How do you practice Witchcraft when you’re too tired to practice Witchcraft?

How do you practice Witchcraft when you’re too tired to practice Witchcraft? November 13, 2018

You’re a Witch. You practice Witchcraft. As your High Priestess, Magickal Partners, or simply yourself try to remind you, it’s called Witchcraft for a reason: it’s something that needs practice and improvement. A musician may be born with musical ability and a Witch born with Magickal ability, but if either won’t practice, neither will get very far. But what do you do when you’re too tired from life to practice daily? 

How do you practice Witchcraft when you’re too tired to practice Witchcraft?

Instead of a full chakra clearing, try a salt bath. 

If you are empathic or if you do a lot of Magickal work on others (such as reading Tarot, spell-casting for others, or leading public rituals), your physical and psychic body is going to get exhausted. Skipping routine clearings can leave you open to illness.

Adding the wine is highly encouraged.

But if you’re worked your 2+ jobs today, fought with your partner, and had to scoop the Familiar’s litter box, you may not be up for humming and chanting into all your different energy portals. Instead, fill up the bathtub with some warm water and dump a big lump of sea salt in there, speaking your intention into the water. Maybe even go nuts and light a candle. There you go. Good as new!

Plan in advance. Charge up some Magickal Helpers.

I’m about to expose a secret–I skip casting a Circle whenever I can. Especially when I’m exhausted. I don’t always have the energy to call in all the Quarters and banish them at the end. Normally, if you’re too tired to cast a proper Circle, it might be better to wait until you’re rested but if for some reason you can’t, create what they used to call “speed-dialing.”

Gargoyles are my favorite speed-dialers.

Taking four objects (statues or pictures that represent the four quarters) and chant the invocations onto each of them. If you need to cast a Circle in a hurry or when you’re wiped out, you can simply lay your hand on each object and say, “AWAKE.” When you’re done, repeat the rite and said, “ASLEEP.” Done and done. Great work!

Instead of meditating, try programming your sleep.

As someone working through a loooooonnnngggg spat of insomnia, I’ve given up on meditating because I’m just as likely to fall asleep as I am to having a stirring vision.  Because of this, I have started using my dreamtime as my journeying time, letting the Spirits know that I’m only going to be available to receive messages while I’m sleeping.

This works on two levels. One, I can still get the messages from the Spirits. Two, it actually helps cure some insomnia because the Spirits realize that in order for me to hear them, They have to help me SLEEP.

You don’t have to pick between rest and Magick. Keep your Magick sustainable and you’ll keep practicing it.

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