Your spouse’s 5 most annoying habits

Your spouse’s 5 most annoying habits March 5, 2015

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Habits that seemed “cute and quirky” while you were dating can become really annoying after years of marriage.

After informally surveying many couples through our Facebook “Marriage” page, I’ve compiled the most common pet peeves you have about your spouse.

Some of these habits are “annoying” but some are downright dangerous to your marriage. I am listing them here simply to start some conversations in your marriage, so you can work through your “annoying habits” before they lead to much bigger issues. A marriage is built on healthy communication, so let this spark some healthy communication in your relationship.

And remember to always love each other (even in those unlovable and “annoying” moments)!


Another tool to help you strengthen your communication in marriage is our FREE video series on “The 4 Pillars of a Strong Marriage” which you can watch by clicking here.

Men’s most annoying habits (according to women):

In no particular order…

1. Burping and farting out loud.

2. Not listening or “tuning out’ during conversations.

3. Not communicating important details.

4. Checking out other women.

5. Being “obsessed” with video games and/or sports.

Women’s most annoying habits (according to men):

1. Saying “nothing is wrong” when something is wrong.

2. Overspending.

3. Bringing up “old dirt” as ammunition in arguments.

4. Giving (or asking for) too many “unnecessary” details in conversations.

5. Being “obsessed” with social media (Pinterest, etc.).

Like I said, the whole point of this is just to get husbands and wives talking with each other in a more productive way and replacing “annoying habits” with mutual respect, mutual appreciate for our differences and stronger intimacy in your marriage.

For more way to improving communication in marriage, check out this book:

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  • April Warren

    Burping or farting out loud? LOL, we both do this! No beef our way. We both tune out at times but we call each other out on it and laugh. I have to say, I have a wonderful husband because none of these things bother us. We learned to let the small things go. We play games together, that is our pass time. Marriage is awesome!

  • Wendy

    GoodDad, based on the comments I see from you on many of the articles on this site, it seems like you have a very negative attitude toward marriage. I don’t understand why someone who doesn’t appear to have any interest in being married would read articles that try to help couples improve their marriages.

  • Elle McCrawson

    Personally one thing struck me about this list as I read it out is that specific little habits like farting or how someone eats, I can get over, but the ones that relate to emotional issues are harder for me to get over – my husband doesn’t really have many of those.

    I wouldn’t have gone near him if he had any of my sister’s habits where she forgets important details of conversations and when we lived with our parents we’d have the same arguments again and again, which was draining.

    My husband is the opposite where I don’t feel like I have to go over things again and again with him. This is in sharp contrast to a couple I know that bickered over the same mortgage issues where my friend always seemed to have to say to her husband ‘Look we’ve been through this 100 times’. Yes we have fought, but whatever we say sinks in. I remember thinking when we dated that he remembered a lot of little details about what I liked and realised he had a lot less ego than most other guys I knew. I knew I had to keep him when I discovered that.

    This is a lifesaver as his annoying habits I can live with (he leaves most planning to the last minute and when I do business trips he thinks it means he can eat poorly when I am away) and many habits he kicked when we moved in.