Ordination Update: 8 New Deacons for New York

Ordination Update: 8 New Deacons for New York June 14, 2013

From Catholic New York: 

In an often-harsh world, one of the greatest charisms deacons can bring through their ministry is tenderness, said Cardinal Dolan at the Mass of Ordination for eight deacons who will serve in the archdiocese.

“Perhaps, in a dramatic way, the deacon is called to the charism of tenderness in the life of the Church,” the cardinal said June 8 to the eight men he ordained as deacons.

In their work as deacons, they are called to assist priests, bring Holy Communion to the sick, administer the sacraments, perform other ministries of service, among their life as men with families and careers.

The cardinal said it was fitting the Mass of Ordination at St. Patrick’s Cathedral was celebrated on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the day after the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Cardinal Dolan said if the deacons carry out their ministry with tenderness, “then, for sure, ‘Gaudet Mater Ecclesia,’” which is Latin for “Mother Church rejoices.”

The new deacons are Deacon Vincent J. Astarita Sr., of St. Christopher’s parish, Buchanan; Deacon Michael J. Brescia, St. Joseph’s, Middletown; Deacon John P. Carr, of Infant Saviour, Pine Bush; Deacon James E. Fiorio, St. Martin de Porres, Poughkeepsie; Deacon John W. Lyttle Jr., Holy Cross, Callicoon; Deacon George W. Pitula, St. Gabriel’s, Riverdale, the Bronx; Deacon Ralph P. Rios, Sacred Heart, the Bronx; and Deacon Jose Salvador C. Ungco, Church of the Magdalene, Pocantico Hills.

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Congratulations, brothers, and welcome!  Ad multos annos!

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