How to Strengthen Your Marriage in 5 Minutes Per Day

How to Strengthen Your Marriage in 5 Minutes Per Day June 20, 2017

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Years ago there was a popular exercise DVD that claimed to help you get rock-solid abs in just a few minutes per day. I never actually tried the exercise plan to see if it works; plus, I also love ice cream and Mexican food way too much to ever have visible abs! My wife Ashley seems to like my love handles, so I guess I was never that motivated to try to look like a male underwear model.

Your life and legacy won’t be changed all that much by whether or not you have visible abdominal muscles, BUT your life and legacy will be forever shaped by what you do to strengthen your marriage. When your marriage is stronger, all parts of your life can become healthier as a result. When your marriage is struggling, the stress will bleed over into all other parts of your life. Intentionally making a daily investment into your marriage is one of the most important things you will ever do.

It obviously takes more than just five minutes per day to have a great marriage, but five focused minutes per day in addition to your other healthy relationship-buildling habits can make a HUGE impact. To help you have the best conversation of the day with your spouse, Ashely and I have put together a completely free 31-Day Marriage Devotional (which you can instantly access by clicking HERE).

This free resource can help you build your marriage and your faith by taking one simple, Bible-based inspirational thought each day and sparking meaningful conversation around that important topic between you and your spouse. Taking five minutes per day to do this over the course of the next month could create some healthy new habits that could have a long-lasting impact in your marriage. Give it a try!

You can access this free marriage-building resource by clicking here. If you find it helpful to your marriage (which we hope you do), please share it with others so we can help other couples too!

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