Amazing renovation of Brooklyn church completed

Amazing renovation of Brooklyn church completed May 17, 2014

Regular readers may remember postings from a few months ago about the renovation of Holy Name of Jesus Church in Brooklyn. 

The work is now complete and the church is to be rededicated Sunday, just a few days after another Brooklyn landmark, St. Joseph’s, was rededicated as the diocese’s co-cathedral. 

Brooklyn, the “city of churches,” seems to be enjoying a renaissance of beautiful Catholic churches, and I can’t help but think (and hope) it will help to energize the faithful.

The Brooklyn area where it resides, Windsor Terrace, may have a new star, but the neighborhood is used to it. Sharp-eyed observers might recall that the church—pictured above—appeared in the final scene of “As Good As It Gets.” Peter Parker’s home in “The Amazing Spider Man” is two blocks away (on the same block where Helen Hunt’s character lived in “As Good As It Gets”) and the church itself sits on the same street as the one used for the bank exteriors in “Dog Day Afternoon.”

Check out this report below. And congratulations to Fr. James Cunningham and the good people of Holy Name of Jesus in Windsor Terrace. This has been a long time coming, and I know it will be source of joy and pride for many in the neighborhood and around the city.


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