.That’s not what I said. THIS is what I told her…

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