Ostara Egg Magicks

Ostara Egg Magicks March 18, 2015

I love this time of year. Everything is so new and fragile and precious. I can watch from day to day as the first buds appear on the trees, then the tiniest of leaves begin to uncurl themselves into the Spring. Flowers begin to show their faces, slowly but surely, until the sweetness of their scent fills the air. The bees are so very happy to see them and so am I!

Another sign of the imminent Spring is that egg production really ramps up. There are two older hens here on the farm who are giving us an egg every few eggsdays. We are still waiting for our younger girls to start laying. Hopefully that will be in the next few weeks. Their first few eggs will be very small and so CUTE!

There are lots of magicks one can do with eggs* and this is a great time of year for it. New beginnings, life changes, love and money, healing, protection; there are egg spells for all these activities. Let’s take a look!

You can make a talisman of an egg by inscribing it with symbols of protection, or love, or healing. Egg energy is strong potential which you can harness toward any of these ends. To use an egg this way, you might choose to dye it in the color pertaining to that use, i.e. a red egg for love, or a green egg for prosperity. You can also write on the egg with crayon before dyeing it. Or if you want to get really crafty (and messy), you can make pysanky eggs! We’ve had lots of fun getting a bunch of people together to make these traditional Ukrainian eggs, with a Witchy flair.shutterstock_184612943

(Pro tip: eggs have a protective coating on them, which will keep them fresh for several weeks without refrigeration, but only if they’re not washed! A light brushing is okay. Also, if your egg has a good strong shell, it will desiccate before it rots. A way to tell if the shell is good is to check for any dark spots. Dark spots = thin shell.)

Another cool way to use eggs magickally is to empower them as a ‘collector’ and use them to pull negative energies from the body. Hold the egg in your left hand and run it over your whole body, slowly at first, then allowing it to sort of guide your hand to change speed and direction. It can also be helpful to burn a purifying incense like Palo Santo or Lavender. After you are done, you might crack the egg into water and see what you can see there, divining what might have been causing your dis-ease.

Related to this would be to speak your fears, anger, resentments into the egg, rubbing it over your head and face while you put all your ire into it. Let yourself fully feel all those troubling emotions and express them fully. Don’t hold back. When you are finished, smash the egg at the roots of a tree, or throw it far away from you (best into the woods or a river flowing away from you). Feel better!

You can make a sort of ‘spell bottle’ out of an emptied out egg. First, make small holes in the ends of the egg and blow out the insides. I’d save the insides to eat, in this case. When your egg is all empty inside, rinse it out and let it dry. Then, write a spell on a small square piece of paper (short enough that when rolled up, it will fit through the hole and all the way inside the egg).  For a money spell, write “Prosperity Grows” 3 or 5 times on the piece of paper, turn it clockwise 45 degrees, then write your own name over top of that the same number of times. Use an oil related to money matters, such as cinnamon, or a pre-made condition oil like Filthy Rich from Mystic Dream and put a dab in each corner and in the center. Roll it up and put it in the egg. Use a candle to drip wax over the holes in the ends of the egg. Place the egg at the base of a tree and ask the tree to guard your working and lend its strength to yours. You can do this same sort of spell for love, protection, and so on.

egg magicks for ostara 1Another useful way to use this powerful ally is to simply collect eggshells whenever you eat eggs.  Clean them out well and fill them with offerings of whiskey, milk or honey for the spirits. Set them in a little pile of sand so they won’t spill.

You could also put a spell candle into a shell that’s set up like this. But don’t put a candle into a shell full of whiskey or you might have a surprise visit from the Fire people!

Last but not least, you can gather some of those shells and break them up, but not too much, so they’re still very poky. Mix them with some protective herbs such as Rue or Angelica and put them all around an image of a person you’d like to protect. This could be you or someone else. Alternatively, you could put them around someone you’d like to bind from doing harm. In this case, I’d probably use Black Pepper instead of Angelica.

But the very best magick of an egg is seen after a mother hen collects her 12 or so eggs underneath her, then begins to set for 21 days, getting up maybe once a day to find food and water. She protects her little treasures, rolls them over every few days, make sure they stay the same warm on all sides, shoos the other hens away. Then on day 21 or so, she starts to look surprised when the tiny cracking begins underneath her. She will move just a bit so she can see the brave first chick making hir way into the big bright world. As each chick is born, she will keep it close to her, fluff herself up really big so they can hide in her feathers. She will teach them what is good to eat and what is bad. She will talk to them with a soft cluck and show them how to be in this new strange place. She will welcome them here.

Then you should swoop in and get the empty shells before the hens eat them, because that’s a whole ‘nother kind of good juju!

*Home-grown eggs are awesome and store-bought eggs will definitely do, too!

Image of pysanky eggs courtesy of Shutterstock.com

Other images courtesy of the author

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