When You Have Writer’s Block

When You Have Writer’s Block November 4, 2016

I don’t know how other bloggers do it, writing a blog consistently each week. How do you avoid getting writer’s block? Or in my case, how can I find time to blog when there are a zillion plus one other things that are equally or even more important to tend to? In the last two missed weeks of blogging, I’ve seen clients in the counseling office, picked up the kids from the bus stop to take them to their events and activities, spent leisure time with hubby and sons, fed them, cleaned up a little each week, met with friends and supporters to network about my book, collected some money for purchases, taken pictures for marketing purposes, and created a FB author page.

I know that each blogger is not the same. One size does not fit all and equality for human beings and human society is elusive. So, no self defeating comparisons here.

Like me, you might find that writing is therapeutic. It’s a wonderful outlet to let out your creativity, thoughts, and feelings. You might feel productive if your writing pays or if it builds a large traction of readers and responses. After all, if we are not writing for results, then we are writing for relationships, is that not the case? 

So, writer’s block can be stressful if writing is your full time job and you have to crank out something for readers every week. Thank goodness that that is not my situation. I have a part time and full time job already–one that pays now and another that hopefully pays in my old age (investing in our children). So then, you might wonder, what am I writing for? Aren’t I already a therapist in real life? Yes, but therapists are human beings who are experts only at helping a subset of people on a subset of matters and not necessarily experts running our own lives. You can read more about that here.

So, we go back to the balancing act from my previous blog. How do we juggle work, family, and writing so that the writing is not taking away from the work or the family? You know, when is writing truly therapeutic, adding value to our lives, and when does it become a stress, a burden, or an unproductive activity?

I write, you decide!     #EastMeetsWestParenting

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