Magick As We Are…Perfectly Imperfect.

Magick As We Are…Perfectly Imperfect. June 29, 2018

A friend sent this pic this afternoon. It made my day and encapsulated my afternoon. Timing is important in Magick, but it’s never perfect. This week I learned I have moonflowers growing amongst the jungle of weeds in our backyard. Another friend told me their seeds are great in Magick.

I had a perfect vision of me, the perfect Witch. Under the beautiful, Strawberry Full Moon, I would go to my weed-garden, push aside the lemon balm gone wild, and gaze at the blooming moonflowers, taking in their powerful lunar energy. When the time was right, I’d come back and harvest their pearly seeds. I even dreamed about it. In my sleep, the seeds told me what they’d be best used for.

But flash to me on the night, itself. Still struggling with the last bits of a cold, I went to bed while the sun was still shining. I missed the gorgeous full moon all together. The moonflowers bloomed and folded again and I didn’t see them.

But you know what? I’m going out there tonight, instead. I needed last night to rest. Today, I’m feeling better and tonight I’m going to visit the moonflowers and just pretend it’s still the Full Moon. The energies will still linger a bit, right?

Magick is never perfect. The astrology will never be exactly right. The herbal blend will always be one note off. We’ll generally leave our spells wondering if we should have chanted one more time, if we should have added one more candle. And that’s a good thing.

There’s a difference between doubt and wonder. Doubt leaves us believing that we’re not powerful enough to make change. Doubt weakens Magick. But the wonder of “I wonder what would have happened if I had…” keeps us connected to our Magick. It makes it stronger.

It’s good to plan our work. Rituals are best when they have a plan attached. But rituals go wrong. In group settings, people forget what they’re supposed to do. They may even get so into their work that their role slows everything down and you have to make something up to get the energy rolling again. Annoying, yes. A tragedy? No. The scramble will keep you from going to sleep in your rite. Scrambles make lots of things better–like rituals, tofu, and cheesy eggs.

What’s the moral, here? Don’t wait until things are “perfect” before doing Magick. If you do, you’ll never do it.

At least, that’s what I tell myself when I realize I forgot the Abre Camino at the Botanica and hope oregano from the grocery store will suffice….

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