Can Magick Stop Climate Change?

Can Magick Stop Climate Change? December 4, 2018

“Is there any point?” I asked her, expressing my dismay over the most recent report on climate change. It was a cold and wet day, but the memories of the summer’s forest fires were still fresh.

I was snapping beans with my High Priestess. I hadn’t seen her in months, even though I’d promised myself to not let a Moon go by without dropping by for a cup of tea. It had been a hard day, but snapping beans and crying was marvelously therapeutic.

“Hold the vision,” she said. 

For the second summer in a row, summer days were analogous with smoky skies and air that triggered my asthma. These were not the summers I knew as a child. Moreover, conversations among friends seemed less focused on solving the issue and more on, “Where are you going to go when it all goes down?”

Are we really at the point of giving up/giving in? 

It’s said there are a few things we can to do minimize the effects of climate change: Eat less or no meat, have fewer or no children, fly less, don’t just recycle–reduce and reuse, bike instead of drive. But then other say that’s not enough and we’re basically screwed.

Maybe we are screwed. Maybe it’s too late.

But maybe it’s not.

Religious people of all paths have those who do the same thing…waiting for their Higher Powers to fix the problem. But we Pagan “should know better,” right? We know that the Gods don’t just solve problems for us. Yet far too many Pagans will attend a ritual to raise energy for global healing, then potluck on styrofoam, and drive fifty miles home after the ritual. I won’t lie. That Pagan has sometimes been me.

We know that Magick takes work and complicity. You can’t do an employment spell and expect it to work if you never apply for a job. Likewise, we can’t do Magick for healing the earth and then ever work to reduce our personal carbon footprint or change the laws of our region.

We also can’t despair and give up. 

We have to hold the vision, as my High Priestess said. It’s probably a good idea to learn to grow vegetables and situate ourselves in places where we can cover our own needs in the event of climate collapse. For some people, it might be a good idea to figure out where to go if their own cities (or countries) become uninhabitable. But we can’t accept that as our fate. We know, as Witches, that thoughts become reality.

We must hold the vision of world that is clean, sustainable, and healing.

We can’t pray this away, light candles and wish it away, wait for the Gods to fix it, or have faith in an utopia that will follow when this current system falls apart. If the current system fails, we’ll have one hell of a dystopia waiting for us.


At the same time, we need to vote, eat less meat, have fewer children or adopt, travel less or not at all. We do have time to fix this and can’t underestimate local contributions. We also cannot slack into ambivalence or accept the negative picture that awaits us if we do nothing.

Magick alone will not stop climate change, but the Magickal act of holding the vision will help us do the work that needs to be done, while we still have a narrow window to make it work. 

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  • Not sure if this would interest you, but as one who has done “Earth Work” (as I am an elemental soul), maybe you might be interested –


    Negativity builds up on land in many ways. For example, human discord of any kind settles on the land where the discord took place. If you have a temper tantrum in your backyard, that energy remains in your backyard after the tantrum is over. Even the most pristine piece of land, uninhabited by humans, will have negativity delivered to it by wind and precipitation. For example, rain clears the atmosphere of negativity but leaves this negativity on the land.

    This discord stays in the land UNTIL the negativity is either cleansed energetically by humans in conscious cooperation with Nature, ie the Angels and Elementals, or is forcibly removed through weather such as storms, hurricanes, thunderstorms, fires, droughts, floods, high winds etc.

    In case you have not read the Guide, the Angels hold the divine plan for creation and the Elementals manifest this plan. Humans either mess up the plan and its manifestation or add to the light of creation by using their free will to support the work of the Angels and Elementals and add their own divinely inspired creations.

    When land is energetically cleaned, the vibration is raised and the negativity is dissolved or transmuted without any side effects. Elementals and Angels, particularly the Elementals, do the actual energy cleansing but this group CANNOT do this work in the same benign way unless a human asks them to do it.

    It is one of our vital roles in the co-creation and maintenance of Earth.

    If a human doesn’t ask for energy cleansing for a piece of land and this land is holding a lot of negativity, the Elementals only options for removing this negativity is extreme weather. Because the Elementals are supposed to keep the planet in form, steadying and balancing it as we go, they WILL clear land that is very negative in order to help this balancing process. Without our help, big weather events are the operative mechanism for such clearings.

    When we are in a time period like now, when the vibration of the planet is being raised, the Elementals will have to do more cleansing than usual in order to keep the Earth in alignment with this evolutionary process. Right now, land clearing is more important than ever.

  • kenofken

    “Maybe we’re screwed”…

    Oh, we’re most definitely screwed. To limit the temperature increase to 1.5 C, which is needed to maintain the planet in any shape we’re remotely used to, we need to have emissions 45% below what they were in 2010. By mid century, we need to get to zero carbon emissions. We are on track to do exactly none of that, and riding your bike and eating more vegetables ain’t gonna get us anywhere close. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do these things if you are called to them. We should live with intention. We should not stop trying, but we better also be prepared for the very high likelihood of failure and the changes that will bring.

  • Isaque

    “We must hold the vision of world that is clean, sustainable, and healing.”

    A sustainable and healing world will require radical changes that almost no one is willing to even think about, earth won’t heal with a civilization eating her to death.