Buffalo gals, a deacon, and a bench

Buffalo gals, a deacon, and a bench June 26, 2015

Highlights from yesterday: first, a riveting luncheon speech by the great Sister Rosemary, in which she recounted her heroic working saving girls’ lives using needle and thread.


She got a well-deserved standing ovation.


A fellow who happened to be sitting at my table for lunch was Deacon René Laprise, Director of Media Relations for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.


His archdiocese has a total of four (4) deacons. In addition to his work with the CCCB, Deacon René is also the director of his diaconate program for the Archdiocese of Gatineau. Pray for vocations!

Later, I bumped into these two gals: Christine Moore, who led our trip to Jordan and was visiting the Catholic Media Conference on behalf of the Jordan Tourism Board, and Ann Augherton, Managing Editor of the Catholic Herald in Arlington, Virginia.


In the evening, I caught up with my old friend Mike Hayes, author of “Googling God” (and one of the founders of “Busted Halo”) who is now the head of campus ministry at Canisius College. He graciously gave me a tour of the college and I was pleased to see the chapel contained a prominent stained glass window honoring St. Stephen.



As part of our tour of scenic Buffalo, Mike took me to the city’s popular Pearl Street Grill & Brewery for dinner— and I was charmed to notice what appeared to be a small deacon’s bench! Buffalo, you rock.


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