Shifting Thesis Topics (Again)

Shifting Thesis Topics (Again) October 21, 2012

Dear Friends and Family,

I still struggle, from time to time, with what the purpose of this blog should be and why/if I should continue writing for it.

Nevertheless, today I have something I believe worth sharing, for those who find interesting the goings on of my life. So, to get to it.

These Autumnal days are getting shorter,darker, and wetter. This morning, in fact, the world was shrouded in fog. That plus a headache led Lauren and I to stay home this morning and do some devotions and worship together. But I digress.

My work at the University of Nottingham has been ever slowly turning, turning toward a more theological focus. Finally, a few weeks ago, I realised the transition and made a change. I am no longer working on John Cassian and trying to prove he had a concept of deification. Instead, I’m now working solely on deification. I’m not sure precisely what the project will look like yet, I know it will be rather systematic (i.e. showing how deification impacts our understanding of the Incarnation, salvation, humanity, creation, etc.). This change also means I switched my supervisors and am now working with Simon Oliver (a systematician and previous student and now colleague of John Milbank) and Mary Cunningham (a historical theologian who focuses on Byzantine theology). I’m wanting to strike a balance between my historical background and theological future.

Who knows for sure where this new path will lead, but I’m more excited about my research than I have been in a long time. God has certainly blessed me with a supportive wife, as well as colleagues, friends, and supervisors in order to make this transition easy and helpful.

Well my friends, farewell for now. I will write to you again within a month or so (if not sooner).

Sincerely yours,

David Russell Mosley

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