“Micro-Cheating” and What Counts as Infidelity?

“Micro-Cheating” and What Counts as Infidelity? January 25, 2018

Anger is natural, but we have to learn to control it, because we tend to make our worst decisions when we're angry.
1. Constant Criticism, Neglect or ANY form of Abuse.

Abuse in marriage doesn’t always involve physical violence. In fact, the most common forms of abuse leave no marks on the body, but they leave deep scars on the soul. If your words to your spouse are constantly critical, you’re breaking your marriage vows and breaking your spouse’s heart. If you view your spouse as an interruption instead of a priority, you’re being unfaithful. If you mistreat your spouse, you’re “cheating” even if no sexual act of infidelity is involved.

#2 might seem innocent, but it’s very dangerous

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