Go ahead. Be amazing.

Go ahead. Be amazing. September 18, 2011

Since this is Catechetical Sunday, it seems a good time to turn a nice shiny spotlight on someone who knows a thing or two about being a catechist — indeed, being An Amazing Catechist — my Patheos neighbor Lisa Mladinich.

Her fine column last week paid tribute to the catechetical vocation:

Catechists have always had a major impact on the health of the Church. Those who are unfaithful in their transmission of the Church’s teachings do her grievous harm that spins off across generations. Many so-called Catholics have lost their way in a Godless culture because they simply don’t know any better. But the humble, loyal catechist, with God’s help, can powerfully impact individual souls for the good and thereby strengthen the whole Church. One day we will stand before God, having labored in these seemingly barren fields, and He will show us all the fruits that were hidden from us in life. If we are faithful to His teachings, those fruits will be beautiful and eternal.

She also has a plug for her new booklet on Sacramental Preparation.  A copy arrived in my mail a couple weeks back, and it’s a simply terrific resource for anyone who might be asking the question:  where do I begin to teach about the sacraments?  This booklet has some good answers.

Meantime, check out Lisa’s column every week for more ideas.  (Pay a visit, if you’re interested, to her own blog on the topic, too!) As I mentioned in my homily this morning: we’re all catechists.  And we all could use help being better ones.

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