The best wedding anniversary ever.

The best wedding anniversary ever. October 25, 2014

Through our websites and in-person events, people are often asking my wife, Ashley, and me for creative and romantic anniversary ideas. Especially on those “big ones” like ten years, twenty years, etc., people want to do something memorable.

We’ve shared a lot of ideas, but nothing I’ve seen comes close to what The Chans did to celebrate their 20th anniversary this past year. I’ve been following Francis Chan, his writings and his ministry for many years. I’ve always been impressed with his wisdom, his humility and his passion for helping others.

What he and his wife did to celebrate twenty years together is truly inspiring. Instead of just going to a resort and being pampered (which can be cool too), they decided to do something to change the world. You’ve got to watch this video, because I can’t describe with words what these powerful images can do.

For more on this incredible story and to purchase their book, please visit 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their book will be donated to the world-changing causes shown in the video.


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