Anglican church hosts 10 minute Sunday service

Anglican church hosts 10 minute Sunday service May 13, 2015

And this is a good idea…why?


A village church made history when it held the first ever 10 minute service.

St Mary’s Church, in Hawridge, held the short parish service, led by the Rector of Hawridge Rev David Burgess, on Sunday, May 3. It was believed to be the first ever short service.

Rev Burgess was aiming for a 10 minute service, but he did overrun by two minutes on the day.

Friend of St Mary’s Church Janet Hopkinson said: “The first ever, to the best of our knowledge, ‘short and sharp’ 10 minute parish service was a success. It was an antidote to those who feel they do not have enough time to dedicate to a full Sunday service. The idea was readily taken up by David and it was a great success, more than doubling the usual Sunday morning congregation.

“Although David admitted to overrunning by two minutes, the service was a real conversation piece, even with those who could not actually make it! Hopefully the service will be repeated later in the year.”

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