University of New Haven: we disinivited you because of #BlackLivesMatter; we’ll still lie about it

University of New Haven: we disinivited you because of #BlackLivesMatter; we’ll still lie about it October 11, 2016

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Well, this took long enough.

Here’s a question I have for Patrick Malloy, who apparently told President Kaplan that I’d asked for a series of unreasonable demands, including a Presidential suite and other amenities which made it impossible for the university to uphold its end of the deal.

“I unintentionally misrepresented what the Sheriff asked for,” he wrote.

How do you “unintentionally” say I demanded a Presidential suite when I didn’t?  In Milwaukee, we call that an outright lie.  (Thankfully, my meticulous assistant Dawn kept all the emails which proved that the university was outright lying about me.)

Some bigots at the University of New Haven administration have no tolerance for any view that drifts away from progressive orthodoxy.  

By the way…this is now the third statement from the University’s New Haven. My original statement has not changed. When one tells the truth originally, ones story doesn’t have to change.

Kaplan issued one of those slick-not-really-an-apology apologies.

I am not accepting a qualified apology after questioning my integrity. I want an apology period.

I want to know what Kaplan is going to do about his employee being dishonest with him? Or don’t they have standards of honesty at UNH?

What standards do they have at this University for students who are dishonest and for example cheat on an exam or paper?

Patrick Malloy needs to own up to lying about me intentionally.

President Kaplan needs to apologize for publicly questioning my integrity based on a lack of information. 

Here’s the truth.  If you are a conservative looking for a university that represents a multitude of viewpoints, the University of New Haven is sending you a clear message: Conservatives Need Not Apply.


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  • jane clark

    We dis-invited you because we are bending over to kiss the blacks asses

  • joe owens

    They disinvited you Sheriff, because they prefer supporting violent racist street thugs over honest hard working Americans. Please feel free to visit us in New Jersey, we love you and think you are a great man.

    • Social Conservative

      Look in the mirror idiot!