Want to know why Democrats lost the election? They pardon domestic terrorists

Want to know why Democrats lost the election? They pardon domestic terrorists January 6, 2017

The Democratic Party has flown the coop. Through its policies and policy makers, the Left has abandoned the core values of what America was founded upon.

The latest atrocity committed by a top Democratic leader is evidence enough that they don’t deserve the powerful positions they occupy, and American voters are going to continue picking them off one by one inside the voting booth if they don’t stop cuddling up to the worst of the worst.

It was on New Year’s Eve 2016 when New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “gullible bleeding heart” pardoned a jailed domestic terrorist responsible for the deaths of three law enforcement officers. Judith Clark was a member of the radical Communist group the Weather Underground led by Obama mentor Bill Ayers. In 1981, she helped carry out an armored truck heist of $1.6 million with the Black Liberation Army which turned violent, ending in the deaths of two police officers and the Brinks security guard. (One of the slain officers, Waverly Brown, was the first black man on the Nyack police force.)

Though she didn’t pull the trigger, Clark, then 32, drove the getaway car and was armed with a 9mm handgun, which she was reaching for when police took her into custody. When the Weather Underground wasn’t killing cops, they were bombing federal buildings and declaring war on the United States government.

But according to Cuomo, thirty-five years in prison is long enough to be only an “accessory” to a crime for someone who “did not pull a trigger.” So, he pardoned her after determining she had “transformed” herself during her sentence.

Here’s a question for the governor: Can the officers killed in this incident get a pardon for the way they were executed without due process by these creeps? Of course not. It’s too late for them to get any justice and releasing Clark is a slap in the face to their still-grieving families. (Just like it was when the other female revolutionaries charged in the Brinks robbery were released years ago by “an equally gullible parole board,” as The New York Post said.)

Parole isn’t the only benefit Clark received. She got a tuition-free education while behind bars, along with a warm bed and three squares a day thanks to law-abiding taxpayers. Plus, she became a liberal media darling for counseling her prison pals. Again I ask: Are there any benefits like these for the families of Officer Brown, Sergeant Edward O’Grady, or Brinks security guard Peter Paige?

As disgusting as Cuomo’s pardon is, the Left still hasn’t reached the limits of their far-left margins as to how far they’re willing to go outside American values. They continue to cuddle up to violent criminals and then wonder why mainstream America nationally handed them their asses on November 9 with a general election landslide for Donald Trump who vowed to Make America Safe Again.

The white voters in flyover country — the ones that the Democrats left behind — will be reassured that they voted correctly after reading this.

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  • Objective Judgment

    What’s your view of the pardon of William Calley for the Mi Lay massacre?

  • jack lehr

    If something hurts America and frays our social fabric, you can bet the Democrats will be out screaming, and screaming, and screaming, to supprt that thing. The left wing has gone right off the rails.

  • Independent Jerry

    You need a bigger hat dude your hat is way to small for your swelled head. You are starting to look like a cartoon character with a uniform with so many bells & whistles that we can hardly see because of the glare! Grow up cowboy!

    • ChickShow

      We One,little man….awwww….. Precious Fragile Snowflake mommy run out of cocoa to bring down to your basement, video game, lair? You’re loser tears make us do a Happy Dance….and your prissy whining, well, i’m just smilin’ ear to ear….now go to your safe space hug a teddy and get your boyfriend to pet you into a well needed nap….bwaaahhhhh 😉

  • reticle

    Clark is cute. He’ll do well as a fox pundit

  • T. VOGT

    Sheriff Clark I would love to buy your book, but due to MS I sometimes have visual issues, optical neuritis is a real hardship for a serious bibliophile like me. Loosing sight in one eye for six months at times not only ruins depth perception but means reading mail with a large magnifying glass is no fun and gives headaches. Most of the time when that happens I have to give up reading till it clears. As soon as it become available on audio or via Kindle able to adjust the font or listen to it, you have your first different book sold I promise