Berkeley vandals call for beheading of College Republicans

Berkeley vandals call for beheading of College Republicans April 17, 2017


Ever since The University of New Haven “disinvited” me from speaking on FORENSICS, because of #BlackLivesMatter, I’ve been paying particularly close attention to the terrible state of higher education.  It is so corrupted by radical leftism, it would be funny if these weren’t very serious issues.

Take for example, the way the College Republicans have been treated at Berkeley.  Fliers and stickers advocating for the beheading and lynching of the members of their group have appeared all over campus.  Now, take just one second and imagine the university response if these stickers advocated for the beheading or lynching of members of a black student group?  A homosexual group?  The immediate response from the university would be quick and fierce.

M.J. Randolph at Truth Revolt has more:

Over the past few months, however, stickers have started appearing around campus with a less-than-festive purpose: they’re calling for members of the college Republican group to be beheaded or lynched.

And the threat is not limited to mere stickers.  Members of the club have been “pepper sprayed, sucker-punched and verbally and physically assaulted for voicing their opinions and beliefs,” according to one spokesperson for the group.  Two months ago, when Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at their request, vandals came out and caused over $100,000 worth of damage. The group invited Ann Coulter to speak, so you can expect more fireworks.

Remember when Cal-Berkeley used to pride itself on being the so-called birthplace of free speech?  Yeah, me either.

Cal-Berkeley is ground zero for totalitarian bigots, people with no tolerance for anybody else’s views other than their own.  It’s where free speech goes to die.  It’s where students are mature enough to have an actual debate.  It’s where students faint at even the slightest disagreement over topics.  It’s where parents send their kids to get educated for the low, low price of $61,000 per year in out of state tuition.

But it’s time patriotic, conservative Americans realize that it costs them much much more than money.

For more on race, hate, and politics in America, read my book:

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  • Tim Stolinski

    David Clarke for President 2020/2024!!!!!

  • RG

    It’s very scary. Hillary and the Democrats started the fire of hate during the campaign and Soros, social media and Hollywood have whipped up the flames .

    • linnilu

      Oh, believe me, the hate coming from the Democrats started waaaaay before the campaign. But the flame whipping part is so true.

  • darkhorse

    Time to take out liberals, they hate guns and good Americans love guns and know how to take out these useless, worthless liberal terrorists. They will not be missed at all. They will cry, just for awhile…..

  • 2muchcafe

    Beheading ….Where have we heard that before..Ah yes, ISIS.
    Berkeley promoting death and Terrorism. The admin and the little terrorist snowflakes need to be arrested.

    • Darlene

      The campus/city police stand down-they have yet to put enough room between events/a’holes in black. Both City/Campus government condone and actually encourage these messed up people by allowing them to do what they do.
      It’s not just those in black/masked, they just need to be held back from the event automatically!! This “resist” crap is being led by hate, jealousy, and is an absolute act of violence against free speech every time it happens. I say jealousy because it is a part of their anger and frustration.

  • Timothy Hasko

    Mr. Clarke, error (I believe) in 2nd to last paragraph ” It’s where students are mature”

    I PRAY you meant AREN’T, 😉 thanks for the truth sir.

    BTW, battling rouge VA in Wilmington Delaware. Begging for PTSD help for nine months, hundreds of communiques to the Administration, secret meeting with director and chief of staff after protesting outside in december over Christmas with my service dog for weeks in cold/rain/snow. No help, no answer, nothing while vets take lives in Delaware. WE NEED HELP! They are now sending the New Castle County, DE police to my home week after week on false allegations. I have them on recording, video/audio, hundreds of documents showing a sinister trail of malpractice over the last year. dozens of letters BEGGING for help since OCT of last year. I’ve been silenced. Someone help me and my girls, they are suffering and I’m dying!

    The VA Director, Robert Callahan, his OIG report for his last investigation is very telling, felony after felony he’s guilty of, lying under oath to the OIG, etc. The last VA Director who was fired OCT 14th 2016 has promised me and my wife in personal emails from her private blackberry about how she’s going to cut the shit and get the top people in all departments to help us….Nothing, she was fired due to a veteran parking lot suicide in March 2016 and PROMOTED TO NASA in california. Robin Aube-Warren.

  • Alan Eskew
    • Mike

      I’ve got two guns (click-click), one for each of ya!

  • disqus_zLY0jsDmax

    I think it is not worth spending your life in jail for killing an anarchist. Don’t do it. Protest at the White House for protection of our free speech rights. If the police won’t do it, there needs to be a consequence for that to whomever orders them to stand down and there needs to be a National Guard presence to protect peaceful protesters. There also needs to be arrests of every person who wears a mask to a protest or assaults another person with pepper spray, tear gas or a weapon.

    • captain bee-fart

      Right. Except that it is not happening. And the presumption that the police will protect law abiding people is not so in this case.

    • linnilu

      National Guard called out to protect conservatives/Republicans? In California? That is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day, lol!

      • disqus_zLY0jsDmax

        Well, then, since you do not believe the police can be compelled to do it, have you been out there protecting their free speech?

    • Sir_Tanly

      If the government will not step in and do their job …

    • TheVIYOHD

      Campus Carry will solve that.

  • Gadfly156

    I think you meant to say, “It’s where students are *NOT* mature enough to have an actual debate …” — the article omits the word “NOT” but given the rest of it I think there should be a NOT in there. Am I right? 🙂

    • captain bee-fart

      I thought that also.

  • Gryff

    Let the snowflakes try. I don’t think that they are going to like the outcome.

  • Sir_Tanly

    Beheading? That will happen exactly once and will effectively become a mass suicide.

  • hero37

    Don’t send your kids to these wackos

  • Bob Johnson

    Ahhh – Jerry Brown’s Eutopia of intolerance and hatred!

  • MarinLocal

    I wonder if Beheading Young Republicans would even be considered a Micro-Aggression at Cal Berkeley?

  • Leona

    Perhaps they could just use Clarke’s best action and deny them water. let them die a slow death eh?