7 Ways to Make America Great

7 Ways to Make America Great January 20, 2017

Want to make America great again?

Start with you. Whether you consider yourself Democrat/Republican, Liberal/Conservative, Black/White, Northern/Southern, Eastern/Western, rich/poor, male/female, religious/nonreligious, young/old, or any characteristics within these ranges, you can do your part to make our country great. Just follow these 7 simple steps:

1) Spend more time with your family.

Individual family units make up the community. Your spouse and kids help give you identity, so prioritize your time to be known by those closest to you as a great husband/wife, father/mother, son/daughter, sister/brother, etc…

2) Volunteer your time

Serve in your own community without expectations of rewards or compensation. People are in need all around you. There are plenty of opportunities to lend a hand. To love your neighbor is to serve your neighbor when they have a need and you are capable. Instead of comparing income or lifestyle, look to make a positive difference by helping other human beings in your city.

3) Do your work well.

Whatever is your lot in this life at this time, perform your duties with integrity. Even if you are not surrounded by dozens of camera or people to sing your praises, you can make America great by being a hard worker with good work ethics. A janitor or maid’s  job is crucial to those living in their community. Followers allow leaders to lead. Writers cannot be successful without people willing to read or comment. Teachers cannot do their job without diligent students. A parent’s job is critical as s/he is raising up the next generation. Plan for your future, but perform your current role(s) well, without envy.

4) Find your niche(s) and stay connected.

America is great because we are a salad bowl of different people from all over the world (and different generations within this country) trying to live out our dreams together. It is not about us vs them, but us and us and us, etc… Believe in your fellow humans and fellowship together in your neighborhood, your city, your state. The more citizens you can reach across the aisle and connect with, the better America gets. The more people you view as your “neighbor”, the greater America becomes. 

5) Give your resources.

Donate to your local church, nonprofit organization, or charity. To whom much is given, much is expected. With great power comes great responsibility. Upper class-men may give thousands and millions but middle class and working class Americans can always give something. If not much then give little, but just give.

6) Learn.

Read your history, U.S. history, and world history. Then read alternative history, the kind that did not make it into the popular literature or standard textbooks. Then read what has not been written, by observing quietly the people around you. Educate others and be educated by others. Learn all the time. Current affairs are made up of human beings who are not very different from people long deceased. Get engaged civically if that is your passion. Fight for a just cause, but keep connecting with your fellow countrymen to make your cause true and your politics far reaching. 

7) Pray, if you are a believer.

Meditate long and hard, if you are not. This task alone will allow you to do the first six tasks well. Pause before you talk. Think before you act. Believe in you and in your fellow Americans.

Thank you, U.S. Constitution, for allowing us the freedom to do these seven things. Thank you, armed servicemen and women, for giving us a free country to live in and to pursue our dreams together. Let us all do our part to keep making America great!

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