Your spouse’s 5 most annoying habits

Your spouse’s 5 most annoying habits March 5, 2015

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Habits that seemed “cute and quirky” while you were dating can become really annoying after years of marriage.

After informally surveying many couples through our Facebook “Marriage” page, I’ve compiled the most common pet peeves you have about your spouse.

Some of these habits are “annoying” but some are downright dangerous to your marriage. I am listing them here simply to start some conversations in your marriage, so you can work through your “annoying habits” before they lead to much bigger issues. A marriage is built on healthy communication, so let this spark some healthy communication in your relationship.

And remember to always love each other (even in those unlovable and “annoying” moments)!


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Men’s most annoying habits (according to women):

In no particular order…

1. Burping and farting out loud.

2. Not listening or “tuning out’ during conversations.

3. Not communicating important details.

4. Checking out other women.

5. Being “obsessed” with video games and/or sports.

Women’s most annoying habits (according to men):

1. Saying “nothing is wrong” when something is wrong.

2. Overspending.

3. Bringing up “old dirt” as ammunition in arguments.

4. Giving (or asking for) too many “unnecessary” details in conversations.

5. Being “obsessed” with social media (Pinterest, etc.).

Like I said, the whole point of this is just to get husbands and wives talking with each other in a more productive way and replacing “annoying habits” with mutual respect, mutual appreciate for our differences and stronger intimacy in your marriage.

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