Worst. Ad. Ever. — UPDATED

Worst. Ad. Ever. — UPDATED September 10, 2013



Images of the ad started appearing on Facebook pages and Twitter. And many people visited the Facebook page of the golf course, leaving angry and threatening messages. At first, the company tried to apologize and even offered to donate money to the 9/11 Memorial.

However, the outrage did not stop. There were reports of physical threats to the staff and talk of damaging the golf course. These threats prompted the management at Tumbledown to post another apology and a notice that the course may be closed on Wednesday.

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UPDATE: A reader writes:

Just have to comment on this entry.  Perhaps it is because this happened in my home state, I am sad that this made it to your blog.  I cannot fully appreciate how fellow citizens from the metro New York area feel about this anniversary.  But I do know that most of my fellow Wisconsinites are not malicious people.  Your coverage of this error In judgement on the part of the golf club owners does not in my opinion advance the cause of properly honoring the memories of those lost.  I believe that their apologies should have been received and accepted.  Your coverage of this without thoughtful comment about advancing civil discourse in this country disappointed me.

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