Theology, Ministry, Books, Education, and More: Blogs You Should Be Reading

Theology, Ministry, Books, Education, and More: Blogs You Should Be Reading February 27, 2014

David Russell Mosley

Festival of George Herbert
27 February 2014
On the Edge of Elfland
Beeston, Nottinghamshire

Lately there have been some new (or at least relatively new to me) blogs and websites from my friends and colleagues across the world (primarily the US). So, I thought I would do a quick post to fill you in on these blogs you should be reading and give you a quick introduction. So here they are in no particular order:

Christ & University

This is a new website that is still getting its feet off the ground, so if you don’t find content behind every link on the page, don’t panic. Nevertheless, if you have any interest in education and Christianity, then you need to be reading this website. Posts are written a couple times a week by series of theologians, professors, Christians who have a heart for the academy, and particularly for seeing it done well. Some of its more recent posts include Manuduction, or Leading Students by the Hand, On the Challenges of Dante #1: Taking Goodness Seriously, and The Uni- in the University. It is definitely worth a spot in whatever feed reader you use.

Life on the Go
This is a blog about discipleship. It too is just getting off the ground, so there aren’t too many posts yet, but that just means less to get caught up on. Written by Peter Stevens, Pastor of Adult Connections and Missional Life at Westbrook Christian Church, this blog is a series of posts about to live life as Christians as well as occasional book reviews and reflections, thus far primarily about the subject of discipleship. Some of the most recent posts include: PEOPLE OF PEACE and PRESENT IN THE WORLDPeter is a good friend of mine and has excellent insights on this topic, so make sure you check it out. 

 This is one of those blogs that’s simply new to me. Josh Brockaway and haven’t properly met but were introduced over a mutual love for John Cassian. Collationes is one of the Latin titles for Cassian’s Conferences, Twenty-Four conversations held with Egyptian Monks in the Early Church. However, Collationes is not a dry and waterless place, but deals with many contemporary issues as well. Brockaway is an Anabaptist and often writes on a variety of theological topics. Some of his more recent posts include: Is Neo-Anabaptism a White Dude Movement?Confessions of a Recovering Progressive, and Change without a Change.

A Musical Feast 
Written by a relatively new friend, though we’ve not met before, of mine and an old friend of my wife’s, A Musical Feast is a blog about, you guessed it, books. Samantha is studying religious music, I believe, at Duke and is, I’m told, quite the performer herself. She loves books as much as I do and spends much of her free time reading. She’s an excellent reviewer and can really get to the heart of why she either does or does not like a book. Some of her most recent posts include, Magic, animals, and intrigue: a batch of book reviewsPassager, and A Wizard of Earthsea.

The final blog I want to feature today is one that in many ways probably doesn’t need it. Written by Artur Rosman, this blog has been featured or had its linked posted by so many others that my commendation here pales in comparison. Nevertheless, for those few who don’t read Artur’s blog, I definitely recommend it. Artur writes with cogency and authority on a variety of topics, including, poetry (particularly that of Czeslaw Milosz on whom Artur is writing his dissertation), Contemporary Roman Catholicism, imagination, theology, culture and more. Some of his more recent posts include, QUICK CATHOLIC CH-CH-CH CHANGES: POPE FRANCIS DOES A PHIL JENKINSWHAT MAKES LITERATURE CATHOLIC?, and THIS FRIDAY’S DOSE OF RABELAISIAN CATHOLICISM.

Well, these are not all the blogs I find interesting, nor, I’m sure are they all the new blogs I’ve come across, but they are the ones I’ve shared. Do you have a blog I should be reading? Do you know of other blogs or websites on the issues of theology, education, poetry, culture, or ministry? Let me know.

Sincerely yours,
David Russell Mosley

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